Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 17

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Klara was surprised to f!nd Irene like th¡s. $h£ barely recognized h£r. Irene looked frighten!ng. $h£ was pale, h£r hair was ragged and h£r face was covered !n tears, but that’s not what frightened Klara. It was h£r eyes. Irene’s eyes looked dead, as if h£r soul had left h£r b©dy. $h£ stared at Klara yet it seemed $h£ wasn’t look!ng at h£r, but right through h£r.

Klara wondered what happened so $h£ s1©wly walked |ns!de. “Irene?” $h£ called h£sitantly.

Wh£n $h£ got no reply $h£ approach£d Irene s1©wly. “Is someth!ng wrong?”

A s!ngle tear ran d©wΠ h£r ch£ek. “h£ is dead!” $h£ said h£r voice void of any emotion.

“Who is dead?” Klara asked confused.

“My son.” It was almost a wh¡sper.

Irene had a son? Klara didn’t know and $h£ didn’t know how to console Irene eith£r.

Suddenly Irene shifted h£r gaze and looked right at Klara. Th£ looked !n h£r eyes s£nt a $h!very d©wΠ Klara’s sp!ne.

“You…” $h£ said and Klara realized $h£ was !n danger even thought $h£ didn’t know what wrong $h£ did.

“You said you loved h¡m…but you didn’t save h¡m.” Irene hastily got ©vt of b£d and began stroll!ng toward Klara s1©wly.

Klara took a few steps [email protected]¢k frightened by th£ crazy look !n Irene’s eyes. $h£ looked like $h£ wanted to destroy th£ world. Klara was of course a fighter but $h£ knew $h£ didn’t stand a chance with Irene. Th£ woman was a witch after all.

“Now… who will save you?” $h£ said threaten!ngly.

Turn!ng @r0vnd Klara ran toward th£ door, grabb!ng th£ [email protected] $h£ wanted to leave quickly but suddenly th£ door shut by an !nvisible force and Klara couldn’t open it. Panik kicked !n and $h£ reach£d for th£ knife that would probably not h£lp, but aga!n some !nvisible force knocked it ©vt of h£r [email protected] and it flew across th£ room. Swiftly Klara’s eyes search£d for someth!ng !n th£ room $h£ could use to defend h£rself but before $h£ could even m©v£ Irene grabb£d h£r by th£ neck and p!nned h£r to th£ wall.

Klara tried to kick, ₱ush or even punch but neith£r could h£r legs m©v£ nor h£r arms. How would $h£ defend h£rself if $h£ couldn’t even use h£r limbs. $h£ could only use h£r m©vth, maybe $h£ should talk some s£nse !nto Irene’s h£ad but $h£ could barely breath as Irene t!ghtened h£r grip even m©r£ sqv££s!ng all th£ air ©vt of Klara’s lungs.

“All of us said we loved h¡m but none of us could save h¡m. None! We all deserve to die.”

Was $h£ go!ng to die like th¡s? And h£r family wouldn’t even know. No, $h£ refused to die.

“You refuse?!” Irene asked. $h£ could read h£r thoughts? “Alright th£n…I will make you suffer first.” Th£n suddenly Klara felt h£r b©dy get thrown across th£ room. $h£ braced h£rself for th£ pa!n to come as $h£ hit th£ wall th£n fell on a table that tumbled over and $h£ fell furth£r to th£ floor.

Klara rolled on th£ floor !n pa!n while [email protected]!ng for air. $h£ had to get away and tried to get up despite th£ pa!n wh£n Irene kicked h£r !n th£ stomach and $h£ fell [email protected]¢k with cry.

“I will kill everyone who claimed to love h¡m, everyone and th£n I’ll jo!n you. Do you know why?” $h£ asked. “Because I loved h¡m th£ most yet I did noth!ng…noth!ng.”

Th¡s was not good. Klara could h£ar th£ anger and despair !n Irenes voice. If $h£ didn’t get away Irene would kill h£r for sure.

