Vanity Episode 3

Vanity Episode 3
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Adjoa Wusua: Hahahahaha my sister are you so naive that way? The bearer of that name you mentioned is the man who just left our presence some few minutes ago.

Esi Haizel: (adjust herself in her seat) But Adjoa then who is Elder Akyeah then in the company?

Adjoa Wusua: Hmmmmm that wicked man happens to be a General Manager to the section of the company you work under.

Esi Haizel: If you knew all this then why did you give you body to him in the first place and you are now telling me this?

Adjoa Wusua: Esi you have asked a good question and I will answer you appropriately, you see in the first place I didn’t know of Eddysongs as the owner of the company and secondly where was I going to see or meet him to lobby for a job opportunity for you. Lastly I got to know of this revelation just recently when Eddysongs made a donation to one of the orphanages in town, I was really shocked with that discovery so I made a research on the internet to get more information about the company and it’s owner.

Esi Haizel: No wonder I have already started dealing with Elder Akyeah for the advantage he took over us. Do you know he’s been having s€× with me in his office frequently and not only me but almost half of the ladies in my department. The painful thing is he will threaten to sack you from the company the day you hesitate not to give him what he wants, he claims he is only helping some of us because our credentials doesn’t qualify us to be in the company but he’s only help us out on merits.

Adjoa Wusua: He f**king most of you girls is merit to him huh? He appears in the limelight as if he’s a Saint and everyone praises him at church as if he’s the thirteen disciple of Jesus Christ, but wait oooo how did you know he’s screwing some of the girls also.

Esi Haziel: Hmmmmm there is this new yellow pawpaw who was employed recently and this lady comes to work very late, she is arrogant and pompous, she dresses shabily with her top bottom on her shirt always wide opened exposing her b-obs. She has been making some eye contacts with Elder Akyeah which got me suspicious but since I wasn’t having any concrete proof I had to gets my facts right, every Wednesday morning Elder Akyeah calls me to his office and gives it to me which had made me use to that system because he really brings the burning desire in me out every Wednesday morning, if you can comprehend to my moods, on Wednesday’s you will notice am always happy on that day but since the very moment that arrogant lady came to the office, Elder Akyeah failed to invite me to his office on two consecutive times which got me worried.

Adjoa Wusua: Are sure it’s not jealousy you are using a different adjective to qualify now as “worried”?

Esi Haizel: Well any how you call it I don’t care, so on the third week as Elder Akyeah was passing to his office I was looking at him closely and that was when I saw him signalling that lady to come over and after that I saw the lady trying to position and heap her b-obs well. As he moved ahead, he turned and asked the arrogant lady to bring him coffee, the strange thing was that I was the one responsible for that job and right in my presence I was been relegated not to the bench of the team but rather to the junior side of the team. As she took the coffee to Elder Akyeah’s office I decided to make a follow up and register my displeasure to him when the lady resumed her seat but for a long time she wasn’t coming out so I decided to join them in the office but as I was getting closer to the door I heard some unusual sounds coming from Elder Akyeah’s office.

Adjoa Wusua: What do you mean by unusual sounds?

Esi Haizel: My dear the lady was mo-ning in escatsy loudly, honestly the sound made me ho-ny because for some weeks now he had not given me my share of the national cake. I stood for a while hoping the 90minutes game will be ending anytime soon but it’s seems the game had travelled into extra time leading to penalties shootouts, as I couldn’t take it any longer I barged into Elder Akyeah’s office and to my greatest surprise Elder Akyeah was banging that arrogant lady on his desk and the painful part was that he was giving to her my favourite s€× position.

Adjoa Wusua: And what was that favourite position of yours that he was giving to someone else?

Esi Haizel: You know when someone gives me the “Victory Postion”, and dose the work very well I can give my last money to him without thinking of what I will eat the following day.

Adjoa Wusua: Hehehehe, so what did you do to them?

Esi Haizel: Hahahaha, thank you for asking that brilliant question, as they saw me Elder Akyeah foolishly drew his sweet magic stick out and asked the lady where his car keys was, I stood there watching them like clowns on stage the lady went down on her knees as if she was searching for her diamond ring which had fallen down. You know since I was a regular customer to Elder Akyeah I knew where he kept everything in his office, I called Elder Akyeah and pointed to him where he had placed his car keys and also called that arrogant lady to come out from her hiding place behind the desk, she stood up feeling very ashamed and embarrassed. I ordered her to dress up and put herself in order, after she did that I again ordered her to go back to her seat and funny though as she was leaving I called her back to come for her red p-nt on the desk of Elder Akyeah but before she did I managed to take some pictures of her taking the p-nt from the desk not forgetting Elder Akyeah himself.


