My Arranged Marriage

My arranged marriage episode 47 – 48




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


“Where are you taking me to?” I asked with a calm voice but anger was visible on it

“Shopping” he replied with a sly smile

“Get me outta here,,,what do you take me for…” Before I can finish my words he shut the door close

This damn man

Who is he trying to play with again

“Jasper open this door!” I yelled as I tried to open the door but it was locked

“Hey calm down” Jasper entered the car closing the door behind him, a smile playing on his face

No Emmeth don’t be deceived by his silly smile

He doesn’t have any whatsoever right to control me the way he wants

“Jasper I want to get down, am not going anywhere with you” I said with anger

“You can go Skyler” Jasper said to the driver

“Okay sir” Skyler said as he started the engine of the car driving away

“Seriously, I said I want to get down” I said with furry

Jasper smiled at me as he drawed near towards me, I slightly shifted until I was clinged on the car door beside me

His gaze was allover me, his eyes was dreamy, I immediately looked away not wanting to meet his eyes because if I do I will definitely fall into his traps again

I felt his hot breath on my face

My heart started beating so damn fast

My fingers were clenched on my bag because of nervous

“Are you angry with me?” He asked with a hoarsed voice, I felt so uncomfortable at the way he was looking at me

Did he just asked me if am angry!

This guy is so full of himself!

I just wanted to punch his face

With his question the anger in me increased, I raised my face up

“Why would you be asking me such questions, you have every right to do as you wish, you have every right to be with any woman you want, you have every right to kiss and fall in love with…” I couldn’t finish my words because Jasper’s lips suddenly captured mine kissing me so deeply

My eyes widened up at the sudden attack of his lips

I Never expected it

Omg this should be our second lips

I was about to close my eyes and enjoy the kiss, just then my eyes widened up at the realisation of how he kissed those girls last night

I immediately pushed him away and gave him a slap on the face

“How dare you, you don’t have any right to kiss me any time you want, am not a toy that you use to play around with anytime you want to” I yelled my breath hooking up because tears were trying to find its way towards my eyes

But I instantly suck them back to their shells because I can’t allow him to see how fragile I am

“Emmeth…I am…”

“I don’t wanna hear it, like I said you have every right to be with anyone you want, Jasper I want to get down fr…” I couldn’t finish my words because he suddenly hugged me

“Am sorry Emmeth, yesterday I…I visited my mom’s grave, so I was so down and heart broken that I didn’t know when I got myself drunk, which made me took some women back home, but I didn’t even get myself to touch them because you were all in my thoughts, you are the only one I want Emmeth” Jasper said as he carassssed my cheeks

I was looking intently at him

All the anger in me flushed away and was replaced with unfathomable emotions

He visited his mom’s grave yesterday and got himself drunk

Why did I even jump into conclusion last night

I should have been there with him when his heart was heavy

Its so heart breaking to loss a mother at a tender age

Looking into his eyes now all I see is sorrow and loneliness and I feel like I should replace that emptiness in his eyes

I moved my hands as I placed it on his cheeks

“Are you okay?” I gently asked him

He instantly nodded his head

“Now that am here with you am okay, I didn’t mean to hurt you yesterday, you aren’t my toy babe, you are so special to me, I don’t wanna be with any other woman but you Emmeth, I don’t know how to say it but you kind of give me life, there is that feelings I never felt before that I always felt when am around you” Jasper said looking deeply into my eyes

My hands on his cheeks weaken because of his words

Is he confessing to me, It seems as if am dreaming

Those words really penetrated into my body and soul

My heart swelled up immediately, I felt as if am on top of the word

Is he the man for me?

But what if all he is saying is lies but it maybe true because looking into his eyes now all am seeing is sincerity

My hands on his cheeks shaked as I wanted to withdraw it but he immediately held on it

“You complete me emmeth, I don’t know how it happened, but I think am madly inlove with you, I love you Emmeth” Jasper words ranged like bell into my ears

I was shocked beyond core and my eyes were slightly widened

I closed my eyes and open it again to know if I was dreaming but no I wasn’t dreaming

Is damn reality

The almighty Jasper just confessed his feelings to me

He leaned forward towards my face

“Please babe give me a chance to prove to you that am for real” he said with a gentle voice as he kissed my forehead

He looked deep into my eyes as he said again


I was tongue tied,I couldn’t get myself to talk again

I blinked my eyes as nodding my head

He immediately captured my lips, kissing me slowly, I felt his tongue dived to my mouth, surveying and kissing me deeply

Omg I don’t want this kiss to end

This is the most happiest day of my life

My childhood dream has come to past

Yes my childhood dream

Doing my childhood I have always dreamed to be Jasper’s girlfriend when i was in kindergarten but I couldn’t approach him because I was an ugly fat girl

In my high school years I approached him but he rejected me awfully

After my college education we got married which was arranged by our parents

We hated each other, we were like cat and dog in the same house

One day I made up my mind to build myself, to make a move in other to be successful

Here am I today, been romantically kissed by the man I always dreamed to be with

Here am I in his arms and body

Here am I been legally married to him

Here am I been loved by him

After the intense kiss

Jasper hugged me so passionately

“Thank you Emmeth for accepting me” Jasper said

“Please don’t hurt my feelings” I said as I hugged him back

“I promise to make you the happiest woman on Earth” Jasper said

A satisfying smiled played on my face

“Thanks for loving me Jasper”

