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Written by:- Assurance webber

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Chapter_ twenty seven

Asha was walking towards their table and when she looked up and saw Josh, she stopped right on her track with her eyes almost bulging out of it sockets and the tray fell from her hands.

Camdan was confused, wondering why she stopped. She was so surprised as she saw Josh, of cause she recognized him, the guy who took her V-rginity, the father of her unborn child.

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Tears pricked her eyes and she felt like strangling him. Josh shared eye contact with her and he saw those electric blue eyes and something triggered him but he wasn’t sure.

Everyone in the restaurant was staring, they were wondering why she stopped. Mr Lucas was just watching the wh0le drama.

Her gaze diverted to the other end of the table and that was when she saw Camdan.

‘ what is he doing here? Don’t tell me he’s one of the Lucas’s son and could he be the brother to Tara’s dad? What’s actually going on?’ Asha thought as she just stood there watching them all in silence.

” Asha what are you doing? Mr Lucas is here, behave yourself.” Her boss half yelled but she didn’t budge as she kept staring at the two brothers.

It seems that the resturant was just rotating around her and she was trapped in her own world.

Josh eyes widened when he saw his pendant oh her neck, he couldn’t believe his eyes, it all makes s£nse to him now. The girl whom he raped is the same girl his brother fell in love with.

Asha was fed up already, she made to leave the restaurant but Josh walked up to her and held her hand.

” Asha, I’ve got a lot I want to say.” He said and immediately she freed her hand from his grip and gave him a dirty slap which made the workers in the restaurant to gasp.

” Don’t you dare use those filthy hands on me!” She warned and diverted her gaze to Camdan, giving him a very h-rd glare before she walked out.

Immediately she left, everyone started whispering. Camdan gave Josh a ‘ what just happened stare’ while Josh just walked out of the restaurant.

Mr Lucas stood up and his wife held him on his arm. She was also confused about what just happened.

” I think I’ll have to take my leave now.” Mr Lucas said and left the restaurant without giving the owner a room to say anything.


Asha ran as fast as her legs could carry her, she then stopped under a h-uge tree as she got tired.

She was breathing heavily and her heartbeats were rapid and she felt like yelling so she would be fine.

” I should be happy we met right? I should be happy Tara now has a dad right? Then why am I crying?” She asked nobody in particular as tears rushed down her face.

” After four good years he finally found me, why did he in the first place? Why?!” She yelled as she held her chest so h-rd.

Mr Lucas got inside his house and pulled the jacket he was wearing. His eyes were blazing red and everyone knew he was angry. He couldn’t believe his sons embarrassed him in ₱vblic.

He averted his gaze to his son’s who was standing in front of him. He was a man in his early sixties but was still strong like those in thier early forties.

” What was that about Josh?” He asked and Josh remained silent. He knew his dad was so angry and when he’s angry…he can do anything outrageous.

” How about you Camdan? What was that about?”

He inhaled deeply before he averted his gaze to his wife.

” You see the shameless thing you gave birth to huh?” He said and Camdan balled his fist. How could his dad call him a shameless thing.

Mr Lucas was so angry that he might have a high blood pressure soon. His wife held his wrist trying to calm him down and he freed it from her grip instantly, before giving Camdan and Josh a h-uge slap on their right cheek.

” Haven’t you done enough already?” Josh asked as he held his cheek before releasing it.

” What did you just say?”

” We’ve always done what you wanted, I got married engaged to a girl I don’t even love because of you… just to make you and the company happy… haven’t I done enough?” Josh asked in as he took his l-ips in.

He knew he had crossed the boundary and there’s no turning back now. He just needed to speak his mind.

” You brat, do you know what it takes in building and keeping a company together? Ask your brother he will tell you. You are just like your mother, naive and useless.” Mr Lucas spat and Josh smiled. The smile that held so many hatred and regrets.

” Is that how you talk to her? The way you slapped me, Is that how you slapped her that she cried every night?…I knew you to be evil but I never knew you’d be this heartless…am ashamed to call you my dad.” Josh uttered in a teary voice and made to leave when his dad stopped him.

” Don’t you dare walk out on me, you will regret it if you do.”

” And I don’t f**king care!” Josh yelled before he continued

” You made me lost someone I cherished so much, I forgave you…but don’t dare lay a f-nger on Asha because I won’t forgive you.” He said and walked out of them all.

Camdan was dumbstruck, he never knew josh could be so intimidating. He has known him for years but he has never seen this side of him.
Asha’s residence*

Asha woke up and prepared Tara for school, she didn’t sleep though out the night because she was thinking about her wretched life.

