Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 22 – 23

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 22&23

Natalie ✓


” Th£re will be a party tonight.” Ruthie !nformed as $h£ approach£d my desk.

” What party?” I asked.

” You didn’t h£ar ab©vt th£ party? Gosh, it’s been th£ talk of th£ town and social media too. ”

” Haven’t gone to social media for days now. Feel!ng too lazy for any th!ng lately. ”

” Okay, so are you com!ng or not? Or, you’re still feel!ng lazy to attend? ” $h£ asked with an eyebrow up.

” Maybe. ”

” What’s maybe? I need a yes or no. ”

” I guess it’s a yes th£n. ”

” Cool. Let’s meet at th£ bus stop tonight. 8 o’clock. ”


Writer ✓


$h£ was surprised to see h¡m pres£nt !n th£ club. $h£ tried not to have an eye contact with h¡m.

Ruthie noticed h£r attitude, and thought $h£ was only try!ng to avoid one of th£ men !n th£ club.

” Are you hid!ng from someone?” $h£ asked.

” Me? No, not at all. Why?”

” You’re act!ng like you are.”

Yes, I am.

I can’t believe h£’s h£re, and yet no one seem to recognize th£ City most wanted Drug Lord?

Th£y have th¡s section wh£re th£y stay. It was built specifically for people like h¡m !n oth£r to hide th£m from th£ crowd.

m©r£ of th£m dropped !n, and th£y were almost countless of th£m !n th£ house.

Tony was at th£ bar jo!nt sipp!ng on h¡s dr!nk. h£ sat like an abandoned son.

Ruthie had gone to meet with a friend, so I decided to have a toast with h¡m th£n.

” Hi.”

” h£y.” h£ stared at me with a surprise look. ” You should have followed us.”

” Nah, I came with my friend.”

” Work colleague?”

” Yeap. Would you m!nd?”

” Sure. ”

” Wh£re’s Draco?” I asked like I didn’t know wh£re h£ is.

” h£’s with th£ oth£rs.”

” Oth£rs like?”

h£ smiled. ” You should know by now what h£ does.”

” How will I know wh£n we [email protected] see each oth£r. So, what oth£rs?” I repeated.

” Th£ gangs. Don’t tell h¡m I told you.”

” Crossed my h£art.”

Tony and I were hav!ng a serious funny discussion that I didn’t realize how awkward I laugh£d.

Thankfvlly, th£ house was loud enough to prevent someone close from h£ar!ng.

We were actually discuss!ng of our first hang©vt to th£ ma!ntenance shop, th£n I was try!ng to cover up h¡s a$$ from Mr Luciano fir!ng h¡m.

” Tell me you aren’t serious.”

” I am, really. I was shy to tell you because, I thought you’d hate me and… I wasn’t of your level. You know… I’m a driver and you’re a billionaire’s daughter. ”

” You should have told me. ”

” I didn’t want you to hate me. ”

” I will never hate you for admitt!ng your feel!ngs to me. ” I gr!nned at h¡m, but th£n Charles !nterrupted.

” h£y, beauty, can I borrow Tony for a m!nute?”

” Sure.” My gaze followed th£m as th£y trailed up th£ stairs which led to th£ gangster’s section.

My gaze was still on Tony wh£n I noticed someone was star!ng at me.

I darted my eyes to who it was, th£ same emotionless expression and th£ deadly glare h£ was offer!ng to me made me almost piss on my [email protected]

I darted my gaze at Tony as h£ approach£d to my direction, sitt!ng [email protected]¢k on h¡s empty seat.

” Is th£re a problem?” I asked.

” Not at all.” We cont!nued our discussion, and I was lov!ng th£ fact that I came h£re.

Though, Ruthie and I sat !n different position, yet we were attentive of ourselves… j√$t !n case.

Th£n th£re was smoke com!ng from th£ entrance door. I tapped Tony, po!nt!ng at th£ direction th£ smoke was com!ng from.

I don’t th!nk anyone noticed what was happen!ng, as th£y all kept danc!ng to th£ b**t!ng of th£ blast!ng music.

” I need to !nform Draco. You get your friend and leave th¡s place.”

” How?”

” Th£re’s a door at th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ build!ng. j√$t follow th£ way to th£ rest room, you’ll f!nd it. Now go! ”

I went to wh£re Ruthie sat with h£r friends, dragg!ng h£r to h£r feet. ” What’s gone over your bra!n th¡s late night?”

” I th!nk unwanted visitors are h£re for th£ party. We need to get th£ h£ll ©vt of h£re. No m©r£ questions, let’s go. ”

I kept ₱v||!ng h£r by th£ [email protected], follow!ng th£ directions Tony told me until we got to th£ [email protected]¢k door of th£ build!ng.

” What unwanted visitors?” $h£ asked after we had left th£ build!ng.

” I th!nk it’s th£ cops. ” I let go off h£r [email protected] ” You go home.”

” What? No, don’t tell me you’re go!ng [email protected]¢k !n th£re.”

” I have to, my cous!n is !n th£re too.”

” And you th!nk h£’s gonna appreciate your saviour work at th£ end?”

” It doesn’t matter, h£’s still my cous!n. Go, I’ll be right beh!nd you.”

I boarded a taxi to take Ruthie home, while I left [email protected]¢k to th£ build!ng to f!nd Tony and Draco.


Writer ✓


As $h£ left to f!nd Tony, $h£ saw h¡m leav!ng th£ build!ng with Draco rest!ng on h¡s arms.

h£ looked… Sick and was profusely bleed!ng from h¡s ch£st.

” What happened to h¡m?” Natalie asked Tony,

” h£ got sh°t by a police. Thank God we made it ©vt as soon as possible. ” h£ m©v£d h¡s eyes @r0vnd. ” Can you hold h¡m for a while?”

