Making his cold heart soft episode 6

💫(The Princess 👸 In Disguise)👀
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎

💢Chapter 6💢


Put up with a deep breath often to soften your anxiety. The deep breath she took, reminisced her beauty. A stretched hand that the empty space on it was replaced with a golden purse.

She heaved a sign of relieve, there she let out her long holding breath that was filled with nervousness.

Lots of thoughts wandered around her mind. She hopes to look breathtaking enough and hopes her beauty is dazzling enough to sweep everyone out on their feet.

Usually, she doesn’t care about how her beauty can drive anyone crazy, but today is just a special day for a special soul close to her heart.

Rocking the best of herself is the aim and driving attention to herself before anyone else can, is her present priority.
Oh, Damien! He never knew how her heart is longing for him. What will it be like to see him?

“You all can go wait for me outside, I will be out after I am done,” she instructed them in a swift turn, and union, they bowed their heads slightly and in a straight line, they all get themselves out of the room, leaving only Vera alone with herself.

She looks towards the door to ensure it was shut. She dropped the purse carefully on the table, leaning her back down a little bit to avoid her parked hair from messing with her bare neck.

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Effortlessly she pulled the drawer out, bringing out the box, she closed the drawer back immediately after the box has been placed on top of the drawer.

Uncovering the box before a frown laid on her face, even though she had told a lie to Andromeda, she found out smoothly like it was clearly showing on her face that she was lying.

Still in reluctance she picked it up, first, she was murmuring to herself but when the necklace touched her neck, she had no choice but to hiss out loud.
It makes her look perfect but what about the heaviness of it on her neck!? Can’t they all just conclude that she is the first child even without the necklace?

Well, that should be the case but on a second note after giving it a rethink, she knew that isn’t possible.
It’s only a few people aside from her parents and Andromeda’s friend, Andromeda is the only one who keeps friends, Vera’s aura just doesn’t flow with having friends around, maybe because she’s used to talking to the wall every free time just like Andromeda will always tell that to her.

Others can only guess who is who, but none can fully be assured if the princess they are looking at right now is the first or second. Is this Vera or Andromeda?
What gives some of the servant chance to differentiate is because of their habit, Andromeda enjoy being dressed but Vera despises that so much, that if there’s no important occasion like this, no servant is allowed to come over to her room.
She wouldn’t even let them know when she’s dressing, a glance at her, when she comes out of the room, is the only appearance of her that will tell you what you need to know.

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Now she’s done dressing and even though she doesn’t like the way the beaded- necklace looks thick on her neck, making her scoffed a bit before concluding on the beauty that it gives to her.
Just like Andromeda had told her, ‘how she looks like wouldn’t matter, but it’s the sight of her dressing as a princess that will bring attention to her.’
Maybe she doesn’t need people’s attention but knowing that can help Damien to notice her, she was pushed to accept the fact.

One last glance at herself in the mirror, she turned around to leave after picking up her purse from where she dropped it.
Every step of her was lousy with her gown sweeping the ground behind her, Vera walked out of the room.
They are all chilling at the hall where the dinner party has been organized.

The king was dressed up in his best attire, everything about him speaks of royalty and power, even his presence is going to make the Governor bow by his feet, and a word from his mouth will make every single thing in the room tremble in fright. He’s the King!

Astonished by the beauty of his Queen when she came out with her maids, the king took his time to devour the beauty of his beautiful wife before urging her to have her seat beside him, next to the Queen’s seat is Vera’s, and after her seat was Andromeda’s. One happy family in a whole!

Just as expected everyone present paid respect to the Queen, she couldn’t have answered them one after the other by calling out their names but the contagious smile she let out was enough for them to know about her greetings to them.

“Where are my children?” The king whispered to the Queen after they announced that it was time to eat.
Not seeing any of his daughters around gave him concern and that’s why he needs to ask about them.

The Queen dropped the cutleries in her hand, gulping down some water before replying.
“Vera is on her way out and Andromeda will be here before the party ends,” she replied to his question and with a broad smile, the king continued eating his food.