“Oh right. Before I kill myself I have to kill moth£r as well. I’ll kill h£r!” $h£ s¢r**med.

While Irene was speak!ng to h£rself Klara tried to crawl away but soon Irene grabb£d h£r by th£ hair and ₱v||ed h£r up br!ng!ng both th£ir faces close to each oth£r. “You want to live pr!ncess? While lett!ng th£ man you love die?”

Klara was confused. Who was Irene talk!ng ab©vt? $h£ had only ever loved one man and it was Lucian.

“Yes. I am talk!ng ab©vt Lucian. h£ is dead!” $h£ yelled ₱ush!ng h£r d©wΠ aga!n.

Klara fell. “Lucian is dead?”


“No!” Klara shook h£r h£ad. “No, no!” No $h£ was probably talk!ng ab©vt anoth£r Lucian.

“You can deny it all you want it but it won’t br!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k from th£ dead.” Irene grabb£d Klara by th£ hair aga!n.

Klara took notice of a vase that [email protected] on th£ table nearby. $h£ grabb£d it quickly and sma$h£d it on Irene’s h£ad. $h£ expected Irene to [email protected]|| d©wΠ but $h£ still stood straight as blood ₱0ured from h£r h£ad and d©wΠ h£r face.

Suddenly $h£ laugh£d, someth!ng that shocked Klara. “Come on! Hit me some m©r£!” Irene said.

Klara was confused.

“I said come on!” Irene yelled th£n Klara punch£d h£r face caus!ng Irene’s l¡p to burst.

“Is that all you got?” Irene asked with a smirk. “You are not giv!ng me a choice but to show you how.” $h£ said and slapped Klara across th£ face.

Klara had been slapped before, even by strong men but it never hurt like th¡s. h£r wh0l£ h£ad was throbb!ng !n pa!n and $h£ lost h£r balance and fell. Irene Placed h£rself on top of h£r and was ab©vt to land anoth£r slap wh£n someone spoke.


Roshan! Klara felt a sudden relief.

“Don’t !nterfere! I am warn!ng you!” Irene said with a deadly tone.

“Don’t touch h£r. I am warn!ng you!” h£ spoke with that same deadly tone.

$h£ !ntended to ignore h¡m wh£n someone called h£r name. “Irene!”

Th¡s voice s£nt a chill d©wΠ Klara’s sp!ne. $h£ wanted to see who th£ voice belonged to but $h£ kept h£r gaze fixated on Irene.

“What are you do!ng?”

Irene s1©wly let h£r [email protected] [email protected]|| as th£ crazy look !n h£r eyes turned !nto one of confusion and sadness. Th£ man quickly came to h£r side and ₱v||ed h£r up and away from Klara th£n h£ wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd h£r. “It’s alright.” h£ wh¡spered.

Klara didn’t spare a moment to look at th£ man and tried to quickly get up and away but Roshan already scooped h£r up !n h¡s arms and carried h£r away. Klara felt embarra$$ed but didn’t protest as $h£ was !n too much pa!n to walk h£rself.


Roshan tried to stay calm as h£ carried Klara to h¡s room. h£ was shocked and angry, h£ had never seen Irene act th¡s way before. h£ shouldn’t have left Klara alone h£re. If h£ had come a bit late $h£ could have been dead. Th£ possibility of los!ng h£r easily made h¡m feel vulnerable and h£ hated it.

h£ s1©wly placed h£r on h¡s b£d and $h£ fl!nch£d !n pa!n. h£r beautiful face was now covered with bruises and h£r cloth£s soaked !n h£r own blood. Roshan clench£d h¡s fists, see!ng h£r like th¡s made h¡m angry. If it was someone else who made h£r like th¡s th£y would be dead long ago, but it was Irene. h£ knew $h£ was griev!ng th£ loss of h£r son and blam!ng h£rself for not sav!ng h¡m.

“Stay h£re.” h£ said and left to br!ng an aid kit.

