Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch L

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch L


*** i was so suprised when i saw Rose but i pretended as if i didnt knw her. ***

Jenny: igwe this is my friend Rose and Rose this is my brother igwe.

Me: *** chai! Dis Jenny dey sharp oo.see as she call me her brother *** how are you my dear?

Rose: am fine. *** i told Jenny that i want to go in and she said ok that she will see Rose off.
I went in,side, what kind of life am i even living? Now i knw that what goes around must surely comes around.
After some minutes later, Jenny entered and came to my room ***

Jenny: igwe do you knw her before?

Me: no. Why did you ask?

Jenny: the way both of you stared at each other was something else,so i began to wonder if both of you knw each other from somewhere.

Me: i might have seen her before but i don’t knw her.

Jenny: igwe, why is it that aunty has changed overnight towards you since yesterday
brother came back?

Me: i don’t just knw what her problem is.

Jenny: maybe is bcos of her or pregnancy, you knw women nagg in this period of hers.

Me: maybe but if that’s the problem, she would have been nagging at me all this while.

Jenny: don’t mind her. I didn’t finish that my ice cream, should i bring it for you?

Me: no,,, am just extremely tired.

Jenny: me too. *** after a while,we heard a horn from the gate. I told Jenny to run to her room,
bcos that horn we heard might be my boss and she entered the kitchen, she started to worm rice.
After some minutes,i heard a knock on the door so i moved to the door and opened the door for my madam and boss.
My madam asked me of Jenny and i told her, she was in the kitchen.
After that day,the next day been Monday, i carried out my morning duties and got prepared on time. I told my boss that i have prepared to go to market. He told me that he wouldn’t come that day that i should take care of the shop.
”You will also be ready from now on bcos our goods will soon come back” he added.
I left to where i parked the bus and drove off. When i got to the market,bathlomeo was in the market,
i ignored him and opened our shop. After i have tidied everywhere, i sat on my chair. The thought about Mrs sharp sharp and my son came to my mind. I scrolled to my contact and dialled Mrs sharp sharp number but it was switched off. I tried it several times and it was still the same thing.
I thought about princess and dialled her number too but it was still unavailable.
Why did my madam changed towards me overnight? Was she doing that so that my boss will not find out, there is something going on between us.
I thought as much. Lemme be looking at her to knw what she will be upto. I bend my head on the table, soon someone tapped me so when i looked up, it was Bathlomeo ***

Me: what are you doing here?

Bathlomeo: igwe please calm down and lets bury the hatchet, lets the bye gone be by gone. We are friends, how long can we continue to be keeping malice? We are guys and you knw guys don’t keep malice like women. So please forgive me, i knw i have wronged you but please never mind.

Me: is that what you have to say after deceiving me?

Bathlomeo: i said am sorry for that. Please, forget everything.

Me: alrite. No problem. *** we had a hand shake and he left our shop. Some minutes later, ijeoma and Amanda entered. We exchanged pleasantries, they settled down on their sits.
I cross-checked our sales book and also our credit book to make sure everything is intact.
I told Ijeoma and Amanda that our boss has come back.
Amanda asked me if he will come to market that day and i told her no. After sales that day,i closed account and we went to our different ways. Our market line closed on time bcos they want to attend burial ceremony of one of our member. I drove home and parked outside. I entered our gate and was moving slowly to our door when i overheard my boss talking to madam.
You are pregnant right? My boss asked. Yes,my madam replied. Then who is responsible for it bcos i knw am not the one,my boss asked. My mind skipped immediately i heard that. By the way, why did you even make such decision without consulting me for approval? My boss asked.
It wasn’t my fault, every woman love to have her own child once she is married,My madam said. ”’Should i beg you for permission before i have my own child? Or should i fold my hands and be watching till God throw a child from heaven to us? You can’t give me a child and it is my duty to have my own child anyway i wish to”’ she added.
Then who is responsible for this? My boss asked her again.
”Well if you wish to knw, it is Igwe” she replied.
Chai! My ears are full.
So my boss is an impotent?
It was like a dream to me that day.


