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John episode 14 – finale


Episode 14 finale
Written by Ekhosuehi Testimony
“Alberta Nolan street.” Mrs. Monroe muttered. Of course she knew it was the street Bruce and Hannah live. She picked up her phone from the center table and dialed a number which started ringing almost immediately.
“Hello?” The receiver answered.
“Bruce, we need to talk.” Mrs Monroe said as she walked out of her house, making sure she was far from John’s hearing.

“What is it to talk about?” Bruce replied furiously.

“You still have my

number. Isn’t that amazing?”

“I can never forget the number of the woman who stole my child.”

“Stole your child? It’s more like I left with him without telling you.”

“Where are you? Bloody witch.” Bruce shrieked.

“Around, Bruce. Around. It seems he came to your street few minutes ago.”

“My street? How?”

“You are still a busy man, Bruce. You never care to observe those around you. It’s all about making money. We could have been a perfect couple, but you went behind my back and married another woman.”

“I loved Rachel with all my heart.

“It is quite unfortunate what Happened to her.”

“I trusted you with my children, to watch over them while I’m out settling things.”

“Oh… I’m still watching over John.”

“John? Is that his name now? I hope you have not fed my son with lies? Huh? Just wait till he realize you are not his mother.”

“Trust me. He’ll never find out that I’m not his mother.” Mrs. Monroe said and hung up, sighed and walked back inside the house. She failed to notice Oliver was eavesdropping from the next building close to her house. He was sent on an errand that night, and wanted to use the opportunity to give him his textbook. Due to what he heard, he decided to give him in school on Monday.


2 days past, John didn’t confront his mother concerning the test papers he saw or about his father. He acted as if everything was okay.
Monday came with a flash. It was a sunny morning. The sun that came through the window illuminated every corner of the room. John laid on his bed, wearing only a brief shorts with both hands supporting the back of his head in a way that he faced the ceiling. He thought about the whole situation. Hannah is his sister all this while? Who is Gabriella Bruce? Does he have another sister he doesn’t know about? He asked himself these questions, but he doesn’t have the answers he was looking for. This gave him sleepless nights.
“Oh God.” He said, and sighed.
He checked the time, it was 8:00am, he closed his eyes and let out a deep breath.
“I’m late for school again.”
He got up from his bed looking tired, and stretched both hands apart. He trudged to the bathroom tying a towel around his waist for a quick bath. John had a lot going on in his mind. He had

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mysteries to solve. His bath only took few minutes, he came out looking w€t as expected from someone who took a bath. He walked sluggishly towards his wardrobe to search for his Monday school wears. He picked up a black FILA T-shirt and a black off-white trouser, coupled with a black plain shoe.
“Black Monday.” He muttered.
He applied cream to his skin, and wore his clothes, looking smart as usual. He picked up his bag pack and arrange his books inside, including the ones on his reading table. He zipped his back and headed out of his room with

a gloomy face. He got to the parlor where he is suppose to see him Mom, but he couldn’t find her. He left to check the kitchen, she was not there.
“She must have left early. Maybe she’s in her room.” John said inwards. He wasn’t in the mood for eating that morning so he left the house on empty stomach.
John entered the street and he felt a soft breeze on his face. He walked amongst other pedestrians who had their various destinations to go.
Walking to school that morning was like an Herculean task for him. He got to Western High in a heart beat. Students could be seen in various corners of the school having different conversations as he wondered why they were outside. He expected classes to have started. He surged through the school corridors heading to his class. He got there and pushed the class door gently to find students disorganized. He realised that all the teachers are having a meeting, which is usually held every second week of resumption. He headed to the seat where his friends gathered; chattering and laughing.
“Johnny boy!” They shouted as they saw him.

“Hey, guys. What’s up?” He said sluggishly.

“What’s up with the face, dude?” Christopher asked as he gave him a playful punch on his shoulder.

“It’s nothing, guys.” John replied.

“Come on. You’ve never looked like this.” Richard said, looking worried. They all pressured till he finally agreed to tell them. John spent 6 minutes narrating everything…

“What?!” Richard exclaimed.

“You mean Hannah is your sister?” Christopher asked with his eyes wide open.

“Who is Bruce Gabriella?” Oliver asked with one hand on the desk supporting his jaw.

“Guys. I don’t know who Gabriella is. I’ll try to find out.” John said as silence took over. They all kept quiet, looking shocked.

“John.” Oliver


“Yes?” John said as he turned to Oliver, wondering what he was about to say.

“I have something to tell you. Last night I…”

“Settled down!” Mr. Harrison said almost immediately he entered the class, thereby, stopping Oliver from finishing his statement. They all organized themselves, students returned to their various seats and brought out their necessary materials for the subject.
The class went smoothly, questions from their previous topic were asked asked by the teacher and answers were given by different students. Those who were unable to answer were spared. The class came to an end and the other subject teacher, Mr. Chadwick came in. His class went as strict as ever. They treated a new topic and answered different questions. Finally, recess time came, signified by the school bell. Students began to walk out in groups. John stayed behind with his friends.
“You wanted to tell me something, correct?” John asked Oliver who was busy writing.

“Oh, yes. That will be later.” He postponed it when he saw Hannah coming toward them. Oliver dropped his pen inside his book and closed it. He sat up and excused John and Hannah because it was the right thing to do. Richard, and Christopher also did the same. Hannah sat down besides John in a way she faced him.

