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🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Thirty🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation Mark drove down to the direction they followed There was no sign of their car but Mark didn't give up He drove for some minutes before he stopped "Damn it!!!!" He shouted hitting his hand on the steering wheel ++±++ ==={{🏠}}Mr Jones Residence{{🏠}}=== Mr and Mrs Jones were already back from work They were in the Balcony chatting and laughing A plate of cookies 😋 was also before them, making the enjoyment more sweet "I haven't heard from your sister since I arrived here" Mrs Jones said arranging the cookies in her mouth "Since that incident,we lost contact but I guess everything is just happening so soon because I saw her at our meeting, I was so surprised" Mr Jones replied "Aren't we supposed to throw a big party for this?" Mrs Jones asked "Are you just asking?" Mr Jones returned the question making Mrs Jones to withdraw her face Mr Jones understood why and smiled "That's what is sure but we are still not complete, we need James" Mr Jones added "It's not easy for him to believe" Mrs Jones replied "I understand him totally but he doesn't know how my own life is" Mr Jones said Not quite long, Mark drove in making them to change the direction of their look to the parking spot where Mark drove to Mark got down and walked up to them "Good afternoon Dad, good afternoon Mom" Mark greeted bowing a little He tried so much to control his mood His mind was just to go inside immediately they responded "Good, how was today's lesson?" Mrs Jones asked smiling "It was great" Mark replied "And James? Did you get to know where he is?" Mrs Jones asked again She trusts his son when it comes in taking care of himself but she still has to ask after him "Yes, I understand why he refused coming here but don't worry, I have my own way of doing things" Mark replied as he managed to smile "I won't doubt you" Mrs Jones said smiling as well Meanwhile Mr Jones was just watching throughout the conversation and was also keeping himself busy with the cookies "Thanks" Mark said as he meant to walk in "Is this the new pattern?" Mr Jones asked all of a sudden Mrs Jones was confused because she didn't get that "You suppose to know when am in the mood" Mark said making Mrs Jones to turn to him "Mom watch before he will finish the cookies" Mark added as everyone burst out laughing Mark was able to use the opportunity to excuse himself "He's just exactly your match" Mrs Jones said still laughing ++±++ ====={{{{{🏫}}}}} School {{{{{🏫}}}}}===== The following morning, it was still early when Mrs Linda (Mikhail's mother) came to school She asked for the principal's office and headed there without wasting time "Am just surprised hearing this because such thing haven't happened in this school" the principal said after listening to Mrs Linda's complain "But what about his driver?" The principal added asking "Mikhail called him earlier yesterday and asked him not to come that he would take public bus, I thought you people were going somewhere" Mrs Linda replied "That's another strange thing here" the principal said becoming scared knowing that it wasn't a little war "Don't worry, I will handle this, please you have calm down" the principal added "Calm down? When my son is missing?!" Mrs Linda asked almost shouting "The fault isn't actually mine but I know that he is under my control, that's why I am taking the responsibility, I will handle it, police will be on it" the principal tried calming her down ± In the class, everyone was busy with their books but only Lucy and Rita was aware that Mikhail and Mark wasn't at school that day "Good morning class" the principal greeted as he walked inside the class "Good morning principal" "It's really sad that something is happening in-between us but we aren't aware of it" the principal said as everyone became confused looking around "Mikhail is reported missing but none of you informed me" the principal added "What!!" The whole class screamed James was also surprised hearing that "I am here to ask Mark but where's he?" The principal asked "He haven't been to school" Lucy replied from the back That was when James noticed that Mark wasn't at school as he turned It's true that they normally talk but they do keep distance when they're at school Lucy and Rita was already concluding that James has hand on that but wouldn't say it out James eyes also went to where Becky normally stay but she wasn't there She was also absent Even Philip haven't been coming to school since that day James left their gang "For that reason, we aren't going to continue with today's lesson because we don't know who's next in line" the principal said bringing James back his face forward "Stay close to your email for feedbacks because we will be handling this" the principal added "That's all for today, you all can now go" the principal concluded and left the class James was the first to left the class ++±++ ==≠=={{{{{🏨}}}}} Hotel {{{{{🏨}}}}}==≠== James drove in and parked at the parking spot Mark was already parking probably waiting for him As he saw James parked, he stepped out of his car Locked it and lean on it as he waited for James James in the other hand stepped down but didn't bother looking around because he was lost thinking of what he heard He won't take it easy with them if they attempt touching Mark Not after discovering that he was his twin brother He locked his car and meant to walk in when his eyes caught Mark standing not too far from him "You didn't come to school today why?" James asked almost shouting just to be sure that Mark heard him as he walked out from where he was Mark did as well as they met together "I just feel like because I thought am no longer safe" Mark replied James face changed as he turned facing Mark By then, they were already matching in "Did they really come?" James asked Mark understand him immediately "Of course they did, just as we left yesterday, a car drove just right before us, Becky was in their car shouting help, Mikhail being faster ran ahead of me, tries helping but it ended up being a plan as they kidnapped him" Mark replied "Why