Devil In Red

Devil in red episode 1

Devil In Red – Episode 1
© Goddy Francis
Almost every single African always have this crazy dream to leave their country and possibly travel abroad. And it’s either New York or nowhere else. I’m different , I’m a typical African girl and I’m really crazy.
I’ve always wanted to travel to Egypt that’s my favorite country in the world and moreover I’m black , being black is our goal.
My name’s Gold Lange , I’m a high school leaver , just rounded up matric and I’m stuck at home with mom. My twinny is Emily Lange , we’re ordinary twins and not identical.
Emily is the wild type and boys freak , her best friend is almost like her , crazy and unserious about life. They just wanna party and party. Talk about boys all day and then sleep. I guess that’s what highschool leavers do.
Me , I don’t have friends . I’m just stuck with my phone and social media. I gossip with myself and then bored my wh0le time taking pictures in Snapchat or writing non-stop in my blog.
” Gold…” Mom calls knocking on my door open as she smiled standing beside the door.
” Hey mom.” I replied sitting up.
” Snap chatting again ?” Mom asks wiggling her brows.
I chuckle and sit up. Mom smiled at me as she let herself through the door. She sits on my bed and car-ss my hair slowly.
” Hope everything is fine ?” I asked curious.
” Sure . Just wanna say you’ll be going to Nigeria this weekend.” Mom said as my eyes brighten.
” Why ?”
” Because aunt Elna is married to a Nigerian and she’s based there with her husband and also you missed mimi , your cute cousin.”
” ****..” I uttered.
” What’s **** ? We’re blacks kid , you don’t say that in this house.” Mom said and I exhale deeply.
” But I didn’t plan for any vacation at all , what about Emily ?”
” She’s fine , I’m getting Emily a job here and you’re going to Nigeria. Since you both left highschool, you guys have been nuisance , always doing jobless stuff.”
” But why me ?” I asked.
” Because you’re hærdworking and Emily’s lazy and also you’re serious most times and Emily is really unserious. Chill kid , it’s just for a week. Maybe before you return, NYU will be ready to cruise.” Mom said Chuckling.
” New York ?”
” Yeah. I’ve always wanted you to school abroad and make good use of your time there. Not just you , including Emily. You both are leaving for New York.”
” Mom , I wanna school in Johannesburg.”
” You’re not schooling here.” Mom protested.
” Or maybe Egypt.” I added.
” Kid you’re going to New York , NYU is cool.” Mom said as she stand up walking out of my room.
” ****..” I shouted.
New York s-cks.
~ Emily~
” I’m super excited.” I said smiling going through my phone.
” And why ?” Ayanda asked , she’s my best friend.
” Because Mitch Cooper will be coming down to SA for a commercial shoot , i really can’t wait.”
” I totally forgot he’s your big time crush.” Ayanda said and I chuckled.
Truly enough she’s right. Mitchel Cooper is a crazily cute new Yorker. Yeah he’s damn cute , he’s a super model , runs his own org-nization and also a co manager to his father’s casino , like I heard.
Mitch is hot , handsome and also flashy. Rumours said he’s mean and proud but who cares , I’m willing to manage. I’ve always wished to be his girlfriend and also I have imagined us in an intimacy union.
Luckily for me he’s coming to Johannesburg for his commercial shoot for his magazine , and hopefully I can’t wait.
Naturally I’ve been single all my life , it’s not like I don’t have admirers , I do but we don’t seem to last , it’s either I get tired or I get tired , funny right ? I’ve always wanted Mitch , and I’m really sure I’ll get him , despite the fact that he’s a white dude.
My twin sister is my opposite , she’s a loner. Every single day she spends her entire boring life in social media , either Snapchat or Instagram. Or maybe she might be surfing through Google doing God knows what. I really don’t know why she doesn’t have friends , no one have been able to to prove why .
Gold is really funny , I remembered she has dated once and that was at senior year in highschool and we were close to matric. I remembered how they broke up , few days to matric because he planned to travel abroad but unfortunately Gold caught him cheating.
I felt her pain , that pain of being cheated on and also lied to , it’s so aweful, especially when he’s the guy who disflowered you. She hated men and hates flirting. I guess that’s one of the reasons she always spend her wh0le day in social media trying to bore her time.
Gold is strong and she’s really attractive , I really can’t tell who’s more pretty but I think it’s me. She gets easily pissed off and it doesn’t take her a minute to cause a fight.
And now me , I’m crazy as ****. I like parties and i love hanging out . I hate being played with , gold’s story truly taught me a lot , reasons I don’t dare to fall in love . I easily get tired in relationsh¡ps and I don’t dare spread my legs.
I flirt , yeah and I am not carried away because I just wanna have fun. Crazily enough, I’ve never been laid in my life and that’s the painful part. All I wanted was my celebrity crush Mitchel Cooper , I don’t mind giving him my V-rginity. You can call me weird , don’t care , cause I love being weird.
~ Gold~
I scrolled on my laptop and roam about in Google. I’ve been thinking about traveling to Nigeria and I think i deserved it , I’ve been too much an a****le lately.
My phone vibrated and it was a familiar number calling. I picked up and kept quiet.
” Hey gold.” His voice Called.
” Fred , what do you want ? How did you even got my number ?” I ask.
” Come on , I missed you and i wish we hang out , please don’t say no.”
