The Master Addiction

The master addiction 24 – 25

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 24 and 25

✍️authoress gabby pov✍️

#[email protected]¢k still cont!nues

Mr Armstrong ran and catch up with Bennett

“Common baby don’t do th¡s to me…… Give me chance to expla!n myself “h£ cried wr*₱p!ng h¡s arms @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t

“j√$t let me go….. You want a child…. Now you got one” $h£ yelled

“I want a child but not from someone else…… I want a child from you” h£ mumbled

“hit me..! Slap me….! Yell at me…. But please don’t leave…. I will sort th!ngs ©vt ” h£ said

“j√$t let me be…..i need time to clear…. ” $h£ mumbled

“I’m gonna give you all th£ time you need… But please don’t go….i love you ” h£ said with shak!ng voice

“stop say!ng that SHIT….is th¡s th£ love you proposed to me….! ” $h£ said sobb!ng so [email protected]

Mrs Bennett jerk h¡s [email protected] off h£r and ran ©vt

“You’re Wasted! ” Granny uttered beh!nd Mr Armstrong who didn’t know $h£ was beh!nd h¡m all th¡s while

Granny glared at h¡m, $h£ cursed under h£r breath and left th£ mansion
#End of [email protected]¢k


Octavia and Chloe stared at granny. Octavia m©vth opened and $h£ released a breath $h£ didn’t know $h£ was hold!ng

“oh! Gosh Granny!! Don’t tell me ma’am Mabel is my step sister…. And Mr Armstrong is our dad….. Now It expla!ns why we got th£ same allergies “Octavia muttered

“have you met h¡m before ” Chloe asked and $h£ nodded

“I hate th£ way dad ch£ated on mum, that’s bad…. What happened next Granny”chloe asked

Granny breath£d !n and rubb£d h£r temples

“I followed your moth£r and got to know wh£re $h£ ran to….. h£r parents residence ” Granny said

“I didn’t approach£d h£r that same day…. I waited for a week…. I went to your mum, I confronted h£r, I was so angry with th£ way $h£ left h£r home for a slut…. I talked some s£nses !nto h£r and $h£ promised to come [email protected]¢k th£ next day”Granny said

“I love that Granny…. Did momma come [email protected]¢k? “Octavia asked p©vt!ng h£r m©vth

“$h£ never did but a shock!ng news came th£ next day” Granny said and chloe [email protected]

“what happened Granny….! ” Octavia asked plac!ng h£r [email protected] under h£r jaw

“your mum was kidnapped…… ” $h£ muttered

“Ghost who could have done that…. ” Th£ two girl both exclaimed

“Th£ kidnappers were ask!ng for a h*g£ price, we were given th£ location and asked not to !nform anyone but we ₱|@yed smart and your mum was burned d©wΠ with th£ build!ng “Granny mumbled and tears slide d©wΠ h£r eyes

“how can someone be!ng th¡s cruel….. But th£re’s someth!ng I don’t understand h£re… If mum died…. How come ab©vt us” Octavia asked

Granny smile and cleaned h£r eyes with h£r scarf and th£n cont!nued

“we all thought $h£ was died even wh£n we didn’t f!nd h£r b©dy….. We thought it burn to a$h£s… Your fath£r was devastated and hav!ng no option h£ married Emmett….. Some months pa$$ed and I went to th£ hospital for some test s!nce I wasn’t feel!ng too well…… I got to th£ hospital and was bewildered wh£n I saw th£ nurse rush!ng a woman !n…. It was your moth£r ” Granny added and sobb£d

“so mum never died” Chloe asked as h£r jaw dropped

“$h£ never did, !nstead $h£ was h£avily pregnant with you know ….”Granny said

“If mum was still alive…. Wh£re has $h£ been”Chloe asked

“Calm d©wΠ young lady…. I will tell you everyth!ng “Granny muttered and th£y both nodded

“no one was allowed to entered th£ labour room…. Lots of guards were guid!ng it….. That was wh£n it drawn on me someone was keep!ng h£r hostage….. I disguised myself as a nurse and went !n…… Only th£ midwife was !n and hid beh!nd th£ door ……. Under my eyes I watch£d your mom give birth ” Granny said and th£ girls didn’t know wh£n tears dropped from th£ir eyes

“I can’t possibly let th£ wicked woman take th£ two children ……That was th£ words th£ nurse said that faithful day…. ” Granny uttered

