Broken home episode 17 – end



With the little money Bella gave me before she abruptly left, I managed to have a daily bread but right now I’m running out of cash the kind new neighbors in the compound have been helpful and giving me some little food and of-course they don’t have an idea how I have maltreated my own kids I’m sure they just presumed I have kids that abandoned me.
It’s been one weeks now I have neither heard from Bella or anyone relating to my family, My parents are late nowhere to run to and I have been feeling sick back and forth just taking paracetamol and drinking the water from bitter leaf and yet I don’t feel any better I came outside as usual to rest my back since the blackout over a week now due to transformer cut, then a neighbor strolled pass me.

“Ah iye good afternoon ooo how body na, e be like say your body never dey ok oo why you no go the public health center for Uselu side? atleast them go treat you free of charge even do test for you so you go fit know hwfa”

Ehh mama osato e don even escape my mind sef say government health center dey available for people like me wey no get money thank you oo u do well and ehn thank you for that garri of yesterday oo na God go reward you. “Amen oo make I dey go time don reach I wan go pick Osato from school “
Ok no wahala greet my boy for me.
Isoken walked out of the health center with shaky hands she couldn’t believe the result in her hand then she remembered what the doctors were saying to comfort her..
“Madam this result is not the end of the road for you, your condition can still be managed with proper medications nobody will even be aware you will still look health “ then she interrupted “haaaa doctorrrrr nooo don’t tell me this haaa God!!! HIV??? I’m finished ooo Isoken you have ruined your life oo osenobua come to my aid” She continued crying profusely and dashed out of the health center almost colliding with a pregnant woman she was wailing and shaking.
She wondered around for hours walking absentmindedly in the middle of the road she didn’t see the fast vehicle coming ahead carrying logs of woods it was coming towards her direction……


I got dressed and went to the police station,,,I requested to see the victim and her mother,,,the police placed a call to them,and soon the girl came with her parents…
The child was a young beautiful girl of 10, very helpless obviously,, I asked about the whole situation, what had really happened…

“We are neighbours madam,my daughter can give a vivid explanation by herself, its best you hear from her,the father said.,,
“My parent had gone to work, since it was holiday, i was home alone with my younger brother,who’s 6,he had gone to play football outside with some other children, then daddy Stella,(Mr Clement), came to our room and asked me to help him buy a bottle of coke,,I took the bottle and money from him,and ran out to buy,,,I came back and knocked, he asked me to come inside,,,I went into his parlour, and told him I was back and I want to drop it on the table, but he asked i come into the be-droom,I went inside,Daddy Stella asked me to sit on the be-d,he opened the coke and asked me to drink, I was surprised,because he didn’t tell me the coke was mine,,,, thank you sir,I had said,,but he asked me to drink it,,,I drank the coke but I couldn’t finish it,he asked me to [email protected] on the be-d that there was a special [email protected] he wanted to teach me,,I did,he re-moved my go-wn and started using two f!ngers to [email protected] my Komkom(referring to her pri-vate [email protected]),,i was feeling pains,but he told me it was only for that time, that it won’t hurt next time,,,he then re-moved his trou-ser and showed me a long stick near his w@!st,he said we were going to [email protected] with the stick,,he climbe-d on t©p of me and was putting the strong stick in my komkom,,aunty it was very painful,I cried so much”

(this time my head was going round, reminding me of that faithful day,,,one thing about [email protected]£ victims is that the scene never leaves their head,it torment them for so long, sometimes forever), “I cried and cried, but daddy Stella didn’t st©p the painful pla-y,,,soon he st©pped by himself, looked at me and smiled,he also said I was sweet,(I could remember the bastard saying the exact words to me too)….,when I stood up,I saw blood on the be-d and I was still feeling pains, I told him I didn’t like the pla-y, that I will never [email protected] such again,,,he smiled and told me not to tell my mummy or my daddy.”
I turned to the mother,how did you find out madam,,, “when I came back from work,I noticed my daughter wasn’t her usual self,,, I asked her what the problem was ,but she didn’t say anything at first,,,I went on with my domestic chores, soon I noticed she wasn’t walking well,I called her and asked her why she was walking like that (but my own mom was too busy with herself to notice me),,,I took her inside and asked her again,,, she then said,mummy plea-se don’t tell daddy Stella, he asked me not to talk,I don’t like the kind of game he asked us to pla-y, it is a very painful,,, game? ,can you tell me the kind of game,I asked her,,she narrated all she had just told you now,,,, I checked my girl and could still see some blood stain on her pant ,I immediately called my husband and told Him all that had happened, and that he should get the police,,,I [email protected]£ out and acted like I didn’t know what had happened, so that daddy Stella wouldn’t run away,,, my husband soon [email protected]£ with the police and they brou-ght him here”….

Interesting i had said,,I heard your daughter calling him daddy Stella, that means he’s married,,,yes ma he is,with a daughter and a son,,,okay where is his family, I asked,,,they travelled to the woman’s side,her mother is sick,,but she has been informed and would be here any moment…..

