My arranged marriage episode 43 – 44




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


“But…but why does it hurt so much” I held my heart as tears flowed down my eyes

It hurts so much

More than how it hurts when he body shamed me doing our high school days

How can I be this foolish by falling into his tricks

I gave him my first kiss!!

Hahahaha this is funny!!

My mind and heart is steaming hot

I need to calm myself down

I quietly closed my door as I walked down the stairs

My heart was heavy

I want to let it all out

My emotions,,,they are suffocating me

I slowly walked down the stairs

I walked as if I was counting my steps

It was as if am a walking Dead

I walked towards the wine shelf as I took out an alcoholic wine

Who would have thought that I Emmeth will ever teast Alcoholic drink in my entire life

I hate alcohol,,, even the smell of it disgust me

But here am I about to have a teast of it not only having a teast of it but am actually about to drink it

Well this all I needed now

“Hope you are gonna help me?” I asked looking at the wine

I took a glass cup as I walked towards the cushion

I poured myself a full glass of it

Gosh the smell is really bad but nevertheless am gonna have it

I took a sip of it

“Gosh” I flicked my tongue out

How does people enjoy this sour drink

Gosh this is bad

I took another sip as I went into a deep thought

Tears drop down my eyes

“No he doesn’t deserve your tears” I muttered silently to myself cleaning my tears

Before I know it I have finished the full glass of wine

I chuckled as I poured myself another one

By now my head is slightly turning around like am feeling a little tipsy

**Jasper’s room

“What’s all this” one of the girls Jasper went into his room with said to the other one,,, their eyes glued on the man who was lying down snoring away

“Gosh!” the second girl cursed

“Jasper,wake up you can’t keep us hanging here” the first girl said trying to wake Jasper but the man turned the other side sleeping away

“This is the very moment I have been waiting for , a moment where by am on his bed having crazy fun with him” the second girl said as she lick her lips thinking on what he would be doing to them if he wasn’t sleeping

“Me too” the first girl said as she observed Jasper

She sighed picking up her bag

“What are you doing?” The second girl asked

“Leaving of course, oh you don’t expect me to just sleep and watch someone who has slept off, am here to have fun not watch someone who is sleeping” the first girl replied

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“Gosh he is so damn hot, I can’t get myself to leave, I don’t wanna miss this opportunity girl” the second girl bit her lips picturing Jasper and herself in a hot position

“Am leaving, remember he didn’t pick us with his clear eyes, just imagine if he wakes up and sees us here” the first girl said as she left the room

“Wait for me!” the second girlpicked her bag up as she rushed off along side with the other girl

“Young ladies, you…yyou guys are leaving, hope you had lots of ffun” Emmeth said to them

“Of course” the second girl rolled her eyes

“She is actually drunk, don’t reply her” the first girl pulled the second one away as they left

“Hahahaha, am really enjoying this” emmeth said as she sip on her alcohol

Jasper was in a deep sleep, just then he travelled off to the dream world

He saw himself on an empty railway

“What am I doing here?” he asked to himself looking around

“Who is that?” He asked himself looking forward as he saw a woman sitting down with her head down

He doesn’t know why but he started walking towards her

“Hey” he called

Just then the woman raised up her head as a smile played on her face

“You came” she said

“Mom” Jasper called with his eyes slightly widened

“Yes son” his mother said with a smile as she stood up

“Is this really you?” Jasper tried to approach her more further

“No! don’t come any closer” his mother warned

“Why mom, do you know how long I have been waiting for this moment, I want to hug you mom, I want to have you by my side” Jasper said as tears dropped down his eyes

“I wish the same son, but am now different from you, you are in another world and am in another world” his mother said

“Why mom?, why did you leave me?, I didn’t even get to Meet you…you” Jasper said with a broken voice

“Am so sorry son, everything that happens has a reason, I have alot to tell you but since you don’t belong here and will soon leave I will try to cut the long story short” his mother said

