Teens r0mance episode 8

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💕💕💕TEENS r0manCE💝💝💝






💛💚SHORT r0manCE💜💙

“My love i got something for you”
I sounded with smiles and we are still on the bed.

“Something for me! What’s the thing?
She asked with smiles.

I brought out necklace with a pendant written MY HEART.

“I know is not expensive for a girl like to wear but I bought with a heart that is made of gold,a heart that is filled of love,a heart that always think and cares for someone so percious”
I sounded with smiles and worn her the necklace on her ankle.

“I love it my love and it will forever be in this my ankel”
She sounded with smiles and k×ssed me.

“My love,loving you can only be compared to the sand of an ocean, mising you with the warmth of your skin, baby to me you mean the world, i can’t stand without you in my life, talk without ur l-ips!!!!So come and k×ss me”
I sounded with smiles.

“That’s so sweet of you my love”
She sounded with smiles and k×ssed me.

“When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you, When I met you, I was afraid to k×ss you When I k×ssed you, I was afraid to love you… Now that I love you, I’m afraid to lose you, I don’t want to loose you my love”
She sounded.

“You won’t loose me, I only have eyes on that’s why I want to stare into your eye and never look away, I want you to hold me In your arms and tell me It’s okay, I want to k×ss with a passion that only we can share and when It all falls down I want you to be there”
I sounded with smiles.

“My love for you grows more with each passing day, The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away: Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness, Those luscious l-ips I love to k×ss”
I sounded again with so much love.

“That’s why I love you the more, without you my life is meaningless”

We k×ssed so passionately that we never wanted to withdraw from the k×ss.

Princess came in,side and clear her thorat and we withdraw from the k×ss.
“Love birds!
She sounded with smiles and jumped in,side the bed.

We laughed and started twinkling her,she was laughing uncontrollable and rolling on the bed.

“Stop twinkling me!
She sounded with laughs.

“You deserve this for calling us love birds”
I sounded as we laughed and still twinkling her.

She struggled and struggled and later escaped from us,she ran off to the couch immediately and started breathing so fast.

We went to her,
“Did you need more twinkling?
Olive sounded with laughs.

“No! No! You guys should not twink me anymore”
She shouted and ran back to the bed.

A knock came from outside and we stood still.

“Who is at the door?
Olive asked.

“Is me Olive!
Her Nanny answered.

“What is it Nanny?

“You Dad said I should call you and your guest”

“Okay Nanny,we will come down right way”

She sounded and went downstairs.

“My love you need to dress up,Dad want to see us”

“Dress up again!
I sounded.

“Bro you are happy that you are here with your love so stop complaining and dress up”
Princess sounded.

“Dressing like a girl is so difficult”
I sounded.

“C’mon love! Let me help you with the dress”

She dressed me up and gave me a k×ss on back while zipping the gown.

“Aunt Olive,why did you like k×ssing my brother so much?
Princess sounded.

“That’s because I love your brother so much and he drives me crazy that’s why I love to k×ss him”

“Am jealous!
She sounded frowning her face.

We went to her and hugged her so tight.
“Oh Princess! You don’t have to be jealous okay,I love you so much”
I said to her.

“And I also love you too,okay!
Olive said to her and k×ssed.

“I love you both”
She sounded with smiles and gave us a k×ss on the cheek.

“Let’s go,Dad is waiting for us”
Olive said.

We held hands and about to exit from the door,
“Bro wait! You need to retouch your make up”
Princess sounded.

“That’s true my love,you need to retouch your make up , your face look somehow,come let me apply a little make up on it”
Olive added.

We went back to the bed,she brought her make up kits and retouched my face.

We went downstairs,
“My angel your cake just arrived”
The Dad said.

“Okay Dad!

We gathered around the cake including her Nanny and those her annoying bodyguards.

💭I hope they won’t recognize me💭
I thought feeling so uncomfortable around them.

“Baby cut your cake and make a wish”
The Dad said.

She closed her eyes make her silent wish, light off the candle and cut the cake.

“h¡p! h¡p! Hurray!
We cheered with so much excitement.

“Let’s make a toast 🥂”
The Dad shouted.

Nanny Kate poured the wine on the glass and gave it to everyone.

“We toast for long life,prosperity and good health and more success in your academics”
The Dad shouted.

“Amen! Amen!
We choursed.

We cheers🥂 to everyone.

“Happy Birthday my sweet Olive”
Nanny Kate said to her with a k×ss on the cheek and gave her a present.

