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Just For Love – episode 3

♥just for love♥
Episode 3

continuation fiona pov
I really needed someone to talk to and jeremy was there I am grateful to have a best friend like him although I really love him I couldn’t tell him so dat our friendsh¡p would not be ruined and it also seems unproper for a girl to confess to a boy I no thinking dis way is weird after just having a breakup but to be sincere I just dated tyler to make jeremy jealous by it didn’t work I have to cry seeing a girl k-ss tyler so dat I wouldn’t be d one blame for d break up.

           jeremy pov
we have been in dis cliff for over one hour but still she didn’t say anything she just stare in deep space it really hurt me to see her dat way I wanted to call her parents and mine to but I was scare she might jump off d minute I leave so I just stayed with her after wat seem like 30 minutes she stood up at firs I thought she wanted to jump but she just stood up and went in,side d car waiting for me to come so dat we can go I got in,side started d engine and drove off I dropped her house and accompanied her in,side as I was about to leave she called me back and did something unexpected.

       fiona pov
he esc-rted me to my door step I thanked him for all he did i dont no wat came over me butas he was about to leave I ran to him and……

 Fiona POV
I lost control of my self at dat moment I just ran to him and k-ssed him and suprisely he responded back I was so lost in d k-ss but was having confuse feeling in my head one part was telling me d he liked me while d other was telling me dat he k-ssed me because he felt pity on me I refuse to feel so I pulled out from d k-ss to glance at him to see if I will be able to pick any emotions d moment I pulled out he k-ssed me back at dat moment I knew I didn’t have to look at his face to see his reaction d k-ss was so passionate it was like d k-ss of two great loves who had not seen each other for a long while d k-ss lasted for ten minutes and would have continued if not dat his phone kept ringing.

          Jeremy POV
In was so lost dat moment wen she k-ssed me it was like d world stopped and it was so just d two of us in it I would have loved to keep k-ssing her but I was out of time as my mom kept calling she wanted to know where I was so wse had to disengage I looked at her face one last time before I left and saw dat she was smiling in my mind I was happy at least she didn’t regret k-ssing me I was able to enter my car but den I stopped and said d three word DAT changed our friendsh¡p I LOVE YOU.

Jeremy POV
 I got home greeted my parents and went upstairs to my room wen I got to my room I replayed d wh0le event and still couldnt believe wat had happened between us I was so happy my long awaited dream was here everything was like a dream to me I called her DAT night and we talked for a while but d situation was kind of weird as so of us wanted to talk about d k-ss and d end of d call I told her I love her very much more than friends and before she could reply my phone battery dead i was so nervous in a way I was happy DAT my battery dead because I thought she was going to say something DAT will shatter my heart complete I was about to sleep wen i remember DAT I had not taken my bath (so becos a girl u forgot to shower)my mind told me.

Fiona POV
After DAT incident DAT happened between me and him I just couldn’t stop thinking about it my things were flowing through my mine asking myself if he really liked me or if he regretted it so I put at d back of my mind DAT if he refused to talk about d k-ss me too wouldn’t talk about it DAT night before I slept he called I just came out of d shower I quickly picked it up we hosted about everything I even told him about wat about in my classes I had today I was about to end d call wen he said he loved me very much even more then friends I was about to reply wen d call ended I tried calling him back but his phone was switched off I thought maybe his battery died I later retired to bed and soon slept off.

 Jeremy POV
I woke up in d morning bewith a smile splattered in my face but why wouldn’t I wen I a dream of proposing to Fiona to be my girl in d crowd of people in SCH everyone attention was on us and she said yes d dream seem so real I never wanted to wake up but I knew I had to face reality i was going to need courage to do DAT but I knew it wasn’t possible because I was always out of words wen ever I was with her I got up from bed I arranged my bed sheet I turned on d electric toothbrush and brushed my teeth after dat I took my bath dressed up and for some reason I kept looking at my reflexion in d mirror although I knew I was looking handsome but for some unknown reason I kept looking (don’t do like you don’t no y u are looking at d mirror u wan to impress Fiona)my mind said after finishing up I went down stairs to find everyone already seated in d dinning table all eating there breakfast if it was other days I would be sad but today I saw it as nothing I joined him in d dinning greeted my parents and my sister who were expecting me to start complain but wen I didn’t she knew I was very happy and decided to tease me a little bit someone just won d lottery she said everyone asked her including myself mom dad look at your son smile she said and immediately everyome eyes were staring at me my sis was just smiling I just told them DAT I did very well in all my course my parents were like is DAT y u are so happy they said congratulation and continued eating my sister kept glancing at me from time to time but I ignored her I quickly finished my tea and left.


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