Echoes of Loneliness

Echoes of Loneliness episode 29 – 30


Echoes of Loneliness

Part 29 – Big Mouth

When I opened the door, he asked me for his gun. I gave it to him and apologized.

Joseph: Why did you take it?

Me: I wanted to protect myself from Thabo

Joseph: You should’ve asked me

Me: I know and I am sorry

Joseph: How did you open my safe?

Me: Meaning?

Joseph: It requires a pin code

Me: You gave it to me like weeks back

Joseph: Did I?

Me: Yes

Joseph: Oh, I guess I just don’t remember

Me: Yeah

Joseph: You said something about Jake

Me: Who’s Jake?

Joseph: What?

Me: Huh?

Joseph: Wame?

Me: Oh, Jake? The cop? Oh yes

Joseph: Why did you think that Rita was Jake?

Me: I’ll tell you later

Joseph: I have time now

Which lie do I tell this time? Oh God, please help me.

Me: Joseph, thing is…

I held my head and screamed.

Joseph: What’s wrong? Are you okay? Please sit down. I’ll call Nina for you

Me: Strong headache. Yes, call aunt Nina. She knows where the painkillers are

Joseph: Okay. I’ll be right back

He asked the guard to call aunt Nina. When aunt Nina came, he left my room.

Me: Hey aunt

Nina: What are you up to?

Me: Nothing

Nina: Why did you attack Rita?

Me: To make myself happy

Nina: Are you crazy, Wame?

Me: No

Nina: Stop what you are doing

Me: No, my mother told me that the power is in my hands

Nina: What power?

Me: Do you know that today Michaela and I rejected cocaine from Thabo? Do you know how happy I am right now? You should be happy as well

Nina: I am happy that you refused to take cocaine but I am not happy that you attacked Rita

Me: Why? Is she your friend?

Nina: No but…

Me: But nothing. You are too kind, people will take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to stop being nice

Nina: But attacking people is never the answer. It’s not a good thing

Me: Was losing my virginity a good thing?

She kept quiet.

Me: I thought as much. Please leave, I need to do some work


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Okay then. I am sorry for everything

Me: It’s okay

She kissed my forehead and left. I locked the door.

It’s 12:00 so I video called Alex. He is really handsome. I felt like he was right next to me.

Me: Wow, you are so handsome

Alex: Thank you. You are also beautiful. Wow, you are really beautiful, so breathtaking


(Smiles) Do you think so?

Alex: I can see you right now so I believe so

Me: Thank you. How’s work?

Alex: So boring. There’s not much to do today

Me: I see. So go home

Alex: Yes, I’ll go home. I am just waiting for my brother

Me: Why?

Alex: He’s taking me home

Me: Why? Are you brother’s little boy?

Alex: (Smiles) No. My cars are not with me

Is this guy saying “cars”? Wow, and I don’t even have one car.

Me: Oh, I see. Are you really going home?

Alex: Yes

Me: But how? Will your boss be okay with that?


Look, I don’t mean to brag or anything but I never in my life worked for someone. People should work for me

Me: (Laughs) You go, Alex

Alex: (Laughs) I wasn’t bragging, dear

Me: (Smiles) I know

Alex: He actually just walked in

Me: Who?

Alex: My brother

Me: Should I hang up?

Alex: No. Talk to him

Me: What? Are you crazy? What am I going to say to him?

Alex: Anything. Just hold on. He’s still talking to someone on the phone

Is Alex crazy? What am I going to say to his brother?

Me: Alex, I can’t

Alex: Please

Me: But why?

Alex: I don’t know, I just want you to talk to him

Me: Uhh…

Alex: You are not a coward, right?

Me: Right

Alex: So relax

Me: Sure

Alex: Don’t hang up. Be on the line

Me: Okay

[Alex and Keith’s Conversation]

Alex: Hey big bro

Keith: Hey, you good?

Alex: Yes, I am great. I need you to speak to someone

Keith: You do know that I have to go back to work, right?

Alex: Yes, I know. But please, Keith

Keith: Okay, fine. Who should I talk to?

Alex: Lesego

Keith: The girl you told me about?

Oh wow, I can’t believe that I am listening to their conversation. I can’t believe that Alex told his brother about me.

Alex: Yes, Keith. She’s still on the line. It’s a video call

Keith: What? You want me to see her?

Alex: Yes

Keith: You are something else

Alex: I know and I am sorry

Keith: Give me the phone then

Alex: Sure

He gave him the phone. I can’t believe that this is happening. I am so nervous.

