Irreplaceable Love

Irreplaceable Love – episode 1

Irreplaceable Love (episode 1)

Have you ever been in a relationsh¡p where you were taken for granted and under-appreciated? Have you ever wanted to keep someone more than they made efforts to keep you? Well, brace yourself because I’m about to take you on a ride down the memory lane of Sharon and Roland.

Several years back, there was a lady named Sharon who was blindly in love with a man that loved her less, his name was Roland. Their relationsh¡p was a perfect example of a one sided relationsh¡p and it was an obvious fact that Sharon was into Roland more than he was into her. She was extremely beautiful and quite independent but was unhappy.

Roland was from an influential family; his parents were among the Elites in the city they lived in. He loved Sharon but was of the school of thought that one lady isn’t enough for one man. He was proud and never said sorry whenever he was wrong. I know most of you will probably be wondering what a beautiful and independent lady like Sharon was doing with a man like Roland? Well, you know what they say about Love and how it has the ability to blind someone, thereby making them unable to see the red flags and flaws of their partner. In Sharon’s case, I guess she was so used to being called Roland’s wife right from her childhood that she couldn’t imagine her life without him as an adult.

Sharon loved and cared for Roland with all her heart and always made sure his fridge was stocked with different delicacies during weekends. She was everything he wanted her to be and was always there for him. I can’t say same for Roland because he hærdly had time for their relationsh¡p, he always found faults in everything she did and scolded her often. It wasn’t a hidden fact that he had other girls in his life as Sharon had caught him severally, flirting with other ladies.

Constant crying became a lifestyle for Sharon, because she always cried when no one was watching. Many times, she tried to quit the relationsh¡p but Roland always had his way back into her heart. He knew she had eyes for only him and no ones else and that was his advantage over her. Sharon was naive or should I say “blindly in love”. Everything went on as usual for a long time but the table was about to turn. They say you never know what you have until you lose it, and whoever came up with that saying wasn’t lying at all.

One fateful day, Roland asked Sharon out on a dinner date and she left the house causally dressed. On seeing her, he became upset and asked her why she was dressed so casually for a dinner date, “I haven’t been feeling too well so I couldn’t search for a proper outfit to wear” she said, “It doesn’t matter, as far as the sickness didn’t stop you from walking, then you should have been able to search for a proper outfit to wear, I can’t be seen with you dressed up like this” he said. Sharon was furious and suddenly wasn’t in the mood to proceed with the date anymore, ‘Stop the car!” she commanded, “Why?” Roland asked, “Nothing, just stop the car” she said but he kept driving. Sharon wasn’t having it and wanted to get off his car with immediate effect due to the cruel words he said to her earlier, “Roland please just stop this car now!” she said, almost tearing up. He finally stopped the car and before he could utter a word to Sharon, she got down crying and walked towards a mall not far from where he parked. Roland remained in the car and watched Sharon till she entered the mall, he was angry but felt guilty at the same time. His pride wouldn’t let him follow her immediately to apologize, so he sat in the car and waited for her to come out.

On the other hand, Sharon used the elevator and it took her to the last floor of the mall. There was a Pub at her right so she walked towards that direction. As she entered the Pub, all eyes where on her, so she walked quietly and sat down. The bar man saw how moody she was and asked her what she wanted to drink, “Give me anything without alcohol in it” she said and the the bar man gave her a chilled juice. She thanked him and sipped gently with a sad face.

At the other corner of the bar, some guys were playing snooker and one particular guy couldn’t get his eyes off Sharon. He was smitten by her gentleness and was thinking on how to approach her. After a while of being lost in thoughts, his friend noticed and asked him what was wrong, “There’s just something about that girl that I can’t seen to wrap my head around” he said, “Which girl?” his friend asked, “The one that just walked in” he replied. His friend looked towards Sharon’s direction, smiled and said, “Bro go and talk to her, who knows she might be having a bad day and needs someone to cheer her up”.

After the boost of morale, he summoned up courage and walked towards Sharon, “I can tell you’re having a bad day, can I join you to sit” he jokingly said. Sharon looked up and beheld a gentle looking man, “You can sit if you want to and what makes you think I’m having a bad day?” she asked, “You have been stirring your drink with that straw for a long time now and your facial expression says it all too” he replied smiling as he sat down. Sharon smiled and looked downwards, “My name is Kelvin, can I please know your name?” he asked, “I’m Sharon” she replied, “Beautiful name” he complimented and she thanked him.

Kelvin tried to start a conversation with her so he asked how her day went and they got talking. They talked and laughed for a while till the bar man brought Sharon’s bill, “I’ll get that” Kelvin said, “No don’t worry, I’ll pay” she said but he insisted and she finally let him foot the bill.

Just as Kelvin was about paying, Roland walked in,side the pub and saw Sharon talking with another guy. He confusingly walked towards them and asked “What’s going on here?”.


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