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She is a bitch episode 22-23


💄(I will wait)💄
💞Chapter 22💞
“You” we both said together
“Do you know him?” Collins asked me
“Yes he was the man who was being attacked that I shot those bad men” I said staring at him
“Collins is this your bride?” He asked Collins
“Yes father” he replied
Wait what Father? Then what

will his Dad be doing in California with those guys?
“Wow am very happy to have you as a bride. Collins you made a great choice she is a queen” he said smilingly
“Welcome home Dara” he said to me and went upstairs
I got down from my car and went into Jack’s mansion. I carried the gift bag along.
I got to the leaving room and found Jace he was watching the TV.
“Hey Sister in law” he said
I looked at him.
“You are really fun of joking” I said
“So is Jack upstairs?” I asked
He started to act nervously
“No… Yes… Maybe… Yes… No… Yes” he said
“OK thanks” I said about climbing the stairs when Jace stopped me
“Jayla come and have a drink with me. We all all wines and drinks” he said smiling nervously. I glared at him.
“Jace what are you hiding?” I asked folding my hands
“Me hide? What could I possibly be hiding from Jayla? I mean Jack can never cheat on you” he said. I shook my head and walked upstairs ignoring his calls.
I finally got to Jack’s room. I could hear some m0ans. I knocked on the door and everything stopped. I knocked again.
After Knowing for about fifteen minutes the door finally opened. Jack came outside then he stood by the door preventing me from entering.
“Jack what are you hiding?” I asked him
“No… Nothing we… I .. Ain’t hiding anything” he stammered
“Then why did it take so long to opened the door for me?”
“I was busy having a nap” he lied
“Then what was making those sounds I heard in your room?”
“I sometime dream talk” he said smiling
“Let me into this room” I yelled at him pushing the door. After struggling for a while the door opened.
I looked and saw the lady he always talks to in school. She was on his bed. She was wearing a Short ref gown that was opened.
I closed the door.
“So this is the dream right? To think I got you a birthday gift” just then the door opened. She came out and was clinging to Jack.
Tears rolled down my face.
“Get out bitch or else I will hit you” I said to her. She left with a scornful look.
I looked at Jack.
“Jack Willi happy

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birthday. Happy 17 birthday. My heart was right I was too young to date you. I am only Fifteen” I said sobbing.
“Jay it not what you think” he said. I couldn’t bear it so I ran away in tears.
I watched her as she ran away. She ran away leaving her present for me on the floor. I bent down and picked it. They were so many things inside. I picked a book.
I opened it. I saw a lot of our pictures. Suddenly a piece of paper fell. There was writing written in red.
“Jack Willi is

the best boyfriend ever. Jack I know you don’t like me but I love the way you make me feel special. So you know I wrote this piece of paper with my blood. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. I 💖 u”
I was shattered after reading this. I never loved her but she adored me. Jayla please forgive me.
“Nah today is Jace’s birthday. I wonder why he didn’t tell anyone” Elini said
“Who cares? Jay went to see Jack. Maybe she will wish Jace also” I said fixing my nails.
“Diamond. I have to go for a hike. See you later” She said and left.
I called a maid to get me a drink when Jayla entered the room crying.
“Jay what happened?” She ignored me and ran to her room
I went to her room.
“Jay please open the door please” I said banging the door. She ignored me
I took my phone and called Elini
📱Hey D what’s up
📲Eli Jayla came back crying. Please come home. She locked herself in her room please come back before she does something bad to herself
I could hear Diamond crying already
📱Ok I will be there
I said and hung up.
Am so far from home. Have never enter a taxi and it won’t start now.
I called my driver and told him my location.
After waiting someone tapped me. Finally.
I turned and saw a guy he was smiling checking me out.
“Hey what’s your pro…” I felt something on my nose. My eyes became heavy and I collapsed into something soft
I was coming back from work tried. I noticed some men harassing a girl.
My dad always said that It was bad for men to harass

girls. Luckily I saw a rod. I picked it and wen to them. I looked closer and noticed.
Wait Elini?
The put something in her nose and she fell. I quickly rushed and carried her.
She fell in my hands. I put her on the floor. I took the rod and began hitting them badly.
Then I carried Link and ran away
I opened my eyes and looked around. What am I doing here in this strange place. I got up and looked around. They were two beds.
I could smell something cooking. I could also hear an heavy down pour.
Suddenly Liam walked in with a strange guy. They had food in their hands.
Just then last nights memory started flashing. I tried to get up but fell down due to pains.
“Elini chill. I won’t bite you. Take” he said as he gave me water
I collected it

