Vanity Episode 18

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Esi Haizel: Hmmmm yes ooo, sometimes I feel so ho-ny that am even tempted to masturbate but because of the fear of God I stop and close my legs very tightly, Eddy am really suffering paaa oooo, been single s-cks but I know my time will come, the way I have starve myself emotionally for long the day I will get my man, how I will give it to him erh, he will be in bed for a wh0le week, even talking to you now see how er-cted my n-pples are. Please kindly touch my br-ast for me to feel a bit okay, am begging you Eddy.

Eddysongs: But they are not mine Esi.

Esi Haizel: Please am giving it to you freely, I know you want to touch, squeeze, lick and s-ck it. You just propose to me and I will accept your proposal now so it becomes yours for good, please don’t wa-ist any time on this.

Eddysongs: Are you sure of what you requesting for? The truth is I also feel something…….

Esi didn’t allow Eddysongs to finish his statement and quickly he grabbed his head and started k-ssing him like they were in a battle, Eddysongs too loved it and he also responded to Esi with all the strength in him, the sound of the k-sses if you were passing behind Esi’s room you will presume some cars were testing their car breaks, Eddysongs lifted Esi up and took him straight to her bed, massive smooching and cuddling took place, Eddy was really good in rom-nce playing that Esi was even gasping for breathe, her heavy b-obs were dealt with mercilessly as Eddysongs started s-cking the n-pples, Esi was really enjoying the pleasure she was passing through that she starting squirting and pleaded with Eddysongs to climax everything with s€× for her.

Now back at the hospital too Adjoa Wusua and Nana Yaw were getting use to each other, gradually Nana Yaw was also falling for Adjoa and what killed him most was when Adjoa brought a flask out from the basket she brought in the morning and it contented pepper soup with goat meat, this was one of the soft s₱0t of Nana Yaw that if you give him that he wouldn’t mind giving his last to you as a form of appreciation. Nana Yaw really enjoyed the soup because the soup tasted just the way he liked it and he kept admiring Adjoa that she herself knew she had captured the youngman’s attention and heart, but she had been wondering where Nana Yaw’s family were. Were they leaving abroad like most wealthy people do or was he single and looking forward to settle down with any decent woman who comes his way? Whatever it was she was willing to get to the bottom of that mystery at the right time, the look on her face made Nana Yaw to question her if everything was alright with her, she faked a smile and told him everything was okay, just that she was feeling a little headache all of a sudden, but I will be okay my dear, am just wondering where you family are because this is the time you need them most especially when you will be discharged very soon, your feeding will be a big problem and am very worried about that. Nana Yaw’s composure also changed immediately when Adjoa Wusua asked him that question, hmmmmm my dear we well talk about this issue later but not today and not at this place, tears started dropping from the eyes of Nana Yaw, Adjoa sensing how hurt Nana Yaw was, took her handkerchief and helped wipe the tears from Nana Yaw’s face.

Meanwhile at the beach Lawyer Ayibontey and Maame Afia we having a good time by knowing each other very well, both of them were really having a real good time together that they all forgot their past and were thinking of the future that was ahead of them, even though they had planned to take one step at a time, they were now eager to walk down the aisle even though their relationsh¡p wasn’t even 48hours old.

Back in Esi’s room tempers had gone so high that the only thing that could restore peace and order was a mind blowing s€× but something wasn’t just right, Esi had used every strategy she knew to decipher that puzzle infront of her but to no avail, since she came of age what ever she knew and had learnt had been put to practice but the value remained the same.


Esi and Eddysongs had played rom-nce for close to 2hours but yet still Eddysongs wasn’t getting any er-ction for him to penetrate through Esi’s legs, Esi on the other side had done everything humanly possible to put life in the power house of Eddysongs but it seems the hormones responsible for such actions were either on strike or on indefinite leave, Esi had given him serious blow jobs, licked, s-cked, rubbed and even k-ssed Eddysongs d**k for a very long time but opana simply won’t respond to the stimulation that it was been given. At the long run Esi had to give up whiles Eddysongs also felt very embarrassed, he tried to explain himself to Esi for her not to feel bad.

Eddysongs: My dear am very sorry for disappointment you this afternoon, this is unlike me

Esi Haizel: Eddy why, is it that you don’t find me so attractive or is because am giving myself to you freely that’s why am been treated this way.

Eddysongs: My dear don’t think that way, you happen to be very attractive from head to toe, your front and backside is damn heavy as the way i like it, the truth is that the activities back at church took a lot out of me since am the org-niser of the group and moreover I have not had much rest for some days now, fatigue has taken much of my system and lastly I wasn’t expecting such wonderful reception here with you. I promise to make it up to in our next encounter, I will make you plead for mercy but you won’t get any, I only pity you on that day because what I will do to you, it will take hundreds of years for you to forget.