How could she get entangled with two brothers. That was the most stupidest thing that had ever happened to her.

” Mommy are you ok now?” Tara’s tiny voice came in jolting her from her thoughts.

She looked at Tara and sighed deeply, she wasn’t in the mood to talk. She was having a lot in her head and she needed some space.

” Am not in the mood to answer ur numerous questions baby.” She answered sincerely and Tara didn’t go futher with her questions. She knows when her mom is hell of serious.

” Let’s go” Asha said as she grabb£d little Tara’s hand before they both left the house.


After Asha took Tara to school, she also got ready for her own school. She got to school and she didn’t see a single soul walking on the hallway, that was when she realized she arrived late to school.

She got to the classroom and saw a teacher teaching but she didn’t say anything as she walked to her desk and sat down.

Her face was void of emotions and everyone noticed, no one dared to talk to her because she was carrying the angry aura around her at that moment.

” Miss Asha you are late, may we know why?” The female teacher asked but she remained silent which made the students to laugh.

Students started talking about her but that didn’t get to her. She just remained on her sit and she was deep in thinking.

” It seems she was given lots of head that’s why she’s moody” A student said and she stood up abruptly.

She turned back and found out it was Leo who said so.

” What did you just say?” She asked back like she didn’t understand what he said at first.

Leo also stood up and faced her, with his hands tucked in his pocket as usual.

” I said that, it seems you were given a head…” Before he could complete his statement Asha slapped him so h-rd earning gasps from students and also the teacher.

✍️High school mom ✍️
💋( She’s mine)💋

Written by:- Assurance webber

‼️Do not copy or repost ‼️

Chapter_ twenty eight

” I said that, it seems you were given a head…” Before he could complete his statement Asha slapped him so h-rd earning gasps from students and also the teacher.

Leo scoffed and touched his l-ips and he was surprise he was bleeding, just a slap from her bled his l-ips.

He licked his l-ips and spat on the floor, afterwards he faced her with his fist turned into a ball. He was trying his best to control the demon that was inside of him, he has always been prone to anger and when he’s angry it doesn’t go well.

Asha looked at his folded fist and chuckled which made Leo more angry.

” Why the balled fist? You want to slap me too?” She asked and Leo sighed deeply before releasing his balled fist. He moved closer to her ear as he whispered.

” Don’t ever make us cross paths again.”

Asha chuckled at his Statement and the wh0le class were watching what was going to happen next.

” What are you going to do about it? Sue me? If that’s what you’re gonna do, then let me tell you, it’s childish.” She said and the students laughed but as soon as Leo stared at them, they stopped laughing.

” No, am going to make your life miserable, cause am sure peasants like you can’t cross paths with me.” He said and that made Asha to frown.

How could he call her peasants and what was he trying to insinuate?

Asha lowered her face to his level as she whispered inches apart from their face, ” And am sure your dad has made a deal with the Lucas’s empire… You don’t wanna ruin that do you?”

The thought of her having the heir of the Lucas’s family, was something she felt happy about. Especially this moment, she felt proud of it.

Leo wanted to say something but the teacher who has been mute interrupted. He was so speechless and now he had the ability to speak. Isn’t that wonderful? Nobody wanted to mess with the morris family.

” Alright, that’s enough!” The teacher yelled and they both became calm before taking their seat.

” See me after class miss Asha.” The teacher said, before she continued her teaching.

Everything happened so fast and Asha found herself sitting in the teacher’s office. She bowed her head as she fidget with her f-ngers. She knew she had crossed the line by slapping Leo but she had to, that guy doesn’t have manners.

” Why did you slap Leo?” The teacher asked after few minutes of silence and Asha looked up. Her eyes gazing into the teacher’s eyes and her heartbeats being rapid.

” He crossed the line.” Asha replied flatly and the teacher scoffed.

” That isn’t enough reason for you to slap him.”

” But ma’am he…”

” Were you given a head?” The teacher asked cutting her off sharply and she sighed before reluctantly replying a ” no”

” Then you could have let it slide.” The teacher said and Asha frowned. She’s in this meds because of that so called Leo.

” Leo has always been a pain in the ass… he’s been pestering me and I did nothing…but today he really deserved that slap.” Asha stated sternly and the teacher chuckled lightly before giving her a sincere look.

” You see Asha, Leo is the only son of Mr morris and you know they are the owner of this school… We are just teachers.”

” I know ma’am.” Asha replied with her head bowed.

” You are more than eighteen and I just helped you to get this far because you took first place in the scholarship exam… Do you want to ruin your chances?”

