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Quarantine diaries episode 7

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Quarant!ne Diaries Episode 7
Day 13
Bella calls h£r dad for th£ first time after what happened.
After 30 m!nutes on th£ call with h£r dad, Bella begun to $h£d tears. $h£ was quiet for th£ rest of th£ period till h£r dad hung up th£ call.
S!nce th£n, Bella had been cold, speechless, so confused and depressed.
Bill had tried ask!ng Bella what th£ problem was but $h£ wouldn’t speak.
Later that day, Mr. Kim called Bill and gave h¡m strong caution not to touch Bella and make sure $h£ sleeps alone. h£ said th£re’s a a ritual to be performed before h£ can do that. h£ even cautioned Bill cook h¡s own forbid and eat alone and h£ meant it.
Bill calls M!na
Bill: How are u M!na? Hope u are f!ne?
M!na: I’m manag!ng, yourself?
Bill: I’m good but seriously confused right now. Bella’s dad called me and gave me a strong warn!ng not to get closer to Bella I’m anyway, h£ claims th£re’s a ritual to be performed. I don’t know if if will affect you and Louis too. But I didn’t ask ab©vt that anyway. Bella h£rself had been act!ng strange for some time now. $h£ hasn’t picked any call for hours now and $h£ has refused to eat, talk or even take h£r bath. $h£ has been sitt!ng !n th£ porch for th£ past 4hrs.
M!na: Maybe $h£ is now regrett!ng h£r actions. But come to th!nk of it, what taboo deserves th£ ritual h£r dad is talk!ng ab©vt. Because what I know is, if a ritual will be performed, it should be for th£ culprits, but h£ didn’t make mention of add!ng Louis to th£ ritual. It’s quite confus!ng.
Bill: That was exactly what I was th!nk!ng. But th£ man spoke with some k!nd of authority and h£ sounded so serious and disturb£d.
M!na: Did u ask h¡m what h£ did with th£ name h£ requested for?
Bill: No I couldn’t ask h¡m anyth!ng. Myself I’m confused at th£ moment.
M!na: Takes a deep breath. Well let’s wait for what happens next. Louis has also been try!ng to conv!nce me with lies but I kept ignor!ng h¡m.
Bill: It’s same th!ng Bella tried do!ng, but I barely have h£r a fair h£ar!ng.
M!na: Well I’m !n th£ kitch£n now, let’s talk later. Bye.
[email protected]¢k to N!ngo wh£re Bella’s parents reside.
Mr. Kim goes to th£ chief palace to summon one Mad. Akorkor who hails from Prampram but lives !n N!ngo with h£r family.
Th£ summon was ab©vt a case that was settled !n th£ palace barely 30 years ago.
*Th£ Case*
Mr. Kim refused to take responsibility of a pregnancy carried by th£ said Mad. Akorkor. But after th£ verdict of th£ chief, Mr. Kim was made to take responsibility and cater for th£ pregnant woman and th£ pregnancy till $h£ delivers.
Mr. Kim did as said by th£ chief for some months before h£ was called to go for military tra!n!ng after h¡s medicals. It was impromptu so h£ left with©vt !nform!ng anyone. Th£ lady gave birth to a baby boy !n h¡s abs£nce and everyth!ng was done by th£ woman’s family !n th£ abs£nce of Mr. Kim.
After tra!n!ng h£ came to take h¡s child but th£ amount th£ family requested was so h*g£ so h£ couldn’t pay until h£ was transferred to h¡s station.
Both parties got married and lived th£ir separate lives for th£ past 30years. Dur!ng th¡s period Mr. Kim tried to know th£ wh£reab©vts of h¡s child and th£ moth£r. h£ found ©vt wh£re th£y lived and once aga!n confronted th£ family for h¡s son, th£ lady refused giv!ng th£ son [email protected]¢k to h¡m and refused show!ng h¡m whom h£ is even.
That was th£ last time Mr. Kim made an attempt gett!ng h¡s son.
With th£ situation at [email protected], Mr. Kim’s !nvestigations proved that, th£ man !n question (Louis) is th£ son h£ has been chas!ng all th¡s while.
h£ has th£refore summoned Mad. Akorkor to tell h¡m why $h£ refused giv!ng h¡s son to h¡m and now h¡s children have caused an unknown taboo.
Bill called h¡s broth£r and told h¡m ab©vt all that happened and what Mr. Kim told h¡m to do.
h¡s broth£r th£n advised h¡m to go to Mr. Kim and enquire what th£ taboo is ab©vt and why it needs to be performed s!nce th£y are Christians. Or better still s£nd Bella to go stay with h£r family till th£ lockd©wΠ is over.
Bill th£n decided to rath£r go see Mr.Kim to seek clarification on th£ taboo.
Louis on th£ oth£r [email protected] didn’t grow !n th£ midst any broth£rs and sisters, all h£ had was childhood friends h£ had while h£ stayed with h¡s granny. So h£ called on of h¡s trusted friends and told h¡m ab©vt everyth!ng that had happened and how hia home is dis0rg*nized at th£ moment.
h¡s friend advised h£ doesn’t allow h¡s wife go anywh£re and $h£ should not be left alone, $h£ might figure someth!ng ©vt or perhaps take advise from a friend and do someth!ng silly.
Louis understood and accepted to do so.
Bella had s!nce rema!ned cold and depressed.
Mad. Akorkor was !nformed of th£ summons and was given th£ date to report at th£ palace for th£ issue to be solved.
Bill !nformed Bella of h¡s !ntentions of go!ng to see h£r dad to discuss someth!ng. $h£ !nitially didn’t like th£ idea but had no choice but give !n.
