Fancy Ballerina episode 48 โ€“ 49



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

Nnenna’s campus series



He’s angry.

Its in his eyes.

I left him.

He had to calm himself down.

He needed time to fix himself.

I really did leave him only to bump into Daniel on my way to the music lab.

“Hey “he cooed with his hands tucked into his coat pocket.

“What? ”

I asked frowning and he shrugged,

“I heard what’s going to happen next week,

Its all around the whole school and… ”

“I won’t win,

Isn’t that what you want to say?

I wasn’t going to win over her in the first place so?? “I snapped at him and he giggled.

“I’m gonna help you,

I have an influential dad,


I have got…. ”


All you can give is that, “I smiled at him warmly and then patted his shoulder,

“I really appreciate all your help towards me,


I don’t think I will ever pay you back for what you’re going to do for me in future ”

He scoffed.


But you have to pay me up for bailing you out of that place called station and taking you to the hospital and cooking for you, ”

I heaved.

I knew he would come for this.

“Being my date for the whole tomorrow night at my friend’s party will solve the whole thing”

“Daniel I… ”

“Because of Carson??

You can invite him if he’s going to be less grumpy”

We smiled together and I nodded.


I will come”

“I will pick you guys up then”he said and I nodded parting ways with him at last.

I walked into the music lab at last and met with my semi-enemy friend who called herself Riele.

She was clapping for me when our eyes met,

“Oh hey!

You came to find me?

You left so unnoticed yesterday in my house… Came to practice?

Come on!

Let’s practice together!!! “She rattled on and on laughing weirdly like a stupid witch she is.

I ignored her cuz of the students around.

She advanced towards me,

“What Riele? “I asked and she began to pace around me in a circle,

“Are you really going to face me ?

I mean can you… ”

“Yes! “I snapped.


I gulped at what I heard from her lips ,

My jaw dropped afterwards,

I thought she was going to give up Carson for me and that’s why I made this thing effective!

What is she saying?

That instead of giving up Carson,

She’s ready to fight me?

What does she think she has?

She’s ready to be mocked again?

Ready to be called names again?

I gave a short laugh.

Why is she being stubborn over Carson?

I loved him even before she did!

I was there for him even before she could be there for him.

If tables are turned… He will choose me!

If not because my dad mixed things up for me…. I would’ve been his girlfriend!

I would’ve been the one by his side!

“Are you serious? “I asked her and she cackled.

“You think I will stoop so low to what you’re thinking?

To let you have Carson?

I rather remain a fancy ballerina than allow you have him!

I won’t!

He’s mine!

And when I say mine?

I mean… “She shifted her face closer to mine and then whispered,

“He’s all I’ve got!

So stay clear off!!

Leave us alone!! ”

I panicked.

I clenched my fist.



I’m going to make you regret this decision!

I’m going to make you regret it! “I yelled into her face,

She can’t dance!!

I’m so sure of it and am going to make sure that it remains that way!


Closure of school,

I looked around for Riley.

Her car haven’t left the school which meant that she was somewhere inside the school premises,

I went in search of her and in the next ten minutes,

I spotted her voice coming from the music lab.

A soft guitar was playing too.

I knew it was her.

I walked in to the lab and she was busy singing,

She wasn’t aware that I was here until she heard my heavy footsteps hit the floor coming close to her,

She looked up to my face and then smiled.

She stopped playing her guitar and smiled harder.

“Okay now? “She asked as I sat down beside her on the chair,

“Yeah”I heaved and she made me rest my head on her shoulder,

We were silent,

She cleared her throat to speak but I was quick to jump into her throat before she starts speaking.


Let’s not talk about my mom now okay? “I said and she was quiet.

“At least pay her a visit,

She might be dying in silent yunno”she said shrugging and I scoffed.

“I don’t want to talk about this please Riley”I pleaded stressing every word and she kept quiet again.

I guessed I made her upset.

I looked at her face and she had an awkward expression on her face.

I held her jaw and dressed her face and gaze to look at me and then at my eyes.

“I’m sorry,

I just don’t want to talk about my mom”I said calmly and she smiled.

