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Victims of love episode 6


Victim’s of Love: 6
by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Africa Epic Stories, Victim’s of Love on

Mrs Juliet House:

(Rose and her mother was seen discussing)

Rose: That was what happened mama, I won’t come back to him until he comes here and beg me.

Mrs Juliet: I support you for this one Rose, how person wey sey e don mature no fit behave well. You know dey go back for that house if he no come here Kon apologize.


Mrs Juliet House:

(Chidi and his mother.)

Chidi: Mama, chief has finally accepted to make me serve him.

Mrs Juliet: For real?

Chidi: Yes mama, but he said I should bring my mother with me tomorrow to his house.

Mrs Juliet: That will be no problem, I am not doing anything tomorrow so I am free to follow you.

Chidi: Thank you mama.

Next Day:

Chief Emeka House:

Camera open shot on Chief Emeka, Mrs Juliet and her son Chidi.

Chief Emeka: You are welcome once again.

Mrs Juliet: Thank you Chief, my son here says you have accepted to make him one of your boys.

Chief Emeka: Yes Mrs Juliet, your son has proved he is capable of taking work seriously. I would like him to learn my business. I am into import and export of Laptops throughout Nigeria.

Mrs Juliet: Thank you Chief for considering my son.

Chief Emeka: No problem, let Chidi come and stay with me from tomorrow.


(Chidi and his mother.)

Mrs Juliet: Chidi please and please you are going to stay in chief house. Don’t steal his money, appreciate whatever you are given, okay?

Chidi: Okay Mama, thank you.


( Rose and her mother.)

Mrs Juliet: It is almost two months now and your husband has not come to ask after you.

Rose: I am even surprised.

Mrs Juliet: Will you Go back to him?

Rose: God forbid me, you want me to die before my time mama? God forbid.

Mrs Juliet: But you know sey our neighbours go soon dey talk of your stay.

Rose: That’s true mama. I have some money that I saved without Dave knowledge in my account, I suggest we should pack and leave this compound to another place and start afresh.

Mrs Juliet: Na true you talk, but where can we go?

Rose: Lagos mama, we will start a new life where nobody knows me. (Few days later they parked out of the compound.)



(Junior, now a grown up and handsome was seen being welcomed by his parents immediately they saw him.)

Junior: It’s good to be back home after spending five years in the US.

Mr James: Yes, I now have a doctor as my son. (They led him to a Suv car.)


Somewhere around Lagos.


(Rose and her mother was seen in a small kiosk selling all various kinds of fruits.)

Rose: We are going to be favored in this new environment.

Mrs Juliet: Amen Rose.


Mr James Duplex:

( Mrs Lillian was seen frying chickens and Junior entered the kitchen.)

Junior: Good afternoon mom.

Mrs Lillian: Afternoon my son, here (she gave him a piece of chicken)

Junior: (Collecting it) thank you mum. (He took a bite from it.) Mom I came here to ask about Rose, how is she and her husband?

Mrs Lillian: I haven’t heard from Rose but I heard from someone that she is no longer with Dave.

Junior: Really? What happened, why did she leave him?

Mrs Lillian: I don’t really know and can’t really tell why she left that beautiful marriage, but as the saying goes only the person that wears a shoe knows where it pains.

Junior: Hmm, thank you Mom for that information (He continues eating his chicken.)


(Junior, on his nightclothes inside his room when his father knocked on his door)

Junior: (sitting upright once he heard the knock) Who’s it?

Mr James: It’s me your father.

Junior: (Getting out of the bed and went to unlock the door letting his father in) Dad hope all is alright or did and mum have a misunderstanding?

Mr James: No Junior. (They walk back to the bed and sit facing each other) I came here to know if the feelings you have for Rose are still there.

Junior: I don’t know Dad, I can’t really say until I see her.

Mr James: You know Rose has left her marriage.

Junior: Mum told me today, I am still surprised. I will have to go to akure and search for her. I need to see Rose with my own eyes.