*** i stood outside to get the gist wella. My mind skipped,chai wetin Go be my boss reaction towards me.I still kept quit shaa.
After my madam told my boss that am the one responsible for the pregnancy. How can you do such a thing with him? Said my boss with a harsh voice.***

Madam: then who else would i have done it with if not him or should i go out and contact infection,

Boss: atleast you would have consult me first and we will discuss the issue earlier.

Madam: i do this for the benefit of you and i. I just did it with him bcos i knw that tommorow he wouldnt come back for it.

Boss: how are you sure he was not aware that he is responsible for this.

Madam: he asked me the other day, if am pregnant bcos my stomach was getting bigger….

Boss: and what did you told him?

Madam: i didn’t give him any reasonable answer.

Boss: that’s good. Don’t open up to him about the pregnancy.

Madam: how can i that. I wouldn’t ooo… *** they changed topic. I stood there for some minutes inorder to comfort myself so that they wouldn’t knw that i heard their conversation.
I quietly went back to the gate and opened it,i looked outside the gate and closed it with a loud noise so that when they heard it,i will seems as if i was just coming in.
I entered the house, i saw my boss in the sitting room with my madam, they were seated separately. Everywhere was so quiet. I greeted my boss and immediately i turned to greet my madam, our eyes met, i moved my eyes aside and greeted her. They responded wella. My boss asked me, how was today’s market and i told him,it’s ok. I entered my room.
That night,my heart was troubled. I didnt see Jenny through out the night.
In the morning when i prepared to go to the market,
i told my boss that am about to go. So he told me that he is traveling to the village that he was called yesterday. He told me to take care of the shop.
I left to the market.
Bathlomeo and i started co-operating the way we use to before. When i sat on my chair, i was still troubled about Mrs sharp sharp. I broughtout my phone and dialled her number and it was still unavailable. I called my junior brother Emmanuel to enquire from him.
He told me that Mrs sharp sharp has been transfered to another school. that he doesn’t knw the school he was transfered to. I became weak after the call.
Some minutes later, Amanda and Ijeoma came to market. That day, Amanda came with food so in the afternoon she brought it to my table for us to eat. I told her that i don’t want to eat anything *** i was just scared of her. U knw Niger babes,dey can do undo atimes *** she started forcing me, i ate it bcos Ijeoma joined her.
In the evening, we parted in our various house.
When i entered our house,my boss wasn’t in. I greeted my madam and entered my room.
After some minutes,she called me to her room. I came and stood at the entrance of her room. ”Aunty, you called me” i said.
She told me to come in and i told her that am not coming.
*** the way she shouted on me on that Sunday she told me to cut tomatoes was still hurting me so that’s why i gave her that response. ***

Madam: come in now.

Me: aunty,am hearing you.

Madam: *** with a calmed voice *** please just come in,side. *** i entered and stood aside with a lumped face. *** why are you sad? *** i didnt utter a word to her *** am sorry for using harsh words on you the other day. Do you knw the reason why i did that? *** i looked at her *** i do that bcos my hubby was around. If i didnt do that,i will be remembering how we normally spend night together and you knw what it means.

Me: ok,but it shouldnt be that way,it hurts me alot. No problem, where is Jenny? i havent seen her since yesterday when i came back.

Madam: she went for her jamb result since yesterday.

Me: alright. Aunty, i still want to repeat the same question i asked you before.

Madam: yes, go on….

Me: are you actually pregnant?

Madam: is there anything wrong with that?

Me:no, just that i want to knw.

Madam: am i not married, ofcourse i do.

Me: aunty,yes or no.

Madam: yes i am. Are you satisfied now.