[My Conversation With Keith]

Keith: Hey Lesego

Me: Hey Keith

Keith: Oh my God, you are so beautiful. No wonder my brother can not stop talking about you

Me: (Smiles) Thank you so much

Keith: (Smiles) You are welcome. Are you okay?

Me: Yes, I am fine thanks and you?

Keith: I am also okay. Are you Alex’s girlfriend?

Me: (Smiles) Friend

Keith: Is that all?


(Laughs) Yes

Keith: Do you have a boyfriend?

Alex: Keith, what’s with many questions?

Keith: I am just curious

Me: No Keith, I don’t have a boyfriend

Keith: Well my brother is available. Let him be your boyfriend, I mean he’s handsome

Me: (Smiles) I am more interested in a person’s personality than the looks

Keith: (Smiles) Well said. You are so wise

Me: (Giggles) I try

“Sister Wame, I heard that you hit Rita with a glass bottle. You did a great job, do you know how much I hate that woman? I will burn her orphanage”, said Warona, walking through the balcony door.

How did this girl get up here? How? I mean I locked the other door so that I don’t get caught using the phone. Yes, I didn’t close or lock the balcony door but how could I have known that someone could get up here? I mean my room is by the 6th floor so how did Warona get up here? Does she want to commit suicide? And why does she have such a big mouth? Hold on, what is she doing here at this time? What the hell is going on here???!!!

Keith: Rita? Who’s Rita?

Alex: And who’s talking to you?

Warona came closer.

Warona: Oh, who are they, sister?

Me: My friends

Warona: Names?

Me: Keith and Alex

Warona: (Smiles) Hello. My name is Warona and I am Wame’s little sister. I am four years old and I just came back from creche. We stay with Ri…


Warona: Sorry. But sister, today we were introducing ourselves to everyone at creche. It was so fun. I am sure your friends loved my introduction. By the way sister, where did you get this phone? I thought that Rita destroyed your phone. Aunt Nina told me that we are not supposed to have phones so how come you have a phone? And why did you attack Rita? Oh, and why did you lock the door? Do you know how I got up here? I climbed the ladder and I was so scared

Warona Daniels killed me.

Keith: Hey Warona, who is Wame?

Warona: Wait, who is Keith and who is Alex?

Alex: I am Alex

Keith: And I am Keith

Warona: Keith, did I just sound like a four year old?

Keith: (Laughs) No. You sounded and still sound like a ten year old

Warona: (Smiles) Kate taught me

Alex: Beautiful, tell us who Rita is

Keith: And who’s Wame?

Oh Lord, what now?

I am going to kill Warona for this. How can she use a ladder to get up here? Isn’t she just four years old? Is this even normal? And what is she doing here?

My lies caught up with me. Warona just called me Wame, not Lesego. She just talked about how I hit Rita. She just talked about burning the orphanage. What do I do?

Part 30 – Doubts

What if Alex and Keith are Rita’s friends? What if this is Joseph’s idea to test me? What is going on here? Warona is something else. I am actually angry.

Me: I have to go

Keith: Wait please, I am begging you

Me: What is it?

Keith: Are you Wame?

Me: Yes

Keith: And who’s Lesego?

Me: Me

Keith: Do you have two names?

Me: Look Keith, Alex knows that today is his turn to ask me questions about my life. I told him that I’ll answer all of his questions today so let’s not talk about this now, please

Keith: Okay fine then

Me: I’ll hang up now

Alex: I’ll call you when I get home

Me: Okay, bye

Warona: Bye Alex and Keith

Me: They are older than you, show some respect

Warona: By brother Alex and brother Keith

Keith: (Smiles) Bye baby

Alex: (Smiles) Bye beautiful

I hung up and looked at Warona.


Warona: Problem?


Warona: No


Warona: (Cries) Sorry


She ran to the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom, she cried louder.

I started feeling sorry for her. I shouldn’t have shouted at her like that. She’s just a child.


There’s definitely something Lesego or Wame is hiding from Alex. Warona said something about Rita, Nina and the orphanage. Was she talking about the same Rita and Nina? Was she talking about the same orphanage?

Me: Alex, who is this Lesego or Wame girl?

Alex: I… I really don’t know

Me: Do you think her sister was talking about the same Rita we hate?

Alex: Possible. I mean she also spoke about Nina and the orphanage

Me: True. Do you think Nina is still Rita’s best friend even after everything that happened?

