The Ponmo Debacle

The Ponmo Debacle Episode 5



The peaceful vibe of the restaurant soothed my soul and calmed my sad spirit. It has been two weeks since the ponmo debacle with Magnus and his family and we did not reach any mutual agreement so our relationship was sort of on hold for now.

It saddened me considerably that yet another of my relationships had kissed the dust and died before it could fully take off to the destination I had in mind.

But for the past two weeks,I had also come to see that being single is not a curse and that I could stay with myself happily without any male presence.

Juliet and another of our friends,Anna, had been very helpful in making me forget or try to forget Magnus and the shame I still feel whenever I remember that incident.

We have not talked since then-Magnus and I. I decided not to call him or reach out to him. I left the ball in his court and waited to see which way he would play it.

He played it by staying away from me and I kept to my self and licked my wounds in silence.

I promised myself and my mother when I did visit her the weekend I had that problem with Magnus that I would never change who I was for any man again.

I had done that countless times in the past even against my mother’s advise and I had suffered greatly for it. My mother in her own blunt way gave me a healthy dose of self motivation and love and I have kept to that path of healthy self esteem and confidence.

Speaking of mothers, Magnus’ mother reached out to me the day I was washing plates at Juliet’s place and what she told me both surprised and encouraged me.

“Hello?” I had spoken into the phone when I saw that the caller name was not shown, only a set of numbers meaning that I did not have the caller as one of my contacts.

“Leticia?” the beautifully modulated voice had asked.

“Speaking. Who is this please?” I was wary of who the caller might be. That kind of voice usually belonged to my superiors and I didn’t want to shoot myself on the foot by sounding as angry as I felt at that moment.


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is Nora, Magnus’ mother. I know how distressed you must be because for the little time we spent together before you left rather unceremoniously, I noticed you really like my son and it must be hard on the both of you to have issues when just a few hours earlier, you were happy”


was shocked to hear his mother so kind and understanding. Is this woman human at all? I couldn’t believe it. Her sonorous voice sounded in my ears again.

“I am not going to interfere between the two of you and I asked for your number from him to tell you that I am not angry with you and have no bad feelings against you. It’s just a plate of food and though I was amazed at your ability to finish that quantity and in so short a time period, I still prefer you to some women that behave as if food is poison when you serve it to them”


you ma” I said sincerely from the heart “ I feel so happy that things are cool with you. If only Magnus will understand too…” I was sad then.

“Magnus will do whatever he believes is good for him and I need you to do what you believe is good for you. In as much as Magnus is my son, I am an advocate of women rights and I believe we women do not need to have a man to be complete and I think you should feel the same way too.”

The call had ended soon after that and I was left wondering what she meant by that statement. I wasn’t surprised to see she was so self assured. I would be too if I looked like she did with a grown up son.

It’s been two weeks now and Magnus had not called and I too have decided to stay on my own lane. I knew his aunt’s look of dislike directed towards me was going to affect what Magnus thought or eventually decided to do.

However if his own mother was this liberated and understanding, why was Magnus behaving like a sourpuss?

I shrugged and settled down to wait for my friends as they would be joining me later and also to order for an appetizer and a drink.

I loved the formality of the establishment with it’s dedicated dress code, polite waiters and cool décor.

The only thing I didn’t like was the bite sized food portions but it was okay. I usually augmented with my own food at home later.

My friends and I often came here to soak in the ‘culture’ and live like the rich for a night. It was always an amazing experience for us even with the small food portions. I had even brought Magnus here once during the early period of our relationship.

Just as I poured the bottle of wine and popped the tiny piece of succulent fried meat into my mouth, I saw Juliet coming towards our table with a tall handsome looking man who was engaged in an animated conversation with her.

A table to her right caught my attention and my breath literally ceased in my throat.

Seated at the table and going through a menu was Magnus and in front of him was a skinny fair-skinned beautiful girl…

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