Esi Haizel: As I took enough shots of them I shouted at the arrogant to vanish before I raise an alarm for the other workers to come in and see what was going on, you can’t believe the speed she passed me by with.

Adjoa Wusua: Hahahaha am trying to imagine the atmospheric condition that took place in that office.

Esi Haizel: My sister you dont have to be told, I wish you were there that day to see for yourself how matters were unfolding itself, I then signalled him(Elder Akyeah) to close his boutique since his designer clothes were been exposed to the direct sunshine, by then the nuclear strength or power in his magic stick was so dead that even the wh0le of Akosombo hydro power merged with Aboase gas pipeline couldn’t even supply him with power again for the day, he stood there looking very stupid but as my eyes went on a little survey in his office, I s₱0tted 2 white boxes on the corner of his desk so I took a second look and relaxing comfortably in the boxes were the iPad and iPhone 7+ you see in my hands now.

Adjoa Wusua: You don’t say, you mean he gave you this two things to shut you up from spreading the news across to the other office workers. All the same I hope you are aware that you are having in your hands two plots of land in Kasoa or Ayi Mensah area?

Esi Haizel: Oh yea, you think am not smart like you but wait till am done with my narration because you will be marvelled when am done talking, as I pointed at the boxes and told him I wanted the content of the boxes he was trying to be stubborn so I pretended I was going out of his office swinging my phone in the air, as if I had cast a spell on him he followed me and knelt infront of me pleading with me not to go out but he bought the items for someone as her birthday present. I looked at him and smiled then told him to feel free and go do his presentation as I also take my seat behind my desk, by then this man was sweating like he had just completely a cross-country marathon which was making him sweat in a very chilled air condition room and he looked very scared. Oh okay he taught I knew he wasn’t the owner of the company and that I will report him to the CEO now that I had hærd evidence to pin him down when the news came out eventually, he quickly stood up and rushed to his desk to get me the two white apple products in their boxes, he handed it over to me and taught I was done with him

Adjoa Wusua: (smiling and sipping from her wine glass)What else again, don’t tell me you f**ked him before going back to your seat?

Esi Haziel: What? My sister by then my libido had taken an indefinite break and all what was in my head was revenge and payback, as I took the boxes of apple products I told him to write for me a cheque of ten thousand (10000)cedis and also increase my salary 5times what I was receiving as monthly pay, he was reluctant so I intentionally tried to hand over his boxes to him and resume my seat. He quickly went to get his cheque book and wrote for me the amount I requested for and as if I was not satisfied and impressed I asked for two more favours from him.

Adjoa Wusua: Eeeeiiiii this Fante lady you are much more smarter than I anticipated you were oooo, herh what other two things did you request for?

Esi Haizel: Adjoa I can’t afford to be walking or boarding trotro always to work so I requested for my personal car and also one of the company house’s in,side Airpot city, he told me that if he gives me a house in,side Airport city, it might draw suspicions to him from his boss who was in town now so he told me he will get for me some plots of land at Lashibi comm. 21.

Adjoa Wusua: Really give me five for a good job than, that man taught he was using you to cut down his s€×ual pressure but see how the tables have turned round for your good. I will help you milk him dry, infact we are going to liquidate his accounts to the extent that he won’t even have a penny left in his account, we will drain all the juicy substance left in him so that when he sees a shadow of a lady coming close to him he will run to hide himself somewhere.

Esi Haizel: I trust you girl with your mastermind plans, my dear we have to celebrate on this achievement.

Adjoa Wusua: Oh yes it’s very necessary but please oh don’t forget you have someone here who also risked her ****y to secure you the job that has suddenly shot you to glory.

Esi Wusua: Hehehehe you this Kwahu lady, so cant you do something for free just for once. So because you sacrificed for me with your ****y I must compensate you with anything I have right? You if you say so I will give you 30% of anything I get from Elder Akyeah because you have been of gre at assistance in this difficult times of life

To be continued

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