Tears Of A Young Maid

Tears of a young maid episode 5 – 6



My aunty had announced that she was going on a two months business trip and that she’d depart to the airport in the afternoon.

I was on cloud nine as I thought that I won’t be beaten again. I pretended as if I was sad when she ordered me to assist her in packing her luggages.

While I was with her in her room,she advised me to take good care of the house that am now the only woman in the house.

She further instructed me to endeavor to keep the house clean always that her husband must have something to eat when going and coming back from work.

I listened attentively when she was dishing out these advises as I didn’t want to forget any or do anything absurd.

We finished packing the baggages and she left for the airport at 12pm. Her husband took her to the airport together with her son.

When they left,I turned on the television and watched it with bells on for the first time in my life.

My stepmother obstructed me from watching the television when I was five years old.

Her children were the one watching it. Each time I pleaded with her to allow me watch a little,she’d always beat me to my room.

My dad would just be looking short of words.

Here,my aunty wouldn’t want me to stay a second without doing anything. She would always want me to wash the toilet ten(10) times a day.

So,I had no time to watch television.
But that day, I blew away cobwebs and lay down on the long sofa. I was watching an interesting movie.

Instantly,I heard car horns at the gate. I turned off the television and ran to my room although there was a very interesting movie on the screen but I had to do that.

My aunty husband came back and entered my room like a bat out of héll.

“Mezuo go and take your bath quickly”he said like a bear with sore head.

I jumped out of my skin and assured him that I’d do as he had commanded.

He left instantly and I was flummoxed because he haven’t done that before.

“What does he have in mind” I asked myself.

Instantaneously,I went to the bathroom and took my bath.

After bathing,I proceeded to my room. As I was about to apply some cream and scentful powder,My Aunty husband intruded and saw me with towel on and his countenance was full of smiles.

He locked the door and was coming to where I was. My heart sank into my belly and my blood ran cold.

He got to me, removed the towel and put his hand in my undie. He dipped his fingers into inkwell and started fingéring me.

My eyes were heavy and there were tears in the corners of them. He fingéred me mercilessly for over an hour and now lay me down, removed my undie and ins**ted his long rod into my private part.

Tears were dripping down the sides of my face and the pains was unbearable. I couldn’t shout and I couldn’t do anything because my hand were tied while legs were also tied wide open.
he had closed my mouth with a scarf.

His er-cted deck was so long and tears was pouring like rain. He raped me repeatedly until I fainted and he left me with blood stains on the bed.I lost my v-rgiñity-my dignity to him.

After laying down lifelessly for three hours. I woke up and couldn’t walk.

My Aunty’s son approached me,told me that his turn would be in the night and bursted into laughter.

I couldn’t stand the pace and I felt sui.cidal. I had no where to run to as I didn’t know anywhere in Lagos.

I stood close to my door like a statue of a bewildered woman and stared at the roof with hot tears free-flowing down my cheeks.
To be continued



I kept sighing painfully with tears streaming down my face as I was descring hopelessly at the roof.

My mind was telling me to be a self-slau.ghter so that the pains and sufferings will cease.

I hesitated but later on,I followed my mind and went to the kitchen and brought out a container full of pois.onous substance.

I mixed the poi.son with water and was about to drink it when my Aunty’s son and his friend entered nak.ed.

I nearly gulped in a little of it before they rushed and took away the cup from me.

They saw the container on the table.

“What do you want?” Fear quavered my voice.”you want to finish what your father had started.

Their prícks were very long and strong.

I was full of fear because I might end up joining the choir invisible.

They grabbed and undre.ssed me immediately.

My aunty’s son dipped his pen in my inkwell while his friend dipped his in my an.us.

I was sweating, bl.eeding and exhausted.

They did not close my mouth because they muttered that they will enjoy it when am shouting and sobbing.

They copulated with me non-stop till dawn.

My cries was echoing across the compound but no one came to my rescue.

I slided down to the floor when they blew their loads to my face.

It was irritating and I nearly puked out some food contents.

They ordered me to lick it that it nourishes the body but I did not utter a word as tears welled up my face and formed a couple of streams in my eyes.

They left with their visage full of smiles.

I consoled myself and swore to revenge all that they had done to me.

Two weeks later,they were still copulating with me daily and I was now addicted to it.

I knew the time my aunty’s husband usually comes back from work and I’d be waiting for him to come and satisfy his pen.

My aunty’s son would always S-x me till dawn and I’d be ready for him always.

The man of the house bought me dild.os which I requested for.

And I often use them to quench my S-xual urges when they are not around.

My bréasts had grown and my thighs were now chunky.

I was pleading with my aunty’s son to invite his friend every night so that we’d be having threesóme.

My aunty’s husband also invited his friends to pay and have S-x with me.

I couldn’t just control myself as my inkwell always scratches needing a pen that will satisfy it.

One day,no one was at home except I and the gate man.

I was lustful and needed to be made love to. The gate man was not busy and I approached and told him my problems.

He was astonished and gave me chair to sit on. “Why are you doing this to yourself” he said with a voice that sounded like a blast of thunder.

“You’re still a kid and you want to have S-x. he spoke as though he does not know what had been happening.

I told him that I was no longer a kid and this man gave me a resetting slap and sent me away.

I pondered out what he had said and I was down in the mouth.

I was trying as much as possible to stay away from S-xual intercourse but unfortunately,I just couldn’t – I was utterly addicted to it.
To be continued

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