Dwayne Miller episode 10 – 11

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Dwayne Miller?” Shane said shockingly, and Nana’s eyes widened too.

“Take it as my payback for the slaps” Dwayne said and started leaving.

Shane stood and rushed to him. He turned him to himself and brushed his face with a punch first, making him stagger.

His weed fell off his lips.

“How could you be so daft!, I get that you’re a rebel but going this far is senseless!, What if she got seriously wounded!” He shouted angrily.

“F**k you!” Dwayne replied and came back to him.

He returned the punch to Shane’s face, and Shane’s lips got bursted.

Shane punched Dwayne again, and Dwayne got bursted lips too.

When Dwayne tried returning it again, Nana appeared in their middle.

“You can punch me instead” she said, facing Dwayne.

Dwayne was breathing heavily as his fist went down, and he smirked.

“To hell with your p*ssy” he said rawly and gave Shane the middle finger before picking his fallen weed.

He resumed smoking as he walked to his car at the other end of the road. He drove off in the other direction, and Nana faced Shane.

“Your lips got wounded” she said, holding his face.

“Your forehead is bleeding too. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have suggested driving you home, you got hurt because of me” he said, and she smiled.

“Don’t start blaming yourself. It’s the fault of that ragamuffin” she replied.

“But still….

“Shhhh..” she interrupted, and he smiled.

“I’ll get you to the hospital” he said, and she nodded as he raised the fallen bike.

Luckily, only the full lights got broken, so it’s still drivable.

“Use the helmet this time” he said, wearing the helmet for her.

She climbed behind him and he drove to the nearest hospital.

A nurse was assigned to treat them, and Nana’s wounded head was plastered after treatment.

The nurse taking care of Shane’s lips began trying to seduce him, but he suddenly hit her hand away.

“I’m not the type” he said, and the nurse looked away in embarrassment.

“Let’s go” he took Nana’s hand and left her hospital with her.

“You’re handsome, you don’t expect girls not to crush” Nana said when they got to his bike.

“So does that include you?, I mean the crushing girls” he said, and she chuckled, swatting his arm lightly.

He smiled as they climbed on, and he drove out of the hospital.

In another ten minutes, they arrived at her house, and she came down, then he removed the helmet from her head.

“See ya tommorow?” She said.

“Read well for Mrs Whitney’s test, she’s strict with her questions too” he said.

“I read a lot this afternoon with BCC” she replied.

“I’m glad you’re friends with studious girls, they’re cool” he said.

“I know, right?” She replied.

“Bye” he smiled.

“Bye!” She replied and started going in.

She looked back when she got to the gate, and he’s still waiting.

“I’ll leave after you go in” he said, and she waved before going in.

She could hear his bike driving away immediately, and she entered the house.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be as fast as this!” Rona shouted immediately.

“You scared me!” Nana held her chest.

“How fast” Rona winked, dipping her hands into her shorts pocket as she stood in front of her.

“What’s fast?” Nana blinked.

“My baby sis got a boyfriend!” Rona jumped.


“So who’s that guy who drove you home?” Jisoo came downstairs.

“The handsome shinny boy!” Rona said.

“He’s just a friend!, Not my boyfriend!”

“What happened to your forehead!” Jimin gasped, rushing to her.

“I fell in school” she replied with a pout.

“My poor daughter, it must hurt a lot” Jimin pouted too.

“Not that much appa, I’ll be fine” she replied.

“Your daughter got a boyfriend” Rona said.

“Move!” Nana pushed Rona out of the way, and she fell on Jisoo as she rushed upstairs.

“Nana!!!” Jisoo screamed.



“So where did you sleep last night?” Was Mary’s first question immediately she came back from work.

She’s actually an assistant bank manager, and she came home late.

Bianca was in the living room, watching a musical show.

“Welcome mum” she stood with a bright smile.

“I just asked a question” Mary said sternly.

“At a friend’s place” Bianca smiled again.

“Remember I’m friends with CeCe and Carmen’s parents, and they told me you never showed up last night, and you weren’t at the Kim’s too, meaning you slept at a guy’s place, what the hell came over you!, You broke up with your shameless boyfriend already didn’t you?, Then who the hell?” Mary said angrily.


“Atlas again?, You got back together?” Mary said.


“What!, So you had a one night stand with your ex?, Bianca!”

“I’m so sorry mum…I was drunk and….I…

“I’m not in for stories tonight!, You’re grounded!, No parties nor clubbing nor outing for the next one week!, You can only go to school!” Mary shouted and started rushing upstairs.

“Mum please!, No mum!, Mum!” Bianca ran after her till she shut the door on her face.

She stumped her foot on the ground at the brink of tears, then Dwayne walked past.

“Wanna cry?” He said mockingly.

“Go away!” Bianca pushed him, and his phone fell from him.

She picked it and started running away with it, intending to make him suffer before she gives him back.

“Bianca f**king stop!, Bianca!” He shouted as he ran after her.

Bianca stuck her tongue at him before resuming her race.

“Bianca!” He yelled again, still running after her.

She took a glance at the phone screen and stopped.

His lock screen wallpaper is the picture of a c*mming p*ssy.