would you people tried that, you and I know that Becky was always against you and Lucy, now knowing that am no longer part of them, she has to do something, who knows maybe you were the target" James said They walked up to his door He opened it and they walked inside his room "So what is your plan because I know you have one?" James asked as he locked his door turning and Mark was already on his bed "Am planning on that but I have somewhere that I will like us to go" Mark said sitting up properly "Where could that possibly be?" James asked as he sat on a chair in the room, leaving Mark alone on the bed "Have you ever met Lucy's father?" Mark returned the question "That's always you but no" James replied "That's where I want us to go to" Mark said "Why?" James asked confused "Since you know her mother and am your brother why won't you?" Mark stylishly returned the question ± After few minutes, James has agreed He took his bath and dressed up "Sometimes you can just let go of things and come to visit us" Mark said as James remained still for secs "Seriously you won't understand, I can't just stand Dad" James said turning to face Mark "He's still your Dad" Mark said "I treated him bad, I insulted him, he won't accept me back" James responded "That's the thing you don't know" Mark said adjusting himself on the bed ++±++ In the hangout The capon arrived that afternoon Philip has already intentionally scared everywhere Pulling down some important things just for the capon to see it as what James did The capon was beyond shocked on what he was seeing "Is there any attack here?" The capon asked looking around "It is James handwork capon" Philip replied "What!!? James did all this and go for free?" The capon asked really angry "And you were?" The capon added asking Philip "I wasn't around, my Mom sent for me" Philip replied "Shit!" "He took lives of our four men, right?" The capon asked while Philip nodded "May their souls rest in peace" the capon said "Amen" they all chorused They started walking around the building "So who's this one?" The capon asked immediately they got to a room where they kept Mikhail "That's Mark's best friend" Fred replied "What do we have with him?" The capon asked looking at him surprisedly "If we are to kidnap James just like that, this guy and Mark might be able to plan something since Mark now know that James is his brother" Fred replied but the capon didn't get it "Who I need is both James, Mark and Lucy not all this talk" the capon said Meanwhile Mikhail was still bending his head pretending to be unconscious "Sure, our intention was Mark but this guy fall in, so I decided to use him, he might be useful" Fred replied The capon's phone started ringing It was his father "Yes Dad" the capon said -------- "Yes Dad, the fake docvments are in my drawer" the capon said again and hung up "I want Mark to be left alone to know if he can come up with something because I learned that this guy here is also something extra ordinary" Fred added after the capon finished his call "Talking about planning is James and Mark not this one, who we need most is James" The capon said, he was fed up with his nonsense words as he walked to the next room which was his favorite room "What!!" The capon screamed as he couldn't believe what he saw What James destroyed Everywhere was scattered "I need him right now!!!" The capon shouted "Sure" Philip replied as he took four guys with him and left ++±++ Mark and James drove on Mark's car as they were heading to the so called Lucy's father They were almost at the gate when Mark brought out his phone "Please in the sitting room" Mark said then hung up He got to the gate and horn The gateman opened the gate while he drove in They both got down "Let's go" Mark said as they walked inside Just as they got in, behold Mr and Mrs Jones sitting and smiling at them "I thought,,,,,," James meant to talk "Am sorry but that was only the best trick" Mark cut in James was speechless He couldn't raise his head to look at Mr Jones who was looking at him, not blinking Mark stood beside him and tapped him a little "Am sorry Dad" James said still his head down and his knees followed as well "The only sorry I can accept is if you just walk and sit just right here" Mr Jones said tapping beside him James raised up his head a little bit looking at what he was hitting He smiled and stood up immediately He walked and sat exactly where Mr Jones was tapping "You don't know how much I have missed you" Mr Jones said smiling and rubbing James hair "Me too Dad" James responded hugging him Mark was just standing Looking and smiling "And nobody missed me" Mrs Jones interrupted faking her face with angry "Mom I did" Mark said as everyone burst out laughing Mark also laughed and rushed to Mrs Jones hugging her as well ± After much discussion, James had to go and get his properties He went outside with Mark "We need to start planning immediately I come back" James said He has taken his mother's car key and that was what he was going with "That's sure but we don't have to let Mom and Dad know about it" Mark replied "I need to go now before it's too late" James said "No problem, just be careful" Mark responded as he intentionally hits the key as it fell off James hand "Oh sorry" Mark said as they both bend over at the same time to pick it up ±± James was on his highway and couldn't stop smiling on what happened earlier "Mark you are the best brother" James said Just then, a car double-crossed him from the left hand of a junction and stopped just vertically on the road He didn't notice it on time when he hits the car from the right door The car has to stop by itself James was already spitting out blood He waited for some minutes but no one shows up James walked down from the car staggering as he walked to the other side of the door but it was open and no one was inside it James was about to turn when a cloth was used to cover his head from behind as they started beating him James couldn't fight back because he was already weak They highjacked him and put inside their car and drove off Tbc Thanks to everyone for your patience Please like and comment ❤️

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