“I understand,

Its just that… Growing up with out someone to care about you is really painful”she mumbled looking down to her feet and I shuffled her hair getting it unhevelled at the front.

She smiled.

“So what are you going to be doing now? “I asked and she pointed to her guitar,

“Nothing serious,

I was just playing guitar and singing nothing else”


I scented her neck… Felt so yummy as my warm breath fanned her neck just to take in her scent.

“How about we try dancing? “I suggested and she kinda shook her head,

“You shouldn’t be scared okay?

I’m going to… ”

“I trust you, “she snapped getting up on her two legs,

I stood up too and she held each of my hand into hers.

Her neck was straight and her face high up.

I became nervous.

I might not be able to catch her just like last time.

I might not be lucky enough…. She made me hold the sides of her waist with my hands.

Her curvy waist tho.

“Don’t get scared so I will be able to trust my legs into you”

She whispered and I nodded.

She began slowly with her hands crossed around my neck.

She closed her eyes and the next minute,

She was standing on her toes and then a soft groan escaped her lips before I was able to lift her up a bit from the floor,

She made me twirl her around in a circle with one of her legs stretched out flying after us,

Every move I made,

She did same thing,

I was proud enough to be confident with my self.

She trusted herself into me.

Even when she jumped into the air and let her self fall,

I was always there to catch her,

I never knew how flexible she was until now,

She was extra flexible!

She’s a crazy dancer!

A very big one at that!

She was wriggling like a fish in my hands,

She will slip out of my hands running on her feet on the ground and then stretch her two legs in the air,

By the time she lands,

I was there to hold her…. twirling her around to get her balanced on the floor,

She didn’t stop,

I didn’t stop following her every step either,


“Arggghh!! “She fell to the ground before I could catch her just like I used to….


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๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป



I came home.

To my daddy’s house.

He was busy on a meeting with his friends.

He didn’t notice that I was there.

I stood invisible listening to their conversation.

My dad was laughing at a joke thrown by one of his friends.


My Riele is growing rapidly,

She’s really growing wild!

She can win”I heard him praise me,

“Really? “One said taking a sip from his wine glass.


She’s growing so much… More than that dirty cops daughter”

I became extra interested when the word *dirty cops* was mentioned.


You mean that girl called Riley?”one added pointing at my father,


I never knew I could take that man’s life… I just pity the pretty woman I loved so much and wanted to get married to”

I gasped.

“Father!!!! “I yelled at what I heard.

I felt weak.

They were startled.

I cupped my mouth immediately so shocked at what I heard.

“Father! “I called in a trembling voice,

I can’t believe it!

Is he talking about Riley’s family or about someone else?

I shook terribly,

I slumped to the floor so weak,

“How long were you standing? “was the only thing he opened his mouth to tell me,


“All you c-can tell me?

All you ca-an really say is this?

Is this why you hated her so much?

Why you hated her?”

I teared up,

I became soft,

I’m so dirty!

I felt that way!

I took everything away from her,


I began to cry,

He was now close to me,

He squatted infront of me and;

“Don’t let it get outside else I’m in for trouble”he whispered wiping my tears and I spat into his face.

“I hate you!

I disown you!

Get that God forsaken show in that so-called Got talent down!

I can’t dance with her!

I will kill her the more!

I hate the monster you turned me into!

I hate you father!!”I began to punch him on his chest with my feeble fist.

Oh my God!

How she felt?


Why did he have to end her parents life?

I hiccupped.

“Here”he handed me his handkerchief,

“Clean your face with it and don’t get out of the house, ”

“I… ”

He hushed me,

“Don’t ever try to say hateful words infront of my friends, “he said softly smiling at me and I was quiet,

I couldn’t even stand up,

Else I would’ve left,

I would’ve walked away to a very far away place,

“If I will be born again in another world father,

I will never wish to be conceived by you and I bet you,

I’m going to get justice for Riley,

Even its going to cost my life!

I won’t rest even if its going to be the last good thing am going to do for her! ”

He gave a short laugh looking over to his friends who were looking at the both of us,

Set of friends!

Stupid friends who have no good idea for the world.

So bad minded.

I wonder how many atrocities they’ve comitted together.

