Fancy Ballerina episode 51 – 52



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

Episode 51 – 52


“Whooooo!!! ”

I screamed as the boat sped off,

I held onto my orange hat of many colors,

I spread out my hands with my legs almost crossed into the boat,

My legs stood out in my bum short.

And my short skinny top showed off my tummy.

Carson was sitting behind me with his hands on my waist,

He kissed my neck,

“You like it? “He asked me and I nodded,

My hat almost flew off but he helped me catch it,

I felt his hands on my waist and I turned to look at his face,

He was smiling at me,

I took off his sun shades and wore them.

“Wow! “He gasped and I giggled.

“You look so breath taking “he exclaimed and I beamed,

“Let’s take a picture”I said bringing out my phone from my tiny wovy bag.


We’ve been snapping pictures all day! “He frowned at my idea and I frowned too.

“What’s the big deal?


I want to take a picture with you”I mouthed.

He heaved,

“Okay then”he hugged my back smiling while I raised my phone up for a picture.



Three! “I snapped,

Snapped…. Snapped… With different poses while the boat kept speeding.

“Its okay”he said and I dropped my phone relaxing my head on his shoulder watching the beautiful scenery behind us.

I smiled.

Having fun all day!

This is one of the best days of my life.

I half closed my eyes and opened them again to see his eyes staring into my face.

I shoot out my lips like a gun and he scoffed.

“I won’t kiss you”he said as he understood the signal I meant by shooting out my lips.

I pouted.

“You have to kiss me”I mumbled and he gave me a peck on my cheeks.

“I want a kiss and not a peck”


That’s all I can give you”he said pointing at my cheeks smiling at me.

“Carson! ”

I yelled and he frowned.


I won’t kiss you,

I can’t do that”

“I love you!! “I yelled back and his face heat up,

His cheeks were reddish in color,

He held me closer to himself and then kissed me,

“You’re just one hell of a girlfriend,

You know how to get what you want”he said scoffing at same time while I wrapped my arms around his waist,

We were silent,

I loved our silence,

It gave me more time to smell the wonderful scent of his skin.

“Do you remember the first time that I gave you a piggy ride? “He asked breaking the silence,

I shook my head even though I quite remember that day vividly,

How time flies,

He smirked looking into my face and pointing at my nose,

“You’d remember “he pressed further and I kept shaking my head in disapproval,


I don’t remember! ”

“You do! ”

I pouted,

“What’s so special about that day? “I asked frowning at him and he winked at me.

“It was the first time I gave someone a piggy ride”he said,

I crossed my arms,

“And?? “I urged him to say more,

“I kinda liked it tho,

You were so light like a feather,

You were so beautiful then too and… ”

I smirked.

“It was the worst piggy ride ever Carson”I interrupted and he hissed at me.


Don’t do that with me again! “I yelled as he hissed again,

“Carson!! ”

“What!! “He yelled back at me and I creased up my face like that of a baby,

“I love you so much that my heart hurts”I mumbled and his face softened once more for me,

He touched my head and then dressed my hat,

“Its okay,

Come here”he held me even more closer to himself,

“I love you too”he whispered into my ears and I giggled,


The boat reached to the shore and we got out,

My wovy slip-ons touched the soft white sand on the ground.

I looked around here.

I smiled in a trance.

This was one of the favorite places,

My mom and dad used to come here with me for a date bur since I lost them,

I stopped coming.

I hated everything about them but I just wanted to fulfill my one last promise which I made to them.

That am going to come here with my boyfriend when I have one…. I had told them one day and they laughed at me even though I was serious.

Everything around here looked so unchanged.

Everything looked so untouched and everywhere looked so fresh to me.

It seems like they’re still around here even though they’re dead.

I hate to admit it sometimes but I miss them.

I won’t have been insulted in that stupid police station if I had a mom and dad.

I just let it go like that so as not to alert the press.

I don’t want to get my name more painted than it was.

I felt myself being pressed to another body,

I gulped getting myself out of my subconsciousness.

To realize that it was Carson hugging me,

“Its okay”he mumbled patting my back.

I noticed that tears were trickling out of my eyes,

I was crying?

When did I even start crying?

I couldn’t tell.

“Its okay “he mumbled again disengaging from the hug.

I nodded my head and he smiled.

“You will always have me and am never going to run away”he assured me and I nodded my head.

“Stop making me feel so pitiful blockhead “I replied acting out bold and he smiled.

“Only you calls me blockhead,

No one tries that with me at all”he replied and I scoffed walking out on him.