Mr James: I will collect their house address from your mother and text it to you.

Junior: Thanks dad.



(Junior stopped his car at the front of Mrs Juliet’s former house. He came down from his car and saw Mama Chinonso coming out of the house.)

Junior: (Going to meet) Excuse me ma, good morning.

Mama Chinonso: Morning my son.

Junior: Please ma don’t be offended, I want to know if Mama Rose lives here.

Mama Chinonso: Juliet and her children don park comot for here since oooo.

Junior: So they don’t live here anymore?

Mama Chinonso: No ooo, e don reach almost six months dey park comot for compound.

Junior: Did they tell you where their new compound is?

Mama Chinonso: They told no one.

Junior: Thank you ma. (He turned and left entering his car.)

Mrs Juliet Kiosk:

( Rose was all alone in her mother’s kiosk when a a man came to meet Rose)

Rose: (Seeing him) Good afternoon oga Samson (pointing on the fruits) which one you won buy?

Samson: Rose, Rose you know I don’t want to buy anything, I came here to see you, accept my proposal and get married to me. A fine girl like isn’t supposed to be here.

Rose: I told you to give me more time to think about your proposal Samson.

Samson: For how many days now you are still thinking.

Rose: Don’t worry I will give you an answer when next you come.

Samson: I hope your answer is a positive reply because I can’t live a day without seeing your beautiful face. (Rose blushes) Anyway give me all the apples in here.


Mrs Juliet Kiosk:

( Rose was with her mother and Samson was seen coming to meet them.)

Samson: Good afternoon ma.

Mrs Juliet: Afternoon customer, which fruits you won buy today?

Samson: I came here to see Rose to ask if she has accepted my proposal of marriage.

Mrs Juliet: Rose oya come and give this handsome oga your answer.

Rose: Mama I am still thinking about his proposal.

Mrs Juliet: (facing Samson) Excuse us for a moment abeg oga.

Samson: Just give me 1000 thousand naira carrots, I will come next time to hear her reply.

Mrs Juliet: (Mrs Juliet quickly sold him the amount of carrots and he left, facing her daughter) why don’t you accept that young man proposal?

Rose: Mama, how can I accept the proposal of Samson when I don’t really know him?

Mrs Juliet: Rose my daughter, be happy a man has picked an interest in you to make you his wife. Please my daughter accept his proposal to make my bundle lesser, Ikenna has finished writing his waec and wants to further his education, he is very intelligent like you.

Rose: Me that went to school have I seen work? But I will think about Samson’s proposal.

Mrs Juliet: There is nothing to think about here, once the young man comes again just accept his proposal.

Rose: I have heard you mama.


( Rose and Samson.)

Samson: Rose, please accept my proposal and I shall make you the happiest woman on earth. I really love you with all my heart.

Rose: Okay Samson, I have accepted to marry you.

Samson: (Smiling widely) Are you serious?

Rose: (Smiling) Yes, I will marry you.


Mrs Juliet Husband Village:

(Mrs Juliet, Chidi and Ikenna with some elders was seen seated as Rose and Samson knees down in front of the elders who were praying for them. Her bride price was paid, it was a simple traditional marriage.)


Samson House (Bungalow):

(Rose was scrolling through her contacts and she dialed the number saved as ‘aunty’.)

Rose: (it was picked on the third ring) Hello aunty.

Mrs Lillian: Rose? Is that you?

Rose: It’s me aunty.

Mrs Lillian: So you still have my number and you didn’t even bother to call me since?

Rose: Sorry Aunty, I have been busy.

Mrs Lillian: How is life treating you over there?

Rose: I thank God aunty, how is Uncle?

Mrs Lillian: He is fine.

Rose: What about Junior, is he back?

Mrs Lillian: Junior is fine but he is not back. Rose I was cooking when your call came in.

Rose: Okay Aunty, bye.


Mr James Duplex:

( Junior and his parents was seen eating on the dining table.)

