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My dream high school episode 26

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 26🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦

(h£lman’s High School)
“Tristan!” I called immediately I got to cla$$ and saw h¡m already on h¡s seat.
h£ looked up and smiled at me.
“I missed you yesterday.” h£ said immediately I sat d©wΠ.
“Me too.” I said, but that was a lie. I really didn’t feel that.
“Teach£rs asked of you yesterday especially Mr Ren and Mr Grants.” Tristan said and I laugh£d.
“Did you get it?” h£ asked.
I came to h¡s ear, “Yes I did. I was disguised. It was perfect I’ll be work!ng per-time.” I wh¡spered.
“Wow but you are so tak!ng a great risk,Olivia.” h£ said.
“I’m f!ne. I’ll be leav!ng school by 1pm.” I said.
“You won’t be stay!ng for th£ praticals?” h£ asked.
“I’ve never been good on that.” I said.
h£ poked my hair.
“I’m wonder!ng how you looked yesterday.” h£ said.
“Scary I th!nk.” I laugh£d but that’s a lie. Prissy said I’m cute.
“That won’t be true.” Tristan said.
Dur!ng lunch, j√$t an hour left for me to go, Tristan and I went over to th£ cafe close to th£ school field and Tristan bought two snacks and two small icecream cups.
“h£re.” h£ said, [email protected]!ng me one buscuit and one icecream
“Thanks.” I smiled.
We sat on one of th£ two bench£s close to th£ cafe.
“Did you meet anyone?” h£ asked.
“Wh£re? I don’t get.” I said as I bit from th£ chocolate buscuit.
“I mean at MacHills, you made a friend?” h£ said.
“j√$t Prissy, a colleague -$h£’s cool.” I said.
“No student? no guy?” h£ asked.
I glanced at h¡m.
It’s true that i’ve not told h¡m ab©vt Noel or Sophia. I don’t th!nk h£ have to know yet.
“No. Though I wish to have soon.” I said and h£ nodded.
We ate silently, watch!ng students !n th£ field.
“Olivia?” h£ called, break!ng th£ silence.
“My mom wants me to have a girlfriend.” h£ said and I chuckled.
“Really? Your mom must be like m!ne.” I said with a smile.
My mom said someth!ng like that last night.
“A rich girlfriend.” h£ said and I paused my ch£w and gazed at h¡m.
“Wh.. what?” I asked.
“Olivia I’m sorry I’ve hide th¡s from you for two weeks now. My mom works as a cook for th£ ‘Hirschmans’ I told you.” h£ said.
“Yes. You did. A month ago I th!nk.” I said.
“Two weeks ago, Mrs Hirschman’s daughter misplaced h£r !nhaler and wh£n h£r ‘stuff’ started, I was th£re to [email protected] my mom h£r gla$$es which $h£ forgot. Everyone !nclud!ng th£ maids were search!ng for th£ !nhaler, but I found it at th£ w!ndow side, it was hiden by th£ thick curta!n.
$h£ got h£rself m!nutes later. Mrs Hirschman and h£r daughter liked me from th£n, especially h£r daughter but I thought it was j√$t a mere lik!ng untill last week, Mrs Hirschman’s daughter told me $h£ likes me alot.” Tristan said.
“Alot?. It should be a mere like too. j√$t might be too much.” I said.
“No. $h£ told me that $h£ has feel!ngs for me and $h£ pecked me after say!ng $h£ love me.” h£ said.
“Oh.” I mumbled.
Did I feel jealous? No.
“So?” I asked.
“That’s weird. I don’t like h£r one bit, but mom j√$t don’t wanna listen to me.” h£ said.
“Well try to love h£r too. Th£y are wealthy, you know.” I said.
h£ threw me a cold glance.
“$h£’s beautiful and rich but th£re’s someone else !n my h£art.” h£ said.
“Who?” I asked.
“I can’t tell you now.” h£ said.
“But you told me ab©vt th£ rich girl, what’s th£re !n complet!ng th£ story to me.?” I said and h£ gave me a soft glare that disappeared j√$t immediately.
“It’s not a story.” h£ said.
“Oh it’s not. Well what’s th£ girl’s name. Do $h£ school !n macHills?” I asked.

“$h£’s Grace and yeah $h£ school !n MacHills.” h£ said.
I nodded thoughfvlly, “Grace.. Grace. Is $h£ white complexioned? fair, tan or dark? What’s h£r hair colour so I could identify it’s h£r once I see h£r.” I said.
“$h£’s fair with a curly brown hair and really slim and carries a big smile.” h£ said.
“Oh.. I saw a lot of girls like that yesterday.” I said with a sigh.
“$h£’s !n 12th grade. You might meet h£r someday.” h£ said.
“Well, why not accept h£r. $h£ said that $h£ loves you” I said.
“I don’t like h£r. Told you my h£art has someone else.” h£ said coldly.
“Who th£n? I could h£lp you w!n h£r love.” I said with a gr!n. h£ j√$t smiled.
“Oh.. you’ll know h£r soon. Come let’s go, you ‘ll soon be leav!ng to work.” h£ said and I laugh£d.
While we h£aded [email protected]¢k to cla$$, I couldn’t h£lp but th!nk who really has Tristan’s h£art?
My subconsciousness told me that -it’s me but I shut it up.
We are j√$t friends!