“$h£ cleaned you both and hurried ©vt…. I came ©vt of my hide©vt…. As if your moth£r felt my pres£nt…. $h£ opened h£r eyes ” Granny sniffed m©r£

“please mum… h£lp me.. Don’t let th£m take my children…..! Your mum cried” Granny said

“I looked @r0vnd th£ ward for an escape r©vte…… I saw th£ w!ndow but I possibly can’t jumped with you two at once…… I took th£ two bracelet from my [email protected] and wore you both…. I took Chloe and promised your moth£r I will be [email protected]¢k for you two”Granny said but $h£ was cry!ng [email protected] by now

“I came [email protected]¢k but you and your mum were gone…. “Granny said referr!ng to Octavia

“humans are cruel “Octavia said as $h£ hugged on Chloe t!ghtly

“But God ways can never be ours…….. Th£ enemy took you to your mum sister orphanage……. I payed h£r a visit at th£ town and was shocked to see a two years girl who had th£ same resemblance as Chloe and also my bracelet and that’s wh£n I knew it was you……. I told Rev Benedict, $h£ was shocked and show me th£ picture of who took you to th£ orphanage “Granny said

“who….! ” Th£y both asked !n unison

“Mabel mum, Mrs Emmett “Granny said and th£y both opened th£ir m©vth slightly

“I knew it… So $h£’s th£ woman who always visit me at th£ orphanage ” Octavia muttered

“I told your Rev sister Benedict never to let you rem©v£d th£ bracelet….. I was go!ng to come for you immediately you clocked twenty but fate made it m©r£ easier…. ” Granny said

“so mum was never found?? ” Chloe asked and Granny nodded

“if you know all th¡s Granny…. Why didn’t you exposed h£r”Chloe asked

“I was wait!ng for th£ right time……. I have a feel!ng that $h£’s keep!ng your mum hostage and I didn’t want to complicate th£ situation “Granny muttered

“Dad caused everyth!ng… h£ brought th£ devil !nto our home…..why did h£ had to ch£at on mum, if truly h£ loves h£r”chloe asked and Octavia nodded !n agreement

“you dad isn’t to be blamed tho… It was a game which h£ bet on…… h£ lost and th£ Two options that were given to h¡m was eith£r h£ let h¡s friends sleep with h¡s wife or sleep with a girl 0rg*nized by h¡s friends….. h¡s friends lured h¡m !nto ₱|@y!ng th£ game and h£ ignorant of th£ bet….. I blamed h¡m for be!ng silly !n ₱|@y!ng that game” Granny muttered

“So dad didn’t want h¡s friends to sleep with mum?? ” Chloe asked

“exactly…. h£ couldn’t bear th£ thought of see!ng h¡s friends sleep!ng with h¡s wife for good three days” Granny muttered

“Woaw! j√$t Woaw….so Ma’am Mabel is our sister” Octavia asked

“That bastard isn’t your blood “Granny said with gritted teeth

“What do you mean Granny”Th£y both chorused

“I confronted th£ witch and $h£ made it known to me that Mabel is an orphan….. $h£’s not even h£r child not alone my son daughter ” Granny said and th£y both [email protected]

“$h£’s evil….. $h£ j√$t planted h£rself !nto our family…… Why didn’t you !nformed dad, Granny ” Octavia asked

“I never had prove and your fath£r is behav!ng stupid…. I don’t know how $h£ manipulates h£rself !nto h¡s h£art…… ” Granny said

“But everyth!ng will be over soon….. wh£n I’m ready for h£r” Granny muttered mak!ng th£ two girls exchange looks .

“Do we really have to embark on th¡s journey, th¡s even!ng? “Alicia asked watch!ng as Andy put h¡s cloth£s on a leath£r bag

“Yes Alicia…. S!nce $h£ left th£ city already, we are go!ng to ch£ck th£ neighbor!ng towns” Andy replied

“why does it have to be h£r…?. Why do you love h£r so much ?”$h£ blurted ©vt unknow!ngly and swallowed [email protected]

Andy stopped what h£ was do!ng and stared at h£r

“I never remembered tell!ng you to go with me… told me yourself….. If you know you can’t deal with it th£n stay!!”Andy said

$h£ balled h£r fist and b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p

It was a long ride from th£ master to dad residence but f!nally, $h£ arrived. $h£ [email protected] as th£ gate slides open and th£ driver drove !nto th£ mansion.

“Oh!” I [email protected] and opened th£ door even while th£ car was still mov!ng.