Mrs Lillian: (faces Junior as she stops eating) So Junior when are we having our grandchild?

Junior: (Still eating) I don’t get you mother, what grandchild are you talking about? Or did I tell you I impregnate a girl before?

Mrs Lillian: What I am trying to say is when are you going to marry?

Junior: (Stops eating) Mum, I will get married when I want too, I am just 24, I still have a lot of years ahead of me.

Mrs Lillian: But you are our only son, our only child, God forbid if something happens to you now, there will be no child to Carry your name. Get married or if you haven’t seen a girl yet, I can help you get one. I have tons of friends with beautiful daughters that you can choose from.

Junior: (Standing up from the dining table) I have lost my appetite, thanks Dad, thanks mum. (He left the dining room.)

Mrs Lillian: (Staring at her husband) You could have joined your mouth in this matter dear. (Mr James didn’t say anything, he keeps eating)


Samson House:

(Rose was seen pacing around in the living room, waiting for her husband to return)

Rose: (Looking at the wall clock) This is almost 11:30 and my husband is yet to return, what could be delaying him? (She heard a knock on the front door) Who is it?

Samson: It’s me.

Rose: (Rushing to open the door for Samson, who came in with a lady he was holding around her waist.) Who are you and what are you doing with my husband? (The lady didn’t answer her, Rose faces her husband) Honey who is she and what are you doing with her?

Samson: She is my girlfriend and she is going to spend the night here.

Rose: Are you okay Samson? Do you know what you just said?

Samson: Yes, I married you which makes me the man of the house and whatever I say is final. (He turned his head and kissed the lady right in front of Rose who went ridge in shock.) Come on baby let’s head to my room. (Faces Rose.) You will be sleeping on the couch while my baby and I will sleep in the room.

Rose: I beg your pardon Samson?

Samson: You heard what I said Rose, and if you try to do anything otherwise, I will beat you black and blue to the point of death. (He left with his girlfriend towards their room, Rose was speechless and very shocked, talking to herself.) Is this Samson or his twin brother?


Mr James Duplex.

( Mrs Lillian was seen with a beautiful dark skinned lady sitting next to her in the living room, discussing when Junior was seen comm down from the stairs.)

Mrs Lillian: (telling the lady to the hearings if Junior) That is my son, isn’t he handsome Vivian?

Vivian: (Staring at Junior walking up to them) he is handsome Aunty.

Junior: Good afternoon mum.

Mrs Lillian: Afternoon my son, please sit I need to discuss something important with you. (Junior sat down and Mrs Lillian touches the shoulder of Vivian) this is Vivian, she’s is chief Odogwu daughter, the oil mogul in Nigeria.

Junior: (Feeling less concerned) So? What has that got to do with me?

Mrs Lillian: Don’t you like her? She will make a perfect wife for you Junior.

Junior: (Getting up to his feet) Is this the important thing you want to discuss with me mum?

Mrs Lillian: Yes Junior, look at Vivian, she is beautiful, well mannered and a well trained lady.

Junior: Mum I am not interested in her, please you can take her back from where you picked her from, I was going out before you called me. (He left)

Mrs Lillian: (Turned to face Vivian) Don’t mind my son, I think he woke up by the wrong side of the bed. He will come around.


Samson House:

(Samson was seen searching for the keys to his shop in his room, he left the room and went to the kitchen where Rose was cooking.)

Samson: Rose did you see the keys to my shop? I am running late for work.

Rose: (Bringing out the bunch of keys from her bre@st area.) You mean these keys?

Samson: Yes Rose, that is my shop key, give it to me I am running late.

Rose: I won’t give you the keys until you tell me why you keep on bringing different girls into this house.

Samson: Rose give me my shop keys.

Rose: I am not giving you until you answered me, I never know you are a womanizer Samson, you deceived me.

Samson: Now that you know give me my shop keys, don’t make me forget I am heading to shop and face you, because if I touch you, you will find yourself in a hospital. (Forcefully collect his the keys from Rose, hiss and left.)

