Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 9

Episode 9

Am sorry for the late update, been busy with many things on my hands but here is the chapter nine. It’s just mind blowing.

_The next day which was a friday, Fiona is seen sitted in the school field, she still remembered what the Angel of the Lord told her when she had prayed for her brother and his friends in,side her dorm room.

“Fiona, you have found favour in the sight of God and he has choosen you to liberate this school. You have the key to see revelations and you have the gift to heal. You were sent to this school not by choice but by His will to be their helper, so many demonic forces in this school and you will stop it.” the Angel said with his voice high and might.

“But how I can I liberate this school, Lord, am just a mere child.” she had responded still bowing her head.

“In time, daughter of the Shining Sun. In time you will know.” the voice said as it suddenly faded and the light disappeared and when she lifted her head up, she saw no figure. In her heart she believed the message and she knew the Lord was going to be there for her.

Fiona, stood up from the grass when she heard her brother calling her, she realised she was in her thought for long because break was over and everyone was going back to their classes and she didn’t know.

“What’s wrong with you?” her brother asked as he stood in front of her.

“Nothing my caring brother.” she said looking down at her feet.

“Is it about the dream you had about me and my friends?” he asked because he knew she thinking about something serious.

“C’mon Gabby, look. The field is almost dried up, let’s get to class before we get punished.” she said as she started walking to the direction of SS2B while Gabriel trailed her behind.

In the class. . . An English teacher walked in and started teaching the class and giving them class work before he ended his teachings, he instructed the class prefect, Roseline Chuks to bring the class work for him in twenty minutes time, then he left, and it took five minutes before the next teacher came, who was handling Biology and she began with ‘Reproductive system of Animals’ the class was enlightened as they all learnt new facts about Animals and how they reproduce younger ones, when she was done with the topic she left the class.

Roseline began taking the class assignments from her classmates and when hers and Fiona’s hand touched, Fiona felt some tangling feeling in,side her and then she was in a trance where she saw Roseline entering the staff room with the books and the English teacher flogging her because she was out of schedule to had bring the books and him dying in an accident while going home and saw her laughing when she heard the news, then suddenly her eyes turned Red which frightened Fiona back to reality.

“Let go of the book.” she heard Roseline say and she realised she still held her book, she let go of it and saw her leave heading to the teachers staff room.


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