“I won’t care as long as you’re going to keep dancing “he mumbled wiping my tears with his hands in pretense for the unimaginary love he has for me.

I cackled.

“I will quit dancing! ”

“Then am going to block your cards!! “He threatened.

“I won’t care!! “I yelled back at him.

“I won’t care! “I yelled bringing my face closer to him.

He looked at his friends again and;

“I think I will have to talk to you guys later”he said to them and they nodded too,


I see that,

The thing is… We have to talk later “they stood up and walked out of the house.

He turned to me once again,

“Say it to me once again that you won’t dance “he said and I scoffed,

“I won’t ever dance again! “I replied and he slapped me.

I nursed my face,

My hair scattered all over my face,


I felt the deep pain straight into my skull.

“You won’t dare! ”

“I see that you value my dancing more than myself!

I know that… But you know what?

I will quit it!

Riley…. Its Riley’s right. ”

Tears came to my eyes as I called her name,

How she had been suffering cuz of me,

I recalled how she had been hating me,

How she started hating me.

I really understood what she meant by…. *Carson is all she’s got*,

I understood it.

She doesn’t deserve what she’s getting.

Loosing a dad and a mom… Isn’t the problem but my father being the sole reason for it hurt me so much.

“Riele… “he called my name softly,

“I haven’t finished speaking,

I will find a job… I love make up!

I will learn how to do it.

I’m gonna learn and I might be a model through it. ”

He held me by my collar and shook me terribly,

“You’re joking!

You’re kidding me!!

What’s the big deal that her family died?


I won’t have been able to raise you!

I would’ve been in jail until now!

You won’t have had a good life! ”

“Good life?

You call this my life of thorns with you a good life?

Do you know how much I’ve been suffering??”

“If he was here,

You won’t have met that bastard that you want to love so much!

You won’t have!!

He took everything from me!

He took my love away from me!

Why… ”

“I don’t want to hear about that dirty story of yours,

I don’t want to hear about those craps you’re going to say! “I interrupted him.

He was silent.

Seeing his disgusting face gave me strength to stand up,

I hate his face and seeing it all the time reminded me of how I should just end my life.

“You’re a monster!

A very big monster!! “I fired at him and made to go,

He held me to himself,

I felt something pressing against my neck,

I panicked.

It was a knife!!!

๐ŸŽถEvery little fight,

๐ŸŽถCuz neither one was right,

๐ŸŽถI swear I will never be like them,

๐ŸŽถBut I was just a kid back then,

๐ŸŽถThe older I get,

๐ŸŽถThe more that I see,

๐ŸŽถMy parents aren’t heroes,

๐ŸŽถThey’re just like me,

๐ŸŽถLoving is hard,

๐ŸŽถDon’t know its work,

๐ŸŽถYou just try your best not to get hurt….



I groaned in pain gritting my teeth.

I think my ankle is getting painful again!

“Are you okay? “He asked me as he laid me down on the bed.

I groaned as he held my hurting leg in his laps massaging them,

“Here? “He asked massaging an area and I nodded.

He massaged me more.

His soft hands soothed right in,

“Am sorry”he said looking to my face,

I smiled.

He dressed me on the bed and then went on massaging my leg,

“Do you think I will win? “I asked and he nodded.


I know Riele is good but you’re my crazy dancer”

He patted my shoulder,

I heaved a sigh of relief.


Sometimes I wish that I have a mom and a dad,

I wish I had a mom that can nag at me,

A dad that will pet me… “I pouted and I recalled how we parted many years ago .

“Whenever I go on a picnic and see those crazy kids running around their parents,

No matter how I act like I don’t care,

I feel it.

Those early days of my childhood…. I just loved how my mom fed me candies and chocolate when we went on a date on a Sundays”

I recalled,

I miss them.

So much!

I don’t have anyone for me,

I’m only for myself… If not for Carson,

I don’t think I have anyone at all.

He massaged my legs still and then kept my leg on the bed,

He covered me with the duvet up to my shoulder level and then gave me forehead kiss.

He held my hands into his and kissed my knuckles,

“You have me and you will always have me, “he said and then kissed my lips…..