Me: not yet. Aunty, let’s be realistic, you and i knw very well that your hubby wasn’t responsible for this pregnancy you are carrying. So aunty,who has this baby you are carrying?
*** she looked at me in a suprised manna ***


*** she was busy starring at me and am looking at her,eye ball to eye ball. She opened her mouth to talk and a knock came to our door. I rushed out of her room and went to the door.
When i opened it,it was my boss. My heart skipped. I greeted him and he responded.
I entered in,side my room with my heart beating,
i sat down. Who knws if he was outside listening to our conversation? I thought for some minutes and undressed myself and took my bath.
After some minutes,jenny too came back. I helped my madam to prepared our dinner.
When we finished eating,my boss called me in the sitting room. My heart skipped again.
I borrowed courage and entered the sitting room. ***

Boss: tommorow, you will carry Amanda and ijeoma to the warehouse, our goods has finally arrived.

Me: thank God.

Boss: am going to send two other guys to you so that they will help you to offload our goods. Ijeoma and Amanda,their work is to write down the item’s name and the quantity they are. I hope you understood what i said?

Me: yes sir.

Boss: please make sure that the goods are been secured and arrange it well so that the warehouse with contain both the next container that will soon come back.

Me: yes sir. But wouldn’t you be around?

Boss: yes,i wouldn’t be around tommorow bcos,there is some papers i need to sign in the wholf in Lagos so that they wouldn’t push my goods to another person. The people that pushed the goods from China made a mistake. So i have to go there through my agent and sign some papers, so that the goods will be redirected to me.

Me: ok sir.

Boss: please! Please! And please! Be very vigilant so that they wouldn’t steal any of our goods.

Me: no problem sir.

Boss: you can now go back to your room. *** i went back to my room. Thank God it’s not what i thought that he said to me. My spirit were calmed so very soon i slept off.
I woke up as early as possible and did my morning duties. I got prepared and informed my boss before i went out. Immediately i came out of our gate to where i parked the bus, i saw Rose. She greeted me with a smile, i responded her.
Without wasting time,i entered the bus and starts it. She came closer to me ***

Rose: how is Jenny,has she came back?

Me: yes.

Rose: so how was her result?

Me: i don’t knw,i didn’t ask her and beside she didn’t even inform me where was going to yesterday.

Rose: ok… Maybe she forget or it might be emergency now. So where are you going to?

Me: *** omo see question oo. Wetin com be her business for where i dey go *** to the market naw.

Rose: hmmm.. But you are going so early naw.

Me: yea, am not going straight to the market now.

Rose: alrite so what will you buy for me when you comes back?

Me: don’t worry yourself,i will suprise you when i come back.

Rose: igwe,i thought i gave you my number the other time up till now, i haven’t see your call,not even your flashing.

Me: please Rose, we will discuss this later,i don’t want my brother to meet me out here. Please am rushing somewhere.

Rose: we will discussion it where and when?

Me: no problem,i will contact you from Jenny’s phone. Please don’t be annoy,lemme rush to where am going to.

Rose: if you say so no problem. Bye bye.
*** i drove to the market. I called Amanda and Ijeoma on phone so that they will come on time. Few minutes later,both of them came to the market. I drove to one restaurant nearby and we ate so after eating, i drove to our warehouse and we waited for some minutes before our goods came with two other guys. That day,i nearly die bcos of heat that was gushing out of my body as we are offloading the goods. We finished the offload very late in the evening. I dropped Amanda and Ijeoma to their various houses. That day i drove home like a drunkard. When i got home,i rushed in,side and took my bath. I was so weak that nite that i couldn’t even greet my madam that was in,side room when i came. I reclined on my bed and slept off.
Jenny wake me up and informed me that the food is ready. I told her to help me and bring it here. She told me that, my madam said that i should come to the dining table.
I managed and entered the dining table and sat beside my madam ***

Madam: what’s the problem and how was the offload?

Me: we thank God.

Madam: did you drank alcohol before coming back?

Me: alcohol! nooo. Its just that am fatigue.