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“We are here babe” Jasper said to emmeth who was resting on his chest

Emmeth sat up as a smile played on her pretty face

“Nice mall” Emmeth said

Jasper smiled as he removed her strands of hair from her face

“Wait I will open the door” Jasper as he alighted the car

Going towards the other side he opened Emmeth’s door

He moved his hands to carry her

“What are doing?” Emmeth asked with a slightly creased brows

“I want to carry my princess of course” Jasper said with a wink

Emmeth instantly blushed immediately

“No you can’t we are in the public” Emmeth said

“Who cares, is it unlawful to carry my wife?” Jasper asked with a smirk

“No is not, but I can walk on my own please” emmeth said

“Okay bunny” Jasper said as he made way for emmeth to alight the car

“Monkey” Emmeth muttered beneath her

“What did you say?” Jasper asked

“Nothing, I said alright handsome” Emmeth shined her teeth

“Okay Elephant” Jasper muttered beneath him

“Huh?” Emmeth said

“I mean okay pretty” Jasper chuckled

Emmeth just rolled her eyes at him as they walked into the mall hand in hand

They workers there seeing them as a well known people in the society welcomed them

Emmeth and Jasper started shopping alot of things both clothes, jewelries and so many others

Jasper was sitting down with his leg crossed

His hands were on his cheeks while his eyes was glued on the changing room Emmeth has entered

🗣️Omg he is so damn handsome 🗣️

🗣️How I wish am the one he is waiting for now🗣️

🗣️Gosh I just wanna faint, he is even more good looking in the flesh than in the photos 🗣️

🗣️His wife is so lucky 🗣️

The girls that saw him blushed and gossiped

But Jasper didn’t care about them or even looked at their side

He is used to girls crushing over him

And he has had a whole lot of the beautiful wealthy ones on his bed

But now he can’t even get himself to look at them again or to drowl over a beautiful lady because he now has someone whom his heart beats for

Just then the changing room door flipped open revealing emmeth

She was wearing a silver sleeveless short gown, which had no mercy on showing off all her curves and endowed

Jasper mouth slighty opened at the goddess before him

Yes his mouth has been opening on all the clothes Emmeth has been putting on

“How is it?” Emmeth asked with her head down because of the way Jasper was looking at her

It was as if he is gonna eat her raw now

Jasper instantly gulp down lossening his tie as if it was choking him up

“This one is also a no” Jasper said, he is never gonna allow her to wear this because the clothe is so damn tempting, he just wanted to pounce on her now talkless of when another man sees her on those

“What?” Emmeth flicked her lashes, she never expected him to also reject this one

“This is definitely the fourth beautiful clothes you have rejected” Emmeth was angry now

“Wait am i that ugly that these clothes doesn’t fit me?” Emmeth asked

Jasper’s knees weakened at her question

Seems she doesn’t know how crazy she drives him

Jasper walked over to her

“Babe you so beautiful, that any cloths you wore will look so damn hot on you” Jasper said

“Then why keep rejecting them?” Emmeth asked confused

“Because I don’t any other man to behold this beauty, I want to be the only man who will be the eye beholder of your beauty” Jasper said

“You” Emmeth rolled her eyes at him

Now she understands what he meant

Maybe he is a jealous type

“Am definitely taking all of them” Emmeth went back into the dressing room

“No you…” Jasper wanted to stop her but emmeth has already shut the door

“I will get myself prepared to poke out some dudes eyes, gosh emmeth please don’t do this” he cursed

After buying enough of clothes

They went to the jewelry side

Emmeth’s eyes caught the beautiful diamonds engagement rings

She has always wanted to wear those

“Do you want one?” Jasper asked seeing the way she is looking at the engagement

“No, I, I don’t wwant to” Emmeth blinks her eyes as she walked passed it

Jasper returned his eyes at the beautiful engagements

He looked at Emmeth

“Do you…” He wanted to talk but emmeth cut him off

“Am going to buy some women stuffs , don’t follow me” emmeth warned as she walked away

Jasper smirked fully aware of what she mearnt by women stuffs

“Better don’t buy a lot of pads because sooner or later you won’t be needing them” he muttered to himself as he followed her



**The next day**

“What’s up dude why that face ?” Jasper asked Eric who sat down

His face was sore and sadness was written all over his face

“She broked up with me” Eric said

“Who ?” Jasper asked

“My girlfriend of course” Eric gave him a hard glare

Jasper got up from his seat

His hands on his pocket

He walked towards his glass window view

“My problem is bigger than yours, I called you here because I need your help Eric, I don’t know how to do This, this has been the most difficult task in my Life, the most difficult puzzle I have ever seen” Jasper said

Eric sore face was immediately replace with worry

He had never seen Jasper in such a delimma before, Jasper is so smart and intelligent that he can handle any situation

“What’s that?” Eric asked

“I want to propose” Jasper said

After a few seconds of silence

Eric burst out into a loud mocking laughter….


T. B. C

Hehehehe Eric😂😂

Abeg make we join Eric laugh jare😂😂

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