Bride Of The Seven gods

Bride of the seven gods episode 5 – 6

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👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰

Written by TOM



Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

It’s been a week now since I’ve been here. Still haven’t seen lord Vagamound. Why wouldn’t he show up at the competition. He must be really busy. I swung the sword in my hand. I’ve been trying to learn some fighting skills but I just couldn’t get it. I threw the sword away.

“I give up”. I shouted.

“Really? Your posture were quite good. You just have to put in more attention”. I turned to look at the person who spoke.

“Xinger”. I smiled. “What are you doing here”?

“Taking some fresh air”. She smiled back. “I can see that you’re practicing”.

“Yeah. It’s so hard. I still haven’t learned the basics”.

“That’s because you admit defeat easily. Not having hope is your weakness. You have to prove to yourself that you can do it”.

“I know but…..I……”. I couldn’t find a word to say.

“Don’t worry”. She held my left shoulder. “I’ll practice with you”.

“Really? Thanks so much”.

“But…….. I’m not with my sword right now”.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you fetch it”. I left. I kept smiling on my way until I heard a scream. Someone was trying to run away. I held him.

“Let me go”. He shouted.

“Go? You look more like a thief to me”. I hit his face.

“Awww”. He cried out. Just then, a girl who was in her inner robe came out of the room.

“He…….he was peeping at me while undressing”. She cried.


“What?…… No I didn’t”. His face looks kinda….. but I never mind.

“You were peeping at her”?

“No I wasn’t. Let me go you brat”. He struggled.

“Brat”? I smirked. “Then let me show you what it means to be a brat”. I start to hit him.

“How dare you”! A man walked towards us.

“Brother San. Please save me”.

“Sean”? San pulled him up. “What happened to your face”?

“She hit me”. Sean? Could he be one of the seven lord? Oh no! What have I done.

“I deserved to die”. I knelt and begged for mercy.

“You’re the girl who won the test by luck”? San asked.

“Please forgive me. I didn’t knew he was the seventh lord. I thought he was some kind of pervert”.

“Pervert”? San looked over to Sean.

“That’s not true. I was just passing by”. Sean defended himself.

“What were you doing in the maidens chamber”? San asked him.

“I was…..I….I….I was looking for her”. Sean pointed at me.


“Her”? San and I asked simultaneously.

“Yes. She’s the one who made second brother angry isn’t she? I was trying to find her. Who knew she’s such a crazy person. She hit me so bad San”. Sean cried.

“What a baby”. I smiled secretly.

“Alright. Alright. You should be embarrassed for being beaten by a girl”. San said.

“Hmmp. I really regretted voting for you”. Sean shouted at me. “I’m going to report this to second brother”. He left.

“You can rise up”. San said to me.

“Thank you”. I got up and stared at him. He was really good looking. I was busy admiring his beauty until I knew he was talking to me. “Huh”.

“You must have been lost in thought”.

“Sorry”. I smiled.

“What’s your name”?

“Zanillia. Zanillia Zhao”.

“I’m San. The fourth lord”. He introduced. “I’m sorry about Sean’s behavior. He’s still immature”.

“No. I think he’s cute”.

“It’s so good that you can speak freely with me”.

“Huh”? I stared at him with confusion written over my face and he smiled.

“I don’t think Eason will let you off easily. You’ve made him angry once”.

“I never meant to. I was just being realistic. There’s no way I can memorize all that in an hour”.

“You’re right. I also think the test is unfair. Eason is just considering the safety of the seven realm. He never meant to be harsh on you”.


must say, you’re very good looking”.

”Huh”. He blushed. “Well thanks. You’re the first to tell me that”.

“Really? Everyone talks about it”.

“No one has ever said that to me. Being immortal is a huge responsibility so we’d no time to interact with people. I must say. We really live a lonely life”.


“Zanillia”. Someone cut in.

“Oh! Xinger”.

“Greetings fourth lord San”. Xinger bowed slightly. “What brings you here”?

“Just looking around the place. I should take my leave”. He left.

“So handsome”. I smiled.

Someone was coming in. Vagamound opened his eyes. His hair had turned all white.

“Vagamound, are you in”? It was Eason.