Madam: sorry my dear…. *** she called Jenny to come and buy drug for me and i told her not to worry, that i will be fine. I ate with my madam in the dining. After eating,i went back to my room and slept off. I wokeup late in the morning. I regained my strength,Jenny has swept everywhere so I took my bath,after that i drank tea that my madam made for me.
after then,i drove to the market. Ijeoma and Amanda had already been in the market. I used the bus to convey goods from the warehouse to the shop.
One month later,we relocated to Asaba, Delta state.


*** After we relocated to Asaba,Delta State, we got settled. I now drive from Asaba to onitsha to the market. I couldn’t even figure out my boss’s reason for our relocation.
Our compound was made of four families. I got relaxed, atleast am now free from Rose.
The area we relocated was so cool and more especially, our street.
After one week of staying there,i haven’t knw all the people that live in that our compound.
One Sunday morning,i prepared to church{7:00am mass} with Jenny. We went to the church with our market vehicle bcos the church was somehow far. After mass that day,we drove off. As we are just coming out from the church, i saw that same girl, i disturbed back then in onitsha{the girl that ignored me when i tried to chat with her in the church in onitsha} as she was stroking to the main road to bord a taxi,i was so glad. I giggled. Jenny asked me why i giggled? I told her that i saw my former classmate. I drove to her back and horn the vehicle. She looked back and stopped. ”Please Jenny just a minute,i will be back” i said to Jenny. I came down from the bus and went close to her ***

Me: hi.

Girl: *** she looked at me with a confused face *** hi.

Me: how are you?

Girl: am fine.

Me: that’s good. Do you remember my face?

Girl: i can’t really tell,but is like i have met you before.

Me: we met in the church in Onitsha.

Girl: oooooh! I can now remember.

Me: so are you going to my direction? *** she asked me which direction am going. I told her and she said,she is also going to that same direction. I told her to come in. She entered and we drove off. Could you knw as we entered our street,she didn’t tell me to stop. It was when we got to our gate,that she told me,she want to come down. I asked her where she live, she told me that she lives in the next two compounds after ours. I asked her for her number and she gave me without wasting time. She went away, i opened our gate and drove in. We came back so late. When we entered the house,my boss was about to go to church while my madam was seated in the sitting room with her pregnancy. After some minutes my boss left to the church. I entered my room,i removed the cloth i wore to church. I came out from my room and entered the kitchen to help Jenny in cooking.
As Jenny and i were cooking,my madam called her. Soon she left the house and went out. My madam called me in the sitting room. I sat beside her when i entered the sitting room. She asked me what am doing and i told her, am pounding peppe and other things but am through. She asked me to bring cold water for her and i brought it. I asked her,why she didn’t go to church with my boss and she told me,she wasn’t feeling ok. She opened her mouth to talk and Jenny banged on the door. She told me to go and i rushed back to the kitchen. Jenny wasn’t happy ever since i gave that girl from the church a ride. Even as i helped her to cook,she wasn’t still happy.
That Sunday, after we are through with lunch,my boss took her wife out for Sunday flex.
So after my boss and his wife went out, i entered my room and dialled that number the girl gave me {the girl i gave a ride},the number wasn’t going through. I redialled it again and it went through. She picked up immediately ***

Girl: hello who is this. *** i introduced myself to her *** so how are you?

Me: am ok and you?

Girl: am fine.

Me: are you doing anything at home now?

Girl: no, any problem?

Me: yea,just small problem that you and i need to trash.