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“Hey! “He ran after me and he held me by my waist lifting me up from the ground.

“Let me go!

Dick head let me go!!! “I yelled as he carried me in his arms flying me about in the air.

To him,

It was fun but to me,

Seeing the whole thing around me going round and round terrified me.

“Put me down!!


Carson am gonna die!!!”

I yelled as he stood in one spot walking round and round in a circle.

Oh my gosh!

I closed my eyes and opened them again screaming,

“Let me down!!

I don’t love you anymore if you don’t put me down now! “I yelled and at that instant,

He stopped putting me down on my two feet.

But I couldn’t stand straight,

Everything around me seem to be moving,

I felt like I was drunk,

I had to lean on him just incase I fall,

He laughed at me.

I grunted biting his shoulder.

“Arrggghhh!! “He screamed holding his shoulder,

Maybe I bit him so deep cuz the way he reacted in pain shocked me.

“Are you okay? “I asked and he looked up frowning at me.

“You bite me and you’re asking me if am okay”

“I’m sorry “I apologized scowling as he drew down the corner of his shirt to examine his shoulder.

That spot was so reddish.


I bit him so deep.

I looked away when his eyes came in contact with mine.

He scoffed and then hugged me.

I softened.

“Its okay “he patted my back and I kept smiling happily to him.

I wish no one should just take him away from me.

No one should.


🎶You’re the shadow to my life,

🎶Did you feel uuuuuus and all the stars…. You fade away,

🎶Afraid or aiming out of side when I see uuuuuuus….. alive,

🎶Where are you now?

🎶Where are you now?

🎶Where are you now?

🎶Was it all in my fantasy?

🎶Where are you now?

I gulped looking around,

I didn’t know this is really gonna work out till this evening just like I wanted.

Organizing full pressmen without my father’s knowledge terrifies me,

I just hope he doesn’t come after Carson,

That’s my only fear,

A tear dropped to my face,

Cameras flashed to my face as I sat down without a word to the press.

I only wanted to pass a message to one person alone,

And that person is Riley who deserve everything but lost everything.

I opened my mouth to speak and that’s when Damien closed in on me.

Damien appeared from nowhere,

“Honey! “He called me and everyone gasped.

I frowned at him.

Coming at the wrong time.

Always at the wrong time!!

“Who asked you to come here? “I gritted at him and he began to pull me away.

I knew that instant that my father had known about my whereabouts.

I knew that my dad had known about my moves and had sent him to get me away from here.

I pushed him away,

“Let me go! ”

“We have to leave here right this minutes”he said in a soft voice but I faced the press.

“My father is a murderer!!

He killed innocent couples many years ago!! ”

Murmurs filled everywhere,

Click of hands on keyboards filled the whole places.

Those who were videoing concentrated on what’s happening on the screen.


One man stood up to ask a question,


Whom did he kill? “He asked me with his hands working so intelligently on the notepad he was holding.

“He killed Riley’s parents!!

He killed the ballerina’s parents!!!”

“Have evidence? “Damien cut in asking and I gulped.


I searched myself.

Oh no!

I have no evidence..

The press wanted to hear from me since the evidence issue was raised up,

“Do I need an evidence more than being a murderer’s daughter?

I can’t come out in public to blame my own father for nothing!!

He killed innocent souls!!”

🗣Oh my gosh!


🗣Never heard about this before,

And other murmurings,

I eyed Damien,

“That’s not true! “He rebuked looking at me.

The press fell silent again,

“She’s just blackmailing her father,

Her father is too good to be murderin… ”

“My father is a killer!

He almost killed me yesterday with a knife!!! “I interrupted pointing at my neck,

I shouted to everyone who wanted to hear about my background.

I don’t care anymore.

I don’t care about washing my dirty linen in public,

I want everyone to see what I’ve been going through in silence.

Damien stepped closer to me gritting his teeth,

“What the fuvk are you doing?”he asked whispering and I smirked perking my brows up for him.

I pushed him two steps back with my steps forward,

“Are you deeply hurt? “I asked again in whisper and he heaved.

“I know I hate my brother but… “He showed me his phone,

A call was visible on his phone screen,

“My brother has just been kidnapped”he announced to me,



“What… “I trembled greatly,

“One more word you say right here will get him killed and am trying to prevent that,

I know we are not in good terms sometimes but he’s my blood,

My mom began to hate me lately because of him!

And he’s been kidnapped!! “He yelled into my ears and I teared up….


Nothing should happen to our Carson o😭😭😭😭