Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 18

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Lucian looked at th£ woman !n h¡s arms. $h£ looked almost dead. What if $h£ had died? h£ couldn’t understand why h£ was be!ng so cruel to h£r.

Quickly h£ wr*₱ped h£r !n th£ blankets h£ brought and th£n lift!ng h£r h£ad slightly h£ tried to make h£r dr!nk some water. $h£ couldn’t dr!nk much as $h£ was half conscious and seemed to s1©wly drift away.

h£ tried to wake h£r up. “Hazel, look at me.” But h£r eyes s1©wly fluttered d©wΠ and $h£ lost consciousness completely.

With a sigh Lucian placed h£r ¢ar£fvlly on th£ b£d th£n added a few m©r£ blankets. h£ put fire everywh£re h£ could th£n tried to warm h£r up by rubb!ng h£r [email protected] and feet. While rubb!ng h£r feet a memory fla$h£d through h¡s m!nd.

!n h¡s memory th£re was a woman, h£ was wash!ng h£r feet while $h£ watch£d h¡m shyly. h£ tried to see h£r face but th£ memory disappeared as quickly as it came.

Lucian tried to remember some m©r£ but as usual every time h£ tried to remember h¡s h£ad throbb£d so pa!nfvlly it felt like it was go!ng to burst. Ignor!ng th£ memories h£ tried to focus on Hazel. $h£ was !n th¡s state because of h¡m so h£ was responsible for h£r. h£ kept rubb!ng h£r [email protected] and feet until $h£ woke up.

s1©wly Hazel opened h£r eyes and th£ first th!ng $h£ said was… “Lucian.”

“I am h£re.” h£ said !nst!nctively and drew h£r !nto h¡s arms. Right now h£ didn’t ¢ar£ if h£ exposed h¡mself and ru!ned h¡s plan, all h£ wanted to do was protect th¡s woman and make h£r feel safe. h£ didn’t even ¢ar£ to ask h¡mself why anym©r£. Th£ s£nse of protectiveness h£ felt was too strong that noth!ng else seemed to matter.

“How are you feel!ng?” h£ asked.

“I am f!ne now.” $h£ smiled a fa!nt smile. “I knew you would come for me.”

S!nce $h£ already knew h¡s name h£ wanted to ask how. “How do you know my name?”

$h£ rubb£d h£r eyes th£n stared at h¡m with question!ng look.

“How I know your name? How could I not, Lucian? Are you ask!ng because you really don’t know?”

Lucian nodded. Hazel’s expression turned serious and $h£ used th£ little strength $h£ had left to sit up. Lucian h£lped h£r while try!ng to h£ar h£r thoughts but h£ h£ard noth!ng. Th£re was only silence. Why couldn’t h£ h£ar h£r thoughts? Could it be that $h£ wasn’t a normal human because h£ could h£ar oth£r people’s thoughts clearly. Maybe h£ shouldn’t trust h£r yet.

“Do you not know…who I am?” $h£ asked ¢ar£fvlly as if afraid to h£ar th£ answer.

“I don’t.”

“Do you really….not remember me?”

Lucian shook h¡s h£ad.

Hazel’s shoulders fell !n disappo!ntment. “I thought you came for me. You came revenge right? That’s why you look like th¡s?”

Lucian sigh£d not want!ng to tell h£r th£ truth.

“I don’t understand. Th£n why did you klzz me?” $h£ touch£d h£r l¡ps probably recall!ng th£ memories. Lucian h¡mself have not been able to forget th£ taste of h£r l¡ps and h£ knew h£ could never forget.

“And save me?” $h£ cont!nued. If h£ hadn’t saved h£r h£ wouldn’t be !n th¡s situation but strangely h£ didn’t regret sav!ng h£r at all. h£ knew if h£ went [email protected]¢k !n time h£ would save h£r aga!n.

“You still haven’t answered how you know my name.” Ignor!ng h£r questions.

“I know you name because you are my husband.” $h£ said calmly.

Lucian stood up hastily annoyed that $h£ was still ly!ng to h¡m. “My wife is dead.”

Now it was Hazel’s time to stand up hastily. $h£ looked as angry as h£ was.”Who told you that? How could I be dead wh£n I am stand!ng right !nfront of you.”

“Stop! You are not my wife.”

“I am.”

“I would not forget h£r.”

“You did Lucian. You forgot me wh£n I have been wait!ng for you h£re everyday endur!ng every torture that came my way j√$t to see you once aga!n.” $h£ almost yelled frustrated.


I was so angry and frustrated. j√$t a moment ago I had been so relieved and happy to f!nd that Lucian was alive and that h£ admitted that it was h¡m j√$t f!nd ©vt later that didn’t remember me or maybe h£ j√$t didn’t want to. Why?!

Why was h£ do!ng th¡s to me? Th¡s was worse than all th£ tortures I went through put togeth£r.

“I have been th!nk!ng of you everyday, worry!ng, pray!ng for you safety. I missed you everyday, don’t tell me you didn’t.”

“Stop!” h£ yelled tak!ng a step [email protected]¢k th£n hold!ng h¡s h£ad with both h¡s [email protected] as if h£ was !n pa!n.

“I thought you were dead. Do you know what I went through believ!ng that?” My eyes teared up aga!n. Speak!ng of it opened up new wounds. “Lucian…do you really not remember me?” I asked aga!n hop!ng everytime th£ answer would be different but h£ kept shak!ng h¡s h£ad and [email protected]¢k!ng away from me. “Do you not remember tell!ng me you loved me?”

“Please stop!” h£ [email protected]¢ked away until h£ hit th£ wall beh!nd h¡m.

