Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy – Episode 3


Written by Amah

A week later after Betty’s necklace went missing Viva visited her with a smile on her face.

“Viva you look so happy today…what is going on…what is the good news…

“I’m always happy Betty…but anyway I got good news…and I can’t wait to share with my lovely neighbour turned friend…is Richærd…hmmm …you won’t believe what happened….Richærd gave me a huge amount of money to go shopping and also promise to buy me a car before my next birthday… his income increased and he promises to also increase my upkeep money every month and will also pay me for being a house wife…I wanted him to open a big super market like yours and he said he will… So you see God has finally answered our prayers now I can buy whatever I want and also travel to any country of my choice, I will even buy that kind of your necklace with it’s pendant if I happen to come across it or I will specially order it, I fell in love with it the day showed it to me and it is very sad it went missing very sad or have you found it…?

“not yet though…I’m happy for you Viva…Wow…I’m so happy for you…I told you to be patient with him and things will turn around…now you can see things are falling in place…as for my necklace I haven’t seeing it yet I’m still searching for it hoping to find it…I don’t even know how to present it to Tony…I don’t know how to tell him that the necklace he spent so much buying has gone missing…it was specially made for me Viva and I really cherished that necklace, if it was a normal necklace I wouldn’t have bothered…

“I understand you Betty…Is painful to loose what you so much cherish…and that day when I saw it I knew it was something very special and very expensive too…and that day it went missing…I came to your place and when you told me you were in the bath…I quickly left and decided to come back later, so when I was leaving Kate was coming in and I told her your are in the bathroom before I leaving her behind, when I returned back was when you mentioned that you are looking for the necklace, it baffles me because I left your so called friend in the house, see Betty…you are not just my next door neighbour you are my friend and I will not deceive you, Kate is not what you think she is…I know single mother and what they are capable of doing…they are very desperate and are ready to take your husband if care is not taken, and the way Tony your husband looked at her that day shows that you really need to be watchful of her…I have not been close to anyone like I’m close to you…I hærdly keep friends, single mothers is a no for me..i can’t deal, I am a very beautiful woman, my husband has money, we live in one of the most expensive estate in town…I am a woman with class and I can get any kind of friend that I so desired but I don’t just want to add to my headache, don’t want anybody that will come all in the name of friend and snatch my man from me…so you have to be wise Betty…there are some people you keep at arm length…you don’t let them close because mere looking at Kate she is a friend with benefit…she is only your friend because of what she gets from you…once that benefit is no more she will port out…you even made her manager at your big supermarket, she shouldn’t have done that because she will take advantage of that and do as she like with your business, you would have still leave her at the she was working before, her survival is not your problem, after all she is a woman like you… I’m more experienced with these things than you… so listen to me…I really want to be somebody you can trust, Kate took that necklace and will probably sell a ridiculous amount not knowing the worth of it… so that you won’t find out… anyway I have said my own…all that matters to me now is my happiness…God has elevated me…now money will never be a problem for me…

Betty went back home searching for her necklace and still thinking of all the things Viva said about Kate, Betty took extra time to search the wh0le house for her missing necklace but still couldn’t find it, she decided to talk to Tony her husband about it,

“I misplaced the necklace you recently got for me…have searched the wh0le house but still can’t find it…don’t even know where to look again,

“whaaat…hope this is a joke…where did you kept it..how possible is that…that necklace was specially made for you darling… the pedant was carved out from diamond…is not something that can be seen everyday…something you will wear and our daughter will also wear…and it cost huge amount of money…hope this is a joke anyway…?

“no is not a joke…I’m serious, I can’t find it…I have turn the house upside down with Rebecca and still can’t find it…I don’t know what to do again…I know the worth when I saw it so you don’t need to tell me…that is why I took extra time in searching for it and yet still couldn’t find it…

“Someone must have taken it…when did you see it last and can you remember where you kept it before it went missing?

