My arranged marriage episode 45 – 46




(He is arrogant and mean)


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I was putting on a shirt and a boxer

Omg a shirt and a boxer

But I don’t have these on my wardrobe

Is this Jasper’s own!!!

My eyes widened in shock at the realisation!!

I immediately pulled up the duvet covering myself up

I slightly looked around the room

This isn’t my room

Could this be Jasper’s!!!!!!!!

What the hell happened that I ended up in Jasper’s bed and am also in his damn clothes!!!

“What happened?!, What am I doing in your god damn room?” I asked the man who was looking intently at me

“You don’t remember?” He asked as he licked his lips seductively

“Jasper what the hell am I doing in yo… you…your…”

Just then the memories of last night started coming back at me

**Flash back to last night*

“Put…me down” I said to Jasper who was about going into my room

“But you can’t stand, let me put you on your bed so that you can rest Emmeth”Jasper said to me

“No…I want to…I want to” I shooked my head looking at him while in his arms

“You want to…?” He asked me

“There” I pointed towards his room

His eyes slightly widened

“You want to sleep in my room?” He asked with a surprise tone

“Yes” I nodded my head smiling while my eyes was slightly closed

“No Emmeth,you aren’t yourself now” Jasper said as he tried to open Emmeth’s door

“No oo, I don’t want to ” Emmeth started crying

Jasper sighed in frustration as he started walking towards his room

He was about to lay her down when Emmeth coughed and puked (vomit) on his body

Jasper doesn’t know what to do

He doesn’t know if he should laugh or scream

He sighed as he went ahead to lay her on the bed but Emmeth clinged so hard on him

“I…I want…you to bath me” she said with her eyes closed

Jasper creased his brows up in shock

He doesn’t know what to do

Literary she is drunk and she doesn’t know what she is doing right now

“I can’t bath you Emmeth you are actually drunk, if you are fully yourself now I will accept the offer with my whole heart, but you aren’t yourself, I will just clean you up then tomorrow morning you take your bath” he said as he tried to put her on bed again but Emmeth clinged on him so tight shaking her head why making a crying face

“I stink…ple… please bath me” she said

Jasper heaved a sigh of frustration

Seems the universe wants to play with him

How can he bath her, she is drunk

If she comes to her senses and finds out he baths her

She will take that he took advantage of her senselessness

She will take him like a perverted being who takes advantage of drunk women

Even if she doesn’t take him that way

He will never try to take advantage of her

But he doesn’t know what to do because she Insist on taking a bath

Immediately an idea came on his mind

He will soak her in the bathtub with her clothes on then offs the light and remove her clothes

Nevertheless the soap foam will cover her up

Well let him first soak her in the water then another idea will come to his mind

“Alright emmeth, I will bath you, but can you come down let me go get you your clothes” he said looking down on her drunked face

Gosh she took alot of alcohol

The effect the alcohol had on her wasn’t a child’s play

“No…I want to wear…yo… you…your clothes” Emmeth said with her eyes closed

“Huh” Jasper’s eyes widened

“But my clothes can’t suit you” Jasper said

“Yo…your shirt will d…do” Emmeth replied him still clinged on his body with her hands wrapped around his neck

Jasper wanted to ruffle his hair but he couldn’t because his hands were still occupied with her

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Just then a smile played on his face, having her wear his cloth is gonna be one hell of fun and entertainment

He couldn’t imagine the look on her pretty face when she wakes up tomorrow and realize she is wearing his shirt

“Alright can you get down now let me bring the cloth from the wardrobe” Jasper said to her surprisingly Emmeth losssed her grip on him but still held on his clothes while Jasper walked towards the wardrobe

He brought out a white long sleeve shirt

He took her into the bathroom just then what emmeth said surprised him

“Go away…Lea…leave me alone,,,I hate you,,,I don’t want you to bath me” emmeth said her legs slightly shaked and she was about to fall but Jasper caught her

Emmeth flicked her eyes open as anger was visible on her face

“Leave me alone,,,go away” she released herself from him

Jasper was relieved on the account that he won’t bath her again but on the contrary he is worried if she will be alright in there alone

“Are you sure?” He asked

“Go away,,,you,,, you want to see my nakedness” Emmeth wrapped her hands around her body

Jasper chuckled as he left the bathroom closing it behind him

I walked towards his wardrobe as he took out of his pair of clothes

After changing his clothes

He slumped on the bed as his eyes diverted towards the bathroom door

“Hope she will be Al…” He didn’t finish his words when the bathroom door open revealing emmeth coming out from the bathroom