“What do you want? I’ve made it clear that no one should disturb me”.

“I know. It’s just that, we’ve a big problem recently. There’s this girl among the maidens brought in. Can you believe she spoke rudely to me. She even hit Sean on the face yet San and the others kept supporting her”.

“Why don’t you tell him that you were busy flirting with the princess”. San walked in.

“What? I wasn’t flirting with her. I was just__”.

“Enough”. Vagamound cut in. “Here’s my decree. Anyone who spoke rudely or even raised a hand to hit one of the lord should be killed”.

“She’s just a girl Vagamound”.

“Rules are rules. That’s my final say. You should all leave”. Vagamound said.

“Sure”. They both left and Eason smiled wickedly.


Written by TOM
👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰🤴


I slumped on the bed when Janice told me the news. Killed? I’m going to be killed.

“What are we going to do Zanillia? I told you to stay out of trouble but you wouldn’t listened”. Janice cried. Why is she crying? I supposed to be the one who should be crying but I wasn’t. I just stared in shock. The thought of me getting killed was really terrifying.


Let’s run away”. I start to pack my clothes. “That’s the only option”.

“Run? You seem to be forgetting that this is the immortal realm. There’s no way out if the portal isn’t opened”.

“Then we’ll find somewhere to hide”.

“Search all the house. She mustn’t escape”. The head of guard shouted from outside.

“It’s too late. The guards are here”. The guards barged into the room forcibly. They seized me by hand and dragged me away.

“What do you gain by doing this”? San asked.

“Yes. That girl is innocent”. Gia joined in.

“Innocent”? Eason raised his head up to look at them both. “I guess she must have bewitched you. Take a look at Sean’s face. That devil beat him to pulp. Death is her only punishment”.

“I don’t want her to die”. Sean pouted making a baby face. “She didn’t knew I was the seventh lord. She was just being defensive and besides, it’s all my fault. I didn’t knew a girl was busy undressing before I opened the door so she mistook me as a pervert”.

“The deed cannot be undone. She hit you, so has older brother ordered us to kill her”.

“I think you’re being vengeful Eason”. Kris said. “You should just say you want her dead instead of using older brother decree to cover your shameful act”.

“How dare you talk to me in such a manner”?

“Why? You don’t like it? If you don’t, then change your stupid attitude. I’m out of here”. Kris left.

“Me too”. Gia left and the others joined in one by one till it remains only Eason in the room.

I shivered with cold. Why’s this place so cold? Everywhere was surrounded with ice. I was also sitting on an icy chair. That made me shivered more but the guards stood like they felt nothing. I guess this is one of the benefits of being immortal. Someone walked in. It was San. The guards greeted him.

“You may all leave”. He said to them.

“Sure”. They bowed slightly and left.

“Are you okay”? He move towards me and unlock the chain tied to my hand.

“Yes”. I nodded gently.

“You’re freezing”. He touched my face. “Hopped on my back. I’ll get you out of here”. He turned his back to me.


“Don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility for everything”.

“Okay then”. I climbed on to his back and he carried me like I weight nothing. His back was firm and his scent smell so good. “Hmm”. I m0aned.


He asked.

“Nothing”. I blushed and laid on his back. This was the first time a guy would carry me on his back.

“Here”. San hand me some money. “You’ll need it”.

“Thanks”. I smiled. “What about the competition”?

“I’ll come and find you once three month is up. You just have to practice hard”.

“Okay. Thanks so much”.

“It’s nothing. I was only doing my job”. He said. “I should go”.

“Okay, bye”. He left and I sighed. Maybe if I hadn’t hit Sean, I wouldn’t be in much trouble. I started to walk but I noticed all eyes were on me. People kept nodding and whispering to themselves with their eyes on me. Is there something on my face? Or……..they knew about the crime I committed. Damm. I should get out of here ASAP. I hurried my pace.

The sky had turned dark. My feet were all sore from too much walking. I should find a place to rest tonight. I found a small house. A light was lit inside.

“Hello! Anyone here”.

“Who’s that”? An old woman came out.

“Hello ma’am. Can I pass the night here”? Her face turned pale and white as she stared at me. Like someone who just saw her dead son. “Ma’am”?