Well, th£ driver had to stop.

I jumped ©vt of th£ car and with my skimpy steps, ran towards th£ mansion….. Yeah!! I was super happy

What m©r£ joy can I asked for, hav!ng my husband to myself

“mum!! ” i yelled enter!ng th£ mansion

“Mum!!!” i squeaked as $h£ got close. My jaw dropped, see!ng mum danc!ng and dr!nk!ng

Th£ wh0l£ mansion was loudly covered with music

“what’s mum celebrat!ng “i thought

“Oh! My baby!!” Mum called suddenly notic!ng h£r pres£nt

Mum reciprocated and kept h£r arms wide open for h£r, await!ng th£ hug.

It f!nally came as i jumped !nto h£r arms, almost gett!ng lost !n h£r ch£st.

“My baby’s look!ng so beautiful! Oh! Darl!ng” mum cooed as $h£ h£ld me so dearly like a golden egg.

I flu$h£d, unable to hold my excitement.

“mum, what are you celebrat!ng “I asked ₱v||!ng ©vt of th£ hug and stared @r0vnd

“our enemies are all gone…. Is someth!ng to celebrate “. Mum beamed.

“Ah! Wh£re’s dad?” I asked look!ng @r0vnd maliciously

“h£’s ©vt for a bus!ness trip…. h£ will be [email protected]¢k !n a week” mum said beam!ng m©r£ wildly

“is th£re anyth!ng you aren’t tell!ng me, mum. “$h£ asked

h£r mum smile and paused th£ music….
$h£ lead h£r to th£ [email protected] and th£y both sat d©wΠ

“yes…. You need to know alot”mum said

“you see my darl!ng…. Your husband last wife is your dad biological child…. “Mum said and I frowned

What do $h£ mean by biological child

“You see darl!ng….. I was your dad mistress….. I separated h¡m from h¡s family…… I always visit th£ town right?? ” $h£ asked and I immediately nodded

“I go th£re to visit h¡s biological child “$h£ muttered

I frowned deeply

“Let me get th¡s correctly….. $h£’s dad biological child and I’m a bastard “I muttered

“you are not a bastard but an orphan…. I killed your parents and took you away from th£m to accompli$h£d my aims”mum said and my jaw dropped

“how could you mum?? ” I asked calmly

“You should be grateful…… Your parents are wretch£d and cant even take ¢ar£ of you…
I gave you life….. I made you got betroth£d to Master….. You should be happy I made everyth!ng possible for you ” Mum said and I nodded

$h£ was right

I would have grown up as a poor girl. I wouldn’t have got married to th£ master

I should be grateful to h£r

“I already love you as my own and you are gonna be my best”Mum said and I flu$h£d

“Thanks for mak!ng master s£nd h£r and h£r tw!ns away…… I so much love you…. Our secret will be saved” mum said. We both stared at each oth£r and burst !nto un¢©Πtr0|lable laughter

“let’s party”i yelled ₱0ur!ng a dr!nk for myself

Mum resumed th£ music and geez!!!

Fun filled th£ air
✍️authoress gabby pov✍️

Maya was !n th£ car com!ng [email protected]¢k from h£r even!ng shoot!ng…..

Go!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion made h£r frown….. That place was suffocat!ng or $h£ found it suffocat!ng

“Stop”$h£ blurted ©vt immediately th£ car pa$$ed a club

Th£ car stopped and $h£ hurried ©vt

“you can leave… I will f!nd my way [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion “$h£ said to th£ driver who j√$t nodded and drove ©vt

Th£ cool even!ng breeze blew on h£r brown hair as $h£ walked !nto th£ fancy club

$h£ got |ns!de th£ club and th£ electronic music was blarr!ng loudly from th£ speakers and $h£ could $h£ people hav!ng fun

$h£ m©v£d to a less noisy area and sat d©wΠ

“Th¡s will be a nice place to clear my h£ad “$h£ thought

Th¡s few pa$$ed days has been h£ctic to h£r, th£ mansion was !n total confustion and $h£ don’t even know what was go!ng on

Master behav!ng like a zombie j√$t because Mabel is pregnant

Everyth!ng seems annoy!ng to h£r

“will you j√$t seat d©wΠ with©vt start!ng”$h£ h£ard a cool voice beh!nd h£r

“Start what?” $h£ asked, not turn!ng to stare at whosoever was beh!nd h£r

“Everyone comes to th£ bar to dr!nk away th£ir sorrow…. Won’t you have a dr!nk” Th£ unknown person said and that was wh£n $h£ decided to turn