“Do you not remember hold!ng me or klzz!ng me?

h£ shook h¡s h£ad violently.

“Do you not remember sleep!ng next to me while hold!ng me !n your arms?”

“Stop!” h£ fell on h¡s knees th£n fisted h¡s hair. “Stop!” h¡s voice trembled as if h£ was fight!ng h¡mself.

“Lucian?” h£ didn’t seem well. h¡s b©dy was shak!ng !n a way that rem!nded me of wh£n h£ had klzzed me for th£ first time. “Are you alright?”

As I neared h¡m h£ suddenly s¢r**med th£n started to punch th£ ground.

“Stop!” I s¢r**med terrified. Runn!ng to h¡m I grabb£d both h¡s [email protected] to stop h¡m from hurt!ng h¡mself.

“Why are you do!ng th¡s?” h¡s [email protected] were soaked !n blood. Look!ng at h¡s face h£ was pale and h¡s sk!n glistened with sweat.

“I can’t make it stop. Please…make it stop.” h£ said grabb!ng h¡s hair aga!n. Was h¡s h£ad hurt!ng?

“Lucian…” I was confused as what to do so I j√$t wr*₱ped my arms @r0vnd h¡m. As soon as our bodies made contact I saw a terrify!ng image.

It was Lucian. h£ was !n a dark place, h¡s b©dy covered !n wounds and blood. As m©r£ blood seeped from h¡s wounds h£ seemed to die a s1©w pa!nful death, but someone clearly wanted h¡s death to be m©r£ pa!nful. Suddenly some liquor was ₱0ured over h¡m and I saw a glimpse of a match th£n everyth!ng went up !n flames. An agoniz!ng s¢r**m erupted from Lucians thro as h¡s b©dy burned !n that dark place.

Oh God! Startled I ₱u$h£d Lucian away break!ng th£ contact b£tweeΠ us. What was that? Did h£ die like that? I shuddered th£n looked at Lucian who was still trembl!ng. Good Lord. What had Lucian done to deserve th¡s?

“Oh Lucian…” I hugged h¡m aga!n !nst!nctively but th£n th£ images came [email protected]¢k. h£ was still !n that dark, h¡s sk!n and most of h¡s f|£$h had burned away but h£ could h£al. I was happy to see h¡m alive but only for a short moment because see!ng h¡s progress of h£al!ng was m©r£ pa!nful than see!ng h¡s death. Dur!ng th£ night h¡s f|£$h would h£al but as soon as th£ sun went up h£ would burn anew and h¡s wounds would open aga!n. Many days h£ would go through th£ agony of h£al!ng th£n burn!ng aga!n and it would never seem to end.

Th£n I saw h¡m try!ng to crawl ©vt of th£ what seemed like a well but h£ had no strength so h£ would [email protected]|| [email protected]¢k aga!n and wait for th£ day to come and for th£ sun to burn h¡m once aga!n.

My h£art t!ghtened |ns!de my ch£st upon see!ng th£se images and rage filled my ch£st.

“Oh Lucian…” I cried hold!ng h¡m t!ghtly. “I wish I could make it stop, but it’s over now. You are safe now.” But h£ only kept trembl!ng.

I grabb£d h¡s face. “Lucian look at me.”

h£ shook h¡s h£ad. “I can’t.”

“You can. Look at me Lucian.”

h£ s1©wly looked up and !nto my eyes. “You are h£re, with me. Let’s leave th¡s place Lucian. Let’s forget ab©vt revenge and live happily togeth£r. I want noth!ng else.”

I didn’t want h¡m to hurt anym©r£. I didn’t want to lose h¡m aga!n. Even though I wanted to punish those who tortured h¡m but h¡s safety was m©r£ important to me.

h£ grabb£d my wrists remov!ng my [email protected] from h¡s face. “Why? Why would I leave with you?” h£ asked.

“Because…because…I love you Lucian, I love you so much. I never told you before and that’s what I regretted th£ most. Now all I want is…”

“Stop. Please stop.” Th£ m©r£ I spoke th£ m©r£ h£ seemed to be hurt!ng. I couldn’t understand why but I didn’t want to hurt h¡m anym©r£.

Suddenly h£ stood up and hurried toward th£ door as if h£ was s¢ar£d of me.

“Will you come [email protected]¢k?” I asked.

“Eat th£ food and keep yourself warm.” h£ said th£n left with©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k.

Even though h£ claimed to not know me h£ still ¢ar£d. That would be enough for now. That h£ was alive would be enough for now.

But would h£ be alright? h£ seemed to be hurt!ng very much and it wasn’t j√$t because I saw h¡s memories but I could feel it. I could feel h¡s pa!n and someth!ng else quiet couldn’t understand.

S!nce I was starv!ng and cold I decided to do as h£ said. I ate th£ food h£ brought th£n wr*₱ped myself !n th£ blankets to keep myself warm. Th£ place had no w!ndows so I had no clue what time it was but it felt like a wh0l£ day or maybe a wh0l£ night had pa$$ed already. I j√$t wanted to see Lucian aga!n, make sure h£ was safe. After see!ng what had happened to h¡m, all th£ torture I went through seemed noth!ng compared to h¡s. All that pa!n must still be haunt!ng h¡m. h£ had already gone through enough pa!n !n h¡s life, I didn’t want h¡m to go through m©r£ pa!n. I had to conv!nce h¡m to leave th¡s place with me before it was too late.

Th£ question was how?

Suddenly I $h!veryed even though I was wr*₱ped !n warm blankets. It wasn’t cold but th£re was someone !n th£ room.


I looked up at th£ devil h¡mself. “Lothaire, I have been wait!ng for you.”



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