Jasper’s mouth formed an 0 at the way Emmeth was looking

The effect of her wearing his clothes was having on him

She watched him as she walked and felled on the bed as if she was drained of strength

He was confused on how she managed to bath herself despite her drunkness

He was still lost in thoughts when Emmeth did another wonder

She wrapped her legs around him and also her hands

“I li…like yo…you Jasper please don’t…hurt me again” she smiled with her eyes closed as she drift away in sleep

Jasper whole being was drained of strength all of a sudden at her words

He wanted to punch himself for listening to his father’s words

He was a fool by being controlled by him

Thank goodness his mother came to him in the dream and talking some sense into him

If not he would have lossed this precious diamond that is in his arms right now

He moved his hands as he removed the strands of hair from her face

Sadness was written all over his face

“Am sorry Emmeth,,,I won’t hurt you again, I will make you the happiest woman on Earth” he said as he kissed her forehead

Emmeth moved in her sleep as a smile played on her face

***End of last’s night flash back

Emmeth widened her eyes on the account of remembering all that transpired between her and Jasper last night

All the silly talks and silly things she did

She cursed inwardly for taking a lot of alcohol last night

She wished that the ground would open and swallow her whole

She wanted to disapear

“Do you remember now?” Jasper asked with a smirk

Emmeth blinks her eyes, she didn’t look at his direction but she definitely knew he was smirking

“You said you like me” Jasper said as he drawed near towards her

Emmeth looked down at him

Jasper licked his lips a smile not escaping his face

“My clothes look so damn good on you” he licked his lips again

“What if I have actually bath you last night,,,what do you think will…”

“Ahhahhhhh!!!!!” Emmeth screamed so loud as she ran out of the room

Emmeth ran inside her room locking it up

She rushed towards her mirror

Taking a view of herself she screamed again as she saw the full pictures of what she did last night

They were visible on her face

She will never go out of this room today

She doesn’t even know how she will face Jasper

She ruffled her hair as she walked towards the bed falling on top of it

“Silly you Emmeth”

“Silly you Emmeth”

“What have you done?” She cursed herself crying but tears were not coming out of her eyes because it was a cry of shame and embarrassment


Am still in my room

I can’t even get myself out of here

Not until Jasper leaves for work then I will leave

I need to go visit Bella

I need to tell her what happened last night and how I embarrassed myself

I have even forgotten on the account that Jasper brought some women into this house last night and even acted coldly towards me

Is he a mood switcher

Do I look like a toy that he has to play with when he is bored and dump when he is satisfied

Well on the contrary he Never took advantage of me last night

Although what happened wasn’t that clear to me but he was so nice last night

What actually happened to him last night?

Well I won’t allow him have his way easily with me again!

But the fact here is that I really embarrassed myself infront of him last night

I even told him that I like him

Well I don’t think he will take that serious because I wasn’t myself then

Gosh I need to see Bella

I ate my breakfast inside this room in the Morning

Cleo served me breakfast inside this room

Phew I think Jasper has left already because am hearing a sound of car

I came down from the bed as I rushed towards my window

There I saw Jasper’s car leaving through the gate

I heaved a sigh of relief as I picked my hand bag

I wore a t shirt and a gean trouser

I pack my hair up

I didn’t apply make up on my face

I slightly open my door as I peep out before coming out in full

I locked my door heaving a sigh of relief

I looked at Jasper’s door remembering what happened last night

I shook my head as I started decending the steps

Just then I felt a huge hand around my waist hopping me up

Carrying me in a bridal style

My Body body shuddered in terror because I knew nobody was behind me when I started decending the stairs

I looked up and was surprised on whom was carrying me in his huge arms

“You can’t hide forever red bunny” Jasper smirked as he started decending the stairs

“Put me down!!” I struggled to free myself but my attempt was a failure

“Calm down elephant, I don’t think you wanna break into two, more struggles from you, you will break ” he smirked

“Put me the hell down!!,,,you monkey!!” I yelled

But he didn’t obliged

He walked towards the entrance door as he pulled it open

He walked outside with me still in his arms

Skyler seeing us immediately opened the car back door for us

I felt so embarrassed because I was still in Jasper’s arms

This man called my husband doesn’t have shame at all

Jasper gently dropped on the seat

“Where are you taking me to?” I asked with a calm voice but anger was visible on it



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