“Wow so you mean Terry can cook this much?” I asked surprised
“Yes. Liam I got to go. It my shift” Terry said and left leaving only me and Liam.
“So are you enjoying your stay?” He asked. I smiled.
“Yes. I am. It really simple” i said. I used my hand to round my body because I was cooled.
Just the the unexpected happened. Liam kissed me. I wanted to stop it but know I couldn’t.
I wanted more. He put his hand inside my shirt and pressed my b***s. A m0an escaped my lips.
“Liam please” I m0an
He stopped and looked at me.
“Should I?” He asked
So what will Elini say?
Who else is angry at Jack for breaking our Jay’s heart
👠(I will wait)👠
👗Chapter 23👗
“Should I?” He asked staring at me.
I could only nod.
We both laid down to rest. Liam got up and went to shower. After that he made room for me to shower.
When I came out he was making a call. He looked at me and smiled. I rolled my eyes shyly. I saw his shirt on the bed. I wore it in the bathroom. The shirt was pink it stopped beneath my butt. I packed my hair.
“Take” he said giving me a box. I opened it. I was a golden bangle.
“Happy Valentine’s day” he said
“I will collect it even though Val’s day is long gone” I said and wore it. I watched him as he smiled at me.
I watched her as she wore it. She was one pretty girl. I just wish she could like me.
I smiled remembering what just happened between us. At least I was her first.
I already called Diego so soon be will come pick her.
“You guys are lucky Liam called. If anything would had happened to Elini. You guys would have. Hated me” I said angrily
“Son you need to calm down now. She is fine” Granny D said smiling.
I looked at them and entered my car.
“Bye Liam thanks for allowing her stay here and also for saving her” I said as I held Elini’s waist.
“It’s nothing. Anyway I just hope she is happy” he said looking at her dreamy
I cleared my throat. Then Liam came back to life.
“We are leaving now bye” I said and dragged Elini with me.
We entered the car and zoomed off. I have to keep Elini away from Liam before she falls for him.
I finally got home. Jayla was the first person to see me she almost killed me with her screaming.
“Eli is back” She yelled as she ran to me
“Hey Jay” I said shyly
“Forget all this hey. Let’s go inside” Diego said walking I’m without us.
“What’s up with him?” I asked Jay
“He has been really moody since you left” Jay said
“Don’t mind him he will soon adjust” I said as my eyes caught my bangle and I remembered.
After she left I went back to my room. I sat down.
Wow this place is so quite without her. I wish she could stay with me for ever.
“Yeah nice wish” I muttered
I sighed and laid on the bed to rest. The memory of your last event flashed through my mind. I smiled.
“You and your men are bunch of losers. You guys can’t even kidnap a fly” I yelled at them angrily
“We are sorry madam it won’t happen again” they said apologizing
I scoffed.
“And if it happens again do you think you guys will survive?”
“We are really sorry ma” they said bowing.
“Please get out am really pissed off” I said drinking my juice.
Yes I was the one that told my men to kidnap Elini but they said a strange guy helped her.
It has to be either Diego or Liam.
She must think this is over. She doesn’t know the game just started. Let’s see if two can play.
I wonder were Collins could be? Since his Dad came he is barley at home.
I decided to check something that I saw few days back. It was a room. I asked Collins he said I am forbidden to enter there that only Dad can enter.
I wore my pink flipflop and headed to the door. I got there I looked around to make sure here was no one.
There are so many things I need to find out.
Why is this house heavy guarded?
Why do father and son stay out late?
Why does Mrs Senile always try to persuade me to let Collins go out with his father?
So many unanswered questions. I entered inside the door and shut it. There were many rooms. I opened the first. It was empty.
After opening close to twenty doors all were empty. I was tired. I wanted to give up. OK I give up.
I turned and was about leaving when I heard a scream. I rushed to were it was. I peeped thorough the keyhole. I saw a dead man on the floor. He was bleeding from his heard.
“Dad I want to go met Dara. I miss her” I heard Collins said
“Son I think it’s high time to tell her the truth” his Dad said
“Dad am scared. What if she hates me?” He asked
“Dara is sweet she can’t” his Dad assured him.
I knew he will come out any minute so I rushed to a room and hide in it. I watched him as he passed.
After he left. I came out and left too.

“Dara where have you been?” Collins asked folding his hands
“I went to the kitchen” I lied
“Mum was in the kitchen she said you weren’t there”
“Maybe she didn’t see me” I lied again.
He nodded his head.
“So how is my baby doing?” He asked. I blushed
“Am fine as you can see”
“I said my baby not you Dara” he said. I frowned then he tickled me.
“I love you Dara” he said
“I love you too” I said in a whisper.
But what are you hiding Collins what?
I was dreaming when someone hit me.
“Mum let me be am tired” I said rolling over
I felt the person hitting me again this time it was harder. I got up angrily.
“Mom” I yelled as I rubbed my eyes.
I finally opened them well to view a strange person.
“Who the fvck are you?” I asked
“Just shut up” the voice said. That voice sounded like a female’s voice.
The lady pointed a gun at my head. “Just follow me quietly or prepare to die”. I was already melting.
I obeyed and she took me downstairs. My mum was cuddling my baby brother. He was just months old. Dad was kneeling begging them.
“Wow I have all the Rutherford’s family members. Wait were is Dara?” She asked
“We don’t know” my Dad said
“You are suppose to know after all you are the one forcing yourself on her maybe she ran away” the lady said.
“Eric so you had s£x with your daughter under the same roof with your wife” mum said in tears
“Sally it’s not what you think. She seduced me” Dad said
“Can’t you overcome temptation?” Mum asked in tears
“Mum chill. The girl was just useless” I said with an eyeroll
“Jessica if you don’t shutup. I will shut you up” mum yelled
Suddenly the lady laughed.
“If by next time I come and Dara isn’t here consider yourselves dead. And no matter were you run to I must find you” the lady said and then she threw something and we all blacked out.
Who is this lady?
What could Collins be hiding?

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