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Weldone ma,weldone Sir, you have done something Nobel,yes it is Nobel because not all parent can fight for their children and free them from the shackles of monsters like Clement,,,, thank you for saving your daughter,I pray and wish all mothers and father’s are like you,you just saved your daughter from being a S-x slave in the hands of that beast,,, don’t worry ma,I shall join you in this fight and ensure that justice is brou-ght to your daughter,,, we shall work hand in hand,to achieve thisssssss!!
We heard a woman rush in and crying
“Mummy femi,plea-se plea-se don’t send my husband to jail, plea-se,forgive him, ,,,I knew it must be Clement’s wife,,,and who is this?,I asked Mrs Wale the victims mother,, she’s his wife,she replied,,, oh I see,,,,the Lady turned to me,ma plea-se help me,help me,my husband is a noble man, there must be a mix up somewhere, she cried.,..

You are called mummy Stella,that means you have a daughter, I asked her,yes ma,she replied, how old is she? 12years ma,,,12? how would you feel if your 12year old child is defiled and [email protected]£d by a man of your husband’s age,,,,I asked her,,, “My husband can not do that, it’s the devil work to ruin my husband’s name,my husband is a worker in church, the head usher,it can’t happen,my husband can’t do such,I know him too well…”

Well madam,it is obvious you don’t know your husband, whether he is the ssistant bishop or bishop himself, it doesn’t st©p the fact that he’s a ra-pist,and he must face the law,,,she was crying profusely and begging no one in [email protected]…..
Have you taken your girl to the hospital, I asked? ,,no ma,the father replied,,,okay sir,,,, In [email protected]£ situation, the first thing is to take the child to the hospital for check up,just to be sure she’s okay, I gave them my card,and asked them to call me tomorrow so that the girl could be taken to a friend’s hospital (my sister’s workplace actually)…. Thank you very much ma, the parent thanked me,, no problem, I said,,,what about the clothes she was wearing on the day of the [email protected]£,I asked, they are with the police,,,sperm was found on it,hence they kept it with them as evidence…. Okay then,that will be all for now……
I turned to the police officer around,and asked him to lead me to Clement…
Clement, oya you have a visitor the police called,,, he stood up and [email protected]£ forward to know who it was,,,, he had bruises all over him,probably a welcome [email protected] and gift from his cell mate,,,he was looking at me,trying to place a name to my face,,,

“your face looks so familiar, I can’t remember where we’ve met”, he said,,,well,one who poo, easily forget, you see the one who clears the mess,doesn’t…..
99days may be for the thief,but one day will definitely come for the owner,,,,,so you are bent on destroying the lives of young children, even after marriage and having kids,you still refused to change,,,I promise I will deal with you,you are going to spend the rest of your miserable life in jail,I certainly can promise you that…..

“I didn’t do it ma,plea-se believe me,this is all a set up, trust me, I am a man of nobility and integrity, I am a good Christian I can never do such abominable thing”,,,,oh really?.. You know what,you can tell that to the ignorant people who doesn’t know you,,,for you information
I am BELLA IVIE OSAHON, the very girl you defiled and [email protected]£d years ago,,,his mouth was opened in surprise,,,you always call me a big girl,,I was actually small then,I am indeed big now,and I shall make sure you rot in jail and pay for all your sins…
He opened his mouth and couldn’t close it,he definitely knew what was coming his way…
I gave him a weird stare ,waiting for what he will say as I watched the shock registered on his face.


People gathered at a scene that seemed like an accident, wailing and shouting repeatedly “ahhh this woman I see am oo when she pass just now oo she just carry face she be like who dey lost in thought haa see wetin con happen now another person could be heard saying “ehhh abi na mad woman or maybe yahoo boys don use her oo ijieee oo…”

An ambulance from the health center came in almost immediately after they were informed through the emergency line about an accident not too far from the clinic.People quickly gave way for them to pass an, Aged woman who was a witness to the accident could be heard explaining and recounting to people what she had seen
“be like say she no dey breath again oo see bl_o-od splattered everywhere, ehhh nothing we no go see for this Benin! so so bad news ehn!! This poor woman, na why the driver no horn sef”.? some onlookers took out their phones and started making videos of the scene and the woman lying down motionless..


……..He didn’t know how to start or what to say,,, after been confused for some minutes,he managed to speak,,”Bel Bel Bella,,,I know I have really wronged you,plea-se,tamper justice with mercy,,I am very very sorry,he said,,,” oh shut up your miserable mouth,you are not sorry and you know that, if you were truly sorry,you would have st©pped the act,but after 17years,you are still in the shameless act,and I am very sure that girl hasn’t been your only victim after me,you have defiled so many others,but because you refused to st©p, God had to expo-se you,prepare to meet your doom…

I monitored the case and made sure he was charged to court,,, after all hearings and evidence,Clement was s£ntenced to 21years imprisonment with [email protected] labour,,I felt alive, I had won one victory for myself and all of his victims…
Gracie was done with service and was working with a big hospital,,,Kelvin had really tried in waiting,it was time to Say “I DO”,,,
It was a Beautiful Friday and yes it’s my traditional marriage,, I looked beautiful in my OKUKU which is the Benin’s traditional marriage hair, the beads and wra-pper added spark to my day,I was looking very gorgeous.

Thankfully the traditional marriage was done,,, alongside the white wedding and in the end it was a successful wedding ceremony,and everyone was happy….

Gracie is now a certified Medical Doctor and she is doing very well for herself.
Today I am a proud mother to two amazing kids,two boys and another one on the way with a certified scan result confirming that i was going to birth a baby girl.And my family is almost as perfect,everyone is living in peace….

I started an NGO program for orphans and vulnerable kids, hosting several seminars and sensitization programs on Rap€. I also joined and headed an Initiative for Rap€ victims and I became their voice.