A [email protected] left h£r m©vth immediately $h£ saw h¡m, h£ was drop dead h°t!

h¡s hair was perfectly dyed with cute bangs, h£ was wear!ng black top, h¡s abs was reveal!ng !n th£ transparent top and that added to h¡s h°tness

h¡s cologne hung !n th£ air for every nose to !nhale and h£ dipped h¡s right [email protected] stylishly !nto th£ pocket of h¡s w!ne trousers

“I’m Cade”h£ said tak!ng a sit beside h£r. h£ ordered some dr!nks and th£ bar man brought it

h£ sat fac!ng h£r and ₱0ured h£r a dr!nk

“Gulp it d©wΠ, th£ uneas!ness will leave” h£ said

One m©r£ look at h¡m, $h£ drank it up !n one gulp and dropped th£ cup

“such a good girl ” Cade said and h£ ₱0ured anoth£r one which $h£ gulped too

“I want m©r£” $h£ replied and h£ ₱0ured anoth£r cup till th£re’s not even a drop of it !n th£ bottle aga!n

$h£’s still gulp!ng th£ last cup

$h£ |¡¢ked h£r l¡ps and it’s obvious $h£’s already drunk

” I want to dance” $h£ said, smil!ng drunkenly

“now you are drunk” h£ muttered

$h£ stood up and started danc!ng, jump!ng up and d©wΠ as h£r hair kept fly!ng !n th£ air as $h£ did

“Let’s party!!!!” $h£ s¢r**med, swirl!ng h£r h£ad and mak!ng h£r hair flow @r0vnd

h£ stood h£ld h£r [email protected]¡$t and ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself , steal!ng a [email protected] from h£r l¡ps !n th£ process

h£ bent to h£r right ear and let h¡s bottom l¡p brush it slightly

“you are so drunk “h£ wh¡spered and wh£n h¡s l¡ps brush h£r ears aga!n $h£ $h!veryed

“I’m not… I j√$t wanna have fu……!”

Th£ rest of h£r speech went [email protected]¢k !nto h£r stomach wh£n h¡s l¡ps slammed hungrily on h£r own, h£ h£ld unto h£r face and klzzed h¡m possessively

It only took a second for h£r to recover from th£ shock and ₱u$h£d h¡m off h£r

“I’m married….! ” $h£ yelled and picked up h£r purse !n h£r drunken state

And with©vt glaz!ng at h¡m, $h£ hurried ©vt
Maya didn’t know how $h£ did it but surpris!ngly $h£ got to th£ mansion safety. Th£ small gate opened widely and $h£ walked !n

$h£ met someone com!ng ©vt of a car and smirked know!ng it was th£ witch Mabel

“Witch” Mabel said bump!ng !nto h£r know!ngly and from th£ looks of th!ngs th£y were both drunk

“must you have to be a bone !n my throat “Maya asked

“why is th£re suddenly cold…. What do you do… to… me witch! ” Mabel uttered

“it’s h°t fool… And why I’m I upside d©wΠ ?” maya asked drunkenly, roll!ng eyes

” fool take me to wh£re I can be h°t” Mabel said and th£y both started laugh!ng

” I should have known, you want my h£lp” Maya said

“I hate you but I’ll take you th£re” Maya replied, roll!ng eyes tipsily as $h£ h£ld Mabel’s [email protected], th£y both walked to th£ far end of th£ mansion, wh£re th£ furnace was located

Th£ furnace was made !n th£ mansion to torture or burn any offenders

From afar it’s so h£at!ng

“feel!ng warm, huh! “Maya asked

“Yah! “Mabel giggled

Th£y were burn!ng up as th£y got to th£ furnace

Maya picked up th£ keys and opened th£ gate

“It’s warm enough , feel free to enter” Maya smile

Th£y both started laugh!ng and Mabel walked !n

” it’s so h°t!” $h£ said

“I know you will love it… “Maya said lock!ng th£ gate and throw th£ key !nto th£ furnace and drunkenly walked our

“it’s burn!ng… “Mabel said walk!ng deep !nto it



It has f!ni$h£d 😀😀😀😀🙆🙆🙆

Now we know some of th£ secrets…… What do you th!nk???

Th¡s chapter is long, so say someth!ng ab©vt it

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