I looked at Draco, h£ looked fa!nty and weak. ” h£ !nhaled a lot of th£ [email protected] You stay h£re with h¡m while I go get th£ car.”

” Be ¢ar£ful.” h£ looked at me and nodded.

I took Draco from h¡m, feel!ng h¡s weight on my b©dy. h¡s perfume scent filled my nostrils and I can’t get enough from th!nk!ng ab©vt h¡m…

I’m overth!nk!ng. I should be th!nk!ng ab©vt us gett!ng ©vt of h£re alive.

And why is Tony tak!ng a little longer? h£ should be h£re already.

” Wh£re… wh£re is Tony?” h£ asked !n a fa!nty voice.

” h£’s gone to get th£ car.” I replied immediately.

F!nally, Tony appeared. Leav!ng th£ car to us, h£ took Draco from my arm, gently putt!ng h¡m !nto th£ car, while I followed after.

” Take us to th£ hospital.” I said as soon as h£ started th£ eng!ne.

” No,” Draco refused. ” take me home.”

” You’re hurt, you need a medical attention.”

” I don’t f*ck!ng need a hospital now, j√$t do as I said.” h£ yelled angrily, [email protected]!ng at th£ pa!ns.

h£ tore th£ fabric of h¡s cloth, reveal!ng th£ opened wound from th£ gun sh°t.

h£ !nserted h¡s f!ng£rs !nto h¡s wound, try!ng to f!nd th£ bullet. !nstead, h£ kept [email protected]!ng ©vt loud.

” Let me h£lp you.” $h£ volunteered but rath£r h£ gave h£r a [email protected] glare.

” I can do it myself.” h£ !nsisted.

” If you !nsist. And I won’t m!nd if you have to lose a lot of blood do!ng so.”

h£ h£aved h£avily, surrender!ng to h£r request. Th£n $h£ !nserted h£r first f!ng£r and h£r thumb !n search of th£ bullet.

$h£ felt it stucked at a position !n b£tweeΠ h¡s arteries. ” It’s gonna hurt.”

” j√$t do it.” h£ said !n a clench£d teeth.

$h£ was look!ng at h¡m, and h£ was look!ng at h£r too. Th£ir gaze fixed to each oth£r, while h£r f!ng£rs busily worked on ₱v||!ng off th£ bullet.

h£ bit h¡s teeth not to [email protected] ©vt loud, yet h¡s gaze never left h£rs.

h£ wasn’t aware wh£n $h£ f!nally brought it ©vt, until $h£ opened th£ w!ndow to toss it ©vt.

h£ was surprised.

$h£ tore th£ lower part of h£r fabric and aga!n, us!ng it to cover up h¡s wound from bleed!ng th£ m©r£.

” Tony, you have to be a little bit f*ster.” $h£ said to Tony who ₱v||ed th£ gear to five, zoom!ng !n a god damn speed.

Wh£n th£y got to th£ mansion, Tony aga!n h£lped h¡m as h£ got ©vt of th£ car. With Tony’s support, th£y managed to get |ns!de th£ build!ng.

Tony took h¡m to h¡s room, while Natalie took h¡s cloth to th£ laundry room.

$h£ wa$h£d h£r [email protected] !n th£ s!nk, dry!ng it with h£r now worn off dress. It was one of h£r favorite, now it’s ru!ned.


Th£ next morn!ng, $h£ left to h¡s room. h£ was still asleep, bloods had already sta!ned th£ fabrics.

$h£ requested for a first aid kit which $h£ used to clean up h¡s wound, chang!ng it to a neat wool and bandages.

$h£ was star!ng at h¡s face, and $h£ was beg!nn!ng to see th£ angel beh!nd those devilish h£art.

h£ looked !nnocent while asleep, and pretty much [email protected] too.

h£r eyes m©v£d d©wΠ to h¡s l¡ps, those p!nk shades that made h£r hungry for it… on h£rs.

$h£ wish some one will expla!n to h£r why… Why h£ so much hated h£r for noth!ng.

$h£ hated th¡s new feel!ng $h£ was hav!ng @r0vnd h¡m, it was supress!ng h£r, ₱v||!ng h£r to noth!ng each time $h£ sees h¡m.

Every time $h£ looked at h¡m, a part of h£r felt s¢ar£d of h¡m, and anoth£r part of h£r welcomed h¡m to h£rself.

It all started at th£ auction, but never could tell it would grow th¡s wild and… want!ng.

All $h£ j√$t want is to have h¡m talk to h£r, to see that $h£ doesn’t ¢ar£ if h£ was a Drug Lord or not.

All $h£ wanted was some one to talk to, to make h£r feel comfortable !n th¡s h£ll of a house.

$h£ has Ruthie, but was $h£ enough for a day?


h£ woke up, try!ng to sit £r£¢t but couldn’t due to th£ pa!ns on h¡s shoulder.

h£ looked at how neatly treated it was, h£ tried to th!nk wh£n some one had walked !nto h¡s room but couldn’t recall h£ar!ng voices or sounds.

h£ forced h¡mself to th£ sitt!ng room, s£nd!ng one of th£ maids to call !n th£ doctor.

” You called me, Sir. Is th£re a problem?” Said th£ doctor, hop!ng th£re isn’t one.

” Are you th£ one who treated my wounds?”

” No, sir. ” h£ truthfvlly said. ” Wh£n I came to ch£ck on you, I saw it was already treated. Th£n I asked th£ maids, th£y said it was Miss Bradeson who had done it.”

” Miss Bradeson?” h£ asked, surprised.

” Yes, $h£ did it.”


To Be Cont!nued…

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