“Thanks Nanny”
She sounded with smiles.

Her bodyguards also wished her and gave her a present.

“Please everyone should get sitted,I have something for my Aunt Olive”
Princess sounded.

💭What is she up to?
I thought.

We took our wine and sat at the couch waiting to see what Princess want to do.

“Hey everyone! My name is Princess Patrick, I want to preform some Princess’s dance to my beautiful Aunt Olive”
She sounded with smiles and gave us a welcome dance style.

We shouted with smiles and got more interested to watch her perform her dance.

“Please sis,play me that my favorite music”
She said to me.

I sounded and played the music on my phone.

She started dancing,giving us her dancing styles,we were shouting and hailing her.

Fifteen minutes later,she ended her dance.

“That’s a great performance Princess! I love it”
Olive’ s Dad shouted.

“Thank you Sir!
She replied with smiles.

“Wow! Princess i love your performance,thank you so much for dancing on my day”
Olive sounded and gave her a k×ss.

Our faces were filled with so much happiness,Princess’ s performance made our day a great one.

After all the merriment,everybody exited from the lounge.

I was going to the room and someone started calling me.

“Andera! Andera!
The person called and I kept quite and continued climbing the stairs.

The person called me the third time,I now realizes am the one,I turned and became so frightened.

Yes! Yes!
I answered with my voice shaking.

“Help me to tell Olive that her father want to see her”
She said looking at me so strange.

I sounded with my girl’s voice and went up.

It night already,Princess slept off on the lounge while watching her favorite channels.

I took her in,side the room,
“She slept off on the lounge”
I said to Andrew as i lay her down.

“Okay! Are you not coming to bed my love?
He asked with smiles.

“I will join you soon,let me see my Dad!
I sounded and blowed him a k×ss before leaving the room.

Ten minutes later,I came back after answering my Dad.

“Come to bed my love!
He said and dragged me in,side.

“There are Tul¡ps in the garden,there are Tul¡ps in the park but nothing is more beautiful than our two l-ips meeting in the dark!
He sounded so sweet and k×ssed me passionately.

“My love we gonna wake up princess, let go to the other room and have our fun”
I said to him.

He carried me still k×ssing me and got to the other room,he threw me on the bed,k×ssing and r0mancing me.

The passionate of the k×ss was so sweet that it lead to something else.

We had a great,romatic and a memorable s××,we showered together and slept off.

“Good Morning my love!
He said to me and gave me a k×ss on my forehead.

“Morning love!
I replied back still feeling sleepy.

“I can’t forget our beautiful and remarkable night,it will forever be in this heart of mine,the love i have for is incomparable,I love you so much Olive”
He sounded with smiles.

“I love you too”
I sounded with smiles.

“Let me go and check on Princess”

“Okay love!

I went to the other room,Princess is still sleeping,I went to the bathroom to shower and I recalled back the night we shared together,it was so sweet that I can’t take my head off it.

I was smiling,imaging the whole things as the water was dripping on me.

Done with the shower and got dressed in my girl’s outfit.

“Good Morning Bro!
Princess greeted.

“Morning Baby,how was your night?

“The bed is so huge that I slept like an angel and never wish to wake up”
She sounded with smiles.

“You are so funny baby!
I sounded with smiles.

“What of Aunt Olive?

“Here am I Princess”
Olive said as she came out from the other room.

“Good Morning Aunt Olive!

“Morning my love! How was your night”

“My night was so great”
She sounded with smiles.

“My love come and help me with the make up”
I said to her.

“Okay love!

“Baby go and take your shower”

Twenty minutes later,we were done with everything and went down for breakfast.

“Good Morning Dad!
Olive greeted and gave him a k×ss on the cheek.

“Morning my Angel!

“Good Morning Sir!
We greeted,I greeted in my girl’s voice.

“Morning Andera and Princess! How was your night”

“It was good Sir!
We sounded and sat down on the dinning table.

Thirty minutes later,we were done with the breakfast and went to the garden to have some fun.

Later in the day,we went to the room while Princess stayed at the lounge watching her cartoons.

We went to the bathtub to have a cool bath,we were enjoying ourselves with k×sses and Nanny Kate walked in,side.

She became so shocked and dumbfounded at the moment she set her eyes on me,the worst part of it she saw me k×ssing Olive.

“Am sorry! I came to drop this,I don’t know you are here”
She sounded and walked out immediately.



SCARED! 😱😱 😱 😱 😱