Rose: Mama has killed me too


Mr James Duplex:

(Junior was seen watching a film on the TV in the living room and someone knocked.)

Junior: (Standing up and going to open the door, he saw Vivian) You again? Who are you looking for?

Vivian: I came to see you dear, your mum told me I would be around and ask me to come.

Junior: (pushing Vivian to give enough space for him to step out and jam the door behind him) Listen and listen carefully Vivian or whatever your name is, whatever my mum had told you are big lies. I don’t love you, get that into your thick skull and don’t ever come here to look for me. When you are done standing here, that’s the gate, use it. (He entered the house and locked the door. Vivian left)


Junior Room:

(Mrs Lillian was seen entering Junior room.)

Junior: (Who was chatting with his friend on Facebook stopped what he was doing when he saw his mother.) Good evening mum.

Mrs Lillian: Evening my son. (Going to sit on the side of his bed) I came here so we could discuss.

Junior: Okay.

Mrs Lillian: I want to get married, you’ve finished school, you graduate as one of the best doctors in Us so your next plan should be marriage.

Junior: (Laughed) Mum I will get married when I see the one for me.

Mrs Lillian: You are my only son, if you had a sister or a brother I wouldn’t be bothering you like this, I need to carry my grandchildren, please Junior.

Junior: I have heard you mum and I have been thinking about it too, I will get married but I still need time to clear my head mum. Once it’s clear, I promise you I will settle down.

Mrs Lillian: (Smiling) Thank you my son, but consider Vivian, she is a really good and nice girl.

Junior: Mum, I will find the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with by myself. Don’t bother yourself. (Pecking her cheek) Good night mum.


Mrs Juliet Kiosk.

( Rose and her mother.)

Rose: Mama you won’t believe what is happening in my marriage.

Mrs Juliet: What is it Rose?

Rose: Mama Samson is a womanizer who brings in different kinds of women every night into my home and they will sleep on my matemoral bed. If I question him or challenge him, he will threaten to beat me black and blue. Honestly Mama I am getting tired of this marriage, I want to go before he gives me one incurable disease.

Mrs Juliet: Rose my daughter, I am in support of your decision, you better leave that marriage before he carries out his threats or gives you HIV.

Rose: Mama I have already made up my mind to leave him if he doesn’t change, and that change is what he doesn’t want to do. I am tired honestly speaking Mama.


Samson House.

( Rose and Samson were eating their dinner when a knock interrupted them.)

Rose: (Standing up) I will go and get it. (She went to open the door and saw three ladies with their bags.) Good evening, are you ladies lost?

Amaka: I am not lost, my name is Amaka and we (pointing at the two ladies) are all friends. We came here to see your husband. Is he around?

Rose: Yes he is insid- (she didn’t get to finish her statement when the three ladies entered the house, pushing Rose out of their way)

Samson: (Recognized the three ladies) Amaka, Joan, Amara what are you doing here?

Amaka: What we want to tell you is important, Samson, the three of us are pregnant.

Samson: (Getting up to his feet in shock) What?

Joan: You heard Amaka right, we are pregnant for you. You promised to marry us, now we have packed all our belongings to your house.

Samson: You girls are not serious, I thought you are all mature to prevent this from happening, anyway it’s never too late, I will give you money to terminate the pregnancy.

Amara: Terminate what? We are not terminating anything, we are all going to keep it. We are staying here, no leave no transfer. (The three ladies sat down on the chair)

(Samson didn’t know what to do. Rose who was there and heard everything started crying.)



( A young guy, Excel, in his 20s who was seen standing along the expressway waiting for a bike. A car stopped in front of him and Junior came down from the car)

Excel: (Exclaimed in shock) Junior na you be this?

Junior: (Laughing) Yeah it’s me (they hug themselves and release their hold on each other.) How have you been Excel?

