Black Marriage

Black Marriage – episode 18

black marriage episode 18

Lizzy’s phone rang, shattering the exchange of glares. She fished out the phone and her anger instantly turned to surprise and anxiety.
“Hello Andy” she breathed. “What do you mean?” Lizzy’s frown deepened and Sonia became agitated. “Well, of course she is not with me. I thought you went after her” Lizzy’s voice is high now, with confusion. “Oh my God” she breathed. “Oh my God” Lizzy’s hand dropped and she became blank and pale. Lizzy looked lost for some seconds as she stared at the ground, trying to process what she had just heard. She raised weary eyes and bubbled with anger when she saw what looked like worry on Sonia’s face. What a b—h!
“You better pray… You better pray that nothing happens to Jessica. Pray that nothing happens to my friend because if not…” Lizzy advanced towards Sonia, glaring at her until they were just a breath apart. “I will find you. Even if I have to comb the entire planet, I would bet you, and then, you would wish that you never knew Lizzy.
You would seek death and you won’t find until you wish you had never been born. I Promise You” Lizzy passed that same message with her eyes and marched out.
“Funsho” Mrs. Adams said as she climbed out of the car. “Just accept that you made a mistake, that is all”.
“Well, I have not done anything wrong. For God’s sake woman, are you blind? Can’t you see what Jessica has put herself into? Not to mention what she has put this family into”.

Florence shook her head. “I am not saying that she did the right thing, all I am saying is that you should have at least given her the opportunity of defending herself. She is our family and we should believe her above every other person.”
“Come on, didn’t you see her eyes? It was obvious that it was the truth.”
“But even at that, I won’t blame her terribly. She has suffered a lot in life, I can only imagine her reluctance about giving her heart out again when men had made her life a living nightmare, especially that fool that left her at the altar. She is going through a lot”.
Funsho sighed and pushed his fingers through his hair. His wife had a point, maybe he had been too hærd on Jessica. He could have sought answers in a more private environment. His phone rang and he frowned when he saw the name. ‘Son-in-law’. His wife became anxious when she saw the caller and she pressed the answer button, also putting the phone on speaker.
“Hello sir” they heard Andy say and also heard the restlessness in his voice.
“Hello Andy, is everything alright?” the question seemed odd since everything was already in disarray.
“Not really sir, I just wanted to know if Jessica is with you”.
The alarm sounded in Funsho’s head. “She is not here” he breathed out.
“Where is Jessica?” Florence asked, feeling a cold chill sweep over her.
Andy seemed to swallow. “I don’t know ma’am, I have been looking for her but I can’t find her. She seemed to have just vanished”
“Oh my God!” Florence squealed.
The call ended instantly and Funsho started blaming himself, internally. His wife was right. He had been so tough on Jessica and now, she has gone missing.

Andy was frustrated as he drove furiously. It was now very dark and he could hærdly see anyone on the street but he could not imagine himself going to sleep when his wife was obviously missing. To crown up his worry, Jessica’s phone was with him. He had seen it on the bed after he had called several times. He could have had the phone tracked down if the phone had been with Jessica. He could not tell if Jessica ran away or if she was abducted. The latter seemed impossible though, as he thought of it. Everything that had happened still seemed like a really bad nightmare and Andy was having a hærd time believing that it was reality but someone would pay; someone had to pay for all these.
And who else would pay except the very person that started this commotion.
He parked outside the building. He had only been there once before the wedding but now, as he marched towards the door ahead, he formed his palms into fists, trying to control himself. When he got to the door, he pounded loudly. When he got no response, he pounded again and the door shook but still he got no response.

“Open this damned door Sonia” He roared but still got no response. Andy moved back and with enough strength, kicked the door. The door seemed to be more cooperative as it flung open instantly. He looked around in horror but could not find Sonia. He noticed that the house was in disarray and most of the luggage was not there. There and then, he realized that he had come too late. Sonia had saved herself by running away. He gro-ned and turned round. He saw two to three people who had come out of their own apartments to confront him.

Immediately they saw him, they all seemed to register who he was and they all held their tongues. He swallowed and marched out of the house, entering his car in anger and zooming off……..


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