High School Mom

High school mom episode 53 – 54

✍️High school mom ✍️
😍( My love for her is unconditional)😍

Written by Assurance webber

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Chapter 53 (Finally his)


“Not yet sweetheart, we are just getting started.” he whispered in her ears, at the same time giving her a light bite on her earlobe and she bit her l-ips to prevent herself from m-aning.

He carried her and she wrapped her legs around his torso. She smiled $£d.uctiv€l¥ but frowned immediately she couldn’t take the heat anymore.

“I can’t endure this t@rtUr£ anymore Cam,” she said, breathing heavily as her [email protected] pressed against his chest.

Camdan chuckled at the fact that she called him Cam instead of Camdan. He k-ssed her lightly on her l-ips and whispered in her left ear.

“Let’s head to the bedroom then.”


Within the twinkle of an eye Camdan placed her on the bed and used a few seconds to undress himself. Nicole’s mouth dropped immediately and she saw how huge he was down there.

“Are you done eye r@P^in.g me?” Camdan asked with a chuckle and she blushed shyly as she averted her gaze elsewhere.

Nicole moved to the bottom of the bed and trapped Camdan’s legs, making him fall on top of her but he used his hands to support himself from hitting her.

“That was actually d@ng€rous you know?” he asked as he gazed into her beautiful white eyes.

She was like heaven in his eyes right now and he couldn’t wait to be in,side of her any longer.

“It’s worth the d@ng€r.” She replied and when he wanted to say something, she held his face and placed her l-ips on his head, getting him perplexed. She k-ssed him so deeply and passionately.

After a few minutes he broke the k-ss and pinned her both hands above her head.

“You can’t keep surprising me with k-sses Nicole, I am the one in charge, now you will have to dance to my tune.” he said and she chuckled.

He used one hand to remove the nightie she had on and afterwards tossed it across the room.

He released her hands and got up to take a proper view of her body. He swallowed hærd as he stared at the angelic body on the bed, her beautiful flawless skin and the £r£ct€d pink n|pp|£$ that is calling to be sv`cked by him. She was a beauty.

Nicole felt confused as Camdan stared at her body but didn’t say anything and she closed her womanhood and her b@ob$ shyly.

Camdan climbed the bed and removed her hands. “Don’t cover any of it, you are so beautiful.” he said and she smiled lightly.

He started placing k-sses on her neck down to her collar bone and suddenly stopped right in front of her b@ob$.

Without granting him the permission he placed his l-ips on it and su`ckled it while fo`ndling with the other one.

“Camdan.” she m@an€d his name and threw her head back as she clutched tightly on the bed sheet.

His hand found its way to her hon€y pot and she shivered immediately she felt his touch. She was damn w£t and he liked it.

“I can’t wait anymore Nicole, are you a v-rg-n?” he asked and she shook her head sideways with her eyes closed. The feeling of pleasure swept through her as Camdan fingers slipped into her.

He position himself into place and slowly drove his hærdened d|*`k into her.

Nicole gasped softly, lifting her h¡ps to accommodate him fully. She left hold of the bedsheets and wrapped her hands around his body instead.

He started moving in and out of her and she m@an€d continuously. When he finally reached the brink he came fully in,side of her.

Nicole felt good and satisfied in a way she never felt before. She smiled weakly as the thought of Camdan being hers occupied her mind.

Camdan drew her close to himself and pecked her lightly on the l-ips.

“You were good, I love you Nicole.” he said and she whispered “I love you too, a lot.”

Camdan looked down at her and smiled as he saw her sleeping already. He used the duvet to cover their bodies and held her all through the rest of the night.


Nicole woke up from the sound of her blaring alarm and the sunlight that shone directly on her face.

She touched the other side of the bed searching for Camdan but he was nowhere to be found.

“Camdan,” she called but there was no response.

Then, she sat upright and tears welled up in her eyes. The thought of Camdan leaving without saying anything made her angry. She suddenly felt cheap and useless.

“He can never be mine but I’ve been too obstinate to realize that. I can’t believe he left me after last night.” She yelled crazily as tears rushed down her face.

She looked at the time and cussed silently. Even though she had the sweetest $.£.X with the boss, she needs to get prepared for work.

She was about to get off the bed when she saw a paper with a message Written on it and she read it out loud.

*In case you are reading this, I know you must be angry right now but I didn’t leave you. I had to leave to sort out a few things with my dad. I will be back shortly, by the way I made something for you downstairs…you can go check it out. I love you Nicole,*

“I love you too camdan,” she said with a beam.

‘So he never left, he’s very sweet’ she thought.

She kept the note in a drawer and stood up from the bed. Afterwards, she covered her body with a robe and headed for the sitting room.

She got to the kitchen and saw a tray of meals that was thoroughly covered. She opened it and the aroma filled the air.

“Wow, the aroma alone is amazing,” she muttered and took a half spoon of the meal.

“Jesus, Camdan wants to k!|| me with such spicy food.” she coughed as she hit her chest continuously.

She then stretched her hands towards a glass of water and drank all of it in one gulp.

Immediately after drinking the glass of water, she stood up and carried the tray of meals, then she dumped them into the sink.

“It seems like he’s only good in bed.” she said with a chuckle, at the same time shaking her head sideways.

✍️High school mom ✍️
😍( My love for her is unconditional)😍

Written by Assurance webber

‼️Do not copy or repost ‼️

Chapter 54 ( where is Tara?)


Leo descended the stairs with his headphones on his neck and his phone in his hand as usual.

He finally got to the sitting room and was heading straight to the door, when the voice of prudent stopped him.

“Where are you off to?” she asked and he scoffed.

