Raped By Seven

R-ped by seven episode 6 – 7

R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)



Eric left her after the discussion and she continued her rest not minding her aunt’s threat to her to come back to the restaurant and continue her duties……

Aunty Bella came back to the clinic after about an hour to know why she wasn’t back to the restaurant. But unfortunately for her, the doctor was there attending to Stephanie.

My name is Lucy, and I am narrating this story to you just the way my friend Stephanie narated it to me. I wrote down everything in sequence as she narrates.

Her intentions (Madam Bella) was to come and forcefully take Stephanie away from the hospital back to the restaurant without her being discharged by the hospital authority.

One day, Stephanie cried out to me in pains…

Stephanie: “O God where are you? Only if my mum was alive, there wouldn’t have been any reason for me to go through all this. Mummy why???? She cried so bitterly while she narrated her story to me”.

Madam Bella had to pretend she was there to see how Stephanie was doing.

Isabella: “Good day doctor”.

Doctor: “Good day madam”.

Isabella: “My name is Mrs Isabella, known as Bella the Iron Lady, I am your patient’s aunt. I have come to see how she is faring”.

Doctor: “She is recovering fast, but needs enough time to rest. Though we are still running some tests on her to know the reason she bleeds from her private part once in a while. She doesn’t need to do anything hard for now, just to rest until she’s fully recovered”.

Isabella: “Doctor, don’t you think keeping her here for too long will incur more bills to be paid, can’t she be coming from the house? ”

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Doctor: “You said you are her aunt and I’m just seeing you for the first time in over two days she’s been here”.

Isabella: “My business is time consuming, I hardly have time for myself”.

Doctor: “This is your sister’s daughter I guess”.

Isabella: “Yes doctor, my younger sister’s first daughter”.

Doctor: “That’s okay, anyways, someone have settled her bills, I don’t think there will be anymore money to be paid, the man paid extra should there be need for more. The hospital should be the one giving back some amounts to him after her treatment”.

Isabella: “How come no one told me about this?”

Doctor: “You should be asking yourself that question, you should have been here from day one she was brought here, the man that brought her here payed her bills”.

Isabella: “It’s ok doctor, in any case you need more money, do not hesitate to let me know”.

Doctor: “That’s okay.

The doctor left for his office and Madam Bella and Stephanie were left alone in her ward.

Isabella: “Who paid the bills?” (Stephanie kept mute and didn’t respond to her questions severally). “I ask again, who payed the bills? (yet she was mute)

“You have gone deaf and dumb right? But you will talk when you come back to the restaurant”.

She got up and left angrily. Stephanie then put a call across to Eric to come so they could strategize on their plans….

🔞🌹🔞R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)🔞🌹🔞



She got up and left angrily. Stephanie then put a call across to Eric to come so they could strategize on their plans….

Eric arrived about two hours after the call and apologized for not coming as soon as he got the call.

Eric: “I’m sorry Steph, I had to finish what I was doing before coming. Sorry about that.

Stephanie: “You don’t have to be, I know it is working hours and I didn’t have to bring you out from your job. My aunty just left and I decided to call you. She asked me to return back to the restaurant despite the fact that she met the doctor administering some medication to me. The doctor categorically told her that all I need to do from now till the next two weeks or so is just to rest”.

Eric: “And your aunt insisted you come back to the restaurant? Why is that woman very heartless?. It is obvious she don’t want the best for you. So what are your plans?”

Stephanie: “Have you gotten in touch with your friends? I want to take my revenge as soon as possible. My aunt is beginning to get on my nerves and I am as well beginning to get pissed off by her treatment towards me. At least I am human and deserves to be treated as such. I have put in my best working for her despite all she’s done to me, I have respected her enough and since she doesn’t want the respect, I have withdrawn it. I withdrew it the day you told me she was responsible for my RAPE and now I am ready to make do with my threats”.

“I can’t explain exactly how I feel inside of me, my body system is not what it should be. I can’t understand why I continue to have this continuous bleeding once in a while. Though tests have been carried out and the doctor assured me that everything is going to be fine. But my instincts tells me something is not right. I just pray I survive this, I will give you the numbers to my dad and brothers should anything happen to me. Call them and tell them all you know about it”.

Tears dropped down the cheek of Eric as he listened to the sympathetic way she spoke to him….

Eric: (With tears in his eyes). “Common Steph, why are you talking like this? Nothing is going to happen to you. The doctor is someone everyone know very well, he is good at what he does, just keep faith high and trust God, you will be fine. I have spoken to my friends and they are all ready for action. But I went against your request, they will be twenty eight (28) in number”.

Stephanie: “Why twenty eight?”

Eric: “Your aunt deserves more than what she did to you, only her should be raped by fourteen (14) hefty guys”.

Stephanie: “Is that not going to be much on her? Despite all she has done to me, I don’t want her dead. But it is okay, she should suffer more than I did and make sure her daughters are rough handled as well. Let them feel what it is like to be gang RAPED. Even though my mum thought me to leave vengeance for God, but this, I will carry out vengeance myself”.

Eric: “So, when, where and how do you want the RAPE to take place?”

Stephanie: “As soon as I am discharged from here, and it has to be in her house. Her two sons usually club every Friday leaving her with the two daughters alone in the house. As soon as I am discharged, I will let you know when and how to gain access into the house”.

Eric: “And how long do you think you will be here?”

Stephanie: “The doctor said I will be observed for the next three to five days, if the bleeding stops, then I would be discharged. But please, tell your friends to do a neat job”.

Eric: “Don’t worry about that, they can handle it very well. I wish you quick recovery. Can’t wait to see you get back to your feet strong again”.

While they speak, Mr Desmond, the one who settled her bills walked in… He exchanged pleasantries with Eric, they knew themselves from Bella’s restaurant.

Desmond: “Eric, how are you doing?”

Eric: “I’m good brother, came to see how she’s doing. I learnt you settled all her bills. God will bless you brother”.

Desmond: “All thanks to God, her life is more important. How are you feeling now Steph?”

Stephanie: “I’m better than yesterday”.

Desmond: “That’s good to hear, is there anything you need?”.

Stephanie: “Not exactly, the things you bought are still there. I’ve not used them much”.

Madam Bella walked in while they were still talking….

To be continued…….

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