Celine And The Hoffman

Celine and the Hoffman episode 23 – 24

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Celine and the Hoffman💞
(Love Story)
Chidima M.

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Chapter 23 and 24

Meanwhile Celine knocked on Danny’s door with the tray in her hands
” one moment “, danny shouted ..
Just then Gretel came out of her room and dragged Celine into her room and locked the door
” I want to give your brother this “, celine said
“don’t worry “…
She dialed the land line and Abigail arrived even before Abigail could knock Gretel took the tray from celine and handed it to Abigail.
Abigail served Danny instead
” gretel you are troublesome ” Celine said.
Gretel smiled
” that’s because I love you.. Celine chuckled
“oh I need coffee “.
She dialed the land line and minutes later Abigail arrived at the door
” I need your…
Gretel opened the door she took the cup from Abigail and tasted the coffee then she angrily threw the cup on the floor where Abigail stood and the cup broke into pieces
“am sorry madam “, Abigail said
” why is it bitter”, Gretel shouted
” sorry madam you didn’t tell me how you wanted it …
” its ok gret”,celine said
” just get me milk “, gretel said
” I will get it for you”,celine replied.
As Celine left for the kitchen Abigail started cleaning the room

Meanwhile Celine was in the kitchen she was busy checking the expiration date of milks. So they don’t have any expired milk here she Said to herself
she opened the lower fridge and that’s where she found spoilt milk she instantly p-oured it into a cup and headed for Gretels room as she walked in Abigail was walking out
“oh thank you celine “,gretel said
” your welcome “…
GREtel sipped the milk
” omg the taste is sour “,…
“that’s because it’s spoilt and spoilt milk Is deadly”,…
“why do you want to kill me then” ,…
Celine sat beside her
” ave noticed that you taste stuffs before swallowing them I knew you won’t drink it but do you know that good poison has no taste :,…..
” I want to use this to teach you something gret you are free to fire me later
” tell me
“learn to treat your maids right, treat them well, show them respect
“why ?
“because you have entrusted your health to them they bring you food, they bring you juice, they bring you milk, in the same way honey they can bring you poison, spoilt food, rotten milk and you will Still take it because you trust them with your health so why can’t they trust you with their self respect better treat your maids right gret or else the next one won’t be spoilt milk but poison and it won’t come from me even God treats everybody equally I wonder who you are
Celine took the cup from Gretel and walked away she walked into Abigail who sat quietly on her b£d
“hey ,am sorry…
“its all right am used to it “,…
Just then the felt the door open and Gretel walked in she walked towards Abigail
“madam “..
Gretel sat on the b£d
Am realy sorry for treating you poorly Abigail I guess I wasn’t well trained so please forgive me and I promise to be a better person “,..
“thank you ma”,…
“you too lina”,….
“I was never made at you in the first place “,….
“thank you “,…
She turned and walked back to her room .

*************Danny’s room
very early in the morning Danny was still fast asleep when he’s land line rang it was from he’s father room
” dad
” get ready we are going to the office today for a meeting
” this early
” get up!!!!
” sure dad…
Danny knew coffee would help him feel
Better so he called the maids room
Celine was done bathing already …she was already used to all this …
The sound of the landline ringing woke all the maids up.
Emily checked it and it was Danny’s room
” omg no “, emily shouted and ran into her bathroom.
” Abigail Danny is calling”, emily said.
” I can’t go I look dirty , look at my hair , I can’t lose my job..
Abigail rushed into be shower.
” Emily why don’t you answer “, celine said.
” do I look like I want Danny to fire me , no matter how you look you can never be clean to him , not to talk of now that my hair is dirty….
Emily rushed into her own shower.
Celine wondered what went on with them as she picked the call.
” pls tell me sir ?..
” uhmmm coffee…pls ..pls .
He dropped the call Celine wondered if he was sleep talking
She shouted .
” girls Danny wants coffee..
” meet philomena …
” comb your hair.
” wear clean cloths maybe wear white
” wear hand gloves.
” wear a hair cover.
” make sure your nails are clean.
” better use all your perfume.
” don’t touch his cup.
” be care full , one mistake you might loose your job.
” that was how sintia lost her job.
” ordinarily cos her hair was unkempt.
” omg that’s scary “, celine said
” Celine hurry.
” oh ok …
She looked herself in the mirror
” Danny please don’t fire me , am not feeling fine , I don’t have strength to cry…
She rushed out and met philomena …
Minutes later she knocked on Danny’s door nobody answered.
She pushed open the door and dropped the tray on the table…
She looked at him quietly smiling.
Finally she saw him…
He slept beautifully with the b£d cover to his t-ummy…. he packed his hair up and wire row gold earrings….
His phone kept ringing by his side …she liked the tattoo on his kneck ….she wondered why he’s skin looked like good so spotless and eat able.
Just looking at him like this was her dream come true.she finally saw her crush …
Celine didn’t want to wake him so she walked out leaving the coffee there.
She returned to the maids room where she 0rg-anised her stuffs.
Minutes later she saw Danny running into a car with his dad.she smiled to herself..

