Fancy Ballerina

Fancy Ballerina episode 50



๐ŸŒปShe’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got๐ŸŒป

Nnenna’s campus series



After a warm kiss,

I lulled her to sleep.

She’s beautiful.

I touched her face.

She’s just so cute when her eyes are closed.

I dressed her hair and then kissed her forehead.

Its time to go.

I will be here very early in the morning even before she can think of waking up.

I smirked as her lips parted mumbling,

“C-a-r-s-o-n…. Don’t leave me”she mumbled times without number,

I cackled or maybe I blushed.

I brought my face closer to hers,

I held my hand into hers and kissed her knuckles repeatedly.

“I am not going to leave you”I repeated as she kept mumbling,

I heaved.

“I’m not going to go anywhere without you”I whispered to her once again as if she could hear me.

She stopped talking sleeping soundly without a noise,

I waited on her since she didn’t want me to leave,

I admired everything on her,

She was a gentle sleeper and makes no noise apart from tossing from one end of the bed to another.

I wonder if she can’t stay in one position,

I smirked.

But it didn’t get long before I began to fall asleep.


The sun rays filtering through my curtains and shining into my face gaht me opening my eyes to avoid the hard rays hitting my eyes repeatedly again.

I yawned rubbing my eyes and then sat up and my eyes fell on Carson,

His head rested on my bed as he slept soundly with his hands supporting his head.

I smiled.

I touched his hair.

I didn’t know he slept over.

I pulled out my duvet and covered his legs and came out of the bed to look at his cute sleeping face carefully.

I loved the line of his nose.

I loved his long nose bridge.

I loved the curve of his lips.

And I love his blonde hair.

I fluffed his hair and smiled.

I touched his forehead and he stirred a bit.

I removed my hand but then put my hand on his brows,

His full curvy brows,

He’s cute.

Cute blockhead!

I brought my lips closer to kiss his forehead,

I did kiss him and his eyes fluttered open,

He blinked his eyes staring into my eyes,

I had my eyes smiling at him,

He didn’t stop looking at me until he started smiling back at me.

He touched my head and the next thing,

He ruffled my hair making it unhevelled.

“Carson! “I yelled giggling and he hugged me,

“Early morning hug to my princess”he mumbled patting my back and I closed my eyes with my head shooting out on his shoulder,

I listened to his heartbeat,

It was beating so fine.

I felt his hands once again on my hair and I opened my eyes having my hands on his back,

After about three seconds,

We disengaged from the hug and he touched my nose.

“I thought you left last night”I said and he shook his head.

I giggled.

“You missed me so much? “I asked jumping into him and he had his back on the cold floor with me on top of him.

“No”he replied haughtily and I frowned.

“Then why did you stay back? “I asked grumpily,

“You kept talking in your sleep that I shouldn’t leave you alone,

I don’t know if you thought I’m gonna run away or something.


I never knew I meant that much to you”

Did I talk in my sleep?

I scoffed trying to get away from his body if not that he held my waist with his hands.

“You have a flexible waist!


How’s your leg feeling? “He asked me and I began to feel pain around my leg again.

Not like I was really feeling the pain… I just wanted him to care about me.

“Ouch! “I smooched holding my leg and pouting,

He let my waist go and then sat up with me sitting on his laps,

“Does it really hurt? “He asked with his face so close to mine.

I nodded.

He brought down his head to my leg and then held it.


That hurt!!! “I screamed and he pressed every corner of my ankle,

I will laugh when he’s not looking at me but will frown and scream in pain when he turns to look at me.

Until he caught me laughing,

I wanted to hide it tho but he had caught me unaware,

“You’re laughing! “He let my leg go frowning,

I pouted.

“I’m sorry,

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I just wanted you to care about my leg”I apologized and he smiled kissing every side of my cheeks.

I blushed,

Greatly tho,

He tucked the two sides of my hair to the back of my ears and beamed holding onto my cheeks,

“You look so beautiful all the time!

Want a practice with me today? ”

He asked me and I frowned,


“But… “He started but I kissed his lips,

“I don’t want to do anything today apart from being with you all through out today! “I said and he shook his head.

“We have to go to school then”he replied and I scoffed.

“Let’s go on a date! “I suggested and he shook his head.

I frowned.

“Let’s go on a date!

Let’s go on a date!!

Let’s go on a date!!!

Let’s go on a date!!! ”

I yelled and yelled into his ears until:

“Okay… Okay… Okay,


Let’s go on a date”he agreed at last rolling his eyes at me.

I screamed excitedly planting kisses all over his face….


Yesternight haunted me as I woke up this morning to see myself in my room.

I felt my neck.

I had almost come to a near death yesterday if not for my mom who came to my rescue.

He would’ve killed me!

He’s not a dad at all!

I brought out my phone and dialed Carson’s line.

It went through…


I called.


๐Ÿ“ฒCan I see you today?

I asked and he hesitated before replying me.


Oh… I mouthed hanging up.

I dressed the two sides of my short blonde hair which I dyed pink a few days ago.

I came down from my bed and went straight to my wardrobe to get my clothes,

I need my tickets too,

I’m leaving this country to a place where no one will find me,

Not even Carson will since he doesn’t care much about me since Riley came into his life.

She deserves him tho.

I waved those thoughts away,

I won’t want to speak to the both of them again anyway,

I was done packing when my door opened and my mom walked in,

“Get out mom”I snapped immediately she made to speak to me,


You have to… ”

“i have to what? “I interrupted,

“Mom you’ve been living with a murderer and I know so much that you knew the truth but you never said a word about it!

Mom you’re a criminal just like your husband! “I yelled at her.

I really don’t want to start my morning in a bad way but I guess I won’t help it at all.


You’re young and you’re still going to… ”

“Don’t tell me sh*ts about that at all!

Don’t even speak of sh*ts like that to me!!

I hate it when you say that am young!

I hate it when you say I should always protect my dad cuz he’s always going to be my dad!

I turned all bad just because of him!!

I became this cruel because of him!

Everyone on my Instagram hates me!!

Everyone don’t see me the way they saw Riley when she was leading!


I thought family is the most sweetest thing a person can have but I think that’s wrong!

Family is the most frustrating, annoying and the leader of depression in this world!! “I screamed to her in the top most part of my voice.

I wanted to scream this house down with my voice,

She tried to talk again and I hushed her.

My door opened and my daddy walked in again flying the papers he was holding into my hands,

“Sign them! “He said and my eyes caught the words wrote in there,

I scoffed looking up to his face,


What’s the meaning of this? “I asked flinging the paper up and down to his face.

Sign document of dancing or seize to be the heiress of his company.

Who cared!!

Who really cares!!

“I’m not signing anything!! “I tore the whole thing to the floor and I saw terror in his eyes as he stared at me.

That’s what I wanted.

I want to hurt him,

I want to make his heart rip apart all the time when he looks at the monster he made by himself.

He gave a short laughter and then kept his face serious,

“Carson is going to pay for any little thing you do from now on,

So you better behave and sign those papers you tore”he warned and my heart skipped when Carson was dragged into this……


Riele is suffering๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

Ten more to go oo๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

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