💦Noel’s POV💦

I had my phone as I scrolled through my songs list for Dj Khaled -Do You M!nd.
My h£adset perfect on my h£ad with my [email protected]¢kpack hung on my [email protected]¢k.
Sophia told me to wait a while for h£r at th£ music hall, $h£ need to f!nd someth!ng at th£ Library.
I turned !nto anoth£r hallway lead!ng to th£ staircase that leads to th£ school music-hall and scroll!ng through my phone.
I didn’t see h£r com!ng.
$h£ was runn!ng towards I guess and damn it!
$h£ bumped !nto me and my phone fell off and cra$h£d on th£ tiled floor.
What th£ h£ll! what excuse do $h£ have to give now!

I stared at h£r as $h£ began mov!ng [email protected]¢kwards step by step with a frightened eyes and [email protected] on h£r m©vth.
$h£ kept mov!ng [email protected]¢kwards and I was enraged at th£ stupid cleaner.
“Are you try!ng to run away huh!” I fumed and $h£ shook h£r h£ad frightfvlly and ru$h£d towards, knelt d©wΠ, picked th£ phone and stretch£d it to me with shaky [email protected]
My phone screen was scratch£d.
h£r eyes fixed on me !n both fear and anoth£r expression I can’t tell.
“No apology? now you will have that phone and give it [email protected]¢k to me unscratch£d.” I said.
$h£ [email protected] and h£r face fell.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry please.” $h£ said and raised h£r face aga!n to fix h£r eyes on m!ne.
I grabb£d th£ phone and walked away.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

Oh my God! oh my God!
That was Noel. Why didn’t I look well.
I was runn!ng cos I was late.
Oh my God I bumped !nto h¡m and now h£’s phone’s scratch£d!
What was I th!nk!ng!
Noel my pr!nce-charm!ng. Now h£’s so annoyed with me.
I feel like slapp!ng myself.
Why did I had to run !nto h¡m!
I watch£d h¡m turn !nto th£ first narrow hallway that leads to a staircase.
I stood up and went over beh!nd th£ wall and peeped at h¡m as h£ climb£d up th£ staircase.
Oh my! h£’s so [email protected] Look at h¡s hair. Look at th£ way h£ walks.
h¡s blue eyes and p!nk l¡ps.
I knocked my h£ad.
Why did I had to bump !nto h¡m…and let h¡s phone [email protected]|| off h¡s [email protected] to th£ floor. h£ must have bought it with a h*g£ amount of money.
Well th£ collid!ng was really sweet.
I sigh£d and shut my eyes as I s1©w-motionally thought ab©vt th£ bump!ng few m!nutes ago.
I was runn!ng… runn!ng.. runn!ng, th£n s1©wly… I bumped… !nto h¡m. h¡s b©dy is so warm and welcom!ng.
Th£n I stumbled… and was [email protected]||!ng.. [email protected]||!ng.. but h£ reach£d for me and saved me.. !n h¡s strong armsss..
“Ahhh!” I cried ©vt as I landed !nto someone’s [email protected]
Is my imag!nations happen!ng or what?
“Olivia! what’s mak!ng you [email protected]||!” Prissy said and I jumped ©vt of h£r [email protected]
“Sorry Prissy. My eyes were dizzy and I th!nk I feel nausea.” I said and with that ran pa$$ h£r !nto th£ washroom pa$$ageway.
I ₱u$h£d !nto one of th£ washrooms and slammed th£ door shut.
Star!ng at my disguised self on th£ mirror, I could see bl!nk of tear roll d©wΠ.
“I shouldn’t have bump !nto h¡m.” I muttered and cleaned off th£ tear.
Is h£ ever gonna be nice to me h£re?
“Olivia!” Prissy’s voice called beh!nd th£ door.
“I’m com!ng.” I said, cleaned m©r£ tears and walked ©vt.
“Sorry okay, Mrs Summer musn’t h£ar that you came late to work. Let’s go.” $h£ said and ₱v||ed me along.
I couldn’t get Noel off my h£ad.

💦Noel’s POV💦

After we were done s!ng!ng, we left th£ hall and h£aded d©wΠstairs.
Th£ song was cool and h£r voice has really developed good.
It was a k!nd of song that I felt was meant ‘for me and h£r’ but $h£ didn’t say it.
I guess th£ lyrics said it all.
“You said a girl cleaner bumped !nto you?” Sophia asked as we got d©wΠ th£ staircase.
“Yeah. j√$t right th£re.” I said and po!nted at th£ spot. “$h£ acted k!nda clumsy.” I said.
After wav!ng Sophia bye, I turned towards my car and that was wh£n I h£ard th£ girl cleaner call me and runn!ng forward.
h£r black hair packed !n a ponytail and h£r work gown fitted h£r good.
I watch£d h£r get close and stood right !n my front.
“Can.. can I ask for forgiveness?” $h£ said.
I chuckled. That was quite funny.
“Do I look like some pastor?” I asked.
“No.. I mean, can you j√$t forgive me for bump!ng !nto you and for th£ phone screen scratch? I’m so sorry. please, I’m begg!ng you” $h£ begged.
“Well you don–” but $h£ !nterrupted.
“Give me a punishment please, th£ one I can do.” $h£ said.
“I don’t need to.” I said, try!ng to get h£r away.
“No please do.” $h£ said and jo!ned h£r [email protected] togeth£r !n plea.
“Alright, f!ne.” I see th£ and thought for awhile.
“Write an Apology letter not less than two thousand words, let me have it at th£ spot you bumped !nto me by 3pm tomorrow.” I said and $h£ [email protected], th£n a wide smile appeared on h£r face.
“I will do that my pr–” $h£ suddenly h£ld h£r m©vth and with that, $h£ ran off.
I shook my h£ad, and went !nto my car.
I really don’t know th£ reason, but I found my self chuckl!ng as I drove ©vt of school……


Now th£ real Drama j√$t began.
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