• THE MARINE : Final Episode

    Episode 3 Finale ..Come down my son, tomorrow you shall leave to the city. There you shall be free. I went back to sleep and in about 5 minutes time it was day break. I dressed up ready to take my leave when it started raining heavily, it rained for hours that l needed to stay and leave the next…

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  • THE MARINE : Episode 2

    Episode 2 …As l got to the river side l was happy because it looked pure and my swimming appetite rose, l never believed in such superstitious believes, l jumped in and swam my heart out but as l was swimming something else was happening at the base of the river. The discussion was going on at the base of…

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  • THE MARINE : Episode 1

    Episode 1 Hi my name is Vinnie, l am a business man who deals in cars and other machinery businesses. Life has been a wonderful one leaving a single man’s life. I was always business minded, I had no time to waste on women, l was focused on leaving a rich life. I am just 25 years of age and…

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