Girl: ok… Am coming. *** hanged up. I was so excited atleast she have agreed to come out. I wore my cloth, i told Jenny that am coming, she didn’t say anything, i entered my madam’s room,where she was. I asked her, why she was moody since we came back from church. She couldnt reply me. I drow her head closer to mine, and gave her a sentional k-ss. She still couldn’t talk. I tagged my mouth on hers, i started k-ssing her,she wasn’t responding at all. I k-ssed her for 3mins and she gave me a deep sound. I smiled and continued. As i was k-ssing her,she was jerking and mo-ning. I made love to her for some minutes, i even forgot that i was going somewhere, she started shaking as if i didnt bleep her that Moment she will die. I disengaged myself from her. She looked at me with a dieing eyes. She told me to enter her. I pulled my shirt and tackled her b–bs. I s—-ed her b–bs like a mad man. I pulled down my finger down to her lower chamber , she jerked. I slide my finger in,side her lower chamber, chai! Jenny was already w-t. I started with fingerbleep. I did that for some minutes,i unhooked my belt and freed my joystick. It was as strong as a zuma rock.
As am about to slide it in,side her,my phone ranged. When i checked it,it was the girl that was calling me. I became confused in what to do,weather to continue with what am doing or to go and see the girl.


*** i refused to answer the call. Jenny saw the expression when the call came in and she asked me,who was calling me. I told her it’s my friend from market. I started firing her without looking back.
As i was bleeping her,the call came in again. I ignored her call again and continued with what am doing.
I bleeped her for 10mins before i c-m, i poured my c-m on her cloth beside us.
I rushed in,side the bathroom and took my bath. After bathing, i rushed out, as i opened our gate, a text message came to my phone. I opened the message and it was from the girl.
The text said” don’t ever try my nos again in ur life. Goodbye”
i came out of our gate, i dialled her number, she didn’t pick. I redialled it again and she aborted it. I tried it again and she still aborted it.
I entered in,side the house,straight to my room.
What have i done to myself?
When will i stop this my bad character?
What if my boss caught me with Jenny, what will be my fate?
Igwe when will you change?
Well everything lies on my hands.
After some minutes of deep thought, i was restless and soon my boss came back. Jenny was the one that opened the door for them. I stood up so i went and greet them.
My madam went in,side her room soon i overheard her as she was asking Jenny if she went out.
Jenny said ”no”. But this wasn’t the cloth you wore in the afternoon when you took Your bath, my madam said.
My mind skipped. I couldn’t hear Jenny’s response bcos her voice was low.
After eating and everything that nite, i slept off.
I was in a dream that nite, i saw myself in the village playing with small children. I didn’t knw any of those children am playing with beside they are all unclad. Anywhere i went to,those children will follow me. I told them to go back but they refused. As i was going,they were also following and holding my cloth. I tried all i can inorder for them to go back but they insist in following me. I held one of them and wh¡pped him inorder to scare others but to no avail.
I picked one plank beside us and hit one of them he fall down and instead of crying,he was busy laughing. I started hitting them with that plank but none of them sustain any wound,they were busy laughing like a mad men instead of crying. I became scared,i droped the plank and pick race, they were still after me. As i was running, i opened my eyes.
I started shivering like someone who has malaria. I was wondering, what could be the meaning of that dream? I couldn’t sleep again till morning.
After my morning duty, i left our house to where i parked the bus. I started the vehicle to move, i saw the girl as she was coming. I drove off to market. When i got to the market,none of our sales girls came yet. I drove to the warehouse and was busy conveying goods to the shop till two of them came. Customers and some of our collegues who buy wh0lesale goods and sell in retail,were coming to and fro. My boss entered market in the afternoon. Throughout that day, i was busy supplying goods from warehouse to the shop.
I was so busy that day that i couldn’t eat throughout the day till we go home. I took my bath and went in,side my room and continue reflecting on the dream to knw if i can understand anything from there but i couldn’t be able to figure out what it means.
After our dinner,my boss called me and asked,is am paying our sales girls so i told him yes. After asking me some other question,i went back to my room. I tried all i can to sleep that nite but that dream i had has already exaggerated my mind. I searched for my bible and glory be to God,i found it. I prayed with it and made vow to God, not to involve in any s-x act with any woman no matter the condition i will see myself.
After i made the vow, i slept off. I had a dream again that nite. Chai!
That dream marvels me alot to the point i wokeup with a loud voice that attracted my boss and madam in,side  my room.

To be continued

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