Alex: Nina is gullible so it’s possible

Me: She’s crazy

Alex: You can say that again

Me: Call your girlfriend and find out what’s going on. I swear that she’s hiding something from you

Alex: Yes, let’s go. I’ll call her later

Me: Later? When is later?

Alex: When I get home, let’s go

Me: Fine then

We left.

Alex: Thanks for dropping me off, I’ll see you later

Me: I am not coming to your house later, you should come to my house

Alex: But my cars are not with me and you know that

Me: You can use one of my cars. I’ll ask someone to bring it later

Alex: Thanks

Me: Now call Wame… Uhm… Lesego

Alex: Don’t you think I should give her some time?

Me: Time for what? I am curious

Alex: I’ll tell you everything when I come to your house later, just go back to work

Me: Okay fine then. Make sure that she tells you everything

Alex: Why are you so interested?

Me: Didn’t you hear Warona saying that she hates Rita? Obviously it’s not only her. She also said that Wame attacked Rita

Alex: Okay. Go

Me: Bye. Please take care of yourself and have something to eat

Alex: Okay, Keith

Me: (Smiles) Do you want me to kiss you?

Alex: Hey, don’t start with me

I just laughed and walked out of the house.


I went to the bathroom and sat down next to Warona. I wiped off her tears and just hugged her.

Me: I am sorry, my sweetheart. Please forgive your sister

Warona: You are very bad. You are just like Rita

Me: I am sorry, I shouted at you because I love you

Warona: Really?

Me: Yes

Warona: But why did you shout? I did nothing wrong

Me: Everything you did was wrong. You shouldn’t introduce yourself to strangers and you shouldn’t risk your life just to get to the room

Warona: What do you mean?

Me: Baby, you used a ladder to get up here, were you not scared of dying?

Warona: I was

Me: So how do you think that made me feel? Do you know that I can’t live without you?

She broke off the hug and looked at me.

Warona: (Smiles) Really?

Me: Yes, really

Warona: Thank you. But I wasn’t going to fall

Me: What makes you say that?

Warona: Because my mother and father are always looking after me

Me: Who told you that?

Warona: Kate

Me: Oh Kate. She’s something else

Warona: Meaning?

Me: Nothing. Do you forgive me?

Warona: Yes, I do. I am also sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you or make you angry

Me: I know and I forgive you. Please tell me something, why are you here at this time?

Warona: I came here because I was missing you

Me: Really?

Warona: Yes

Me: So the teacher did not tell you to come back here?

Warona: She didn’t

Me: Go back to creche

Warona: But…

Me: Please do it for me

Warona: Please take me back

Me: Okay, I will take you back but tell me something, who told you that I attacked Rita?

Warona: I heard Joshua talking to Joseph

Me: I see. You actually have a bad habit of listening to people’s conversations

Warona: What’s a habit?

Me: Something that you do often without even thinking. You can’t even stop doing that thing because you really love it

Warona: Are you saying that I always listen to people’s conversations?

Me: Yes

Warona: That’s not true

Me: It is true

Warona: Who is Ayanda? Are you going to make her pay? And how much does she owe you?

Me: You see?

Warona: Sorry

Me: Please do something for me

Warona: Okay, what is it?

Me: Don’t tell anyone that I have a phone. Don’t even tell your friend, Kate. If you tell people that I have a phone, Rita is going to kill me. Do you want me to die?

Warona: No

Me: So?

Warona: I won’t tell anyone anything

Me: (Smiles) That’s my girl

Warona: Does it have games?

Me: No, why?

Warona: I want to play games

Me: I will download them for you

Warona: Okay

Me: Warona?

Warona: Yes, sister?

Me: I really love you, you are my everything

Warona: (Smiles) I love you too

She kissed me.

Me: Let me take you back to creche

Warona: Okay

Me: Don’t tell people about Alex and Keith, okay?

Warona: Okay

Me: Let’s get up and go

Warona: Okay, sister Wame

I took her back to creche.

There are so many game machines at creche, no wonder she wants to play games on my phone. Well, I’ll download games and give her the phone when she comes back from creche.

I went back to my bedroom. I know that Alex is going to video call me. I am so nervous, I don’t know if I should be honest with Alex. I mean I really don’t know him and this could be a trap set for me. I could be digging my own grave right now by talking to Alex.

Should I trust him or not? Who is Alex? Why did he come into my life so sudden? Where was he all along? I really don’t know if I should trust him. What should I do?

To be continued…

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