Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 13)

Episode 13
Writer: NICKY

I turned to him slowly scratching the back of my neck. “I’m sorry. I didn’t hear what you said”I said looking down in embarrassment.
“I asked how you got in. I didn’t open the door for you. How did you know my password?”he asked staring at me.
“Oh that?”I asked looking at him and he nodded his head. “Actually, when I brought you home that night. I didn’t know your password and you refused to tell me so, I tried your date of birth and it works”I said.
“Like seriously? You even know my date of birth?”he ask in surprise.
Dave’s POV
Soon I went to the living room after changing and found her viewing the photo albums I left on the table last night. I went to sit quietly beside her. She looked at me strangely with a little frown. “Why?”I asked staring at her. She covered her mouth with her hand staring at me. “Why?”I asked again curiously. She then removed her hand and bursted into laughter. I was so surprised and confused. I stares at her the way she laughs. What could be cracking her up this much. Don’t tell me she….
I quickly reached my hand for the album but she snatched it from me still laughing. “Unbelievable”s
he said and laughed a little.
“Give it back. You’re not allowed to touch that”I said looking at her. She opened it back and showed me the picture of when I was small. In the picture, I was putting on dad’s suit which looks like a gown on me and an oversized shoe with a big hat covering covering almost my wh0le face. That day was just so funny that mum took some pictures of me.
“Is this you?”she asked trying hærd not to laugh.
“W..why would you think that is me?”I asked trying to deny.
She started laughing again looking at me. “I know it’s you. You’re so much alike”she said.
“Oh really. Ok it’s me”I said feeling a bit embarrassed. “This is so funny. I can’t just stop watching.”she said cleaning the tears on her face. “Is it that funny?”I asked. “Yeah. You’re so cute and adorable”she said smiling. Wow I think that made my heart flutters. I stares at her beautiful smile and a smile formed on my face too.
She sat down and I did too. “Ok. What is it you remembered?”she asked.
Oh that’s true I wanted to tell her yesterday but I slept of while typing.
“Uhm. Last night, i remembered, while I was laying on bed at the hotel room, someone was removing my cloth. A guy and a lady was standing behind him. I couldn’t see his face clearly but he had a tattoo on his arm. I think it’s some Chinese character tattoo”I said.
“After that did you remember anything else?”she asked looking more serious.
“Uhmmm. No that’s all I could recollect.”I said. She sighed thinking so hærd. “A tattoo. We got an hint. I’m sure there’s possibility we might get this people at the club tonight”she said.
I looked at her and nodded my head.
Anna’s POV
I was getting dressed in my room preparing for the club mission.
I brought out some cloths debating on which one is suitable for a club. I searched and finally I got it.
A short black ripped miniskirt and an armless topped which had an opening on the chest and the back was very low too.
I put it on and went to look myself in the mirror. “Aww. Who’s that? Am sure that’s not Annabel”I said making a disgust look. The clothes are way too exposing but I just have to put it on to get attention at the club so that I can get the tattoo guy somehow. I looked down at my chest and was covering it with my hand. It expose my cle-vage and I think am not different from a pr-stitute.
But I have to put it on just for tonight. Let’s do it for Dave”I thought to myself smiling.
After I was done, I put on a black heels and took my bag heading out to Dave who was waiting in the compound for me.
I got downstair and walked to his car feeling a little ashame of my outfit. I s₱0tted Dave standing by his car pressing phone. When I got to him, he looked up at me. He was surprises because his expression said it. His jaw dropped and he couldn’t blink his eyes while staring at me. The car key he was holding, fell down from his hand and he didn’t notice. “Why? Is this bad”I asked drawing the skirt down a little. He stared off blinking his eyes. “It’s too…”he stopped and looked at me. Too bad? I thought to myself.
“It’s too s€×y!”he said. “s€×y?”I repeated looking at him. “But It’s ok. Just for tonight”he said not looking at me. I bent down and picked up the car key for him. “Oh. Thanks”he said and laughed. I was confused by his attitude tonight. It’s unlike him.
We got into the car and he drove to the club.
When we got there, we both came down but he had his mask on as usual so people won’t recognise him. We both looked at each other and nodded our head before moving in. I removed the band I use to tie my hair up and let it flow behind me. I walked into the club in action swaying my h¡ps s€×ily.
I could see guys drooling over me already. “Hey” “what’s up babe” “s€×y” I heard different comments from the guys.
Now let’s get to the plan A. I looked at Dave and winked at him. He nodded his head and went to sit on a chair not far from me. I looked around and saw the number of guys I caught their attentions. I smiled and moved to the pole. I removed by shoes and dropped them down. I looked back and saw Dave staring at me in confusion cause he had no idea of what I was about doing. I dropped my hair on one side in s€×y way. I looked at the guys and wink. It was then I s₱0tted a guy staring at me from a corner. He was holding a cup of wine. When he took the wine to his mouth, I clearly saw the tattoo on his arm. That is him. My mind said. There was a lady before him but I bet he was drooling over me too. I got up on stage and Dave stood up staring at me. I held the pole before me and curled around it. I pushed my butt back and was swaying my h¡ps left and right. Yes, I’m stripping. Lol. I think this is fun. I was doing it like a pro thanks to YouTube and my love for dance too.
It got to a stage that the guy moved away from the Lady before him and came closer to where I am. I could see the lady dragging him back but he jacked off her hand. I winked at him and he smiled coming closer. I continue stripping s€×ily getting all the guys really crazy already because some wanted to touch me but I pushed their hands away.
The guy was coming closer and Dave get up too when he saw the guys trying to touch me.
The tattoo guy got to me smiling. I wanted to move back to avoid him touching me but he touched my butt smiling and brought his hand up placing it on my tiny wa-ist. I was shocked and angry at the same time. “Can I have you for tonight? I’ll pay you any….” He didn’t finish talking before a heavy punch landed on his face. Some guys moved back when he fell hærd on the floor. I was surprise and looked at the person that punched him. “Dave?”I thought to myself in shock.
He looks at me and I looked down at the tattoo guy. I quickly got down from the stage and wanted to help the guy up because we can’t lose him. We need to get information from him but I think Dave is ruining it. As I wanted to touch the guy, Dave took my hand and dragged me out of the crowd. I removed my hand from his and he turned back staring at me. “No. Please we have to do this”I said feeling bad.
“No. I can’t stand it anymore.”he said with jealousy in  his voice and I stares at him in surprise.

To be continued…

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