******Keilas house
gretel walked into keilas house she wore a bom short with with a show back top she held her car keys in her hand and she walked directly into the parlour where keila sat watching tv
” hy…
” how are you ?
” am great so mirabel party is coming up “….
“I can’t wait to party
“sily girl
“so you owe me some gist today you know”,…
“about the wh0l£ simeon thing?
‘ kinda .
” I and simeon are not a thing I swear he just k-ssed me a few times aaaannddd…
” removed your cloths ?..
‘ yea that too.
They both laughed
” wait isn’t that Anna
KeilA looks at the tv
” star times is interviewing her”…
“hmmm I thought she won’t compete “….
“me too”…

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The interview went on as
startimes speaker interviewed Anna James
Anna kept smiling carelessly to the camera
” Anna James we are glad to have you
“pls don’t mention
“how are you preparing for the competition
“am almost there
“I believe you won’t stress yourself since Gretel Hoffman your competition is not competing
“(laughing ) gretel hoffman is not my competition “…
“what do you mean”….
” Gretel knows i am a better dancer than she is
Gretel turns to keila
” that’s true
” but Gretel has beat you quite a remarkable number of times
“:ever since first grade when I started competing with Gretel I always beat her because by then I did circular dances and so did gret and I was the award winner even when i learnt my mothers dance Gretel couldn’t do any of the mystical dances not even one so when I was 14 I watched kimonis dance for the first time i fell in love with it and started practicing it from then on I didn’t do any other dance rather i always tried it in every competition so the reason why Gretel beat me all those while was because while gretel danced to win I was trying to get kimonis dance and dance it right but i always fell on stage
” aren’t you scared of it happening again
” no because now i wont fall any more because am ready to dance
” so what do you say to your viewers out there
” thanks for watching all and if you are watching gret then you should come and prove yourself in this competition I am waiting to laugh at you
” it is obvious that Gretel walked out of this competition out of pride that she has won so many medals already and Anna is not welcoming that
” thank you for your time Anna
” thank you
She walked out of the scene
” if Anna is doing kimonis dance then theres no need competing gret its impossible for me to win unless I do kariana dance which I can’t do not even in the next million years
” listen do a circular in the first half don’t do any of the mystical dances so you wont be placed out just do the circular you used to win dancing shoes award make it more better
” am realy scared gret my dream of finally doing music is realy at stake
” come on you know I won’t let you loose
” oh I almost forgot simeon is leaving today
” realy
” come on lets go
They two girls ran out if the compound

***********Danny sat with his manager
” how are you preparing for the party
” I realy hate this kind of party soon they would start their rubbish bidding
” it will be fun
” I hope so
” I forgot to tell you Danny , the continuation of that movie we did has become indefinite they might not finish it this year
” really?, anyways can you do me a favour
” tell me…..
” can you travel back…….
” ( cutting in) to that town and tell celine you are in love with her?
” what?….
” i know, don’t worry I am going there tommorow any way I have something to finish there”,…..
” you realy know me well man .
” I do “.
“thank you !

Simeon was putting he’s last bag in the car Sam, stanely and Amanda and 3 other of his friends where already there
“when are you coming back man”, stan asked
“I realy don’t know “,…
He looked at the gate
” I don’t think Gretel would come I know you have been waiting for her”,….
” yea , i hope she does”,…
Just then the gate opened Anna walked in and headed towards simeon, simeon walked out of his friends and went to her
” so cutie you didn’t tell me you were leaving
” am sorry I forgot
” so you realy want to leave before I compete
” i wish I wasn’t leaving too
“I would miss you simeon
” but are you ok Anna you look realy skinny
” am fine
” i hope you are not dieting for kimonis dance again are you
” no am not am doing my mother’s dance this time
” good luck at the finals
” can I at least get a hug ( she opens her hands wide)
” why not (he hugs her )”,…
Just then Gretel and keila walked in on seeing them simeon let go of Anna slowly while gretel on her on part tried walking out but keila held her hands
” what are you trying to do gret that’s childish “,…
With this Gretel turned and simeon walked towards her
” hey guys am glad you came
” i will realy miss you but do have fun in the state’s, I will catch up with the guys ( keila walked out
” am glad you came gret
” I just walked KeilA she wanted to come
” am still glad you came
” anyways safe journey I better leave
she walked out of the gate and simeon walked with her and drew her back
” why are you always like this , stop denying this , we k-ssed ,we almost made out …you feel this too.so just say it gret, make me complete
” I don’t want to distract you from your girlfriend “,…
“but Anna is just my friend”,…
” you guys never had a thing ?..
” well… we did it was in the past “,..
” whatever I don’t even care
She rushed back into the compound and simeon walked behind her
” come on son lets go we dont have time anymore
Gretel walked to KeilA and simeon walked into the car He waved at Gretel and they drove off
Gretel walked out of the compound with KeilA
” Gretel you are cute when you are jealous
” I wasn’t jealous
Just then Anna walked towards them
” oh its gret, the snatcher
“what !!!
” you snatched my awards now you want to snatch my boyfriend so great or should i say so (gret)
” am not gonna talk to you dear i talk to living things
” stay away from simeon I might leave the medals for you but I won’t leave him
” anna if I heard the news right I think simeon dumped you he doesn’t want you anymore so just let him be you are too young for this anyway “, keila said
” you are so dumb I mean that hug does it look like someone who doesn’t want someone anymore.
” come on k we don’t have time for this waste ….
” KeilA do you still need to compete I mean you should know you have no place in the finals even your silly mothers dance won’t do you any good
KeilA tried slapping Anna but Gretel held her hand “,…
” I always thought you were ok Anna but now i agree with the press insanity runs in your family, come on k she dragged keilas hand and they walked forward
” Gretel I realy wish you would compete so I can teach your sorry ass how to lose ..
” I wonder what simeon saw in you because I don’t see anything
” let me promise you something Anna James I would never let you win in the nationals ask around I never break a promise
” till then baby girl
GREtel and keila enterred their car and drove off

