The hammingtons episode 43 – 44

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 43🍃
Ivan’s POV
It’s been hours since I’ve been waiting in the car
The sun isn’t still out yet cause it’s snowing now
What kind of snow falls so early in the morning

“You know what? Forget it” I muttered as I got down from the car
It was freezing cold but it was nothing I couldn’t endure

I walked into the Dark Woods, finding my way to the last place I saw Layla the last time I came
And as expected, she wasn’t there

“Where are you old witch!” I called frustrated as I walked through the heavy snow

When the past witch I worked with died, I had to seek out another witch to help me make my spelled gloves and socks, she had to be powerful, a loner and crazy and Layla fit in all those description
I found her when she was 15, her family was dead so she was left all alone in the street, I saved her live and she has been working for me since then. Over the decades, we’ve gotten closer, she is the only companion I had apart from my family, well till I met Sophie

I might just freeze to death before I find this old witch
Oh wait, I can’t die so I guess I’ll just freeze till the snows stops

“Layla!!” I yelled as I walked on
“I know you know am here old witch! So come out before I burn this whole forest down out of frustration!” I yelled

I got tired of walking so I sat under
a tree
Half of my body was freezing, that’s what happens when the power of fire is only in half of your body while the other half is filled with lightening

“Damn you stupid snow” I said as I removed the glove covering my hand that constantly brings fire in an attempt to warm up the other half of myself

I started dozing off a little bit and before I knew what was happening, my fiery hand had touched the tree I was leaning on and it had caught fire

“Oh come on!” I said as I immediately stood up but I tripped on a stone and fell over as one of my shoes removed from my leg

“What the…. am I hexed today?” I said as I tried to stand up but a thorn caught my socks and it was torn away
My fiery leg was now out in the open and everywhere I stepped on caught

“If you are the one doing this is doing Layla, stop it cause it is not damn funny!!” I yelled and I heard a loud laughter

“What do you mean it’s not funny, am rolling on the ground here” I heard her loud voice mixed with laughter

“I am so going to kill you old witch!” I said angrily

“You say that each time you come looking for me but here I am, still living” I heard her voice behind me and I quickly turned to see her, old, supported by a staff, long white hair and a general appearance that gives off a mysterious aura, yes, this is Layla

“You’ve gotten older” I said

“Well not everyone is immortal like you, step aside” she said as she came forward and casted a spell to stop the burning fire

“That’ll be of no use, everywhere I step on keeps going on fire, one of my socks has been reaped open, it was you right? You casted the spell to make me doze off and the tree caught fire, then you made me trip and fall so my socks got reaped open, you were responsible for it all right?” I asked

“It is not everyday I get a visitor so let me have fun a little, follow me” she said

“Thank your ancestors I still need your services, otherwise your head will have been displayed on a spike for the tricks you just pulled” I said

“Yes yes, thank you master, your servant is very much grateful” Layla said sarcastically

Dianna’s POV
I slowly opened my eyes and the white sorrounding made me realize that I am at a hospital
I looked around and Gia and Eric were seated beside me

“Dianna” Eric quickly called and Gia stood up

“What happened?” I asked

“You fainted” Gia said and all the memories rushed in all at once

Eric’s hex, Aria’s appearance, Owen’s death
I looked at Eric

“Are you healed?” I asked and he nodded with a smile

“And Eva? Where is she?”

“Well am healed now so she returned back to her Mansion promising to never involve herself in the Hammingtons problems ever again” Eric replied and I sighed

“How long have I been out?”

“A few hours” Gia replied and I removed the IV fluid on my arm as I stood up

“What are you doing?!” Eric asked

“Doctor said you need to be on a bed rest!” Gia said

“Where’s Owen?” I asked

“He’s…. he’s dead, you know that” Gia said

“And he’s body is back at the Mansion” Eric added

“You need to calm down and get some rest Dianna” Gia said

“The spell, the spell that can kill an immortal, he told me where it is, I need to go get it” I said

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“You can always get it later, but for now you need rest Dianna!” Gia said

“You don’t understand, Aria heard it too, she heard what Owen said too and if she gets her hands on the spell before we do…..”

“Calm down Dianna, just tell me where it is, I’ll go get it” Eric said

“You do not know where it is Eric”

“Try me” Eric said

“He said his home, and only Ivan and I know where that is so I have to go acquire the spell before Aria does!”