“When did I start telling you my whereabouts?” he asked instead and she rolled her eyes.

“You have such a very bad attitude Leo. I asked you a question and you are supposed to answer me but instead, you asked me a question.”

“What do you want from me this afternoon Prudent?” he asked.

Prudent chuckled “Well I just wanted to know where you are headed to so I can tag along. You know we both lied to mom and dad that we are not feeling too well, in order to skip school. So where are you headed?.” she asked with a smile, that shows her upper teeths only.

Leo took a heavy breath and rubbed his temples gently. He was so angry at the moment but he was trying to control himself.

He looked prudent and saw her reading a magazine and he scoffed inwardly, due to the fact that she looked innocent while reading the magazine.

“Prudent you know what?” he asked and she turned to him.


“I don’t have time to banter words with you so just let me be.” he said.

Prudent closed the magazine she was going through and dropped it on the couch beside her. Then she turned her direction towards him to have a proper view of him.

“If all this strange attitude you are displaying is because of the conversation you had with dad last night, you should tell me.” she said calmly and Leo frowned.

“What conversation are you talking about?” he asked, feigning innocence.

“Stop feigning innocence Leo. I overheard you and dad’s conversation last night and I tell you, it’s not by force to do what he wants. You can just decline politely.”

“So you were eavesdropping on my dad’s conversation?” he asked instead and she opened her mouth to say something but no words could come out.

“Well, you shouldn’t put it that way. All I am trying to say is you shouldn’t do anything that will make you sad. You should do what you think is right.” She said with a smile and his frown deepened.

“Well you shouldn’t meddle, it’s bad and you shouldn’t care either.” He said and walked out immediately.

Prudent sighed sadly and resumed her reading of the magazine.

Asha alighted from the taxi and paid the driver off, then she walked in,side the school. She was done with her work for the day and needed to come pick Tara up.

She stopped on her track when her phone made a beep. She opened her bag and unlocked her phone. A hiss left her mouth when she saw that it was just a casual message.

She was so happy since she bought a new pair of shoes for Tara. She remembered times without numbers when Tara had always wanted a new pair of shoes and besides her current shoes were old.

Asha walked into the teacher’s office to see Miss Vivian but she was nowhere to be found.

She then left the office and went to the school’s playground, where she saw Vivian talking to a man.

She walked towards where Vivian was standing and the guy walked away.

“Hey Asha, what are you doing here?” Vivian asked with nervousness filled in her voice.

Asha stared at her like a maniac and noticed something was wrong. She knew Vivian was nervous, but why?

“Vivian are you ok?” she asked and Vivian laughed nervously, at the same time scratching her head.

“Of course I am fine, why do you ask?”

“You are behaving unlike yourself. Anyways, I am here to pick up Tara,” she said.

Vivian suddenly went numb, there was no way she could tell Asha that Tara had gone missing. She knows Asha will definitely go mad.

“Vivian, please where is Tara?” she asked again, this time jerking Vivian out of her thoughts.

“Asha, actually Tara has gone missing.” She stopped the bombshell and Asha w¡dened her eyes. She felt her heart automatically stop beating.

She lost control of herself and in a few seconds she fell down. Vivian squatted down as she held her head.

“Asha, open your eyes.” Vivian crief but there was no response. That was when it was drawn to her that Asha had passed out.

The sitting room was quiet for a while, since nobody spoke a word.

Josh was just going through his phone and Camdan was staring at his father. The heat between them was so much.

Camdan would take a peep at Josh but feel nothing but pity for him. He couldn’t tell Josh that his mother was the one responsible for the death of his own mom.

He still couldn’t believe that Mr Lucas who was sitting in front of him was not his father. It was a shameful thing to him and he couldn’t speak a word.

Josh kept his phone on the couch beside him and averted his gaze towards Camdan and his father.

“When do we stop staring at each other?” Josh asked and Camdan sighed.

Camdan looked at his father “Well, dad I came to discuss something important to you.” he said.

Mr Lucas narrowed his eyes at him and took a deep breath.

“What is it?” He asked.

“I want to call off the engagement with cassey.”

“And why, if I may ask?” Mr Lucas asked with a deep frown visible on his face.

Camdan sighed, he knew from the start that his father won’t let him and he was ready to do anything to stop the engagement.

“Because I have no feelings for her and besides I have someone else that I love. Someone that I want to make my wife.” he explained, waiting for the worst from his father.

He was scared anymore, he suddenly went bold. He was willing to do anything as long as he and Nicole were together.

Mr Lucas opened his mouth to say something but the ringtone of Josh’s phone stopped him.

Josh looked at the caller’s ID and without hesitation he pressed the answer button and placed the phone on his ear.

“Hello?” he called over the phone but there was no response, except the sound of someone sulking.

“Asha are you ok?” he asked again.

“Josh, I…am…scared.” she stuttered over the phone.

“Asha calm down, now tell me, did something happen?” he asked and a shuffling sound could be heard over the phone, like she’s pacing around.

“I came to pick Tara from school but she was nowhere to be found. Am scared Josh.” she cried over the phone and Josh sprang up immediately.

Camdan and his dad looked at each other, wondering what had gone wrong.

“Where are you right now?” he asked impatiently.

“I am in Tara’s school..I just couldn’t go home.” she cried again over the phone.

“Asha you just need to calm down ok?, It will be fine. Tara will be fine ok?, Am on my way, I love you.” He calmly said.

“I love you too, please come quickly.” she replied with a shaky voice before he ended the call.

“Son, did something happen?” his father asked but there was no reply.

Josh grabbed a car key from the table and carried his phone.

“My daughter has gone missing, I need to leave now. I will catch up with you guys later.” he said and quickly rushed out.



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