The hammingtons episode 59 – 60

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 59🍃
Gia’s POV
I stared at the man in front of me in disbelief
Am I still in the death slumber? If not, then why the bloody hell does this man has the same face as the man I love

“What’s going on?” Dianna asked as she climbed down the stairs with Ivan

“I suppose you are Dianna Hammington, the pregnancy gave you away” Adrian Hunter said but neither Dianna nor Ivan was able to say a word, they were taken aback too

“Is anything going on that I am not aware of?” Eva asked

“Who’s this guy and who the bloody hell are this goons and more importantly, why does he has the same face as my sister’s dead boyfriend?” Ivan asked

“I don’t understand what you are saying Ivan but this is Mr Adrian Hunter, head of the humans and….”

“And I am here with my men to get you all out of my city” Adrian Hunter said and Dianna scoffed

“And what exactly gives you such confidence? those puppets carrying their toys beside you?” Dianna asked enraging Adrian Hunter

“You should never underestimate a determined human Dianna” Adria Hunter said

“And I shouldn’t over estimate you either, as you can see I am heavily pregnant and I assure you, I have pretty extreme mood swing so take your puppets out of my mansion before I burn you all
alive!” Dianna warned

“You will not touch him” I said and everyone looked at me surprised

“No will touch him!” I repeated loudly
“Not until I have find out why the hell he has the same face as Michael”

“Okay, I’ve been hearing this “Michael” since I walked in, who is Micheal?” Adrian hunter asked

“Maybe you should come another time Mr Adrian, I don’t think now is a good time for the Hammingtons” Eva said

“Not a good time? Who said I was looking for their good time? All I want is to see them out of my city this moment!” he said

“Then try making us leave” Ivan breathed

“Michael? It can’t be you, can it?” I asked not really listening to what was being discussed

“Okay, what is wrong with this Hammington?” Adrian asked

“Get yourself together Gia, it is not Michael” Eric said

“But his face…..”

“Michael is dead, you and I know that!!” Eric yelled

“You are right, he is not Michael but he happens to have the same face as him so until I find how he is related to Micheal, no one shall harm him” I said


“You will not harm her sister” I said interrupting Dianna

“If you do not want him dead then get him and his goons out of this place this instant else I won’t give a damn about your word and I will kill this nuisance” Ivan said

“Did he just call me a nuisance?!” Adrian said

“Come with me?” I said to him

“And why should I?” he asked

“Because you will die in the next minute if you do not” I replied

“Okay, I will go with you, but my men will remain here till am back” he said

“Then you will return only to meet their dead bodies” Ivan said

“Ivan please” I said and he stared at me for a moment

“Fine, do whatever you want with him, am out of this place” he said and walked out

I walked to the courtyard and Adrian followed me from behind

“So? What did you want to talking about?” he asked

“I just saved your life, should you at least be a little bit grateful?” I asked

“Saved my life?” he scoffed
“Your siblings would not have dared to kill me, not unless they want a full blown war from the human government”

“My siblings do not care about the government, and neither do I so you better answer every question I ask you because I won’t be asking twice” I said

“What questions do you want to ask?”

“Are you in anyway related to Michael Crane Finehair?” I asked

“Michael what?” he asked

“Michael Crane Finehair, born in around the 1500, are you somehow from his lineage?” I asked and Adrian looked at me like someone that was crazy

“Okay, so am supposed to know all the names of my ancestors now? From as far back as the 1500?” he asked in disbelief and I sighed

He is right, even if he is somehow related to Micheal, he wouldn’t know, it’s been a long time since the 1500

“I am totally confused now but I will ask the same question I’ve been asking and no one is giving me an answer, who the hell is this Micheal?” he asked

“The man I loved” I said

“And how is he supposed to be connected to me?” he asked

“You two have an identical face” I said and he nodded

“Well sorry to disappoint you Gia Hammington but I am not your dead boyfriend nor am I in anyway related to him” he stated

“Until I make sure of that, you will stay your hands and get your goons out of my family mansion for that is the only way you can be saved from my siblings wrath” I said


“I know you are the leader of the humans and I am not commanding you, I am pleading, you cannot die yet, I cannot loose you the same way I lost Micheal” I said

“This is absurd” he said as he stared at me like a freak
“If I decide to obey you and leave, what do I get in return?” he asked

“What do you want?” I asked

“What I want is you and your siblings out of my city so there’ll be peace I my city and less blood shed” he said

“But unlike my siblings, we actually haven’t been causing trouble or killing people, if anything, you should be hunting Aria down cause she’s actually the one disturbing the peace of your city” I said

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“But it all started since you came into this city, and it will only end when you leave it” he said

“I can’t promise you what you want but if you leave with your men without a word, I will owe you a favor, a favor you can come to collect on anytime” I said

“And this favor, you’ll do anything I ask?” he asked and I hesitated

“Yes” I nodded

“Good, this should be interesting” he smiled……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 60🍃
Ivan’s POV
I went to the bar where Sophie worked and she came to sit with me

“You are becoming a regular here” Sophie said as she placed a drink on the table and sat down

“What? You don’t want me here anymore?” I asked and she smiled

“I never said so” she said

“Good, cause the only reason I came here is because there’s some sort of madness going on at my place and I cannot stand to witness that so am gonna stay till whenever their spree of madness ends, and who knows when that will be” I said as I grabbed my cup and gulped down my drink

“What happened? Is…. Is Aria back? Has she resurfaced?” Sophie asked hesitantly

“Don’t get yourself worked up, no one knows where Aria is yet unfortunately but apparently she’s going on killing children and doing some sacrificial magic now to get stronger, she’s probably gaming up and preparing to attack us and what exactly are we doing to prepare ourselves too? Nothing, absolutely nothing except arguing over some stupid doppelganger of a boyfriend that died centuries ago!”