Esi Haizel: Are you sure of that Eddy because you have really punished me this afternoon by making me so ho-ny and then leaving me unattended to.

Eddysongs: My dear I don’t give empty promises and neither do I say things that I can’t do, bae fear me when it comes to issues relating to bedmatics.

Esi Haizel: If you care to know my dear I like it hot and so rough, I don’t like to be shown mercy when you pin me down in the middle of the bed, I will entreat you to bring your best arsenals when coming next time because my walls and foundation are very strong that can stand anything that is thrown at it. Becareful I don’t cripple you oooo my baby boy, I have a twin turbo engine in me and if I open or release my horsepower the best place for you will be the hospital.

Eddysongs: Really? Well brace yourself for me very soon, bae please let me dress up so I take leave to my end, I have to put one or two things in place because I will be meeting some business associates of mine early tomorrow morning for some transactions, but before I forget do you have a passport? I would love to travel with you one of this days to either Dubai or Paris for some relaxations.

Esi Haizel: No I don’t have but I will start making arrangements for that and secondly you can’t just dress and go like that, we had sweat running all over our bodies so it will be appropriate that we take a shower together before you leave to your place.

Eddysongs: That sounds good, am going to buy into your suggestion but I must say this place is too small for you, along the week I will call one of agents to get you a bigger place so get yourself ready for some new site seeing, let’s get into your bathroom now.

Meanwhile as Lawyer Ayibontey and Maame Afia were enjoying themselves, Maame Afia’s mum called her to enquire of her whereabout since it’s been months she heard from her and also saw her

Mother: So is that how a daughter and her mother should leave in this world? Do you care about my well-being at all? Because I told you I need grandchildren and also want you to find a responsible and God fearing man to marry you now I have turned into your enemy huh? If you care to know I only want the best for you oooo, I don’t want you or someone to blame me one day that am the cause of you not getting married or giving birth. I have said my own

Maame Afia: Mum sometimes you nag too much, who is pointing fingers to you?

Mother: Oh shut up, children of today when you tell them something they think they know more than you the elderly person, let me tell you, “what I see when sitting down even when you climb the tallest tree you won’t see it” I am telling you the truth and you there telling me I nag, it’s your stupid father……..

Maame Afia: Mum please don’t go there, I don’t call you or check up on you simply because I have gotten a man and am studying him carefully before I bring him over to you.

Mother: Is that so? You should have told me this long time ago like I won’t insult you koraa, is he handsome? What does he do? Is he a devoted Christian? How old is he? What tribe is he?

Maame Afia: Mum!!!!! Which one do you want me to answer first, is this a WAEC exams or what?

Mother: Answer anyone of them, you don’t know how happy your statement has made me, you try and bring him home so I also examine him if he is from a good background. Don’t be doing outside lobi lobi, bring him home so he knows you also come from a decent and responsible home. Let me know when you will bring him home so I prepare a special home made food for both of you, God I thank and bless you for this day, herh today I will sleep when I go to bed, infact this is the best news I have heard since we entered this year. My Afia Papabi am very happy, also do well to keep him by respecting him and also showing him affection and love.

Maame Afia: Counsellor Mirekua Adofo you are a loquacious person, I have heard you, now let me attend to my Mr right.

Mother: Carry on my girl with immediate effect but please call me when you get home we have a lot to talk about. (the call ends)

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hope you didn’t gossip about me with you mum?

Maame Afia: Hahahaha, baby we are now going to do massive gossiping about you so don’t worry, we will dissect and bisect you this evening.

Meanwhile as Esi and Eddysongs woke up from the bed to enter the bathroom something unexpected happened……


As both of them got to the entrance of the bathroom, Esi’s phone rang and she was tempted to check who the caller was, she told Eddysongs to take the lead and that she will join him soon as she is done with the call, as she checked her phone it was no one but Elder Akyeah, she ignored the call because she didn’t want Eddysongs to know the transactions going on with the 2 of them but after the call ended she saw a mobile money alert on her phone as she checked, her account had been debited with 1200cedis from Elder Akyeah, she immediately presumed that, that was the purpose for him calling her. She dropped the phone to join Eddysongs but as she got to the door of the bathroom something came to her mind, it was the old saying that said “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, she decided to put that statement to use and see the out come, moreover Eddysongs had brought a lot of groceries so she quickly rushed to the kitchen to put one or two things together so that by the time Eddysongs comes out from the shower food might be ready. The only thing she could put together because of time happened to be noodles and that was exactly what she did, Eddysongs waited for Esi to join him but as he saw she wasn’t coming back he came out of the bathouse only to be welcomed with a nice aroma of the noddles that had been prepared for him by his new found lover. Adjoa called Esi if the coast was clear for her to come home so when Eddysongs came into the room to dress her attention wasn’t on him as she finished the call she realised that Eddysongs was already dressed up, she felt disappointed because she had plans to help Eddysongs dress up but unfortunately for her she was late, she told her lover boy the plans she had as to how she wanted to help him dress up, since she was late to execute her dressing plan she served Eddysongs his food whiles she rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.

