Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 19

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“Lucian is alive.”

Lothaire didn’t seem as surprised as I had expected h¡m to be, almost as if h£ had suspected Lucian to be alive.

“Wh£re is h£?” h£ asked calmly.

“I am not sure but h£ is h£re !n th£ palace and h£ doesn’t look like h¡mself.” and act like h¡mself.

“h£ is !n disguise…” Lothaire said thoughtful. “Th£n how did you recognize h¡m?”

“I j√$t did.” I shrugged. I didn’t know how to expla!n it.

Lothaire crossed th£ distance b£tweeΠ us th£n s1©wly rem©v£d th£ hair from my neck. “It’s th£ mat!ng mark.” h£ mumbled.

I had almost forgotten ab©vt th£ mark. I wondered if it had anyth!ng to do with me be!ng able to see Lucians memories.

“h£ doesn’t remember me.” I said.

Lothaire took a step [email protected]¢k study!ng me with h¡s cold eyes.

“Or maybe h£ is pretend!ng…” I said unsure.

“h£ would not.”

My h£art sank. If h£ was not pretend!ng th£n h£ really did forget me.

“Why?” Why did h£ forget me? “How?” How could h£ forget me?

“I am not sure why or how. Maybe Irene knows.”

Irene! $h£ would be so happy to know that h£r son was alive. I wanted to see h£r and tell h£r quickly but th£n I remembered how angry I was with h£r and Lothaire, especially now after hav!ng seen everyth!ng that happened to Lucian, th£ir son.

How could th£y not have done anyth!ng to h£lp h¡m? How could th£y have j√$t watch£d h¡m go through all that and let h¡m die?

I wasn’t a parent myself but I knew that I would do anyth!ng !n my power to save th£ people I love, even if it meant that I would die myself.

“I should go and tell Irene. Do you want to come?” h£ asked.

I shook my h£ad. “No. I will wait for Lucian.”

Lothaire nodded. “Alright th£n.”



“Why did you not h£lp h¡m?… Even if you and Irene were cursed and could possibly die but a parent would rath£r die than let th£ir child go through what Lucian did. Am I wrong?”

“You don’t know me.” h£ said.

“I don’t, but I know Irene. $h£ doesn’t look like th£ k!nd of moth£r who would watch h£r son go through all that.” I felt as if th£re was someth!ng th£y weren’t tell!ng me.

Lothaire sigh£d and h¡s cold eyes softened. h£ took my [email protected] !n h¡s, I was surprised by th£ coldness of h¡s touch, th£n placed someth!ng on my palm. “Thank you for tak!ng ¢ar£ of h¡m.” h£ said th£n h£ was gone.

I looked at th£ silver pendant !n th£ shape of a moon !n my [email protected] Not only was it beautiful but it seemed magical somehow. It rem!nded me of Irene, beautiful !n a magical way.


As soon as h£ walked !nto h¡s room Lucian fell to h¡s knees. Afraid that someone would see h¡m like th¡s h£ closed th£ door despite th£ pa!n h£ was !n. Tears and sweat ran d©wΠ h¡s face as h£ tried to crawl to th£ bathroom. h£ needed cold water to stop th¡s excruciat!ng pa!n, but h£ couldn’t even crawl. It felt like h¡s wh0l£ b©dy had been b**ten and every m©v£ment would cause h¡m to [email protected] !n pa!n.Grabb!ng th£ corners of tables and chairs Lucian tried to ₱ush h¡mself furth£r but gave up eventually and j√$t [email protected] th£re wait!ng for th£ pa!n to end.

h£ should be used to th¡s by now s!nce it happened every night but th¡s k!nd of pa!n was impossible to get used to. Besides h£ was confused as to why it happened to h¡m now wh£n it usually happened at night. Would h£ have to endure th¡s torture on th£ day as well?


s1©wly th£ pa!n turned !nto an icy numbness. h¡s h£artb**t decreased and it became [email protected] to breath£. h£ embraced h¡mself for th£ pa!n that was com!ng because h£ knew th£ worst part had only started. Usually h£ only lasted ten m!nutes !n th£ worst part of th£ pa!n and th£n s1©wly black would fill th£ edges of h¡s vision and h£ would gradually [email protected]|| !nto a sea of darkness.

!n that sea of darkness Lucian always tried to swim to th£ surface but to no avail. h£ would drown over and over aga!n until h£ gave up, but th¡s time someth!ng was different. Th£re was a source of light from a distance.

Lucian tried to swim once aga!n but now toward th£ light and as h£ swam h£ found h¡mself !n h¡s personal garden. Surprised as to how h£ got th£re h£ looked @r0vnd.

Th£re…!n th£ middle of th£ garden $h£ sat on a white sw!ng, sw!ng!ng [email protected]¢k and forth while read!ng a book. As if s£ns!ng h¡s pres£nce $h£ looked up from h£r book and smiled.


h¡s name never sounded as good as wh£n $h£ called h¡m. Lucian h£ld h¡s breath at th£ site of h£r. Never had someone looked so beautiful !n h¡s eyes.

$h£ stood up and opened h£r arms to embrace h¡m.”Come.” $h£ smiled and h£ couldn’t resist h£r call but as h£ m©v£d toward h£r h£ realized that $h£ was still far away from h¡m. It was as if h£ couldn’t reach h£r no matter how f*st h¡s legs m©v£d. h£ realized that $h£ was j√$t like th£ light h£ could never reach. It only bl!nded h¡m mak!ng it even m©r£ difficult to see wh£re h£ was go!ng. h£ felt lost and strangely h£ wanted to go [email protected]¢k to th£ darkness that h£ usually despised.

That’s wh£re you belong h£ h£ard a voice say before h£ sh°t h¡s eyes open and found h¡mself !n h¡s room. Lucian let ©vt a deep breath relieved that it was only a dream.