************Gretel’s room
Gretel walked about like an angry lion in her room celine walked in
” hey wAts wrong you look you would swallow a nation….
” anna can’t win I won’t let her
” then beat her
” I can’t am not competing
” ok what are we talking about here
“: the ballet challenge
” ok in the nationals
” yes now i can’t compete because i promised my best friend that I won’t compete since she is scared that I would win
” but now someone who is better than me wants to win but I realy want KeilA to win.
” mmmm this is bad but if you compete can you beat this girl
” I hope so I mean I have to practice a dance higher than the one she wants to do I have been practicing the dance before but I couldn’t finish it so I left it
” well if you ask me I think you should make sure the girl you hate doesn’t win even if you have to win to do so
” hmmmm i know what to do thanks to you lina
” you are welcome “….
Celine returned to the maids room and before she could settle down Gretel ran into the maids room carrying her laptop.
” all the maids where surprised to see her but she rushed to Celines b£d
“lina check this out
” Jesus why is she using rocks
The other maids watched from behind
“: that’s karianas dance “, gretel said
” impossible “, emily said
” if the owner of the dance is in a wheel chair then who can do it?…Abigail asked
“Gretel can”,…Celine said
“what ?
” you can do it its impossible for others doesn’t mean its impossible for you”,…..
“no I can’t,”,….
” you can but first you need to meet kariana relate to her and talk to her you will find new confidence “,…..
“she might think I came to mock her lina”,….
“no she won’t, try it after all whats the worst thing that can happen”,…..
“thank you , all right I just wanted to show you the dance”,..Gretel took her laptop and walked out of the room

Minutes later
Celine ran down the street on the £[email protected] mrs hoffman s£nt her.
She got to the store she bought everything and then she saw the white cover-all that was hanged in front of the store Celine flashed back to when her fellow maids where telling her comb you hair, brush your teeth etc before meeting Danny if not u will lose your job so she instantly asked the man
“pls how much is the white cover all sir”,..
” do you like it then take it happy new month no one wants it anyways “,..
“oh thank you “,…
She ran back to the mansion and gave everything she bought to Mrs hoffman
She walked into her room with the cover all she removed the water proof and tried it on all the maids started laughing
” you really fit Danny Hoffman
” Celine can you breath I can only see your eye what kind of cover all is this
” pls I need one too am tired of hearing your hair is unkept, your hand is dirty etc
” since Danny Hoffman is so picky with this my work here is secured”, celine said
Just then the land line rang
” its Danny
“when did he come back?
Emily picked up the phone
” hello
” cold juice pls
” ok
” ( laughing ) go on Celine go and practice with your outfit he wants cold juice “,emily said .
” yes madam”, celine replied
She walked out and they girls kept laughing in one word Celine looked like father Christmas
Minutes later Danny heard a knock on his door
” coming “…..
He opened the door and on seeing Celine Danny laughed for close to 30 seconds non stop but Celine still stood with the tray admiring the room it was so big and beautiful the television had occupied one part of the wall there was a big piano table and his guitar sat beside celine had not looked to the floor she only looked around the room the b£d was big and beautiful she noticed the glass wall from which she could see the pool outside celine wondered if this was just a room ….she saw the big long mirror she looked up she saw the chandelier which made the room sparkle until she came back to reality and Danny was still laughing
” omg this is crazy father Christmas in my own house its not even christmas “,…
” no sir its not father Christmas its a maid I brought the juice “,…she lifted the tray up
“place it on the table :,.. danny said sitting on his b£d .
” so tell me why the outfit dear?.
“ah its nothing ?…
“tell me you might lose your job if you don’t tell me ?…
” actually the thing Is I heard you are always like telling the maids you look stuffy, your hair is bushy, u look disgusting, you are fired that kind of thing “,…she said and shyly tried covering her face with her hand
” realy?, so that’s why you covered Every where “,….
” yes sir “,..
“it seems your new so what’s your name ”
“my name is….
“don’t worry I will call you cover girl “,…
“what ?.
” cover. Girl .
” ah ok thank you sir “,…
She turned with the empty tray and suddenly she noticed the floor it was like she was in the middle of the ocean celine was still trying to understand weather the floor was made of glass and the room was built in the ocean she didnt see when she got to the door she hit her head and fell to the floor
Danny started laughing again
” are you all right c
” c for what
“: cover girl
” oh thank you sir “,..she tried standing up then she noticed she was lying on top of a big dolphin celine got so scared she shouted and instantly jumped on top of danny
” omg jump down I will sack u
“no no no the big shark wants to eat me “,…
Danny suddenly felt a very strong passion for celine as he looked at her eye he was lost in her sight he felt like she was someone he knew for long Danny couldn’t feel her weight anymore rather he knew he felt something else to danny her eye was so real it depicted fear and looked very teary
” its not a shark its a dolphin and this is not the ocean its a wallpaper
Just then celine looked around the room and noticed that it was realy not the ocean she jumped down from Danny
” ouch I have to bath again jeez
‘am sorry sir I would be leaving
Danny stood still and watched celine as she stepped to the door as Celine touched the door she said to herself