“Can’t you stop battling with your food? You are putting your frustrations out on the chicken!” Caleb shrieked at Damien.
Damien has been brutally stabbing the chicken consistently and Caleb wouldn’t stop feeling concerned.
A lot of people are also at the table eating, no one knows what is frustrating Damien presently but if a sight of what he was doing was to occur to them, the conclusion will be that the model has started going out of his mind.
Thus, who latches out anger on food instead of eating? How can the stabbing of the chicken help to subdue his anger anyway?

“I don’t want to be here, can we just leave now? I want to see Annabel.” He asked lazily but his hand didn’t stop stabbing the chicken with the cutleries.

“The king has not spoken yet, we just started eating and you want to leave!? Can’t you see that it is wrong to leave now?” Caleb took a bite from his chicken after saying that and in irritation, Damien rolled his eyes lazily.

He didn’t bother saying anything again and Caleb doesn’t try to speak to him. If anyone sees what he was doing Damien will be on the news tomorrow, everyone is sharing laughter and smiles but does not want the succession of the other.

Caleb has seen it in the eyes of Brown when they got there, how he smiled at Damien and even shook hands with him, but immediately Damien turned his back, the smile that was on Brown’s face was replaced by an evil glare.
Caleb did see that but Damien didn’t know and he wouldn’t tell him because he sees no reason to tell him something like that presently.

Just like Brown who showed a fake side of him to Damien, Caleb knew there are other people here too that wants his downfall.

All he can do was speak with Damien to guide himself properly but if he doesn’t want to listen. Who is he to stop him from doing that? Damien can’t latch at him all time but he does that whenever he’s out of patience.


Everyone’s attention was interrupted by the entrance of her down the stairs. Three maids in her front, and three maids at her back, Vera stood in the center just like the Royal daughter that she is.
Smiles caught the King and the Queen’s lips as they watched their beautiful daughter coming down the stairs.
“Oh, Vera darling!” The Queen murmured happily while feeling proud of the fruit that came out of her womb.
“I feel like she’s getting married today because she looked like a bride-to-be,” the King shamelessly whispered to the Queen whose heart gripped a swift skip at the remembrance of her daughter leaving the house one day for marriage.

Damien’s eyes were still on the chicken that has been torn apart with cutleries, it looks quite irritating to eat but who cares? Damien isn’t planning to eat it anyway.

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He isn’t dumb to also listen to the sound coming from the stairs and even though Caleb’s mouth has dropped open by glaring at the stairs with his hand holding on to the cutleries like he was eating, Damien still chuckled softly at the sight of him and his anger slightly subdued, but when he also looks towards the stairs to see, Caleb suddenly got slapped on his head.
He never saw that coming.

“Stop staring at her like an idiot and continue eating your God-damn food!” Damien tried keeping a straight face while he said that, but he couldn’t help the laughter when he saw Caleb glaring at him in anger but didn’t say anything.
He returned his eyes to the Princess at Damien’s surprise.

What if there’s no royalty? There’s a beauty! Vera walked shyly down the stairs, her armless gown hung her body tightly, giving her body the perfect figure on earth.

The music playing slightly subsided. Even a glance at her beauty will never be enough as you will have to glance over and over again to satisfy your eyes from dropping to the floor out of curiosity.
She has it all! Beauty, Royalty, Power, and her sight are irresistibly attractive and captivating. It was impossible to resist the sight of her.

She didn’t bother wearing a crown that will signify her like a princess.
The necklace has caused her stress enough to wear a crown on her head.
A shiny Tiara that matches the silver color of her dress was enough to take your breath away as it stayed fitted where it was clipped by the side of her hair,

No one has brought up their cutleries to the mouth since they caught the sight of her. The atmosphere was tense, with love from many and jealousy from some.
Young men in the room, even the elder men including the one who has been married lost their self-respect at the sight of her.
They kept on staring as if she was a goddess who has never been seen before.
Truthfully Vera as being beautiful, even without her title she looks like a goddess but presently in her appearance, she looks like the most beautiful goddess on earth.
Everyone was glowing in her beauty’s glory! Captivating, enticing, and breathtaking.