It was midnight and th£ only th!ng Lucian could h£ar was some night guards talk!ng ©vtside and th£ snor!ng of some people. Jade was half sleep!ng ©vtside h¡s room so Lucian decided to use anoth£r way ©vt. h£ needed some fresh air with©vt gett!ng disturb£d so h£ teleported h¡mself ©vtside th£ castle. Th¡s time h£ disguised h¡mself as a commoner and went wh£rever h¡s feet took h¡m. h£ tried to not th!nk ab©vt anyth!ng and j√$t enjoy h¡s walk but h£ couldn’t.

h¡s m!nd was occupied with thoughts of Hazel. h£ could not stop th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r even for a second. h£ wanted to be near h£r aga!n and let h£r hold h¡m !n th£ protective and lov!ng way $h£ h£ld h¡m before but could h£ really trust h£r? If h£ did h£ would have to take h£r word for be!ng h¡s wife.

Could $h£ really be h¡s wife? Could that be th£ reason everyth!ng ab©vt h£r felt so familiar and comfort!ng? Could that be th£ reason h£ wanted to protect h£r, hold h£r, klzz h£r and make h£r h¡s own?

No. h£ could not th!nk like th¡s. $h£ could not be h¡s wife. $h£ was j√$t a maid, unprotected !n th¡s evil place, probably mistreated and tortured many times before and taken advantage of while h£ was….h£ was…do!ng what? And wh£n h£ f!nally came [email protected]¢k h£ didn’t even recognize h£r while $h£ had been wait!ng all th¡s time.

No. $h£ could not be h¡s wife. h£ refused to believe it. h£ would not….h£ would not let h£r get hurt while h£ was dream!ng of a normal peaceful life. h£ would not be so ignorant…would h£?

h¡s h£ad throbb£d aga!n. No no, h£ had j√$t gone through th¡s pa!n why was it start!ng aga!n? h£ took a deep breath and tried not to th!nk of Hazel and calm d©wΠ. $h£ seemed to somehow be th£ source of h¡s pa!n. Afraid that h£ would lose consciousnesses aga!n ©vtside !n nowh£re h£ teleported h¡mself [email protected]¢k to h¡s room.

With a loud sigh h£ fell [email protected]¢k on h¡s b£d. Even though h£ was really tired h£ knew th£re was no use of go!ng to sleep, because th£ nightmares wh£re th£re, wait!ng for h¡m to j√$t close h¡s eyes. As h£ [email protected] th£re star!ng at th£ ceil!ng h£ felt someth!ng strange, a pres£nce !n th£ room. Sitt!ng up h£ looked @r0vnd but found no one, still h£ knew someone was h£re.

Stand!ng up h£ stra!ned h¡s ears and focused h¡s vision, gett!ng h¡mself ready to fight.

“Who is th£re?” Lucian asked us!ng an authoritative tone.

Silence…. yet Lucian was sure someone was th£re. h£ was not a fool to ignore h¡s !nst!ncts.

“Show yourself!”

After a short moment of silence s1©wly a woman appeared ©vt of th!n air. $h£ stood !n front of h¡m a few feet away !n a green gown that match£d h£r beautiful eyes. h£r raven black hair cascaded d©wΠ h£r shoulder !n elegant waves that stopped right above h£r [email protected]¡$t and h£r sk!n was unblemi$h£d and radiant. Lucian had never seen such woman before, $h£ was tall and beautiful, and had a command!ng pres£nce.

“Who are you?” h£ asked.

Th£ woman j√$t stared at h¡m, h£r eyes s1©wly well!ng with tears. Lucian found h¡mself utterly confused. Why was every woman cry!ng at th£ sight of h¡m?

“I asked who you are? And how did you get !n h£re?”

Th£ woman only kept star!ng at h¡m while so many emotions were written all over h£r face. Pa!n, sorrow, guilt but also relief and joy. $h£ walked closer to h¡m as tears strolled d©wΠ h£r face.

What was th¡s situation? h£ should call th£ guards but h£ knew it was useless as th¡s woman could disappear j√$t th£ way $h£ had appeared.

Feel!ng uncomfortable by h£r clos£ness Lucian was ab©vt to take a few steps [email protected]¢k wh£n $h£ suddenly wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h¡m. Stunned Lucian froze !n place.

What was th¡s feel!ng?

Even though Lucian was shocked by th£ sudden hug h£ felt strangely safe. h£r warmth sooth£d and comforted h¡m. h£ felt as though all th£ weight h£ had carried all those years on h¡s shoulders had been lifted away and h£ could suddenly breath. h¡s b©dy and m!nd relaxed and a strange feel!ng of peace brought tears to h¡s eyes. h£ wanted to cry !n h£r arms and h£ wanted h£r to comfort h¡m but shocked by h¡s own thoughts h£ ₱u$h£d h£r away and took a few steps [email protected]¢k.

“Leave!” h£ shook overwh£lmed by h¡s own emotions.

h£ wanted h£r to leave, $h£ s¢ar£d h¡m but at th£ same time h£ wanted to know who $h£ was as well.

“I am sorry.” Th£ woman cried.

h£ was tired of th£se cry!ng woman who came to h¡m and added to h¡s confusion. h£ was already suffer!ng enough, what did th£y want?

“Who are you? Why did you come h£re?” h£ said angry and frustrated.

Th£ woman cried even m©r£. “I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry and j√$t tell me who you are and what you want.”

“I…I..I am…” h£r voice cracked and $h£ shook h£r h£ad. “I am sorry.” $h£ repeated.

“Don’t…” Lucian began to yell but $h£ was already gone.


F!nally Irene met h¡s Son 😥

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