Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors Of the Past 2 – episode 4

Smart had ran out of home, wandering aimlessly until a person found him and reported it to the police.
     The police made a general announcement for the parents of the homeless child to come, claim him back, but no one showed up for him.
So the police had no option, but to register him in the home for the orphanage home, while awaiting his parents or guardian or for a a parents in need of a child to come adopt him as their legitimate child.
    He had his stay in the orphanage for three years.
He had lived a solo life, he does not associate with anyone. As naturally he was introverted, coupled with his own experience of his family’s death, that had really held him in a mind cage.
He was always on his own staring at the card given to him by uncle Nelly, as the childhood memories of his dead family flooded his head.
     It had come to a point, where he felt that the orphanage, was not really the right place to be and he abdicated the orphanage, without any destination in mind.
He needed a place to train his mind and soul for the task ahead and he found the orphanage too soft to build him on that purpose.
He would never have peace of mind until he avenged his dead parents, whose blood has keep on calling unto heaven for litigation.
    On that fateful day, he had escaped, the orphanage and was walking aimlessly and without any point to start from.
He had even come to a point of asking himself why he left the orphanage and he couldn’t just find the answer, as something inward was pushing him to leave the orphanage.
The night cold was catching up on him.
     He had been too lost to notice an incoming car that was in a top speed, with the driver drunk to a point of no return.
As “I’M A CHILD OF THE WORLD” by Falz blared to its extreme from the stereo of the car.
  “Hey!! Watch out!”
Thirteen years Old Smart heard a voice call out to him from a corner and his adrenaline homone for flight kicked in, when he saw the car almost at the point of hitting him.
More out of a subconscious act, which was related to human instinct for survival, he dived out of the way in the same succession that the car zoomed pass him.
The side bonnet of the car brushed past his legs, he only escaped being crushed by a car, just by a nano seconds.
      The young man who had called onto him, rushed forward and squatted beside, Smart who was lying on the ground, from his earlier dive..
“Are you alright?”
He asked.
“Yes, just a little bruise on the elbow nothing more.”
Smart said looking at the boy who could probably, be four years older than him.
“What are you doing out here by this time of the night?”
The young boy asked him.
“Nothing, I just don’t have anywhere to go.”
“Hmm!! What’s your name?”
“I’m Chibuike”
Smart answered him.
“Where are your parents?”
“They are all dead. Someone murdered them, three years ago.”
SSmart said sadly as his eyes flashed with unusual bloodlust, that shook the guy making him shudder.. “I’m Stan, Since you don’t have anywhere to lay your head for the night. I think I have a place you can lay your head on.
Well, they do say that things turn more deadly at times, when you think you got help, without knowing you got disaster.
Unknown to Smart, Stan was a cultist, who was out that night to investigate the movement of their rival cult, on how to strike.
   The lower Dynasty confraternity, were in a state of anger and were threatening fire and brimstone on their, rival the War Dogs Confraternity due to the rise in killing of their members, as the score of their killings was five to nothing on the Dynasty and the Dynasty were hell bent on revenge.
So Stan was delegated to go gather information from one of their mole in the War Dogs Confraternity, on the next action of the War Dogs.
He was on his way back, when he met Smart, who was almost hit to death by the reckless driver.
The fight between the two confra, was due to the struggle for the attention of a lady by the two members of the different cults.
The guy from the War Dogs seemed to be getting the attention of the lady, and that infuriated the Dynasty guy and had him beaten to a pulp, after beating him, they had his two middle fingers from each palm chopped off as a warning to stay clear off the girl.
Well, that was the height of it as the War Dogs, found it an insult to their personality and a question on their Supremacy and the retaliation started with killing five of the members of the Dynasty.
And that was the moment Smart chose to make his dramatic appearance.

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