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The halo breed episode 37





And it escalated like that!

One moment the people of the great city Densua were living in their comfort zones, going about their usual daily tasks without much care, and in another moment their city simply closed over inside the red mist, and they became food for a dastardly crop of evil beings from the belly of Hades!

What made it more dangerous and sickening was the fact that Densua was a great city that many surrounding cities came to trade. It was the epicentre of good trading because of its wealth, might, and relative stability!

So, traders who were entering Densua failed to see the red mist that had enveloped the city. From outside, they still saw the illusion of a beautiful city, of greatness and finery, of beautiful buildings and lovely streets, and so they eagerly entered without a care in the world!

But, the moment they entered through the borders of the city, they saw the sudden horrors right in front of their eyes! Many tried immediately to go back, but alas, the red barrier which allowed people inside the city prevented any attempt to leave!

This was evil at its most horrible and vicious echelons, and it plunged the once-great city into shambolic chaos.

This was made worst because their king had failed to heed the warning, and so all that happened was on the blind side of the good people!

They were caught unprepared and vulnerable… and they suffered!

Those who were known to be of tough or wicked dispensation received the mark of Lord Lastor on their foreheads, and immediately they developed gills on each side of their necks and were able to breathe freely. Their eyes also turned to piercing green orbs, and they became hunters for the demonic entities!

The good people – men, women, and children – became the prey!

The hunters went after them relentlessly, and so they had to find ways to hide and survive from this deadly plague on them. The good thing was that these entities from Hades could survive on the blood of one human for seven days, and so their hunting was not vociferous.

The hunters, however, captured the humans, and they were kept in cages and prisons, ready to be plucked out and used as feeding for the Hadesians.

These hunters did not feed on humans, though. They ate grass, tree barks, leaves, and mud.

There was also one horrible element worth mentioning in this rather terrible Armageddon that befell the people of Densua!

It bordered on the macabre, though.

The Hadesians, out of sheer devilry, would grab a human and bite them deeply on the neck, suck a little blood, and let them go! These humans whose heads had not been chomped off, would flee from the horror, unaware that a lethal toxin from the saliva of the Hadesians had entered their bloodstream after they were bitten!

The toxin took only one hour to incubate, and attacked the central nervous system of the victim. These humans would begin screaming and thrashing, fall to the ground with their bodies stretched in a vicious rictus, and foam pouring out of their mouths!

And then they would lose consciousness and remain very still for about an hour, unaware of the deadly changes the toxin was causing in their bodies! Their mouths became long and their teeth enlarged into sharp points! Their fingers and toes elongated, their nails turning into vicious claws! And their legs became severally-jointed and their eyes became almost completely white!

When they finally stood up, they could not walk levelly because of their jointed legs, and moved along in a gangling, shuffling manner like zombies, drooling from their elongated mouths and their hands held sideways, their heads raised, and their near-blind eyes searching!

Although they could not see well, their noses had developed into highly-sensitive olfactory abilities that enabled them to smell living tissue from a distance. They had developed a wild taste for flesh, and fed voraciously on humans, pets, and livestock!

They became known as the Hazies!

And so, Densua became a deadly and horrible place under the Armageddon! The poor innocent people were hounded by Hunters, Hazies, and the Hadesians, soon to be collectively known as the Hevils.

And, because of the Hades Mist covering the city, the vulnerable humans could not remain in hiding for long because being indoors or in hiding really affected their breathing!

It was only when they were out in the open that they could breathe a bit better, but being outside meant they were exposed to the hideous onslaught of the Hevils.

Densua had become more hellish than the deepest heart of hell!


Lord Lastor occupied the palace with the beautiful, winged, Grace Klubi.

He told Grace that Densua was just the footstool. Soon, they would cover the whole earth with the Hade Mist, and no human would escape their wrath. They would rule, and expand, and know only joy.

“But for now we must remain here,” he continued as they strolled in the beautiful garden arm in arm.

“For how long, my love?” Grace asked, her face filled with great adoration and love.

“Our greatest enemy, that piece of turd the Hades Scrolls identified as the Breed of the Halos, will manifest inside Densua, my love! We cannot dare to move until he is vanquished because Densua is the only ground he is helpless!”

“And how long will he keep hiding?” Grace asked petulantly. “Surely, he should be of the utmost importance! He is preventing us from copulating, my love! Let us go through the Scrolls in the palace. Maybe, we can find who he is!”

“Ah, I share in your impatience, my sweet Angel,” Lord Lastor said, pausing to take her in his arms and kissing her gently. “But the Scrolls did say he will wander in lands unknown in his journey to Densua, and will not be available until after sixteen thousand Hades granites after the beginning of the Armageddon!”

“Sixteen thousand Hades granites?” Grace cried, alarmed. “Surely, that sounds ominous! Sounds like an awfully long time, my love!”

“Sixteen thousand granites come to three Earthly years, my love,” the demonic entity said. “So, just three years, and that fool will emerge in Densua, and we shall use you to kill him! And then, freedom for us to sit on the throne over the Earth!”

“Ah, my heart does ache!” Grace cried with deep agony. “Three years before I feel the sweetness of you in me? Indeed, destiny is cruel!”

Lord Lastor kissed her again.

“It will pass in a whiff, my Angel,” he said reassuringly, and his eyes glowed green. “But until then, we’re going to have much fun, yes, believe that!”

He laughed deeply!

And when he laughed, she saw a great fire burning in his throat, and in his nostrils, and out of his ears… also, in his eyes, she saw flames!

And for a very brief moment, when she saw these things, Princess Grace Klubi felt a momentary stab of fear of this entity she had laced her life with!


So, it came to pass that the once powerful King Daniel Baffour Koduah of Densua, the man who murdered his own father and hounded the great warrior, Gus Kukah, received the mark of evil on his forehead, and became a Hunter!

He moved around with Kobby Obeng, the mark burning on their foreheads, their eyes glowing a sickly green, drool dripping from their mouths, and with swords in their hands seeking humans to capture and imprison in the palace dungeons as food for Lord Lastor!

And, as they moved in their haze, they stopped many times to eat grass and leaves, and chew tree barks, and slurp mud!

They were fierce and horrible, their appearance made more horrible from the grace and splendour they had hitherto enjoyed!

They hunted wildly and with cruel abandon!

Until, one evening, they finally ventured into the yard of a house of splendour!

This was a beautiful house with a beautiful yard and fitted with many luxurious accessories!

This was the house Kobby Obeng had been given for successfully hounding his former friend and boss, Gus Kukah, from Densua!

And, inside that house was Kobby Obeng’s wife, Araba!

His son, Obed.

And the daughter he loved above all else, and adored above any living creature, his own beloved Kharisa Nyantie!

Hunter Dan Koduah sensed the fear of the three deep within the building, and he roared, and drew his sword!

His mouth drooled with a mixture of saliva, mud, and green plant juice!

Kobby Obeng also looked the same way, but even as they howled and wailed relentlessly and charged at the front door, something deep down in Kobby Obeng screamed with agony, and in pain!

But he had no control over the beast he had become!

He was now hunting his own family!

This was what his sweet mother had warned him about so many years ago after the death of Gus Kukah!

This was the real cost of his betrayal and greed!

He felt the horror and the pain, the great disturbance within his soul which was trapped deeply inside the new beast he had become!

But he had no control.

No, none!

As Kobby Obeng raced after the puffing and slobbering King Dan, a huge, muscular Hazie appeared behind them, its nose wrinkling as it smelled the fear of the three people huddled inside the mansion!
It growled ominously and began to move forward at a disjointed, frantic pace!

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