Bill drives off to Prampram th£ follow!ng morn!ng.
Day 14
Bill arrives to meet th£ abs£nce of h¡s !n law who was at th£ shore gett!ng some fish for th£. h£ th£n called h¡m to !nform h¡m of h¡s arrival. Mr. Kim hurriedly ru$h£d home to meet Bill.
Food was prepared and th£y ate. After th£ meal, th£y went to sit under a mango tree beh!nd th£ house to discuss why Bill came to visit.
Mr. Kim: My son, welcome once aga!n. What br!ngs ab©vt your unannounced visit once aga!n? Hope all is well?
Bill: Thanks dad for th£ warm welcome and th£ meal. Well I came with no bad news, I j√$t decided to come seek some clarification of a dew th!ngs from I. I dreamed it fit to come !n person than ask you on phone.
Mr. Kim: OK, go ah£ad. What is it ab©vt?
Bill: Eeerm, it’s ab©vt th£ ritual u spoke ab©vt and th£ distance u asked me to keep from my wife. I want to know why th£ ritual should be performed.
Mr. Kim: Hmmm, that’s a brilliant question my son. But what I want u to know is, what my daughter has brought to my family is not j√$t a disgrace but a problem to solve, and a very difficult one for that matter.
For th£ ritual, it’s a traditional demand. It’s !n th£ family and it must be done for cleans£n.
Bill: Hmmm, I came because it’s aga!nst our religion as Christians to appease th£ gods after committ!ng s!n to God.
Mr. Kim: Bill, th¡s has to do with my family, I want to do what’s right. I know u don’t understand but what I see from wh£re I sit, u can’t see it even if u climb th¡s tree we are sitt!ng under.
Bill: I came to suggest if we can rath£r go see our pastor to pray and break any bond should th£re be any so we can let th£ ritual be.
Mr. Kim: U know what Bill, I’m old enough to be your fath£r, what you are suggest!ng isn’t a bad idea but what I know, u don’t know that’s why I didn’t !nvolve u, I j√$t ask u to stay away from my daughter for a while. So k!ndly do that for me OK. Let’s not drag th¡s my son.
Bill: Hmmm, okay dad. That’s th£ only reason why I came h£re.
Mr. Kim: Really, what ab©vt th£ real issue at [email protected]? What have u !ntended do!ng?
Bill: I haven’t thought of anyth!ng yet, but th£ little I know is, as a man I should be able to [email protected] issues !n my home. Maybe I’d !nvolve you wh£n necessary.
Mr. Kim: I s£nse true love !n your speech my son. I know how it feels, I’ve been !n your shoes before. U have spoken well and I pray you are granted th£ wisdom to do what’s right. Once aga!n I’m sorry for what my daughter has caused you. I’d like to know if you have !nformed your family yet.
Bill: I haven’t dad, I actually want to do a few th!ngs and I’ll decide on what to do. But for now, I’ve not thought of anyth!ng yet.
Mr. Kim: Well, as u said. U need to [email protected] your home as a man. Let me leave that to u for now.
Bill: Okay dad. Th£ KS for host!ng me.
Mr. Kim: My ₱1ea$vre my son. Are u leav!ng immediately?
Bill: Yes dad, I don’t want to drive !n th£ night due to th£ lock d©wΠ.
Mr. Kim: Alright, I was th!nk!ng s!nce u are locked d©wΠ, u would like us to go take a walk at th£ sea shore foe a while so u can’t least m©v£6 @r0vnd freely. But I understand, u may leave now.
Bill: Thanks dad. I’ll give u call wh£n I arrive home.
Mr. Kim: Safe journey my son. Bye.
Bill drove [email protected]¢k home and !nformed h¡s !n law of h¡s safe arrival.
Bill later realised h£ left h¡s second phone beh!nd wh£n h£ was leav!ng. h£ ch£cked and it was flooded with calls from M!na th£ wh0l£ day.
Bill returned M!na’s call.
*On phone*
M!na: Wh£re have u been Bill?, I’ve been call!ng all day.
Bill: Sorry, I went on a return journey I j√$t got home. I actually left th¡s phone beh!nd.
U called many times, what’s th£ problem?
M!na: Louis left home !n th£ morn!ng and returned ab©vt two hour before u called [email protected]¢k. I didn’t want to call h¡m so I was call!ng u to know wh£th£r you are home and your wife was @r0vnd.
Bill: Well, I wasn’t !n town and I met h£r at home so I can’t tell wh£th£r $h£ went somewh£re or not.
M!na: I seriously suspect th£y planned to meet, which I’m sure th£y did. Because I read Louis’s actions before h£ left th£ house.
Bill: Well, I’ll try some tricks to see wh£th£r I can verify if $h£ went ©vt or not.
M!na: Can’s you so your gate man??
Bill: h£ left to th£ north to stay with h¡s family amidst th£ lock d©wΠ. But don’t worry, I’d f!nd ©vt.
M!na: OK, I meed to leave u now. U must be tired. Later th£n. Bye.
Bill took a shower and got to th£ d!nn!ng hall to eat. Tilly went to Bill.
Tilly: Dad, wh£re did u go today? I didn’t see u !n th£ morn!ng.
Bill: I went to work my dear. Wh£re did you also go?
Tilly: Mummy took me and we went to eat with uncle. h£ bought me rice and kitch£n. (chicken)
Bill: 😊 Its not kitch£n dear, it’s chicken,say chicken.
Tilly: Chicken.
!n th£ night, Bill stayed !n th£ hall watch!ng movies and sipp!ng w!ne. h£ has been chatt!ng M!na through©vt th£ night. Th£y both slept on th£ chat.

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