Excel: I am fine oooo, and you?

Junior: Cool.

Excel: I heard you travel out.

Junior: Yes I did, but I am back, where are you heading too?

Excel: I am heading to work.

Junior: Come let me drop you since we are heading the same way, we have a lot to discuss. (Junior entered the car and opened the passenger door for Excel who quickly entered and sat, closing the passenger door after him, Junior drove off.)


Samson House:

( Rose was seen packing her things in her bag)

Rose: (Crying) What is really going on with my life, first it was Dave and now Samson. God is it really my fate not to stay in a man’s home? Who did I offend? Lord if I have offended you before unknowingly and you are using this to punish me, please I beg to forgive me. My faith is in you Lord. (Closed her bag, carried it and left the house.)


Mrs Juliet House:

( Rose, her mother and Ikenna.)

Rose: Mama that was what happened last night, I have left him for good.

Mrs Juliet: God will punish you Samson for me.

Ikenna: Sister Rose thank God you’ve left him now before we will hear stories that touch the heart .

Rose: Abi ooo


Mrs Juliet Kiosk:

(Rose and her mother)

Rose: Mama you should know you are the one who pushed me into that marriage with Samson.

Mrs Juliet: I know, I am to blame, we could have thought Samson will turn out to be a devil in human form.

Rose: I am just thanking God that I did not get pregnant for him. I wonder how he is going to cope with the three pregnant ladies.

Mrs Juliet: That shouldn’t be your thinking Rose.

Rose: Mama, I will like to be hawking some fruits so that I can be contributing. Maybe one day I might see a school around here that needs a teacher. Ikenna is about to write Utme and will need money to pay his fees if he gains admission.

Mrs Juliet: God will see us through.

Rose: Amen.



( Rose was seen hawking some fruits along the busy road.)

Rose: Buy your sweet apples here. (she stops to sell for someone.)


Excel House (One room apartment):

( Excel went to the door when he heard a knock.)

Excel: (Smiled when he saw Junior) Junior you truly came as you said.

Junior: Yes.

Excel: Come inside, (he opened the door wide for him to enter and close it.)

Junior: (Staring around and sat on the only chair in the room.) I love this.

Excel: Thank you, how is life treating you?

Junior: Good, my mum is on my neck, she wants me to get married.

Excel: What are you waiting for, your parents are rich and I know you are living fine, so get married. By the end of the year I will be getting married.

Junior: Congrats to that Excel, but you see I haven’t seen the right lady for me.

Excel: Don’t worry you will see the right one for you.

Junior: I hope so.

Excel: So what do I offer you?

Junior: (staring at his wristwatch and standing to his feet.) Maybe next time, I have an appointment with a patient.

Excel: Next time you visit there is one fine canteen I will take you too, you will like their food.

Junior: No problem my friend.



( Rose was seen hawking alongside with a groundnut seller when Junior car stopped beside the groundnut seller. Rose stops to sell someone her apple.)

Junior: (winding down the car glass) How much is your groundnut?

Groundnut Seller: (bringing down the groundnut to the window level, she told him the price.) This tomato cup is 50 naira, the milk cup is 100 naira sir.

Rose: (Going to stand behind the groundnut seller) Oga buy apple join.

Junior: (Shocked when he saw her) Rose?

Rose: (Surprised) That is my name sir, how did you know that?

Junior: Don’t you recognise me?

Rose: No sir.

Junior: I am Junior, Lillian’s son, remember?

Rose: (Her tray of Apples fell from her hands as she recognised him) Junior?

Junior: Yes it’s me. (He remembered the groundnut seller, counted some money and gave it to the groundnut seller) Take this money and go. (The groundnut seller happily took the money and left. Junior opened the front passenger door next to him) come inside Rose.

Rose: I have to pick up my apples and tray an-.

Junior: Don’t worry about that, I will give you the money for the tray and apples, just come inside the car. (Rose entered and closed the car door after her. Junior drove off, smiling.)

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