“on my dresser, I kept it there while I went in to have my bath, I planned to wear it that day, Rebecca was out with the kids for summer coaching…Viva came in to check up and I told her I was in the bathroom but she didn’t linger for long she left and said she will be back, Viva can not possibly take it…she does not go into my room uninvited, she was in the sitting room before leaving, then Kate came in, although Kate said she never step into my room and when I came out I saw her sitting at the living room, before Viva returns back, Viva accused Kate of taking the necklace when I mentioned it to them but Kate denied ever seeing it that day…I know Viva does not really Like Kate, they are always at log head with each other but accusing Kate was a no no for me until I started seeing reasons In her talk…despite Kate has never stolen from me before…. well not to my knowledge anyway…whatever she takes and forgets to tell me if I ask her she will definitely say she is the one…I know she has access to my room and every part of the house but I’m still thinking of all the things Viva said about her…I just don’t even know… could it be Kate…because on the first day she was almost leaving with the necklace still on her neck after trying it on but Viva hushed and she removed it… Viva said something about her that I don’t want to believe but right now…I just don’t know what to think…all I want is my necklace…

“that’s really sad… stop taking everything Viva said to heart…but who could have done such a thing…Kate is your friend darling…and she has being your friend for years…she passes the night here sometime with her daughter and weekends too…she is like a family…she couldn’t have done that…I don’t think is Kate. And as for Viva….i don’t know but there is something about that woman…why do she hate Kate for no reason…invite Kate over so that she can prove her innocence…Kate is a beautiful young lady and a great friend too…she can’t possibly steal from you…Viva is probably jealous..

“why are you defending Kate this much…or is there something else you are not telling me…she may be my friend but people do change like Viva said…they are only friendly to you for their own benefits, and Viva also said that single mothers can be desperate, she warned me to be careful with Kate, what can Viva be jealous about…she has a husband who loves her and is ready to go extra mile for her as you do for me… Richærd is rich because is not everybody that can afford houses in this estate, Richærd is well to do…Richærd’s business has turned around and he is doing so well now, Viva told me yesterday, he even plan to buy her a car before her next birthday, Viva lack nothing because Richærd provides everything for her…Viva said he will also open a big supermarket like mine for her and will increase her monthly allowance fee and for also being a house wife, which will be huge of cause…Kate is a single mother and I made her manager at my supermarket for her to raise money to be taking care of her daughter and also herself, I opened my home up for her to come anytime she feels like…why will she steal from me…because I have never for once mistreated her…

“don’t conclude yet darling…calm down and still search for the necklace, I will join you in search of it… we may probably find it… if not then we will look for a way to get another for you…okay?…I will personally go and meet the goldsmith to carve out something beautiful for you again, it may not be like the first but it will be lovely…

After the necklace incident everything was gradually going back to normal, but Betty couldn’t just let go no matter how she tries to, she started watching Kate to see if she will one day mistakenly wear the necklace but she never did, she decide to keep an eye on Kate as Viva suggested.

Richærd later travelled leaving Viva alone with their son Josh, Viva has always looked forward to every of Richærd’s travel so that she can be alone and do as she pleases.

One day Viva looked from her room window which was upstairs and saw Tony who just drove in trying to get something out of the car, she has always admired Tony and sometime wish Richærd was Betty’s husband and Tony is hers, she has lied to Betty that about Richærd’s sudden wealth why there is nothing like that, Richærd was still struggling to meet up with his over demanding wife’s need.

Viva purposely lied to Betty about Richærd sudden wealth for a reason best known to her but everything is still as it has always being for Richærd, nothing changed, he never promised to get her a car or supermarket Viva just fabricated the lie for Betty who believed her…

As Viva watched Tony that day she started wishing that she was the lucky one with him not a spoilt brat like Betty, who came from a wealthy home and doesn’t really understand what it feels like not to have money,

Viva had a plan drawn out, she was going to execute her plan soon, it may take time but she has never failed in whatever she pulls her energy into and she knows she will not fail this time, now that Richærd was not around was a perfect time to start executing the plan, she is good at what she does and her plans are just a perfect one.

What could be Viva’s plan?

To be continued

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