“It’s snowing hard outside Dianna!” Gia yelled “Do you have any idea how scared I was? When you fainted you had hit your belly in the floor Dianna, even the doctor said your baby might not survive but your little girl fought and she beated the doctor’s prediction but you do not care about that do you? Have you forgotten how you wished to get pregnant so badly and now that you’ve gotten pregnant, you’ve taken it for granted?! Maybe you don’t care about that baby Dianna but I do and I certainly am not letting you go out with that baby when it’s snowing so hard!”

“But….. Aria could get the spell Gia, if she gets the spell before us she will use it to end us all, including my baby”

“If you don’t rest now, your could loose your baby before Aria even finds the spell” Gia said


“It’s snowing heavily and Aria doesn’t know where Owen’s home is, it will take her some time to find out so rest Dianna, your baby should be your first priority” Eric said and I sighed


Ivan’s POV
“Here” Layla say as she handed the spelled new socks she conjured to replace my torn one

“So, what brought you here this time?” she asked

“I brought Aria’s blood, I ask you before remember? To help me conjure a tracking map for Aria and you said you needed her blood, so here it is, her blood” i said as I handed the blood to her

“Wow, I didn’t expect you’d get The Guardian’s blood so easily Ivan” she said

“I promise you Layla, it was anything but easy” I said

“Anyway, Aria is a very powerful witch and she probably has her location cloaked so this might take a while” Layla said and I nodded

“While you a prepping for the spell, I have a few things to ask” I said and she nodded

“Go on”

“There’s…. there’s this lady…”

“Ahhah! I knew it, I knew something was different from the last time I saw you, you have a woman in your life now and you love her” Layla interrupted

“Come on Layla, I wouldn’t say love”

“I actually sensed your presence for a long while now but you didn’t enter the forest, you were just outside, did that woman come with you?” she asked

“No! Why on earth will I bring her to such a dangerous place!” I said and Layla smiled

“Oh how a woman’s love can soften the hardest hearts and tame the most beastly monsters”

“Anyway” I continued “Her name is Sophie Griffith and I umm…. I think something is wrong with her”

“Of course something is wrong with her, anyone that can love a beast like you is definitely crazy” she said

“That is not what I mean Layla! She has a dark side, she gets out of control sometimes and doesn’t know what she’s doing, she has great powers but it comes and goes, she’s so scared of loosing it that she created enchanted objects to hurt herself whenever she’s out of control just so she wouldn’t hurt others”

“What do you say her name is again?” Layla asked

“Sophie Griffith” I repeated

“You were with her before coming right? Cause I can still perceive a woman’s scent all over you” she said and I nodded

She closed her eyes and sniffed in the scent chanting some spells
She suddenly opened her eyes looking exasperated

“What’s wrong Layla?” I asked

“Oh dear, why does this has to happen to you of all people?” she said

“What is wrong? What did you see?” I asked and she looked at me

“Sophie Griffith, she’s Aria Dixon’s sister”……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 44🍃
Ivan’s POV
“Sophie Griffith, she’s Aria Dixon’s sister” Layla said and I scoffed

“You do not believe me?!” she asked

“How can I? There’s no way Sophie is related to Aria, Aria doesn’t even have a sister, she was the last born and she killed all her elder siblings to become the current Guardian of the Hell Gates, she has no younger sister” I said

“So what? You think am joking? Her scent that’s all over you, I smelled it and I perceived the stench of the Guardian’s bloodline, I wouldn’t joke over something like this Ivan, they are related, she is Aria’s sister, even if she doesn’t know it yet” Layla said

“But how?” I asked
“Sophie has her own parents too, her mother was a witch and her father, a human, she has her own origin so how on Earth did she suddenly becomes Aria’s sister?”