Wait what did I do Jesus did I just jump on Danny Hoffman, Danny Hoffman, Am finished I ave lost my job oh my God
Just then celine turned and looked at Danny who was still watching her she instantly knelt down and placed the tray on her head with her hands for it
” oh now you realize your crime?….
Danny sat on his b£d
” I am really sorry sir for jumping on you but I really thought the dolphin was going to bite me sorry sorry sorry pls forgive me remember the bible says forgive and forget pls don’t fire me “,….
” ok I forgive you
” thank you”,.. ( she stood up and tried walking out
“but I have not forgotten”,…
” what
” you have to make me forget”,…
” how ?
“you are going to dance “,…
“no no I can’t dance ….
“played the music in his home video it was so loud he shouted
” I thought you Said i cant leave without you look how jolly am leaving ” come on cover girl
I am realy finished she said to her self as she kept the tray and stood in front of the tv and started dancing Danny couldn’t just stop laughing
” come on c !!!!, wooow”,…
Celine danced till she finished the song then she gave a slight bow and walked torwards Danny
” am I forgiven sir
“:yes you may leave now totaly my forgiven
She bowed slightly to danny
” thank you sir She faked a smile .
She opened the door and ran out she then remembered she forgot her tray she ran back inside the room and took it
” sorry sir, thank you sir
She ran out again Danny switched off the television and sat on the b£d
What a girl she reminds of that commoner Celine wow when last did I laugh like this
While Celine walked into her room omg this is like a replay of meeting that proud peac-ck danny”, she said to herself..
She opened the door and the other maids started the laughing afresh
” stop laughing already
” what did Danny say
” he laughed at me and called me cover girl
” Danny Hoffman ?
” laughed ?
” is that possible
” omg I am sweating”,.. she instantly removed the cover all and sat on the floor
” my life is weird I just made a fool of myself
” am glad you know
” way to go c girl
” don’t call me
Light fades
Light opens in the morning on Gretel as she walked into the class room the students where all surrounding someone she couldn’t see the person she wondered who it was She walked down
“hey who is your father ?..one student asked
” what’s your father’s name “, another student asked.
” which company does your father own dear
“my father is a dry cleaner ..
” jeez how did you get into this school ?..Susan asked
” how did you get here anyway? Amanda asked
” well am a scholarship student ( she Said almost in tears as the wh0l£ students bullied her )
” but Gretel made sure we don’t get scholarship students in our class how can we breathe with commoners
They didn’t know Gretel watched them from behind
” wow this place suddenly smells like poverty look at her hair
” oh my Godz she is sitting on Gretels chair
“; wow I can’t wait for Gretel to come to school
Angela tried standing up but one of the girls pushed her back to the sit
” you can’t spoil our show
” Just then Gretel walked towards them and they gave way for her to see the commoner well
” imagine gret the filth is on your seat I mean jeez its so disgusting “,….
” didn’t she see your name “,… Mandy asked
” am sorry Gretel I didn’t know you sit here “,…
” pls don’t call my name,commoners don’t call my name , its bad luck….
” we have a tradition ryt? Amanda shouted

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