Sophie looked at me and sighed
“What exactly happened Ivan?” she asked

“The head of the humans came by the Mansion this morning” I said

“Adrian Hunter, I’ve heard about him, what’s his business with you guys?” Sophie enquired

“Apparently he thinks we are snuffing out the peace in what he assumes to be his city and he wants us out”

“Okay, but am sure that’s definitely not enough to get you so angry, so tell me what got you so worked up” Sophie said

“Right Sophie, I was going to end his miserable life when he decided to take on the sucide mission of trying to get us out of Arcane City but according to Gia, this Adrian Hunter looks so much like Michael, her boyfriend that died centuries ago and she doesn’t want anyone to touch him” I narrated

“And does he really look like Gia’s dead boyfriend?” Sophie asked and I shrugged

“Maybe a little bit”

“If he really looks like her boyfriend then you cannot blame her Ivan, I totally understand her” Sophie said and I raised my brows at her

“You understand her?”

“Yeah, okay let’s assume something bad happened and I died, then years later you saw someone who looks exactly like me, how will you react?” Sophie asked

“You aren’t dying” I said

“Yeah I know but assuming I did and…..”

“You aren’t dying cause am always here to protect you and that’s it, stop assuming stuff that isn’t possible!” I said and she smiled

“See? I haven’t really died, am just telling you to imagine and you are already going so hyped up, imagine how Gia must feel, she mourned her boyfriend for centuries and now it’s like he’s back in front of her again even though he really isn’t, so don’t blame her or get angry Ivan, Gia isn’t thinking with her head right now, she’s thinking with her heart” Sophie said

“I don’t really care, I still believe she’s being foolish” I said

“Well I hope you don’t become as foolish as her if something happens to me” Sophie said

“Why the bloody hell do you keep saying that?!”

“Because unlike you Ivan Hammington, I am no immortal, I am human Ivan, I can get hurt and not magically heal up and I can die without ever waking up again” Sophie said

“And that’s why am by your side, to protect you and prevent that from happening!” I said

“But you aren’t always by my side and it’s very obvious Aria wants me dead now and only God knows why, maybe cause I happen to be her long lost sister or cousin whichever I happen to be, bottom line is she wants me dead and we have absolutely no idea when she’ll be coming, she’s strong and very powerful and…..”

“My siblings and I will protect you Sophie, you need not to worry” I said interrupting her

“You and your siblings?” She scoffed “Dianna is heavily pregnant almost at the end of her term, Eric pretends to be doing fine but he’s obviously not himself anymore, you just told me Gia’s focus is now only on the head of the humans and you are so paranoid and worried about everything that you aren’t really focused too and along with all this Aria is still in possession of a spell that can kill you guys, don’t you see? She has us all at the edge of a cliff waiting to just be thrown off” Sophie said


“And more than myself, I am more worried about you Ivan, I’ve gotten so used to you being around me that I cannot imagine a life without that, when Aria comes, whenever that is, do whatever you can to live, you must live at all cost Ivan, no matter what, do not let yourself fall by Aria’s hand” Sophie said and moved closer to her placing my hand on her cheek

“No one is dying” I said as I stood up and walked out

Eric’s POV
Gia and Adrian Hunter walked back into the Mansion and surprisingly, Adrian whispered something to his men and they all began to troop out

“This will not be the last time you see my face Hammingtons” Adrian said and turned to Gia
“I’ll expect you to honor our deal when the time comes” he said

“I don’t go back on my words” Gia said

“And Mrs Eva Jones, I expect you to take care of this Aria or whoever she is that’s going off and killing children in my city”

“You mean our city” Eva corrected

“Right, take care of her as soon as possible before we are left with a city full of children’s dead bodies” Adrian said

“Of course, she’s a witch and she’s my responsibility, do not worry I shall do my path and control my people” Eva said

“Unfortunately I have a hard time believing you nowadays but this time, I’ll like to give you the benefit of the doubt” Adrian said and walked out

“Next time I see that fool in my Mansion, I don’t care what you say Gia, am burning him alive” Dianna said and climbed upstairs to her room

“I am going to try everything I can to get Aria’s location and when I do, you and your siblings better be ready cause we’ll be going hunting” Eva said and walked out

Gia was about to leave too but I held her back
“What was Adrian Hunter talking about?” I asked

“What do you mean?” Gia asked pretending to be clueless

“You damn well know what I mean, what bloody deal did you make with that psychopath?!” I asked

“Psychopath?! He is no psychopath Eric he is a human and if you ever think of hurting him again, I’ll…..”

“Again? Did I hurt him before?” I asked

“You killed him before remember? Or don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your atrocious deed!” she stated

“That was Michael, that man is not Michael Gia, that is Adrian Hunter!” I said almost yelling

“They have the same face!!” Gia yelled back “He is Michael to me Eric and if you kill him again this time, I will get the damn immortal killing spell and end your miserable life myself!” she said and made to leave but stopped and looked at me

“Oh and if anyone is a psychopath, it’s you” she said and walked out leaving me surprised and speechless…….