” Nigga you’re mad. **** you and **** your dirty a****le, broke ass family you’ve got. Whatever s*** we had ended in highschool and I’m not willing to see your s*** face , go **** yourself.” I said and hang up.
I block the number and threw my phone on top of my bed. He just spoilt my mood and I hate him more for that. Fred was my first boyfriend and I believe he’s my last boyfriend. I remembered how he lied , how he cheated , and i was so stupid to fall for his love trick and we make out.
Each time I thought about how we make out , I always wished they never happened. I tap violently on my keyboard , I was trying to hold back the pain.
” Hey sis..” Emily calls standing beside my door.
” Hey..” I said without looking at her.
She smile awkwardly and walk in standing next to me.
” You’re okay ?” Emily asks sitting close to me.
” I’m good.” I lied and smiled.
” Alright…” She said and gigles.
” Are you okay ?” I asked curious.
” Well yeah.. Mitchel is coming down to SA next week.” Emily said and grin .
” For real ?”
” Yeah. And I can’t wait. I’m ready to do anything for him.” She said and wave her hands in the air.
” Goodness. Are you still having crazy feelings for him ?” I asked and she nodded.
” Dude yeah…”
” You don’t even know what he looks like , what if he is ugly as **** ? That dude is evil , he wears a mask every single time and he’s not willing to tell why.” I said and sigh.
” Look gold chill , there’s nothing wrong in wearing a mask especially when you’re a celebrity. He’s trying to avoid this crazy paparazzi s***.”
” Cool , happy getting laid in advance.” I said and focused on my computer.
” Thanks .” Emily said and danced out of my room.
This life is weird , who would fall in love with a weirdo ? A dude who wears mask that covers his face except his eyes and pierced l-ips.
I scroll down on my laptop and stare at Mitchel Cooper that display on my laptop screen. I really don’t see him pleasing especially when nobody knows what he looks like. I zoom the picture he took on a red carpet show and that was unaware , cause he didn’t expect it.
He wore a black jacket and dark jean and a crazy t-shirt. His long red hair rest on his crazy masked face , he has dark blue eyes , pink l-ips I guess, milky skin and a piercing on his lip.
” This dude’s insane.” I said and cancel it.
I read his biography and he’s Andrew Cooper’s only son. Like I read Andrew is a billionaire with a casino worth 20 billion dollars. And also he has an adopted son named Tobias probably called tobie most times.
” ****..” I shouted and hissed.
” This world is ****in stupid , 20 billion and yet most people are suffering in New York.”
I think there’s more to Emily’s big time crush on Mitch. His sister Allison Cooper , new York hottest girl on the red carpet. She’s a redhead too with a very attractive color. There’s something about this whites , always wild and gets to wow the crowds.
” This world s-cks..” I scoff and aggressively close the laptop.
” Nigeria here i come.”
I got up bringing out my bag and starts picking useful stuffs. One week mom said , I remembered Miranda , she’s my annoying cousin. Too civilized and knows too much for her age. I sigh and closed the bag ready to travel tomorrow.
The following day I left , Emily wasn’t that bothered , she’s been waiting for Mitchel Cooper till thy kingdom come. I entered the guest room which is likely my room and slump on my bed. Aunt Elna and her husband don’t base here. They lived in Madison and often times new York.
Abuja is their resident home like they claim. I switched on my laptop and try to bore time. Miranda wasn’t around , including her mom , just me alone.
” Golden…” A familiar voice shouted my name.
” Oh boy !” I scoff and pretend to catch a nap.
” Burger.” She said and pinched my feet.
I tried not to laugh but she succeeded , I jerked and fell on the floor laughing cause it tickles.
” Look at you..” she said hugging me.
” Mom said you’ll come. I missed you a lot.” She said k-ssing my cheek.
” Alrighty , that’s enough. Where did you go ?” I asked.
” Took a stroll.” She said and winked.
” That’s a nice.” I said picking up my phone.
” You’re a such a loner.” She said with her hand on her wa-ist.
” Woah..” I said and arched my brows.
” Yeah… Reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend.” She said and grin.
” Woah…” I muttered.
” Always online , Snapchat , Facebook and all that boring stuff. Golden you need a boyfriend.” She said and sighed.
She’s talking more than her age. I kept my phone aside and glance at her.
” When’s your birthday ?” I asked.
” Next Month. Why ?” Miranda asked.
” How old will you be ?” I asked.
” Twelve.” Miranda replied.
” What the **** . I think you know way too much. You shouldn’t be talking about boys.” I said and she smirks.
” Do you know Mitchel ? Like Mitchel Cooper ?” Miranda asked and furrowed her brows.
” Everyone’s been talking about him.” I replied.
” I’m his biggest fan , he’s so fancy and he smells wealth. No one’s been able to tell what he looks like , but I really don’t care , I know he is so damn cute.”
” Eww , Emily..” I said and scoff.
” What ! You’re boring. I’d do anything to see his face. What lies behind that mask ?” Miranda said like an elderly woman thinking.
I’m really tired of this Mitchel bulls*** . Everyone likes him , his Instagram page which is being managed by his manager has about 50 million followers and it’s so terrible.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
People only knows he’s redhead , has a nice tattoo in his lower arm and a piercing in his l-ips and he’s ****in rich. But what does he looks like ? No one knows..
Every single day the question on every single l-ips is ” WHO’S MITCHEL COOPER ?”
To be continued

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