Some ladies wouldn’t stop being jealous of how she got the attention in the room into herself, and the women who noticed their spouse staring at her elbowed them at a right spot that jerked them out of their Dreamland.
Her body-hugged gown swept the floor behind her, even the color of the dress almost matched her body.
Her appearance kept on sparkling and shining like a star as she climbed down the stairs and it was almost blinding everyone.
If there was a microphone in their hearts it would have brought out their thoughts to everyone’s hearing.
After all, no one present and witnessing her won’t think of one thing or the other within themselves.
The rail which her hand on to was designed with different colors of light that are sparking on the stairs and the stone on her dress dances to the dazzling of the light together.

Damien looked at her again, with an eye roll he looked at Caleb too. “Ouch!” Caleb suddenly shrieked when another slap from Damien landed on his skull.

“What’s your problem? Must you act childish now?” He ranted angrily to him while rubbing his skull gently.
Why is Damien so heartless? He doesn’t know.

“I had no choice. You kept staring at her like you want to go mad! Are you mad?” Damien spat out irritatedly.
He doesn’t bother looking at Vera again, after all, her sight isn’t anywhere close to being attractive to him.
He doesn’t even care about the men that were still staring at her till she took her seat beside her father and mother who gave her a sweet smile.
Now that Damien is thinking! He took pictures with her minutes ago, even though he has not bothered to check the pictures out after he walked away from her, he was still surprised that she could change her appearance within that short moment.
Is it needed to do all that? Woman rankings are disgusting!

“I wasn’t included in your problems! Shouldn’t I admire what is beautiful because you don’t admire it? Never slap my head again! You heard that?” Caleb’s threat was harmless but it still looks quite a warning to Damien.

“How could she have managed to dress herself up within that short period? I just finished snapping with her! She’s disgusting!” Damien muttered clearly into Caleb’s hearing.
Caleb dropped his cutleries as he was tired of eating. Damien didn’t allow him to enjoy his meal and the sight of the Princess that he saw was still making heartbeat skipped.
He has always admired the princesses but doesn’t want to chase after anything else aside from admiring them. Caleb is scared of ladies which is more as a reasons why he could understand little about Damien’s problem with them.

“Why don’t you go tell her? Let’s see if your popularity will save your ass today by what you will get in return!” Caleb mimicked Damien by folding his arms on each other.

He would reply in a harsh tone but when another noise from the stairs interrupted him, Damien hit his head in anger.
‘What now!?’ he murmured as the steps from the stairs is getting closer and a silence stepped in once again.
This dinner party is just a nuisance to him.
Like they kept on disturbing his hearing by climbing down the stairs and now that he’s giving Caleb hot! Someone suddenly remembered to interrupt him.

Lazily again, his eyes darted to the stairs but Caleb didn’t miss the hint of surprise that showed in his eyes while watching the princess who was climbing down the stairs.
Unlike earlier, all the maids were behind her while she walked in the front like a leader in a simple outfit that Damien could remember seeing on her earlier.

Caleb didn’t pay attention to the Princess much, probably because he knows Damien will soon throw a silly question at him.

He stared at Damien who was looking at Vera then at Andromeda that just climbed down the stairs.
Just as expected he turned to Caleb and asked. “Why are they alike? Are they identical twins? I thought that’s the two Princesses sitting beside the King!” He gasped and even though Caleb would have laughed hard, he didn’t because he knows Damien to be crazy sometimes.
If not craziness who compares the Queen with a Princess?
“You’ve gone nut!” Caleb spoke in irritation. “Can’t you see that the first woman is the Queen and not a Princess!?” It was a question but Damien had no answer to it.

He rubbed his forehead harshly. His hoodie cap was still on his head but immediately he rubbed his head harshly, it flew backward.
“She’s disgusting!” Damien murmured and Caleb furrowed his brows in confusion. “Who?” He asked.

“The first Princess! She had to imprison her body by going to the length of impressing here because here of unnecessary attention. She’s an attention seeker and her aura is disgusting!” Damien rushed his words in irritation and Caleb had to remind himself that Damien has indeed gone nut.

Like…He was admiring Vera’s beauty but Damien finds her disgusting because of her appearance!? The heck!

To Be Continued….

So Damien found Vera disgusting! Why? 🙄😅

Do you think Vera will be able to get Damien’s attention? Like he’s even finding her disgusting.🤭😓 Let’s find out in the next episode.