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Choices And Chances – Episode 4


Choices And Chances – Episode 4
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

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“So you’re name is Regina Walter? He looked at me from his peripheral vision while still glancing at my résumé

“Yes Sir, I bobbed my head up and down feeling nervous sweats trickling down my temple

I submitted so many application letters and CV’s that I lost count how many to be exact in this few days whilst my husband was still away. He called just once since his travel just to say he’ll be a while. It did make me feel sad a little but I decided on focusing on getting a job instead and so far it has gone from bad to worse this been the fifth interview

“You’re twenty five years old and married? He questioned

“Yes sir, I nodded, wiping the nervous sweat from my palms on my knee length penciled skirt

“No kids? He looked up from my résumé, his eyes boring into mine

“None Sir, I shook my head vigorously

“Why? You don’t plan on having kids he dropped my file and frowned a bit

“No, I mean yes I want kids, it’s just I haven’t had one yet. I do love kids, but I’m still yet to have mine

He nodded and turned his face away from mine glancing back at my profile while I sighed mentally releasing the breath I never knew I was holding

“It says here you have no work experience”, he looked up once again as I took in the fierceness of his gaze as if saying to prove his words otherwise. I squirmed a little in my seat due to his gaze boring on mine, failing miserably at keeping calm as I had been mentally chanting in my head

“Erm, the thing is, I….I got married really early and when I finished schooling I have been a house wife since then and hadn’t worked anywhere really. I breathed out, hot sweat still trickling down my temple as I wiped it away with the back of my palm

“So, why do you want to work now he crossed his hands relaxing on his chair

I swallowed playing with the my nails nervously under the desk. “ I feel like I should help out my husband since he is the bread winner of the family and he does it all the work on his own to make sure to put food on the table. I want to show him that I can help out and be someone he can be proud of, and also be someone useful also to myself. I nodded finishing my answer mentally highfiving myself for that brilliant answer I gave, but he sat still and we shared gazes both not looking away

He turned away to his telephone and punched in some numbers and talked to someone I assumed is his secretary while my heart was beating erratically in my chest. I turned away also to glance around the office, not too big but just right enough to be called a office for someone like him. It was really a beautiful with frames of different arts and I admired his taste for the art. There are other seats apart from the one I’m sitting on but they were situated by the side of the office unlike the one I’m sitting which is directly opposite his desk. It was a mahogany desk with a plain plaque with the inscription “Director” on it which quite constrated with the cream colour paint job on the walls, but it did give it a unique blend due to the potted flowers and paintings

The door opening startled me off my thoughts and I jerked a little turning to stare at the lady that just walked in. She walked up to me and gestured from me to stand which I did and she guided me to the door and I followed. I turned to look back at him while he was busy talking away on the telephone and I stopped making the lady stop abruptly too wondering why I did such. I might as well ask anyway, I mentally sighed.

“I’m not getting the job, am I? He dropped his call after saying a quick “I’ll call you back” and turned to me not saying anything, his face unreadable and I guess I got my answer

I nodded and turned back to the door to go but turned to face him again. “ Look, I may not be the best candidate for this job, heck, I’m pretty sure i’ll encounter complications, but then again, so will every other person in my shoes. You called me back for an interview cause you obviously saw something in me and I assure you, I’m a hard worker. All I need is a chance to prove myself I pleaded but he still remained calm

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“Thank you for your time, I nodded and left the office cursing my luck. This was the fifth and still no luck. I walked out the building holding my bag in one hand already tired from walking around in my stiletto heels. I looked around and saw a bench and sat lazily on it

“Arrrrrrrrgh, I screamed breathing heavily before turning around to see a gaze on me. I thought I was alone.

Embarrased, I composed myself and cleared my throat

“I’m not crazy, I turned to him, but he raised his brow in a questioning manner. “I said I’m not crazy, I repeated while he made an “o” with his mouth and nodded. “I’m just having a rough day/week I sighed and he smiled curtly and turned away.

“Are you here for a job? He turned to me and I pointed to his envelope and he nodded. “Well good luck, cause they’re going to shatter your dreams and hand you the remains while you go home and wallow in self pity wondering why you went in the first place I sobbed and felt the tears rolling down my cheek. “I’m so Sorry, I turned to my bag and started searching for a handkerchief but not seeing it and mentally cursing myself for forgetting one

I looked up and saw a handkerchief thrusted towards me and I was taken aback. “Thank you, I took it and saw the wedding band in his left hand. “Are you married? I asked wiping the tears off my now smeared mascara face. He nodded and I handed him his hankerchief but he smiled and pushed my hand back lightly. “Thanks, I smiled. “I’m married too, I showed him my own wedding band with my diamond engagement ring sitting on top of it. “Well, I’m not sure lately, it’s why I need the job, I sniffled but I don’t think I’ll be getting any anytime soon I turned away from him feeling another tears welling up. I just….just I trailed staring at passersby going about their various activities.

“I really do seem crazy now, don’t I? I chuckled not turning to look at him

I raised my head and saw a folded paper being handed to me while he turned and started walking away. I opened it and saw the words

“Hang in there

P.S I don’t think you’re crazy”

Scribbled on the paper. A small smile formed on my lips and I looked up and yelled a thank you to his retreating figure but he didn’t turn back to acknowledge me

I heaved up letting out a low breath and dusted my self up, hung my bag and started for home. I pulled out my phone to call my friend Mary, to update her on my day but it wasn’t going through. I sighed and boarded a taxi which took me home. John opened up and I saw Daniel’s car as soon as I got in. A smile graced my lips and I practically ran in to greet him

“Welcome honey, I chirped happily when I saw him but he was spotting a scowl and the smile I was wearing faltered

“Where the héll have you been? He growled angrily…

…To be continued

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