Eddysongs enjoyed the food like never before, you know our fanti ladies when it comes to spices and cooking they were one of the best tribes in Ghana, as she came back from the bathroom Eddysongs was taking in the last scoop into his mouth, as Eddysongs saw her back in the room he gave her a look that scared Esi, for onces she feared if Eddysongs didn’t like the food or perhaps there was to much salt or maybe too much pepper in the food, she stood there dumbfounded and was eagerly waiting for the first comment Eddysongs will make, finally Eddysongs spoke and this is what he said eeeeeiiii Esi “if this is your handiwork then I even wonder the taste of your p***y”, your food is so delicious and palatable, everything is just on point, the spices is just the way i love my food please can I have more? Esi gave a breathe of relief as she knew she had hit the bullseye with the arrow she had shot. Quickly she went to the bowl that contained the rest of the noddles to dish out a certain quantity of noddles to her lover boy, as she brought the food back she went to dress up so she could see Eddysongs out when he is done eating, in her head she knew at least with this little display Eddysongs exhibited she had taken some wild points from Eddysongs marking scheme, after the food, Eddysongs rose to his feet to step out of the room, Esi wished she could stay with her new lover all day but she had to show a little pride and pretend she was okay, they left the room to where Eddysongs had parked his car and engaged themselves in a little conversation. In a little time Adjoa Wusua alighted from a taxi and entered the house after greeting the latest love birds in town, she quickly entered the house to find something to eat because she was very hungry, before she left the hospital Nana Yaw was fast asleep, Eddysongs gave Esi a k-ss and told her that they will see each other the following day at 12noon. He drove away straight to the hospital, as he got to Nana Yaw’s ward he had just woken up from his sleep and was wondering where Adjoa was?

Nana Yaw: Please have you by chance seen the lady who was with me earlier on in this room?

Eddysongs: Do you mean Adjoa Wusua?

Nana Yaw: Yes she is the one am talking about.

Eddysongs: Oh so bad for you, she left for the house when you possibly fell asleep, erh before I forget, Adjoa Wusua happens to be the lady we are searching for ooo!!!

Nana Yaw: Searching for?What do U mean by that statement?

Eddysongs: I mean to say Adjoa Wusua was the lady who was arrested because they taught she had a hand in your injury.

Nana Yaw: Really? But how did you know all this because the lady in question has been with me since morning but never raised an alarm concerning her arrest.

Eddysongs: That tells you she has a clean heart and habours no hatred after what she passed through from your workers. Also now that we have seen the person who suffered for doing nothing towards you, what should we compensate her with?

Nana Yaw: Mmmm what do you think bro?

Eddysongs: Well since she goes everywhere with a taxi I would say we should get her a………… (He whispers something into Nana Yaw’s ear)

Nana Yaw: Brilliant idea bro please help me call our guy and pick one of the expensive ladies he has. Also God willing I will be discharged early tomorrow morning, please see to it that my medical bills is taken care of before you leave, get the message across to my boys so they come to pick me because I know you have a busy day tomorrow.

Eddysongs: That won’t be a problem and also greetings from the holy fraternity, his holy eminence and the other guys send their brotherly regards they said get well soon and also they miss your absence.

Nana Yaw: My friend drop that matter here and now, which f****** greetings and regards are you delivering to me. See I said I want out of this fraternity and that is final period.

Eddysongs: But NY you know that is not possible, the decision you have taken will lead you to destruction if you decide to follow what your l-ips are saying. Remember the covenant you took with the fraternity and also don’t forget the issues and problems some of our former colleagues passed through as they took your decision and tried to execute it. You are more like a brother to me, we knew ourselves about 15years ago and I don’t want to loss you now that we are leaving in our prime, please have a critical rethink before you do something silly.

Meanwhile Lawyer Ayibontey had left the beach with Maame Afia and he intended to drop her at her place but along the line she changed her mind and pleaded with lawyer to rather that her to her mum’s end rather, lawyer felt it was cool because he was going to get the privilege to meet his future mother-in-law and get acquainted to her for future sake. As they finally got to Maame Afia’s mum residence and they were going in,side one of lawyer’s client called him that he needed to see him as soon as possible, Lawyer Ayibontey agreeded to meet him but first he wanted to say hello to Maame Afia mum, bae it’s better you go and meet your client because I know my mum very well, if you walk into the house with me this evening you will not be released for the next 2hours so please let’s make it some other time

Hmmmmmm m what will be the fate of Nana Yaw, Esi Haizel, Lawyer Ayibontey and that of Eddysongs?

To be continued

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