“What the!” She gasped, and he snatched the phone from her.

He unlocked it and showed her his home screen wallpaper.

It’s the picture of naked enormous b**bs.

“I can use your p*ssy as my next wallpaper” he winked and started walking into his room.

“And how dare you say insane things about Nana” she suddenly said, and he stopped to look back.

“Don’t mention that name, it’s sick” he glared.

“Try shit with her again, and I’ll join her to slap you” she replied.

“I doubt if she’d wanna stay anywhere around me from now on” he said with a knowing smile.

“What did you do?” She asked, and he started walking into his room without replying.

She ran after him, but he shut his door fast.

“F**k you Dwayne Miller!” She shouted.

“Screw you Bianca Miller!” He shouted back.



Nana came back downstairs ten minutes ago, and after eating her dinner, she joined the others in the living room.

“I was told to sell my body to get a job today” Rona suddenly said, and all eyes widened.

“What!, Who?” Jimin asked.

“A bank manager” Rona replied.

“You should have killed him and let’s all go to jail together, I hate nonsense!” Jisoo said angrily, and Rona smiled.

“I only hit the jackass before rushing out, it’s so hard to get a job here” she replied.

“I’ve told you to just help me run my restaurant” Jisoo said.

“That won’t speak well, I need my own job too so I’ll keep trying” Rona replied.

“Mum is really opening a Korean restaurant?”Nana quickly asked.

“I found a shop already, and I’ve payed for a year, I’ll start running it next week, it’s luckily in this neighborhood too” Jisoo replied.

“I’m so happy!” Nana smiled.

“I have an industrious wife!” Jimin pecked Jisoo, and her eyes widened.

“Saranghe yeobo!” (I love you honey!) He said and made to peck her again, but she pushed his face away, and his lips landed on Rona’s cheek.

“appa jinjja?” (Dad, seriously?) Rona laughed, wiping her cheek.

“Mianhae” (sorry) Jimin replied, and they all laughed.

“I’m going bed!” Nana stood and started rushing upstairs.

“When are you introducing me to your boyfriend?” Rona asked, and Nana looked back with a glare.

“Oh sawrry!” Rona laughed, and Nana climbed the stairs completely.

Rona’s phone beeped, it’s a message from Everest bank.

“What!” She gasped.

“What?” Jisoo asked.

“I’m to resume work tomorrow” she replied.

“What!” Jimin gasped.



Immediately Nana entered her room, the loud sounds of music filled her ears again.

“Having my window across yours is a curse” she muttered and went to the window.

She made to close it, but when her eyes caught Dwayne dancing in his room again, she was unaware of when her arms stopped moving, and she started staring.

He was twisting like a girl, and he swept his hair back s*xily with his palms before whining, then he started the legworks.

She bit her lip hard as she stared, and when she came back to her senses, she shut the window with a loud slam and fell on her bed.

“I need to revise for tommorow” she muttered, and her phone buzzed.

A message from Shane.

She sat up to read.


“So strict” she smiled and typed a quick reply.

★SURE, TUTOR★ She replied


★GOODNIGHT, SHANE★ She replied and was about to drop her phone when it dinged again.

It’s a message from the group chat.

CeCe sent the pictures they snapped earlier, and she started checking them out.

“Feels good to have friends” she smiled, getting her backpack.



“You’re grounded?” Carmen laughed when Bianca broke the news.

“Stop laughing it’s not funny, I won’t be able to go to the frat house for one whole week!, No clubbing nor partying!, What am I without all those!” Bianca said dramatically, and CeCe held her face.

“Don’t worry, we’ll carry you along on a video call” she said.

“I hate you!!!” Bianca shouted, and Carmen started laughing.

“Babies!” Nana appeared.

“F**k!, What happened to your forehead!” CeCe gasped.

“Home accident” Nana replied.

“No it’s not, Dwayne attacked you and Shane last night, right?” Bianca replied, and Nana blinked.

“How did you….

“It’s just so obvious as the jerk he is, I’m so gonna tear off his face after the test!” Bianca interrupted.

“Dwayne is mad!” Carmen said.

“Let’s just go for the tests first” CeCe said.

“Shortie” Martin called behind them, and CeCe turned back to see him smiling, he’s with Shane.

“How many times will I tell you to stop calling me shortie!” CeCe glared.

“Short….ie!” Martin teased.

“Martin!!!” CeCe rushed after him like tornado, and be took to his heels as she started running after him.

“Martin is so silly” Nana laughed.

“I wonder how I’m managing him” Shane replied.

“How’s your lips faring?” She asked, looking at his lips.

“Not that hurtful, how about your forehead?” He replied.

“Same” she replied, and he stroked her hair gently.

“Did you read well?, Lemme sit beside you so you’d show me the way” she teased, causing him to giggle.

“Stop it, you read too” he said, and she smiled as they entered the hall together.



“Mrs Miller?” Rona said surprisingly when she met her immediately she entered the bank.

“Rona?, What are you doing here?” Mary replied surprisingly too.

“Job hunt, I’m an accountant” Rona replied.

“Really?, There’s a slot here!, You should meet the general manager!”