“Mom, am pained” Jasper said

“Am sorry so sorry son but you have someone on Earth who is been given to you by your maker, she is the one who can mend your heart son, she is the one who can make you feel the love of a mother and a wife, she is the one son” his mother said

“Mom but…”

“You are hurting her son, forget the pass don’t let anyone led you astray because you will end up regretting it, don’t do anything that you will end up saying had I know, her heart is shattered son, believe in her and yourself, remember everything that happens has a reason for that, open your heart and accept what is been given to you son” his mother said

“Am confused mom, I don’t know what to do again” Jasper said

“Just follow your heart son, don’t be blinded by the past, rather forget about it and be focused on the future, because the future has alot to unfold, so much things at it underneath,,, you are hurting her son, you are hurting her, just know that when a woman’s heart is been broken into many pieces it will be so hard to be mended” his mother said as she observed his expression, she nods her head knowing that her words is making a progress

“Now go son and build up a home!, go and amend her heart!, Go now!! Go!!!” His mother said with a deep masculine voice


Just then Jasper spranged up from bed

“Mom!” He called looking around, he was seriously sweating

“Emmeth!” He immediately came down from the bed as he went towards his door and pulled it open

He walked towards Emmeth’s door as he started knocking on it

“Emmeth!” he called but there was know answer

“Emmeth please open up am so sorry” he knocked again but got no reply

He knocked several times but got know reply so he pulled the door open and rushed inside

But Emmeth’s bed was empty

“Emmeth where are you?, Are you in the bathroom?” he knocked on the bathroom door several times but still he got know reply

He also pulled the bathroom door open but still he didn’t see her

“Gosh where are you Emmeth?” He ruffled his hair

His minding going on where emmeth would be

“Sitting room, maybe she is there” he left the room immediately as he went down the stairs

“Omg emmeth what are you doing?” He asked as he collected the bottle of alcohol from Emmeth who was about to drink it

“Y…you…you” emmeth said with tipsy tone, her eyes was becoming blurry

“Are you okay, am sorry Emmeth” Jasper said as he held on her because she was about to fall down from the couch

“Hahaha…am…am fine…am perfectly okay… hahaha” emmeth laughed

Jasper didn’t say anything as he held on her while looking at her

“I hate… yo…you, you…you hurt me alot…but don’t worry I will always be by your side as …as yourrrr super…wo… woman hahahah, come here…” Emmeth said pouting out her lips, bringing her face closer to Jasper’s own while she held on his collar drawing him down

“Gosh you have dranked alot emmeth” Jasper said with a low voice while looking at her as she is making the effort to kiss him

Her lips was now closer to his own when she immediately losssed her grip on his collar sleeping away

Jasper immediately hopped her in his arms as he walked towards the stairs


I woked up feeling so weak and my head was heavy with headache

Gosh am having a whole lot of headache now

But my eyes was still heavy with sleep

Maybe I needed more sleep

So I immediately held on the pillow so tight

Hugging it so damn well

Wow why is my pillow so warm and it also smells nice

And again is so large and it feels comfortable

I sniffed smiling

“Sleeping beauty” I heard someone’s voice

No the voice was actually talking to me!

No it was actually near me!

I immediately flicked my eyes open as it widened on whom I saw

I saw someone’s face looking intently at me , no!, It was actually someones eyes!

No maybe am actually seeing double !

So I closed my eyes again

“The way you are holding me, it’s making me think other wise, gosh elephant” the person said again

I immediately opened my eyes again, lo and behold it was actually Jasper who was lying down facing me !

And and he was the warm pillow I was holding so damn tight!

My hands were wrapped around his waist while my legs was also wrapped around him

When my mind came to understand to what was actually happening or what had happened

I immediately spranged up from the bed

“What happened?” I asked Jasper looking down at him

He sat up with his hands on his head as a smirk played on his face

“Something that happens between two married couples” he said with a smirk

“What?!” My eyes widened as I looked down at my body


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