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Black angel episode 32

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🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲



Immediately she left the room ,something i thought I would never do till i die actually happened . Tears rolled freely down my cheek as i angrily grabbed the flower vase and threw it against the wall. ‘This is not fair ,this is really not fair ‘ i said as i sat down on the floor while shaking like a mad person

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Of all punishments i have been made to go through in life ,this is actually harshest. Earlier today ,i had gone to visit my aunt ,and then i overheard her little conversation with Kendall

‘Why did you let this happen Kendall,i know Zohar makes mistakes sometimes,but you never make silly mistakes like this ,i expected more from you ,This is a huge disappointment.’

‘Aunt Marianne, you have to calm down ,i am a hundred percent sure that there’s a solution to this problem ‘

‘I know he has gotten intimate with that woman, now she will die and nobody can save her. Nobody ‘

‘Aunt if Phoebe dies ,Zohar dies ,that just how much that human means to him,so how do we get out of all this ‘

‘Zohar shouldn’t have fallen in love with the human he was going to use ,she is nothing but a sacrifice and now that he has gotten intimate with her ,once he returns back to our world, that human dies’

Phoebe is going to die

Because of me

‘ the question is ,what can we do now aunt ,how do we get out of all this’

‘He has to stay away from the human and go back to Konica in five days,because in five days time there will be a full moon and you all know i generate my powers from the moon. Once there’s a full moon, i will be strong enough to open a portal that will lead us back to Konica’ she sighed and looked down before saying ‘but am afraid this little action can make me loose my powers ,because i will be using every bit of strength in me to open that portal

‘Isn’t there another way’i said as i came out of my hiding spot ‘isn’t there another way to save her?”

‘Wow ,Zohar how long have you been there’ Aunt Marianne asked me but right now i just want a straight answer, am serious not in the mood for all the random questions they about to throw at me

‘I asked you a question aunt,isn’t there another way out’

‘Am afraid that the only way out my son ,if you want to save your human girl that the only way out ‘

I kept a straight face with my aunt for about started thirty seconds before a hysterical laughter crept up my mouth and soon filled the atmosphere . There was so much pain ,anger and despair in that laughter,i couldn’t help the tears as they just rolled down my cheek but i wiped it real quick. Kendall and Aunt Marianne looked really shocked because i just cried ,like some helpless being ,this was the time i had to face the simple ,plain [email protected] truth that i failed.
I thought i had no weakness ,i thought i couldn’t be hurt,until she came into my life and changed that for good . How ,just how will i tell her ,that i do not want her anymore, that i will leave her behind and go to Konica , that she might die if i do not leave her alone and go to Konica with my aunt .

‘Zohar , you okay men ?’ Kendall asked with concern bodly written on his face,but i left his question with no answer as i turned my back and walked out of my aunt’s apartment.

I started walking on the street under the rain like some lunatic fully ignoring Kendall who was running and Calling after me ‘ Zohar snap out of it please ,i know she means a lot to you but you gotta snap out of it ‘Kendall said holding my hand as he finally caught up to me


pushed him away as i started walking, he tried over and over again but i still gave him the same attitude . And after many failed attempt, i am sure that he came to a decision that maybe space is what i need right now, since i wasn’t willing to him and his frivolous opinions

And that is the short story that led to me crushing Phoebe in every way possible, she is going through a lot,first the sudden betrayal of her sister that mean’t the world to her, the death of her closest friend that was just two weeks ago and now ,now a huge betrayal from my side. I told her all those things ,the tears that rolled down her tender face had broken my rigid heart into millions of tiny pieces

But then ,then i acted like it doesn’t matter , i acted like a real monster in front of her ,i made her believe that i used her but still her trust for me was still so strong she wasn’t willing to buy any of the lies i had cooked up for her .

And now ,what if she comes back,like she said she was going to ,how ,just how will i crush her all over again, how am I going to do that?