“I do not know, that was all I was able to detect from her scent, if you want more explanation you’ll need to bring her here for me to examine her”

“No, there’s no way am bringing her to this dangerous place” I said

“You said she has a dark side, a power that comes and goes and she sometimes looses control, the Dixon family are all powerful witches though whoever inherits The Guardian’s powers is the most powerful but nevertheless, everyone in the family is very much powerful and that’s the power within your woman, she is a Dixon Ivan and I suspect her powers has been locked within in her, but you can never really subdue ones own powers so her power surfaces from time to time, overwhelming her and making her loose control” Layla explained

“No, this can’t be true”

“While you contemplate on whether to believe me or not, am going to go get all ingredients I need to start the spell to conjure Aria’s tracking map” Layla said as she stood up

Dianna’s POV
I sat in the hospital bed waiting patiently and immediately I noticed it had stopped snowing, I sprang up

“It’s no longer snowing, I should go” I said

“Fine, let’s go get that spell” Gia said standing up

“Are you sure that spell really exists? I mean I’ve lived a thousand years and this is the first time am hearing of a spell that can kill an immortal” Eric said

“I am positive Eric” I said

“Fine, let’s go then” he said and we walked out together

Eric drove while I directed the way and soon, he stopped in front of the woods

“This way” I said and they followed me
I followed the path Ivan and I went through when we first came and we finally got to where Owen lived
It was an old looking cabin made of woods

“I can’t believe he really grew up in this place” Gia said as we walked in

“So what exactly should we be looking for?” Eric asked

“I don’t know, he just said a spell that can kill immortals, I don’t know how it’s supposed to be” I said

“If it’s a spell then it’s should be written, so maybe an old book, paper or something” Gia said

“Just look for anything that looks like a very important spell” I said and we all began searching

There was a sudden loud cackle and I stopped searching
I know that laughter

“Aria” I called she suddenly appeared in our midst

“You are wasting your time” she said
“I’ve searched everywhere already and there’s no such thing as a spell that can kill an immortal here, you think your boyfriend lied to you on his deathbed?”

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“You must have a death wish coming here” Eric said moving towards Aria

“Nice to see you sane Eric, I didn’t come for a fight, I just came for clues, Owen clearly said the spell is in his home so why isn’t it here?” Aria asked

“And you think we’ll tell you if we knew?” Gia said

“I guess you are right, I’ll just have to find out on my own then” Aria said and she disappeared

“Let’s leave” I said

“What if she’s lying Dianna, what if the spell is still here?” Gia asked

“No, she’s right, the spell isn’t here” I said as I walked out and they followed me

“Then do you know where the spell is?” Eric asked

“I got it all wrong, Owen said the spell is in his home, he mentioned home not house, and home is where all your family are and his family died in a battle against us in the…..”

“Burrows Valley” Eric completed

“That’s where the spell is” Gia said

We got to the car and got in
“To the Burrows Valley then”

Ivan’s POV
I waited for a few hours and then Layla handed me a map

“That’s it, though it took much of my powers, I was finally able to conjure the map that always shows Aria’s location” she said and then noticed I wasn’t really listening to her

“You are still thinking about what I told you of your woman” she said

“Well it came as a big shock” I replied

“Are you going to tell her about her true origin?” Layla asked

“And what origin is that? She is somehow related to Aria Dixon whom she knows as an evil witch that killed her mother? No Layla, am not going to put her through such an emotional trauma” I said and Layla smiled

“How are things going on with your siblings?” she asked

“We remain the same” I replied

“You still haven’t told them have you? The secret you’ve been keeping for a thousand years, have you told them you are the one that killed your mother?” Layla asked and I shook my head

“So am still the only one that knows?”

“You only know about that because you read my mind immediately you learnt your mind reading tricks, I haven’t told anyone yet and no, you aren’t the only one that knows my secret now” I said and she looked into my eyes

“She knows it too doesn’t she? Your woman, and The Guardian showed it to her in a bid to separate you two” she said

“Quit reading my mind Layla!”

“If Aria showed her your big secret of you killing your own mother and she still hasn’t run away from you then I’d advise you to stick by her side, your aura has already rubbed off on her so she doesn’t have much time anyway so be by her side for the remaining time she has else you will regret it” Layla said as she stood up and I grabbed her hand

“What do you mean she doesn’t have much time, what do you mean by that?!” I yelled

“The curse Ivan, the curse that has been hunting you and your siblings for a thousand years, why do you think none of you guys has ever succeeded in a having a partner and being happy for long? It’s because you were cursed to always be alone, that’s why each time you and your siblings finally finds someone to love, they die not too long after, your curse doesn’t give you the privilege to love Ivan but you already love Sophie Griffith so her fate is doomed, she will die sooner or later, so go and be with her Ivan, be with her while you still can” Layla said and I stood up

“I know you are thankful and you aren’t good at expressing gratitude so just go, you’ve been broken for so long, go and be happy for a while” she said and I nodded as I dashed out of her cottage with the map……