“What’s up?” Hannah broke the silence.

“Nothing much. Why are you looking sad?” John replied.

“Nothing. Is it a coincidence? We are both looking sad.” Hannah said as she forced out a smile.”

“What’s on your mind?” John asked without looking at Hannah’s face.

“Well, late yesterday. Some minutes after you left. My Dad got a call from someone and excused himself. He facial expression changed when he saw the caller, some kind of anger. I never wanted to eavesdrop at his conversation, but curiosity got the best of me. He said something about the caller stealing his son. I wanted to ask him about it, but I was afraid.”

John looked at her when she said “called stealing her son.” He wondered who it was, it was like the whole situation was becoming worse. His mother never told him anything about having a sister. John was lost in thoughts, but Hannah’s voice brought him back to reality.

“What’s happening?” Hannah asked looking concerned as she caressed the necklace on her neck which allured john attention to it.
“That necklace.” He thought. There was something written on it. He looked at it closely. Lo and Behold. Gabriella was written on it. His heart began to pound.

“Who’s Gabriella?” John managed to ask.

“Oh. It’s my other name.” Hannah retorted as she smiled.

John was in shock. The necklace looked like something he has seen before, somewhere.

“My mother’s room.” He shouted as he stood up and ran away from the class like a mad man. He managed to get pass the school security, running home as fast as his legs could take him.
He got home and opened the door forcefully and headed straight to his mother’s room. He checked the wardrobe but couldn’t find it there.
“Where could this possibly be?” He asked himself as he stood arms akimbo, sweating profusely. He walked to the bed and raised the foam up, there was a black box inside. He used one hand to pick it up and let go off the foam.
He open it only to see an identical necklace to Hannah’s.
“Gabriel” he read it out. Many thing began to go through his mind. “If Hannah is Gabriella, does that mean he is Gabriel? Does that mean they are not step siblings but siblings from the same parents? Un-identical twins?” He asked himself these questions as tears began to drop from his eyes. He quickly wiped them off when he heard the door leading to the parlor creaked. He tried to compose himself. He walked out of his mothers room, thinking his mother has returned. He quickly dropped the box where he found it, and went out of his mother’s room only to see Oliver, wearing a worried look.

“What’s up with you man? Why did you run off like that?” Oliver asked.

“Oh… I came to check on something. Well, never mind. You were gonna tell me something back in class, correct?” John tried to change the topic.

“Oh, yes, but it’s not my place to tell you.” Oliver retorted as both boys turned to the door to see Mrs. Monroe coming in.

“John. Aren’t you suppose to be in school?” Mrs. Monroe asked, looking surprised. She totally ignored Oliver’s presence.

“John?” She called when she notice tears dropping from His eyes.

“Mom.” John began.

“Tell me. Who is Gabriel and Gabriella?” He asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Tell me!” John shrieked as Mrs. Monroe began to cry too.

“Gabriel is your real name. Gabriella is your sisters name.” She said tearfully as she tried to go close to him, but John took 2 steps backwards. Seeing this, Oliver excused himself.

“Where is she?!”

“She’s with your father, Bruce.”

“Oh, God. Did Dad really leave us? How many secrets have you kept from me?!” John said crying.
Mrs. Monroe felt the need to tell him everything.

“Bruce didn’t leave us.” She began.
“I took you away from him.”

“What?! Why?! Mom, why?! Why these lies?” John asked tearfully. It was like his whole world was spinning ceaselessly.

“One more thing.” Mrs. Monroe began.


“I’m not your real mother. Your real mother died in a car crash.”

John’s jaw dropped. Everything was too much for him to take. He felt like he was losing his sight, he couldn’t hold himself. He collapsed on the floor and lost consciousness.


John opened his eyes 48 minutes later. He found himself in the hospital close to his house, opened his eyes to see Bruce, Hannah and Aunty Grace.

“What happened?” John asked.

“You collapsed.” Hannah said, crying on his shoulder. It wasn’t easy for her too after the explanation. She had a crush on her brother? Oh, this world. Hers was quite different because her father, Bruce didn’t lie to her. He just didn’t tell her everything.

“Dad?” John called, crying.

“Hello, weird kid.” He said, holding John’s hand, and started crying. Aunty Grace was touched too. She always knew there was something about John, little wonder she stares at him anytime she seems him on the street. “The resemblance between them is uncanny. I miss you Rachael. I wish you are here to see them all grown.” She said inwards.

John looked around for Mrs. Monroe, she was not there.

“Where’s Mrs. Monroe? My mother.” He asked.
Knowing who John was looking for, Mr. Bruce replied: “she’s outside.”
John stood up from the hospital bed almost immediately. He ran out of the hospital.
“John!” They called and ran after him.
John ran fast to the exit. He got outside and saw Mrs. Monroe sitting on a bench.
“Mom!” He called, and Mrs. Monroe stood up at the sight of him. She has almost cried her eyes out. John ran towards her and gave her a tight hug.

“John, I’m sorry.” She said crying.

“I know, Mom. I still love you.”

“Oh, my Johnny boy.” She said and cried ceaselessly.


Well, how is it? This is my first story. The first I have written in my life. So, if you don’t find it interesting. Forgive me, please.

THE BLOOD RAGE Coming soon by myself, Ekhosuehi Testimony. You can add me on Facebook with that name or reach me on WhatsApp: 08160698254. Thank you all for the journey, I appreciate.


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