“Ghost”. She shouted. “Everyone there’s a ghost”. She ran in and shut her door.

“Ghost? Do I look like one”?

“Yes”. Someone answered. A man came out of the shadow. He was wearing a light blue silk robe. I could see his blue eyes even in the dark.


“I’m Feiye”. He introduced. “I live some miles away from here. You seem to be looking for shelter young Ms”.

“Yeah but everyone keeps turning me out”.

“Well, that’s because of the death curse written over your head”.

“Death curse”? I shoved my hand over my head.

“Ah! You’re mortal. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t see it”.

“But why’s there a death curse over my head”?

“You were bound to die today, weren’t you”?


“Don’t worry. It will clear off tomorrow”.

“That’s a relief”.

“Want to spend the night at my place”?


“Well, since others keep turning you out”.

“I…..but I just met you”.

“I’m not a bad person. You’re free to chose whatever you like”. He walked away.

“Wait”. He stopped and looked at me.

“You change your mind”?

“It’s just for a night”. I raised one of my fingers.

“Who knows”. He smiled and walked away. This guy looks kinda suspicious. Why would he help me out of the blue? The wind howl gently and I shivered. I still haven’t recovered from that icy cold prison. I should really get some shelter. I followed.

I sat by the fire keeping myself warm. The room was bright. I could now see the man face clearly. He’s such a young man. His icy blue eyes flickers as he stared into the fire. He really had a beautiful face. His hair were richly black. Neatly packed in a bun with an hairpin holding it. I wonder how long his hair is. He was more like a____.

“Will you stop staring at me”? His voice jeered me back to my conscious state.

“What”? I felt embarrassed and looked away. “I wasn’t. I was just looking around”.

“I guess you haven’t seen a good-looking guy as me”. He smiled.

“San is more handsome”.

“San”? His brow arched then he looked at me. “You’re from the palace”?

“Yes but I was kicked out”.

“Ah! You must be the crazy girl who hit the seventh lord”.

“Crazy? I didn’t even meant to hit him”.

“No wonder the death curse appears over your head. You were supposed to be killed today but you escaped. What a brave thing to do”.

“Is the curse gone”? I waved my hand over my head.

“No”. He passed me a cup of tea. “Drink some. It’ll keep you warm”.

“Thanks”. I drank. “I thought you were some kind of weirdo. Thank you for saving me”.

“Not to worry. I was just doing my duty”. My mind flash back to San. He also said the same thing. Immortals are really kind. “Not everyone”.

“What”? I asked in confusion.

“Not every immortals are kind. Some are worse than you can imagine”.

“Wait a minute, you can read my mind”?

“Yes and thanks so much for complimenting my looks”.

“You heard that too”?

“You should sleep. We’ve work to do tommorow”.

“We? I’m only spending a night here”.

“We’ll see about that”. He was leaving.

“Where are you going”?

“None of your business”. He left.

“What a secretive person”. I drank the tea.

Who knew I would lost the money San gave me. If not, I wouldn’t be here chopping tree for this mean guy. I looked over to where he laid enjoying the cool breeze while I work here under the scorching sun. So mean. How I wish I could chop his head off with this axe.

“I can hear that”. He talked.

“Stop reading my mind. I don’t like it”.

“Then stop thinking. I don’t like it too”.

“Piss. What a crazy person”.

“You’re going to far Ms”.

“Why? I didn’t ask you ask you to read my mind and besides, I’m not your slave”.

“You were the one who agreed to work for me”.

“That’s because no one would hired me. Ain’t you being so mean towards me”.


“This. How can you tell me to chop down a tree. You can’t even do it”.

“Really? Do you want to see me chop it down in a flash without moving an inch from here”.

“Piss. Proud ass. I’m just a normal girl while you’re immortal. Isn’t there a huge difference”?

“You’re right”. He sat upright. “Two sliver penny deducted from your salary”.

“What! Why”?

“First, for talking rudely to me and second, because I feel like”. He smiled. “Chop the tree down before I return. I’ve to grab something to eat”. He left.

“What”. My stomach roared with hunger. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since morning. What a mean guy. “I hate you! Die! Die”! I kept hitting the tree with my foot.

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