“I did that already, and I was told to resume work today” Rona smiled.

“Really?, Great!, Well I’m the assistant manager here” Mary said.

“Wow!, Small world” Rona laughed.

“I know, right? Follow me” Mary replied, and Rona walked behind her till they got to her desk.

“Here, feel comfortable for five minutes cos you’re starting work immediately” she said.

“I’m all ready” Rona replied, and a lady appeared.

“The new account?, The GM wants you in his office” she said.

“Be careful” Mary whispered, and Rona nodded before rushing into the office.

She met the young pervert on seat, his face glued to his laptop.

Now she has the time to glance at the crystal slate on his desk.

Richard Stallone was written boldly on it.


Before she could say sir, he looked up and threw over fifty documents at her.

It scattered all-over the ground, and he smirked.

“Make account on everything before noon” Richard said.

“Huh?” She replied with wide eyes, and he glared

“Before noon, or you’re fired” he said coldly, and she bowed slowly.

“Yes sir” she replied and started picking the documents from the ground.

Richard smirked devilishly.



The test ended just now. It’s CBT based so their results will come out in the next five minutes.

“Gawd, I don’t wanna get less than fifty percent, I promise to start going to church if you can do it, Lord please!, Jesus!” CeCe prayed loudly.

“Now that you need him, you won’t let him rest” Bianca laughed with Carmen.

“Is there a reason for her prayers?” Nana asked, giggling slowly too.

“Anytime she scores less than fifty in any test or exam, her mum makes her a servant to her junior brother for three days” Carmen replied.

“What!, But she can just keep the result to herself” Nana replied.

“Her mum knows every lecturer and professor in this department cos she was once a lecturer here too, she sees my results before me!” CeCe said.

“That’s …. Great” Nana said before realizing.

“Did you just say great?, I hate you!!!” CeCe shouted, and they started laughing again.

“I got 60 percent!” A student suddenly shouted.

“The results are starting to come out!” Carmen gasped and checked on her phone.

“75 percent yes!” She jumped.

“I got 80” Bianca smiled.

“82!” Nana gasped shockingly, and CeCe placed her head on her desk.

“Someone help me check it, see if I’ll live or die today” she muttered.

Bianca picked her phone and checked.

“You got 40” she said, and CeCe spranged up with wide eyes.

“I’m dead!!!!”

“Joking!” Bianca laughed, showing her the phone.

She got 70!

“Yes!, OMG!!!” She ran out of the class happily.

Immediately she stepped out, she bumped into a guy, and her eyes widened when their eyes met.

He’s hot!

“Careful next time” his masculine voice said, and he left.

“I think I’m pregnant for him already, his voice made me pregnant gawd!” CeCe gushed.

“That’s Stanley, he’s in same year and major as Dwayne” Bianca said behind her.

“Computer science?, I just found my destined husband, my Stanley!” CeCe hugged Carmen.

“Go away!” Carmen pushed her head, and she fell on Bianca.

“So crazy” Bianca laughed.

“So what did you get?” Shane asked Nana in class.

“82” she replied, and he showed him his score.

“95?, Aww!” She gushed, and he smiled.

“Can we eat lunch together?” He asked.

“I’m eating with my friends” she replied.

“Oh…” He said sadly.

“But I’ll eat with you, to pay you from the two I’m owing you” she said, and he smiled.



Dwayne just finished practicing with Dean, and he’s all sweaty and wet as he picked the ball.

“In twenty years to come, you’ll never be as good as I am” he said.

“Your arrogance shouldn’t reach me” Dean replied, and he laughed.

Riley came in immediately, and without minding his sweaty face, she hugged and kissed him.

Immediately she did, Honey came in and pushed her away from him.

“I really can’t stand you anymore” Riley retorted angrily.

“I’ve always told you to stay away from Dwayne!” Honey replied hotly.

“Shut the f**k up!” Riley shot, and Honey grabbed her hair tightly.

“Argh!” Riley screamed painfully and grabbed her hair too.

In another minute, they’re on the ground, hitting and slapping each other soundly.

Dean looked at Dwayne, and they both laughed as they walked out.

“I’ll be staying in school till late tonight” Dwayne said.

“Just to smoke?, I’m tired of you seriously” Dean replied.



Shane had to go for his part time jobs, so he couldn’t wait to read with Nana.

None of the girls were ready to read either, so Nana read alone.

It was already dark before she realized she has been reading for long, and her eyes widened.

“Gosh!, I’m late!” She gasped, packing her books.

She rushed out of the library, and not even a single soul is in school.

“I literally forgot myself in the library” she said as she ran, but she suddenly heard a loud yelp from a corner.

Her legs stopped running, and she looked over to the corner.

It’s dark, so she put on her phone torch and shone it there.

When it caught the face of the person, her eyes widened.


He’s sweating so much, and he’s bleeding from the tummy.

A knife is stuck right in his tummy, and blood is running out of the corner of his lips too.

“Dwayne!” She rushed to him and knelt beside him.

“Get…lost” he said painfully, and she sighed.

“Fine, just die” she said and stood to leave, but he grabbed her hand.

“Help… me…. please” he muttered, spitting out blood


to be continued