Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 17

Jane ran towards Fox and performed a flying kick, but Fox dodged it with a side flip. Fox measured up with a sweep kick, which Jane equally dodged by leaping up, but that was only a decoy, as Fox double sweeped with her leg which caught Jane in her left foot sending her crashing to the ground.
“Jane you are getting weak.” Fox said while rotating around Jane in a clockwise direction.
“Hmm!!” Jane only said and made a Chinese getup, springing up perfectly upwards. Fox quickly attacked and made a light jump as she folded her fist and made a Superman punch at her, Jane dodged by bending to the left and quickly gained control of her movement as she nearly slipped. The melee continued as Fox gained the upper hand in the fight, giving Jane a good trashing.
Fox made a roundhouse kick and it landed on Jane’s face and blood splashed out of her mouth, with her lower lip split open, the impact sent Jane staggering as she lost her footing, but was fast enough to feint to the left as Fox gave her a spiral kick. Fox smiled as she looked at Jane and said.
“Jane you are getting softer, today’s action was the reverse of what happened the last time, we met. The table seems turned.
Jane only looked away as her face was covered in blood and her hair disheveled.
“Jane you know this word called love can be dangerous, it makes a lion turn to a mouse, and a brave to a stricken coward, I warned you earlier when you were about to go in with Jack, but you took nothing of it.” Fox continued. “Yea, I agree Fury is an agent known world wide in the espionage and assassin world as formidable and being the best among agents, but he crossed his line by daring a power house like Abdulrahi, ohh!!! What a handsome man, with the symbol of “BEWARE OF HIM, HE IS HANDSOME BUT DEADLY FURY” widely accorded through out the espionage world. An Adonis amongst men. If not for his pending death, I would have loved to have him warm my bed and feel the man between his legs.” She said smiling wickedly at Jane. “But I can still find guys who can satisfy my cravings.” She said all referring to Jack.
Her last few words hit Jane like a time bomb when Jack was called in, her hair stood up in anger, her beautiful grey eye turned blood red, as memories flooded her mind, she stood up as if, she was being possessed by a demon and looked at Fox and said.
“You want to see the real K2, here I’m I am.” Veins bulged from her forehead and her golden face turned red.
“You can say all things but never make reference to my Jack as a dead man.” She said marching towards Fox.
Fox was startled as she became uneasy at Jane’s anger and outburst. She knew one thing, which was to be wary of Jane when she was angry, because her main source of strength was her anger. Jane approached her and gave her a brain reformatting slap. Fox pushed Jane back but Jane quickly gave her a high kick, and when she was regaining her stand, Jane knocked her to the ground with an uppercut, blood spluttered as Fox fell on her knees, with her hair covering her face.
Frank looked at the sabre wielding Roy, as his mind quickly made a flashback, as he remembered what Jack said about, about Roy being very strong and he knew better to be careful, because anyone, Jack was afraid of would likely beat him to death.
He looked at his gleaming sword and smiled.
Roy rushed at him and front flipped, immediately he was near Frank, he landed behind Frank and swinged his sabre at Frank. Frank blocked the strike and swung his other sword at Roy, Roy bent as the sword moved past through his head..
They both pulled back as they looked at each other. They moved at an anti clockwise motion as they approached themselves. Their respective weopons clashed, as they were merged in the world of feinting.
They continued until Frank saw an opening in Frank’s and swung his sabre at Frank’s hand, Frank seeing his mistake made to block the sabre but it was too late as it cut through his flesh in his upper hand, Frank blocked the sabre from penetrating his bones with his sword. Roy kicked him to the ground as Frank held his wounded arm, while he lay on the ground.
“you are not my match.” Roy said and raised his sabre to strike at Frank, but he rolled away to the left and it struck the ground.
“Don’t underestimate me.” Frank said and rushed towards Roy and performed a spinning heel kick, and Roy dodged and gave Frank a blow to the back, which pummeled Frank to the ground. Frank landed heavily to the ground as his breath was knocked out.
He got up and looked at Roy, who was still composed and without injury, he had not succeeded in laying a finger on Roy, yet he was the one beating.
“This is unfair.” He thought. ” How can someone be this strong?” he thought.
Roy attacked him with a triple kick and Frank twirled to the left and intercepted the kick with a back kick and it slammed into Roy’s knee socket and Roy knelt on his knee as the vibration shook his wh0le being.
Frank immediately followed it up as he placed his two legs on Roy’s neck and gave him a slingshot, which summersaulted Roy mid air and he landed heavily on his back as he felt his head whoozing.
They got up as each we’re nursing their own injury, they equally attacked each other as they rammed punches and kicks at each other.
Poison ran towards Jack and dropped his Kalashnikov gun and swinged his fist at Jack, which he manovred and bounced away.
Poison being too huge was more of a Banderrilla fighter and held a black belt in karate.
Note: A Banderrilla fighter is one, who fights with brute strength, example can be taken for a bull fighter. They have agility and great brute strength, but lack in speed and reflexes as their main combat power is their strength and not their skills.
Jack parried a blow from Poison and feinted to the right as he sampled Poison’s move. He knew his kicks and punches would do little or no harm to Poison, unless he hit at a critical point.
Jack hit him at the chest but Poison didn’t react as if he was hit and carried Jack, shoulder high and slammed him to the hærd surface. Jack grunted as he felt the full impact of the hit on his wh0le body. Poison picked him from the ground and threw him about five yards away.
Jack rose weakly as he felt his wh0le body ache. Poison yelled and rushed at him, he made to hit at Jack but Jack pulled away and moved a little distance away. Jack knew one thing, which was that, Poison was all muscles and no brain, all he needed was to calculate his moves and with time Poison would be in his full grasp. He threw a knife at Poison, but Poison dodged it swiftly, surprisingly for a giant like him. Jack took the initiative to attack him, he ran towards Poison and front flipped and marched at Poison’s head with his two feet. Poison moved three steps back at the impact and made to attack but Jack smashed a bottle to his head, Poison cried out in anger as blood spluttered from his head. He rushed at Jack blindly and Jack made to move away but miscalculated as Poison held unto him and held onto his neck and raised him up with Jack’s leg twirling in the air.


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