Without Bridges

Without Bridges episode 14 – finale


Without Bridges

Episode 14
This is the final episode of Without Bridges. It has been a wonderful experience with Ebony Story. I want to thank everyone for theirmotivating and encouraging comments and contributions. You guys have been wonderful.

“Let’s give a minute of silence to him” A M.C proposed, removing the hat he wore, placing it on his chest. After a minute of silence, the whole invitees resumed mumbling.

“Mr . Mbakwe was a wonderful man, a legend, even though he died so early” the Master of ceremony added and Kasie busted into tears once more leaning against me. Losing her dad was painful for her.

Kasie had commented hours before the burial that it were her mom, she would have been celebrating. Crazy girl!

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“You have to pull yourself together girl” I advised then turned over to Mrs. Elizabeth Cooker who was at the table meant for people of high dignitaries.

Chief Mbakwe was an highlife musician whose death shock the whole nation. Kasie loved him because he was the only one who showed her true support in her career as an actress.

“Mrs. Coker has a few things to say concerning Chief Mbakwe. A round of applause for her as she comes quickly” The MC called out and I walked as quickly as I could, raising my long gown since it prevented fast movement.

“Good afternoon everyone” I began, “I met Chief when I was in the polytechnic with Kasie my best friend in the world; his music was legendary” I paused resting my hands on my belly.

Okay I know what you all must be thinking, Mrs. Coker? The last time you checked, I wasn’t married.

Four months ago after the shot was fired.

Apparently I had pulled the trigger and David had gotten hurt. It took that one shot to make me realize I was sick in the head. The whole family rushed to his rescue.

“I never wanted to hurt him. ” I muttered dropping the gun on the floor. I was ready to go to jail for this.

I wasn’t arrested as anticipated, I was taken in back into the psychiatric hospital. I had to accept the fact that I needed help. I welcomed every help possible.

I was worried sick about David and I was given a chance to see him. He was already bandaged up in the ward where he laid.

“I’m sorry” I apologized, “I didn’t want to hurt you but in my stupid quest for revenge, I did.”

“It’s Okay” David smiled at me, the thought of it made me kind of angry.

“It’s not Okay David, you’re supposed to be angry with me.” “What kind of gentleman would that make me?” He asked which forced a chuckle from me.

“How are you doing?” I asked, “I’m past danger zone baby, I’m fine”

“I was so worried. I really don’t want to have this baby without you” I confessed and he pulled me close kissing me on the lips and I responded then paused slowly biting on my lower lip.

“Mom has a news for you”

“What news?” I asked, “I prefer she tells you personally”

I went out of the clinic with supervision from Hope. He hasn’t let his eyes off me for a second. Then I saw Mrs. Coker coming towards me, just the person I was looking for.

“Can we talk?” She requested looking at Hope.

“To me or my son?” I asked, “You”

“Can you leave me alone with her dear?” I asked and Hope gave me a ‘Are you sure look’

“I’ll be fine Dad, you can go” I teased and he laughed leaving me alone with her.

“I know I can’t do much to take away the pains you’ve felt all these years”

“Can we live past this?” I interrupted, “My husband turned himself in” she announced and I opened my mouth in shock. I didn’t know why but part of me felt relieved and also bothered- justice at last.

“He did?” I wondered how she must have felt that moment.

“Yes. It was the right thing to do. We all never agreed with what he did years ago but we’ll admit that we were wrong for covering it up. I’m sorry” she apologized in tears then she hugged me. “You deserve to be happy my dear” she added patting my back.


deserve it”

A month later, we resumed planning for a wedding but it wasn’t as loud as we formerly planned. We did an in-house wedding. It was just the minister of God, me, David, his sisters, Auntie Zainab, Uncle Christopher, Kasie, Hope, Mrs. Coker with a few family members.

Two months later, Kasie’s father who was a popular highlife singer and song writer, Chief Mbakwe died. His death took the whole country by shock.

I stood by the podium after being called out looking into the tiny piece of paper where I had written my little speech on.

“Chief was a loving father and grandfather. It is to a great extent and not an exaggeration to say the world has just lost a gem.

His songs will remain evergreen in our hearts” I concluded and the whole gathering applauded me.

I stepped down walking towards my husband. “How was I?” I asked, “You were amazing” David replied giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Let’s talk” I requested pulling him away from people’s gaze.

I dipped my hands in my purse removing a report giving it to him.

“That’s the sonogram test” I paused smiling, “We’re having twins” I announced and he laughed. “The universe is on my side then; I wanted three and three I shall have”

“Wait, I thought we agreed on two” I argued, “One pregnancy counts as one” “David I’m having twins” I argued, “Even if they’re triplet” he replied chuckling then moved his lips close to mine. “But I get to be the one to carry them for nine months while you do nothing” I complained and he engulfed me in his arms kissing me.

“I don’t want Chief’s ghost slapping the hell of me” I expressed my fears to him but he cared less. “Aren’t you guys scared of angry ghost?” Hope asked from behind, interrupting our kiss. “You guys watch too much African Magic” David complained.

“Sorry Mom but I have to steal him away a minute or more. Don’t miss him too much, you’ll have for the whole night.” Hope teased leaving with him.

I smiled as watched them walk together. I was still yet to get used the fact they’re brothers even though I’m still in therapy.

They never made it seem weird even when it felt weird to me.

Sixteen years ago, my life felt ruined. I felt like I couldn’t rise above the rubbles, I felt like filth. My life was without balance, without joy. Now, I feel like life is giving me a second chance at life, a chance to be happy and I’m not going to waste it; I’m going to cherish every moment.

*The End*

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