As h£ returned h£ found Klara curled up !n h¡s b£d, h£r arms wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t. For th£ first time h£ didn’t see th£ tough woman h£ was used to see. $h£ looked startled and s¢ar£d and h£ could understand that. Roshan put th£ kit on th£ nightstand and th£n ¢ar£fvlly sat d©wΠ next to h£r.

h£ waited patiently for h£r to sit up th£n reach£d for h£r face. $h£ fl!nch£d [email protected]¢k.

“I am not go!ng to hurt you.” h£ a$$ured th£n s1©wly rem©v£d th£ hair from h£r face and tucked it beh!nd h£r ear. As h£ treated h£r wounds $h£ didn’t even compla!n once even though it was probably a bit pa!nful.

Roshan knew that not only was h£r face bruised but h£r b©dy as well. Know!ng that $h£ wouldn’t let h¡m h£lp h£r treat those wounds h£ gave th£ aid kit and a clean dress.

“What happened to Lucian?” $h£ asked abruptly.

Roshan was taken [email protected]¢k for a moment. h£ had almost forgotten that $h£ was !n love with Lucian and tell!ng h£r that th£ man $h£ loved was dead, was not someth!ng h£ wanted to do at th¡s moment.

Klaras eyes welled with tears. “h£ is not dead right? $h£ was referr!ng to someone else, right?” A tear fell d©wΠ h£r ch£ek and $h£ quickly wiped it away with th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r [email protected]

Roshan couldn’t br!ng h¡mself to tell h£r so h£ kept quiet. Maybe h¡s silence would speak for itself.

“Please…please tell me h£ is not dead. Plea…ase.” $h£ began to cry hysterically.

h£r wh0l£ b©dy shook as $h£ buried h£r face !n h£r [email protected] Roshan wanted to comfort h£r but h£ didn’t know how. Even if h£ knew why would h£ want to comfort h£r wh£n $h£ was cry!ng for anoth£r man? Turn!ng @r0vnd h£ left h£r alone th!nk!ng that $h£ would calm d©wΠ eventually, but h£ was wrong.

$h£ kept cry!ng th£ wh0l£ night until $h£ was exhausted and fell asleep almost at sunrise.

“How is $h£?” Lucifer asked tak!ng a seat !n th£ garden wh£re Roshan was tak!ng a short nap after listen!ng to Klara’s cry th£ wh0l£ night.

“$h£ j√$t fell asleep.”

“You ¢ar£ for h£r.” Lucifer po!nted. “I didn’t th!nk someone as promiscuous as you would ¢ar£ for someone.”

“Well…if Lucifer h¡mself could ¢ar£ for someone th£n anyone can ¢ar£ for someone. By th£ way…how did Irene wake up? Did you f!nd h£r moth£r?”

“No. I j√$t found h£r awake.” Lucifer said thoughtful.

“What is it?” Roshan asked.

“I have been th!nk!ng. Maybe…Lucian is alive.”

“Why would you th!nk so?”

“Demons cannot die unless killed by oth£r supernatural creatures. Why would Lucian be an exception?”

“Because h£ is not entirely Demon.” Roshan said as a matter of fact.

“True but h£ could have died and come [email protected]¢k to life, j√$t like Irene.”

Irene had died after giv!ng birth to Lucian but $h£ had come [email protected]¢k to life because $h£ had demon blood !n h£r system. Wh£n $h£ came [email protected]¢k to life $h£ had become partly Demon. Lucian was already partly demon which meant that wh£n h£ died h¡s demon side could have saved h¡m and h£ awakened was a fvlly Demon. But th£n aga!n Demons could track oth£r Demons so why couldn’t th£y f!nd h¡m, Roshan wondered.

It meant that h£ was eith£r dead or maybe even though h£ awakened as a fvlly Demon h£ still had h¡s witch powers. A deadly comb!nation !ndeed and th¡s deadly comb!nation would not be found unless h£ wanted to be found.

“Th£re is one way to f!nd!ng Lucian if h£ is alive.” As a Demon h¡mself Roshan knew Demons were very protective and possessive of th£ir mates.





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