Dangerous Deal – episode 3

Dangerous deal
Episode 3

Jeremy POV
I woke up the next morning feeling nervous about my presentation but I told my self in the back of my head dat my plan will be chosen for the case no matter wat it was quite a brilliant plan that may have some flaw but still I was willing to take the chance I got dressed got in my var and drove off to d chief’s office I got there I find out DAT Joyce car was already packed outside I quick dash to the chief’s office I found out that she had already given her presentation so I was asked to give mine I explained everything about my plan to them gave them all the details about it I was still going on wen d chief stopped me saying but if you mind work like married couples I thinking partnering up with each other was a gud thing I instantly knew wat they were talking about I think we both gave the same plan for the case

Joyce POV
 I was seated outside the chief’s office waiting for them to finish Derek presentation I wandered wat plan he gave I was so nervous I wander if they would pick my plan it was to use any inside man to infratrate Lucifer’s men. Derek came out I was shocked because his presentation was just started and now his out saying his done with it I wander if his plan was good or bad. 

Joyce POV
After everything we were new trying to figure out how to introduce Lucifer to Derek it was then I came to know that Derek was a former thug recruited by the police department during his jail sentence he was betrayed by his gf felt sorry for him but I couldn’t tell him so that he wouldn’t want to remember about the pain he went through because of it we decided to allow Derek resume back to his thug life because no one knew he was an undercover agent at first jus me d chief and some other high ranked officers the plan went well and we were able to set a meeting between Derek and Lucifer but we were not allowed to enter the meeting place so as to prevent suspicion so we stayed far away but were listening to their conversation true d mini micro chip recorder we could hear all.

Derek POV
Here I was seating with Lucifer I was trying to convince him to let me into his team but he refused asking me wat I had to give him if he did I promise him to help transport his goods to anywhere in the world he looked like he was considering the job he said he would contact me if he made his decision that we should stay in touch the meeting ended and we all left since I couldn’t be caught going to d police office we had come in term DAT we were going to meet in a secret place I got to d place and saw agent Joyce already they she congratulated me on d way I addressed Lucifer we talked about it for while planned how we were going to make our plan work but all did while I couldn’t concentrate I kept staring at her lips my heart was beating very fast (usain bolt and my heart did race at DAT moment bolt would have lost by a big gap ) I doing know wat came over me I had never felt did way since my ex I lost control of my self and I…

Derek pov
As a cop we were trained to resist temptation but I couldn’t take it anymore I forgot about all my training and took a lip of faith I held her by her face looked into her eyes then pulled her closer and k-ssed her the k-ss was so passionate she didn’t object to it i was haply but secretly I was more than happy dat she didn’t object cause I would have not been able to facing her again if she had object we kept k-ssing for over 10 minutes playing with each other’s tongue we were lucky dat where we were it was only us no other cop came to discuss about our plan I guess d chief didn’t want to let a lot of people to know so as to avoid d case from getting to the wrong hands we suspected dat lucifer had inside guys in d police department the k-ss kept going for more than 30 minutes with each other at the throat of each other.

Fiona pov
I don’t know wat happen but wen derek k-ssed me I couldn’t find myself to object I gave him passage to my tongue and we kept playing with each other’s tongue the k-ss lasted for 30 minutes I think so but to be honest I didn’t know but I knew dat d k-ss was long I pulled out to catch some breath I looked at derek he was smiling I smiled too we kept staring at each other for a while derek then broke d silence saying fiona am sorry for the k-ss he paused I was about to tel him to stop dat I also wanted the k-ss but i couldn’t it would seem some how so I let him continue he looked at me and started talking again I really love from the first day in the chief’s office I just couldn’t bear it anymore I kept seeing u in my dreams I even hallucinate about you so I Have to take my chance but k-ssing am sorry if u forced to k-ss back wen je said dat I stopped him saying derek it’s enough I also do love you I always have been sinve our meeting in d chief’s office but I couldn’t tell u I had to keep my pride with that I pulled him into a k-ss it was short but passionate he asked me would you be my gf I said yes we said goodbye and went to our home.

Derek the wh0le she k-ssing me back was unexpected I expecting her to slap d hell out of me after the k-ss I no u may nw wonder if I was expecting her to slap me y did I k-ss her but due to a saying of a wise man (no risk no reward) I was waiting for the slap but it never came I was so happy she pulled from the k-ss looked at my face and started d k-ss again it felt like I was in cloud nine the look on her face wen she pulled away could only express one thing love I had never been more happy in my life I build up my courage and asked her to be my gf and she said yes I was over johed after our I hour k-ssing section we but pulled out and went home I was seating in my bedroom about to sleel wen I remembered I jad not called to ask fiona if she had arrived home even if I knew she had but I had to be sure I called her and after a few rings she picked her voice was so beautiful I was talking to her but still was missing her voice I talked about our relationship wished each other gud night then I cut d call
I woke up d nxt morning feeling very happy it was as a result of my dream i started remembering d dream again I dreamt dat me and fiona got married in beach very beautiful she was wearing an armani white gown d dream was so pure but may flashback to my dream was interrupted by a call I checked d call private number I was puzzled.

Derek pov
I was about to eat my meal wen I got a call from a private number I wandered who it was cos since wen I became a cop dis was d first time some one called me with a private number I was wandering who I picked the call and then his voice boomed out of the speaker of my phone saying meet me in red avenue lane now I didn’t need to ask who was talking in d phone cos I knew who already It was lucifer I can still remember his voice from yesterday’s meeting it was deep I quickly dailed joyce numbee it rang for some time and she finally picked up she seem cheerful in the phone at first it soon let her wen I told her about the call I got from lucifer she suspected dat it was a trap but I told her that it wasn’t but maybe he wanted to accept my offer wjich was to help he sel his drug we spoke not long I remembered her dat he didn’t give me any particular time to get there and dat I had to get there early inorder to avoid making him suspect me I cut the call left my meal got dressed and left to our meeting place I got there ti find d place empty with only one black car parkes at the side of the road I looked around didn’t see anyone I was about to leave wen I got a message from d same private number saying I should get inside the black car by ghe road I walked there I entered d back seat gound two bouncers there they blindfolded me with a bag and we all drove off to lucifer hideout I guess.


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