Chronicle of a Teenager


Jillian had a two hours bath, dyed her hair pink then combed it to the back..adding a gel to the few strands that stick up..
She got to her room and applied her tan lotion and her roll on.. wore her inner wears then a floral orange gown with a big flower design on it’s wa-ist, she applied a heavy make up on her face and her cologne then wore her orange high heel shoe, she wore her gold pendant and a pair of small silver earrings..she picked up her full length mirror beside her closet and peered into it..she smiled, she looks so different..she could feel it..see it.
She set the mirror aside and set her bag, stuffing her pajamas a bikini, a Jean and light top and a big jacket into it, she carried the bag and picked up her light orange purse and her phone
then walked to the living room..her mom was on a sofa, she had a bible in her hand and a prayer book.
she stamped her shoes and her mother looked towards her.
“I need 500 bucks…for somethings” she said to her mother when their eyes met.
“500bucks..for just a day?” her mother asked.
“Are you giving me or not?” Jillian rudely yanked ignoring her question and eying her..
“Sure..I’ll give it to you” Mrs Selene stood up and went to her room, she opened her drawer and picked some dollar bills..she counted 500 out of it and went back to the living room then handed it over to her daughter who collected it without any word of thanks.
“I’m off..make sure you lock up” she said as she walked to the door..
“Jillian?” she heard her mother’s voice..she stopped and turned..
“I wish I could stop you..i don’t feel good about this but no matter what you do,promise me you’ll be careful” her mother’s sober voice echoed in her ear and she almost fell for it..
“Ugh..there she goes again..for Pete’s sake I’m eighteen, I’m no longer a kid”
“I know that..I just want you to assure me that you’ll be safe”
Jillian sighed..
“Alright, fine..I’ll be safe, I promise” she growled..
Mrs Selene came to her and gave her a tight hug..
“Easy’re roughening my clothes” Jillian said pulling her mom off her..
“I’m off..take care” she said then walked out..once she got to the porch she pulled out her phone and dialed Jessica’s rang for a while then she picked..
“Hey Jess…I’m set to go” she said into the phone..
“Oh..I’m almost at your gate..give me two minutes”
“OK.ay, counting..” Jillian said and hung up..putting her phone back into her purse and the money..
Jess arrived after few minutes and they both head to school, once they got to school they sighted the limousine that was supposed to pick them..
“This is one hell of a fantastic sleep over” Jillian said hurrying her steps..
“The best ever” Jess said..
they got to the car and entered, taking their seats..Jillian could feel eyes on her, maybe they were checking out her looks..she looked different today..
They got to the sleep over venue in sianta..the driver parked the car and got down, he opened the door them as they took turns to get down..
The place was a tent, it was built with sticks, metal rods and some trampolines and it was beside a huge ocean, built deep in the woods..Jillian and Jess exchanged smiles..
“Oh my gosh Jess are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Jillian asked..
“I see much more than you’re seeing babe” Jess exclaimed as the got to the tent..
They were all divided into three groups..
“Jillian Smith
Audrey Jones
Camilla Micheal
Jessica Stiltons
Amelia Peterson
You all are staying in tent can go in,unpack and relax” A guy directed them to the tent..they followed and entered.
the interior was big and beautifully decorated..Jill
ian and Jess stretched on the cozy blanket and giggled as they played on it..
3 hours later they all had light snacks then they were told to change into something that was more comfortable, Jess wore a crop too and Jean while Jillian wore a tank top and a crazy knickers short…
They went out of the tent, the air was cozy and comfortable..crackers and wine was served as they made a huge circle then played truth and dare..
it was getting late, Jillian was not feeling sleepy at all..she was having so much fun and she wished it didn’t end because no one was mocking her here..she wished she could stay here forever, if only that was possible..
she looked around for Jessica but she couldn’t find her, she narrowed her eyebrow then searched again but no sign..they were together just a while ago..
“Jillian your turn..” one of the girls Molly called, she turned to her and nodded..she shrugged then focused on the game..
“So who am I asking?”
“I-i can’t do it..” Jessica muttered..
Brianna walked close to her and lightly touched her shoulder.
“It’s not so difficult darling..we just want you to persuade her..she’s your friend” Brianna said..
Jessica sighed, she can’t do it..there’s no way she’s gonna betray her best friend this way..
take her to a forest and leave her there..hell no, it was damn risky..
As much as she couldn’t believe that she was with the NAttys she also couldn’t believe that they were asking her to do something so unbelievable.
“So you can kill her?” she asked facing Brianna who smirked.
“Of course not one’s killing anyone, were just gonna scare her a little..nothing more” Brianna said then secretly winked at Fiona and Diana.
“But why..what has she done?” Jessica muttered quickly wiping a tear..
“It’,’s just for fun and besides you’ll benefit from it a lot” Brianna said..earning a confused look from Jessica..
she gently sat beside her..
“How do you see yourself being a NAtty?” she asked with a smile..
“Wh-what?” she asked with wide eyes.
“Yeah..once you do the job, we’ll make you one of ’bout that?” Brianna asked..
Jessica stared at her with mixed feelings..happy and sad..
her l-ips and finger trembled..
“So?” Fiona asked..
“Are you doing it or should we get someone else?” Brianna asked.
“Or maybe we should make that Jillian girl a NAtty..nice idea, don’t you think so guys?” Diana said with her eyes or Jessica who seem to be in deep thought..
“Yeah..since someone doesn’t need..
“I’ll do it!” Jessica gulped hærd..trying to fight back the tears..
she couldn’t believe herself..she’s really doing this to her best friend,but on a second thought if she doesn’t do it then Jillian will take her place in the NAttys position and she was pretty sure Jillian would’ve done same to her if she was in her shoes..
“ thinking girl” Fiona said with a smile across her l-ips..
“A good one” Brianna said.
“We need her in 30 minutes..” Diana said.
“I..I’ll go get her, remember the deal” Jessica said as she dragged her wobbly legs out of the room..
Brianna faced the girls who had smiles on their faces..
“Such a big fool” Fiona said
“She fell for it” Diana chuckled.
“We have two bitches to get rid off now..get the plans set girls” Brianna said..
Jessica quietly went to the tent as she wiped her tears and sniffed..she reached the tent and got in, she saw Jillian operating her phone she went closer to her and sat beside her…Jillian felt her presence and turned to her..
“Jess..where have you been, I’ve searched all over for you”
Jillian said hanging up the call with her mom
I’m about to do something stupid bestie..don’t get worried about me..Jessica thought..
“Jess?” Jillian shook her and she jerked then sniff.
“What’s up with you..where have you been?” Jillian asked scanning her..
Jessica sniffed then faced her.
“Um..I’ve um, been with Brianna” Jess said and Jillian eyes lit up..
“Brianna as in the NAttys?” she asked unsure and Jill nodded.
“Yeah..they um..want me, I mean us to…to go..somewhere with them” Jessica stammered nervously.
“Seriously..of course girl, anywhere….where?” Jillian asked tugging at her shirt..
“ the woods..they um, want us to have a walk with them” Jess said and Jillian smiled..
“Common..let’s go, Jess” Jillian said standing up and picking her phone..
“Jillian?” Jessica called softly and Jillian faced her confused..
I’m sorry Jill..I hope you can forgive me.
“What?” Jillian asked.
“Nothing..let’s go” Jess said standing up and adjusting her clothes…
They both held hands and sneaked out of the tent..
how do you see this episode?
To be continued…. 
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