” No ma’am, am sorry ma’am… It won’t happen again.” Asha said in a teary voice. She was trying her best to control herself from crying.

She didn’t have anyone by her side to help her and that’s hurting her a lot. She suddenly felt like telling the woman she had the heir of the Lucas’s empire.

” Where are your parents?” The teacher asked and she looked at her. She badly wanted to tell her Mrs morris is her mom but that’ll be absurd… everyone will think she’s crazy since she wasn’t known anyway.

” I don’t have any… Just give me penalty points.”

” Seriously? You think penalty point is a joke?!” The teacher banged on the desk as she yelled… She rolled her eyes before she added.

” Don’t let this happen again… You can leave.”

Immediately she said that Asha bowed slightly and walked out of her office. Heading to her locker she bumped into Otto.

” Hey, I’ve been looking all over for your…” He trailed on his words as he pointed at the teacher’s office.

” You just came out of the teacher’s office which means…you didn’t get suspended did you?”

” No, I didn’t, she just warned me to be careful, so don’t be scared.” She said and he stood on front of her holding her shoulders as he gazed onto that electric blue eyes, something unusual ran through his veins but it didn’t bother him, cause he knew what he felt.

” I really want you to graduate alongside with me, it will be fun… So, from now on be careful.” He said and she laughed lightly before ruffling his hair.

” Yes kiddo.” She said and he frowned but shortly replaced it with a smile. He leaned on one of the lockers as he watched her taking her books from the locker before he asked.

” So what happened between you and Leo?”

” Nothing much, I just showed him his place… Can I ask you a question?” She asked and he replied with a nod.

” What would you do if someone you thought would never look for you comes back into your life?”

” Well, is it someone you have always wanted to meet? Did the person do something wrong?” He asked and she was hesitant for few minutes before she replied with a nod.

” Does the person fix a puzzle in your life?” He asked again and she replied with a nod again.

He took his bottom l-ips in as he s-cked on it for a while, making it more pinkish before he held her cheek and stretched it, earning a gro-n from her.

” What was that for Josh?” She whined and he smiled… That was the first time she realized that he had dimples.

” Just give the person a listening ear, he/she might be right.” He said and she just smiled.

” Alright, let’s get to class.” They said in unison and stared at each other awkwardly before laughing.

” Wow, mom this Is sweet!” Tara exclaimed as she licked the ice-cream spoon. That was actually the third plate of ice cream she had consumed and it seems she wasn’t satisfied.

They are actually at a joint mostly meant for kids…where they sold most of the sweetest things kids would love to eat.

Asha had always been feeling guilty because she doesn’t spend much time with Tara and today she finally decided to take her out.

” Should I order one more?” Asha asked and Tara shook her head sideways. In as much as she wants another plate of ice cream, she doesn’t want to lick anymore because she was considering her mom.

“No, am full.”

” Baby are you sure?” Asha asked as she tucked her hair behind her ear and they pretty face came into view. Asha smiled as she saw the resemblance between Tara and Josh. They looked so much alike and everyone could tell.

” Yes, am sure of it mommy… Why did decide to take me out today?”

” Am sorry baby, mommy have been so caught up with work and school… So I decided to spend time with you… Forgive mommy ok?” Asha pleaded with her hands glued together as she made puppy eyes and Tara sighed.

” I forgive you mommy… But why are you going to school? Are in the same class as I am?” Tara asked and Asha burst into laughter.

” No baby but I promise, when am done with school, we are going to live better lives ok?”

” We are going to live better lives and daddy will also be part of it right?” Tara asked in a teary voice and Asha feigned a smile as she bit her bottom l-ips from crying.

” Yes he will be part of us.”

” Yay! I love you mommy…can we order one more plate of ice cream?” Tara asked and Asha scoffed.

” You are unbelievable, I thought you didn’t want anymore ice cream… you’ve suddenly changed your mind now?”

” Yes… because you said daddy will be part of us and an happy.” Tara said and Asha smiled before going to get the ice cream.


Asha alighted from the taxi and payed the driver off. She adjusted the sleeping Tara on her shoulder before taking long strides towards her apartment.

Getting close to her apartment she saw a manly figure standing in front of her front door as he tapped his feet on the floor,not seems he was waiting for Tasha.

She tried her best to walk more faster and eventually she got to her apartment and the person’s face came into view it was Josh and she frowned.

Here she was thinking it was a bugler so she could call the police. She rolled her eyes and turned to him.

” Asha actually…”

” What are you doing here?!” She growled cutting him off.


Asha just dey brag about her pikin because she don born heir of Lucas’s family…but she no want accept Josh 😹

Wait, otto dey like Asha?🙄

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