I walked into my apartment ,tossed my bag aside , sat down on the floor and cried my heart out. Forget the promise i made to late Madison, but why does something tells me that he was compelled to
Everything was fine just before he went outside, then why did he come back home with the intent of destroying my life ,why did he come back with the main aim of crushing me


why ?

I couldn’t control myself as the tears just rolled freely down my eyes. I promise i won’t stop until he finally tells me the truth

Until he finally tells me just what is going on

‘That is great ‘ i laughed as i watched Veronica stuff her mouth with salad. Veronica and i met up that day just to talk over lunch in a small restaurant since that what she wants and i had to wear sunshades and a hat and as
Hoodie as a disguise if i do not want get devoured by my fans

And beside i need an alone time with Veronica and this days Phoebe has been pestering me to tell her how i trully feel about her,but i really can not do that,i mean she is still going through a lot and i certainly do not think she is willing to get herself in another relationship, since the last one didn’t work out

‘And yeah wh….’she suddenly stopped talking as she slowly dropped her fork on the table and focused on something behind me

‘What going on?’ I asked as I turned to my back

I saw a man standing with a lady staring at Veronica ,i look back at Veronica whose eyes shone in tears and back at the man who had a very proud look on his face
Could this man be

Her ex Boyfriend ?
I looked at Veronica who blinked repeatedly to hold back her tears and gave me a big smile that i knew wasn’t genuine at all

The guy finally walked away and sat down somewhere in the restaurant while I smiled at her lightly and decided not to bother her right now with questions

She still loves him

And that hurts me

A lot

I went to my aunt apartment earlier today just to check on her and on my way back ,i saw Phoebe in my courtyard pacing back and forth like she was waiting for someone

I smiled to myself happy to see her ,i wanted to get down from the car to hug her really tight ,but then i remembered, i have to be mean to her for her own good

I stopped the car,got down from the car and tucked my hand in my Coat as i walked towards her ‘what do you want again this time?’i asked rudely


,I told you i will be back today didnt i?’

‘And why ?’

‘Because i want to know just what compelled you to act the way you acting right now ,i want to know just what happened to my Zohar’

‘I believe i gave you my reasons yesterday didn’t i? ‘ i asked as i brought out cigarette from my coat ,dipped it in my mouth and ignited it with a lighter

‘Everything you said yesterday was nonsense, so stop bullshitting and tell me the truth right now..the guy that Sacrificed his own life to save mine three times consecutively, wouldn’t have said that to me unless he has a reason to ‘

‘I did that cause you were important, you were my key back home and that all that matters ‘

‘I wasn’t that rare Zohar,you could have find someone else like me ,so why did you sacrifice it all to save just me ?’ She asked but i couldn’t give her an answer ‘and you want to know why am not hurt by your words ,because i know you will never say all this to me unless you have a reason ‘

‘Well ,believe what you want to, am done with you,i am ‘ i said as i turned my back to leave

‘Zohar until you tell me what is trully going on ,i swear i will not move from this spot and that is a promise ‘ she said and i stopped walking

I turned to look at her and walked towards her angrily and grabbed her arm

I know this girl won’t give empty threat so i am also not willing to let her stand in a below 0° weather just because she wants the truth from me.

‘Are you crazy, do you want to die uhn?’i asked and she smiled

‘now this is my Zohar,who cares about me a lot ,let me have you know that no matter what you say or do Zohar ,i am not going to and will never let you go,never and now until yo

Now am in a state of dilemma, should i tell her the truth or let her die in the cold

If i tell her the truth, then she will never stay away from me..she will never

‘Fine suit yourself ‘i said as i let go of her arms while she staggered to the back lightly ‘die ,i do not care ‘ i said as i turned my back to leave

I know she is not crazy enough to stay in this cold weather for even 10 minutes

She is not

Zohar i know there’s something you are hiding from me ,and until i get the answer from you
I know

I know my Zohar wouldn’t treat me like this ,my Zohar wouldn’t treat me like this for no reason

‘i meant it when i said i won’t move till you give me an answer I won’t Zohar, I promise you that ‘


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